Poultry Conditions of Sale


  1. Vendors must pre-pay entry fee of £1 per Lot
  2. Alterations of lots may only be made at the discretion of the Auctioneers - As buyers may travel long distances on the strength of catalogue entries every effort should be made to ensure that all birds, as entered, are available on the day. Any alterations must be clearly displayed on the cage and the auctioneers must be notified before 9.30am day of sale.
  3. All stock must be pure bred, of good quality and be true to type, healthy and in clean condition. Any entry which does not comply will be rejected and no refund of entry fee will be made.
  4. Vendors are responsible for the well being of their birds (including the provision of containers for water & feeding etc) up until the fall of the hammer and purchasers are responsible immediately thereafter
  5. All birds to be penned by 9.15 am day of sale. Birds arriving after this time will not be accepted.
  6. Only one single cock or drake per vendor, birds will ONLY be accepted in pairs, trios or quartets AND must be pure bred and of good quality.
  7. No pens of two or more males allowed. Trios must be 2f & 1m. No more than four birds to a pen
  8. All poultry must be 12 weeks old at time of sale unless accompanied by their mother/foster mother and all Waterfowl (i.e. ducks) must be 7 weeks old.
  9. All Wildfowl Ducks and Geese must be stated as being Pinioned, Clipped or Free Winged. Mandarins/Carolinas/Barnacle geese must have licence to be sold
  10. Vendors MUST check with the sale office on sale day to check if lots are sold. All lots must be removed within one hour of the end of selling. Any lots left after this will be sold for the best offer available at that time, Regardless of any reserve, and that amount will be paid to the Owner, less the usual commission..
  11. Commission to be levied at 15% + VAT with a minimum of £3 + VAT per vendor statement.