Antique & Modern Furniture, Jewellery & Effects

Auction Details

Auction Date/Time: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 10:00
Auction Location: Auction Rooms, Lostwithiel
Auction Type: General & Antique Auctions
Auction Viewing Times:
Tuesday 2nd May - 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. Morning of sale from 9am to 10am sale commencement.

Lots in this Auction

Lot No: 1
MANTEL CLOCKS, Art Deco oak sunburst mantel clock together with Enfield mantel clock with striking movement
Lot No: 2
MARQUETRY BALLOON CLOCK, shell inlaid mahogany balloon clock 10'' high
Lot No: 3
TABLE LAMP, bronzed effect figure support table lamp
Lot No: 4
MARITIME, port navigation lantern, pattern 23
Lot No: 5
EDWARDIAN MANTEL CLOCK, oak cased bevelled glass window mantel clock with coiled bar strike by Mauthe
Lot No: 6
VICTORIAN SAMOVAR, silver plate tripod base samovar
Lot No: 7
EDWARDIAN BRACKET CLOCK, oak architectural cased bracket clock by Ansonia with coil bar strike, 15'' high
Lot No: 8
ANTIQUE METALWARE, Victorian copper oval bodied kettle
Lot No: 9
Lot No: 10
ART DECO, Smith mantel clock and 2 similar
Lot No: 11
REGENCY CROWN DERBY DESSERT PLATE, Edwardian green glass vase and other decorative glassware
Lot No: 12
SATSUMA LARGE VASE, mid 19th Century commemorative Harvest jug and a pair of German ribbon plates
Lot No: 13
COPENHAGEN SWALLOW VASE, Doulton figure ''Top of the Hill'' (a/f) Russian doll set and other decorative items
Lot No: 14
PLICHTA PIG MONEY BOX, 2 Cardew pottery small bowls and retro coffee ware
Lot No: 15
WINSTON CHURCHILL TOBY JUG and 2 others (some damage)
Lot No: 16
EQUESTRIAN, bronzed figure group of jockey and mount and 1 similar
Lot No: 17
BRASS WARE, Arts & Craft twin handled tray, pair of Victorian circular based candlesticks and 2 other pieces
Lot No: 18
MARITIME, pair of brass inlaid instrument boxes, stamped ''Nauticalia''
Lot No: 19
BESWICK HORSES, a group of 4 Beswick horses
Lot No: 20
CONTINENTAL URN VASES, a pair of twin gilt handled plinth base urn vases decorated with courting couples