Fine Antique & Selected Sale

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Auction Date/Time: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 10:00
Auction Location: Auction Rooms, Lostwithiel
Auction Type: Antique & Selected Sales
Auction Viewing Times:
Monday prior - afternoon and early evening - 2pm - 7pm Tuesday the day before auction - 10am-1pm and 2pm - 5pm

Wednesday 13th February 2019

Lots in this Auction

Lot No: 61
BESWICK CATTLE, plinth based Charolain Bull and Hereford Bull (restoration to leg)
Sold For: £60
Lot No: 62
BEATRIX POTTER, 5 limited edition Royal Doulton Beswick figures, including Peter and the Red Pocket Hankerchief and Benjamin Bunny
Sold For: £55
Lot No: 63
GLASSWARE, retro glass vase and jug, also Mdina style bottle, pair of large heavy cut glass vases and other decorative glassware
Sold For: £30
Lot No: 64
CONTINENTAL FIGURES, pair of 19th Century large figures of flower gatherer and companion, underlgaze blue cross sword mark, 15.5'' height
Sold For: £75
Lot No: 65
RETRO GLASS, pair of retro glass base table lamps, also quality cut glass ribbed vase
Sold For: £200
Lot No: 66
TAVERN WARE, Isherwood and Fowler stoneware cider jar, 2 advertising ale jugs and 3 other pieces
Sold For: £20
Lot No: 67
ROYAL CROWN DERBY, a large gilt bordered dinner service of graduated plates, large serving dish and other accessories
Sold For: £110
Lot No: 68
CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN VASE, a gilt lidded 10.5 vase, decorated with continuous riverscape (finial repaired)
Sold For: £22
Lot No: 69
STUDIO POTTERY, Raku fired 9'' vase, potters seal to base
Sold For: £45
Lot No: 70
WINSTON CHURCHILL, Royal Doulton toby jug ''Seated Winston Churchill''
Sold For: £20
Lot No: 71
MOORCROFT, ''Ballooning'' pattern 10.5'' circular dish dated 1998
Sold For: £75
Lot No: 72
MONTGOMERY, Royal Doulton character jug ''Monty'' D6206, also similar ''Santa Claus'' and 2 others
Sold For: £26
Lot No: 73
MURANO, a large coloured glass clown with football, 16'' height
Sold For: £28
Lot No: 74
URANIUM GLASS, a green glass flower holder, Peter Pan and Wendy, 9.5'' height
Sold For: £40
Lot No: 75
MALING, pearl lustre blossom design narrow bodied jug and matching oval fruit bowl
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 76
ANTIQUE GLASS MARBLES, 2 large 19th Century glass marbles
Sold For: £65
Lot No: 77
ART DECO assorted Woods Art Deco dinner ware, ''Pastel pattern''
Sold For: £22
Lot No: 78
DUKE OF WELLINGTON, Antique character jug, 7'' height
Sold For: £30
Lot No: 79
WEDGWOOD BASALT bust of John F Kennedy, 8.5'' height
Sold For: £26
Lot No: 80
SLIPWARE, slip decorated eathernware bowl, together with 2 slipware tulip plates
Sold For: £20