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Auction Details

Auction Date/Time: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 10:00
Auction Location: Auction Rooms, Lostwithiel
Auction Type: General & Antique Auctions

Wednesday 27th February 2019

Lots in this Auction

Lot No: 83
2 METAL CASH TINS, ''Waddington's Scoop!'' jigsaw carpet bowls and contents of shelf
Sold For: £12
Lot No: 84
INNUIT, group of bear, bird figure and eskimo
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 85
MARITIME, triple masted sailing ship in bottle
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 86
BINOCULARS, cased pair of prismatic binoculars by Tasco, 7 x 50
Sold For: £16
Lot No: 87
METALWARE, brass table bell with striker and 1 other hand bell
Sold For: £16
Lot No: 88
Sold For: £26
Lot No: 89
LEATHER JEWEL BOX, and 1 other
Sold For: £20
Lot No: 90
ART NOUVEAU, a Scandinavian bronze vase decorated with fiddle player and young maid, signed Froding
Sold For: £28
Lot No: 91
ART NOUVEAU, a brass Art Nouveau letter rack combined ink well
Sold For: £16
Lot No: 92
ANTIQUE METALWARE, tiger decorated brass trivet, 2 pairs of brass candle sticks and pair of baluster brass vases
Sold For: £22
Lot No: 93
WALKING STICKS, collection of 5 walking sticks including Acacia and 1 stamped Brigg
Sold For: £35
Lot No: 94
CLIFF RICHARD, Signed photo of Cliff Richards car outside family home, also signed photo of Hank Marvin together with Cliff Richard London palladium programme
Sold For: £20
Lot No: 95
EARLY LADYBIRD BOOK, 3 books to include ''Adventures of Wonk-Fireworks'' and ''The Impatient Horse''
Sold For: £9
Lot No: 96
FISHING, a set of 6 Herbert Jenkins, fishing reference books and 1 similar
Sold For: £9
Lot No: 97
CORNISH MINING INTEREST, hand coloured engraving ''Man Engine - Cornish Mine'', also Bodinnick Ferry and 2 others
Sold For: £9
Lot No: 98
SHOE TREES, box of assorted shoe trees
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 99
TELEPHONES, 2 trim phones and 1 other
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 100
BRIAN LOMBARD PALMER, signed watercolour ''Sheeps Tour and Burrator Reservoir''
Sold For: £14
Lot No: 101
ALAN POOLE, 2 signed watercolours, ''Fishing Boats at Low Tide''
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 102
RAF, Wing Commander's uniform, also dress uniform and cap in original box
Sold For: £40