Fine Antiques & Selected Sale

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Auction Date/Time: Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 10:00
Auction Location: Auction Rooms, Lostwithiel
Auction Type: Antique & Selected Sales
Auction Viewing Times:
Tuesday prior - afternoon and early evening - 2pm - 7pm Wednesday the day before auction - 10am-1pm and 2pm - 5pm


Lots in this Auction

Lot No: 19
IRONSTONE, 19th Century ironstone hexagonal sauce tureen with domed lid
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 20
ART GLASS, Monart-style gilt flecked 7'' bowl, also signed Swedish glass blue cylindrical vase
Sold For: £18
Lot No: 21
VICTORIAN IRONSTONE, floral decorated flow blue design twin handled lidded soup tureen
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 22
WEDGWOOD GAME TUREEN, oval caneware game tureen also Victorian terracotta ''Pompeii'' pattern water flask
Sold For: £30
Lot No: 23
MINTON COMPORT, gilded rose decorated blue ground comport, together with set of 4 Victorian gilt blue bordered topographical painted dessert plates
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 24
WORCESTER DESSERT SET, set of 6 gilt and jewelled bordered dessert plates decorated with topographical scenes, impressed Graingers Worcester marks, pattern no 1766
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 25
PRESENTATION JUG, a 19th Century Staffordshire floral decorated presentation jug ''John Jones 1841'' 6.5'' high
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 26
VICTORIAN LUSTRES, pair of pink glass glass floral painted table lustres and 2 similar (some defects)
Sold For: £100
Lot No: 27
STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, Zebra figure a/f, pot lid ''Jealous Rival'', Staffordshire Spaniel and 2 other Staffordshire groups
Sold For: £20
Lot No: 28
REGENCY TEAWARE, Minton floral reserve oval bodied tea pot, cross sword, pattern no 708 mark, also Crown Derby rectangular bodied gilt and puce foliate design tea pot, Crown Derby ''Japan'' pattern circular tea pot
Sold For: £100
Lot No: 29
REGENCY DESSERT PLATES, collection of 5 Derby-style floral decorated dessert plates
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 30
ORIENTAL CERAMICS, canton 10'' deep centre bowl
Sold For: £28
Lot No: 31
SEVRES-STYLE TUREEN, gilded oval bodied, pedestal tureen with lid decorated in the Sevres-style and replica mark, 8'' width
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 32
CORNISH COMMEMORATIVE JUG, 1837 Stafforshire pottery floral painted jug with legend ''Charles Bowden, Caroline Sargent, West Looe, Cornwall, 1837'', 6.5'' height (several defects)
Sold For: £340
Lot No: 33
ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Nankin octagonal riverscape pattern 12'' serving dish; together with pair of similar octagonal ''Hunting'' pattern serving dishes, 10.5'' width (some edge chips)
Sold For: £320
Lot No: 34
ORIENTAL CERAMICS, collection of 4 early 19th Century Chinese export dessert plates, one with ''fenced garden'' pattern
Sold For: £60
Lot No: 35
VICTORIAN DROP LUSTRES, collection of 3 coloured glass drop lustre vases (some defects)
Sold For: £80
Lot No: 36
VICTORIAN DROP LUSTRES, gilded green glass drop lustre and 1 other (both with defects)
Sold For: £28
Lot No: 37
ROYAL WORCESTER VASE, blush ground fluted neck, twin handled 16.5'' vase, with painted poppy and floral decoration, pattern no 1496
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 38
WORCESTER PEDESTAL VASE, a twin dragon handled thistle painted square base pedestal vase, 15'' height, pattern no 1575
Sold For: £180