Lot No: 1Description: ROYAL WORCESTER, blush ground spherical lidded twin handled vase decorated with relief orchids by James Bradley, model no 1428, 11.5'' height
Lot No: 2Description: DELFT TOBY, blue sponged Delft standing toby jug, 11.5'' height
Lot No: 3Description: MASONS IRONSTONE, graduated set of 7 serpent handled octagonal jugs (some defects)
Lot No: 3Description: MASONS IRONSTONE, graduated set of 7 serpent handled octagonal jugs (some defects)
Lot No: 4Description: ROYAL WORCESTER POT POURRI, gilt blush lidded circular pot pourri bowl on triple gilded claw feet, 7.5'' dia, rim restoration
Lot No: 4Description: ROYAL WORCESTER POT POURRI, gilt blush lidded circular pot pourri bowl on triple gilded claw feet, 7.5" dia, rim restoration
Lot No: 5Description: ROYAL WORCESTER JUG, blush ground quadrefoil shaped jug with gilt crabstock handle and blossom painted panel, pattern no 1507, 8.75'' height
Lot No: 6Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, Cow and Calf vase group, and Boar Hunt moulded pottery jug a/f
Lot No: 7Description: ROYAL DOULTON FLAMBE, blue veined base oviform 11.25'' vase, (neck professionally restored)
Lot No: 8Description: STAFFORDSHIRE PEARLWARE JUG, a pineapple moulded design polychrome decorated commemorative jug with detailed base ''J F 1808'' (some damage)
Lot No: 9Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, Rebecca at the Well figure group, also 2 pairs of Shepherdess groups
Lot No: 10Description: VICTORIAN GLASSWARE, 3 Victorian coloured glass drop lustre vases
Lot No: 11Description: ROYAL WORCESTER, Graingers bird painted twin gilt masked handled, 11'' ovi form vase (extensive damage), also Royal Worcester leaf design twin handled 11'' vase, (extensive damage)
Lot No: 12Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, pair of encrusted swan pottery ink wells and 3 other swan vase groups (some with damage)
Lot No: 13Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, a fine 5 lobed bulb pot, decorated with underglaze blue foliate scroll design, 10'' height
Lot No: 14Description: MOORCROFT, ''Ballooning'' pattern lidded ginger jar, 8'' height
Lot No: 15Description: CONTINENTAL CENTRE PIECE, a richly gilded oval pierced body and twin handled pedestal centre piece with floral painted reserves, 10.5'' height 18'' width
Lot No: 16Description: QUEEN CAROLINE COMMEMORATIVE, pink lustre rim 1821 memorial jug with farmers Arms, painted transfer decoration (some rim damage) 6.5'' height
Lot No: 17Description: PORTRAIT JUGS, an early salt glaze stoneware, ale jug, modelled as caricature face, 8'' height, also delft admiral design jug marked on base ''HVH2'' 65'' height, (both with defects)
Lot No: 18Description: MARY RICH, gilded blue ground splayed rim 5'' bowl and similar bottle vase (neck restored)
Lot No: 19Description: IRONSTONE, 19th Century ironstone hexagonal sauce tureen with domed lid
Lot No: 20Description: ART GLASS, Monart-style gilt flecked 7'' bowl, also signed Swedish glass blue cylindrical vase
Lot No: 21Description: VICTORIAN IRONSTONE, floral decorated flow blue design twin handled lidded soup tureen
Lot No: 22Description: WEDGWOOD GAME TUREEN, oval caneware game tureen also Victorian terracotta ''Pompeii'' pattern water flask
Lot No: 23Description: MINTON COMPORT, gilded rose decorated blue ground comport, together with set of 4 Victorian gilt blue bordered topographical painted dessert plates
Lot No: 24Description: WORCESTER DESSERT SET, set of 6 gilt and jewelled bordered dessert plates decorated with topographical scenes, impressed Graingers Worcester marks, pattern no 1766
Lot No: 25Description: PRESENTATION JUG, a 19th Century Staffordshire floral decorated presentation jug ''John Jones 1841'' 6.5'' high
Lot No: 26Description: VICTORIAN LUSTRES, pair of pink glass glass floral painted table lustres and 2 similar (some defects)
Lot No: 27Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, Zebra figure a/f, pot lid ''Jealous Rival'', Staffordshire Spaniel and 2 other Staffordshire groups
Lot No: 28Description: REGENCY TEAWARE, Minton floral reserve oval bodied tea pot, cross sword, pattern no 708 mark, also Crown Derby rectangular bodied gilt and puce foliate design tea pot, Crown Derby ''Japan'' pattern circular tea pot
Lot No: 29Description: REGENCY DESSERT PLATES, collection of 5 Derby-style floral decorated dessert plates
Lot No: 30Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, canton 10'' deep centre bowl
Lot No: 31Description: SEVRES-STYLE TUREEN, gilded oval bodied, pedestal tureen with lid decorated in the Sevres-style and replica mark, 8'' width
Lot No: 32Description: CORNISH COMMEMORATIVE JUG, 1837 Stafforshire pottery floral painted jug with legend ''Charles Bowden, Caroline Sargent, West Looe, Cornwall, 1837'', 6.5'' height (several defects)
Lot No: 33Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Nankin octagonal riverscape pattern 12'' serving dish; together with pair of similar octagonal ''Hunting'' pattern serving dishes, 10.5'' width (some edge chips)
Lot No: 34Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, collection of 4 early 19th Century Chinese export dessert plates, one with ''fenced garden'' pattern
Lot No: 35Description: VICTORIAN DROP LUSTRES, collection of 3 coloured glass drop lustre vases (some defects)
Lot No: 36Description: VICTORIAN DROP LUSTRES, gilded green glass drop lustre and 1 other (both with defects)
Lot No: 37Description: ROYAL WORCESTER VASE, blush ground fluted neck, twin handled 16.5'' vase, with painted poppy and floral decoration, pattern no 1496
Lot No: 38Description: WORCESTER PEDESTAL VASE, a twin dragon handled thistle painted square base pedestal vase, 15'' height, pattern no 1575
Lot No: 39Description: CROWN DERBY -STYLE, ''Japan'' pattern large onion shaped bottle vase (extensively damaged), 18'' height, together with Austrian blush ground pedestal twin gilt handled lidded vase, 18'' height
Lot No: 40Description: WORCESTER TABLE WARE, Royal Worcester blush twin fish head handled, 12'' vase, pattern no 1406. together with 2 Royal Worcester bowls and vase base (each with extensive damage)
Lot No: 41Description: FAVERO CECCHETTO, Italian pottery model of Tiger, 32'' length
Lot No: 42Description: VICTORIAN DESSERT SET, 15 piece Aynsley gilt and blue border crinoline edge dessert service with central reserves of Lake District and other landscapes
Lot No: 43Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, early 19th Century ''Diorama- View of York'' pattern circular plate
Lot No: 44Description: WATCOMBE, ''St Bernards'' dog head painted 12'' circular terracotta wall plaque
Lot No: 45Description: MOORCROFT, ''Passion Fruit'' pattern, 11.5'' vase, signed by R J Bishop 1996
Lot No: 46Description: EARLY DELFT, blue floral and foliate 14.5'' circular dish in 18th Century style, (edge chips)
Lot No: 47Description: CELTIC POTTERY, 4 pieces of Newlyn celtic pottery including pin dish, vase and 8.5'' bowl
Lot No: 48Description: DOULTON STONEWARE, Vase of tapering design with floral sprays on a blue ground, 11'' high
Lot No: 49Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Japanese underglaze blue 10'' vase, oviform with crinoline trumpet neck, decorated with busy garden design and impressed base mark
Lot No: 50Description: MOORCROFT, ''Pomegranate'' pattern splayed neck posy vase
Lot No: 51Description: SITZENDORF, group of Courtiers with sheep and small dog, 7'' height
Lot No: 52Description: DOULTON FIGURES, ''Omar Khayyam'' HN2247 and ''Nanny'' HN2221
Lot No: 53Description: WORCESTER PRESERVE JAR, Locke & Co bird painted cylindrical preserve pot by Lewis
Lot No: 54Description: REGENCY POT POURRI, gilded blue ground pedestal and lidded pot pourri (riveted repair lid), 7'' height
Lot No: 55Description: DOULTON FIGURES, 3 small figures ''Sophie'' HN2833/''Dinky Do'' HN2120 and ''Bo Peep'' HN1811
Lot No: 56Description: 18th CENTURY ENGLISH PORCELAIN, Lowestoft style ''Duck in Garden'' tea bowl
Lot No: 57Description: MEISSEN BRUSH POT, unusual gilt cerise decorated brush pot holder
Lot No: 58Description: DOULTON FIGURES, ''Lydia'' HN1908 & ''Home Again'' HN2167
Lot No: 59Description: HADLEY'S WORCESTER VASE, pheasant decorated green ground onion shaped vase, 9.5'' height
Lot No: 60Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, pair of encrusted pottery sheep figure vases and 1 other (several defects)
Lot No: 61Description: CARL ENS WOODPECKER, and one other bird group by Ens
Lot No: 62Description: WORCESTER DESSERT PLATE, gilt lobed edge dessert plate, ''Apple, Gooseberry and Cherry'' decoration painted by H Ayrton
Lot No: 63Description: WORCESTER BIRD VASE, a blush ground bird support reticulated vase, (some restoration) 7.5'' height, together with Graingers Worcester bird decorated ribbed oviform 8'' vase, pattern no 790
Lot No: 64Description: 19th CENTURY CONTINENTAL POT POURRI BASKET, hexagonal pierced side foliate design pot pourri basket, cross swords with asterix base mark, 9'' width
Lot No: 65Description: DOULTON FIGURES, 3 lady figures ''Buttercup'' HN2309 / ''Christmas Morn'' HN1992 and ''Top of the Hill'' HN1834 (base crack)
Lot No: 66Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, a collection of 6 encrusted sheep figures including sheep & ram pair
Lot No: 67Description: CANTAGALLI, serpent handled green ground compressed circular tea pot, cockerel base mark
Lot No: 68Description: FRANK BRANGWYN, Royal Doulton fruit and foliate design water jug, pattern no D5077
Lot No: 69Description: SUSIE COOPER, lidded preserve pot and Charlotte Rhead design 772 tea pot and cover with Bursley mark
Lot No: 70Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, famile jeune 8'' club vase decorated with bird and insect reserves
Lot No: 71Description: SCENT BOTTLE, amber crackle glass scent bottle on knopped stem with gilt stopper in the form of a chick, 8'' high
Lot No: 72Description: REFORM STYLE FLASK, pottery flask of an historical figure, 6'', lacks stopper
Lot No: 73Description: CARL-ENS BIRDS, 3 Carl Ens bird groups
Lot No: 74Description: ROYAL DOULTON, 4 Royal Doulton figures, ''Mary had a little Lamb'', HN2048, ''On the Beach'' HN3877, ''Bubbles'' HN 3396 and ''Ballet Shoes'', HN3434
Lot No: 75Description: SWAROVSKI, figure of an Owl, Penguin and 9 similar figures, with faults
Lot No: 76Description: VICTORIAN COFFEE WARE, floral and bee decorated coffee ware, comprising 6 plates, 9 saucers and 9 cups
Lot No: 77Description: PLATE COLLECTION, Heinrick for Villeroy & Boch, 6 limted edition picture plates, ''Russian Fairy Tales''
Lot No: 78Description: BESWICK VASES, a pair of Beswick Art Deco vases, no. 126 with mottled decoration, 9'' high
Lot No: 79Description: MURANO GLASS, a Murano glass clown, 11'' high
Lot No: 80Description: RUMMERS, 4 rummers with faceted glass bodies on circular bases, a Georgian cut glass jug & one other glass
Lot No: 81Description: ANTIQUE SEALED WINE BOTTLE, free blown wine bottle with Armorial seal, circa late 17th century , restored, 6.25'' high
Lot No: 82Description: ANTIQUE SEALED WINE BOTTLE, cylindrical body wine bottle with seal, reading '' I Aplin, Thorncomb, 1805'', 10'' high
Lot No: 83Description: ANTIQUE WINE BOTTLE, freeblown wine bottle C.1700-1720, rim possibly reduced, 7'' high
Lot No: 84Description: ANTIQUE SEALED WINE BOTTLE, small cylindrical bodied wine bottle with seal reading ''Middle Temple'' with crest. 19th Century, 8.5'' high
Lot No: 85Description: ANTIQUE SEALED WINE BOTTLE, cylindrical wine bottle with seal reading ''A.S.C.R.'' (all souls common room) Late 18th Century, 11'' high
Lot No: 86Description: ANTIQUE SEALED WINE BOTTLE, cylindrical body, sag base wine bottle with seal reading ''W'' Late 18th Century, 11'' high ( two Pieces)
Lot No: 87Description: CODD BOTTLE, blue lip Codd bottle embossed ''J. Eckersly, Bolton'', 8.75''
Lot No: 88Description: CODD BOTTLE, green Codd bottle embossed ''Morrell + Trustees, Lion Brewery, Oxford'', 7.5 high
Lot No: 89Description: ANTIQUE INK BOTTLE, Aqua glass cottage ink bottle
Lot No: 90Description: ANTIQUE INK BOTTLES, clear glass bird cage ink bottle (af) together with chimney type aqua glass ink bottle
Lot No: 91Description: ANTIQUE WARNERS MEDICINE BOTTLES, amber glass Warners Safe Cure Bottle, embossed with safe & ''London'', together with similar bottle embossed with ''Warners Safe Kidney And Liver Cure, Rochester N.Y'', both approx 9.5'' high
Lot No: 92Description: ANTIQUE WARNERS MEDICINE BOTTLES, green glass Warners safe cure bottle embossed with safe and ''London'' together with similar amber example, both approx 7.5'' high
Lot No: 93Description: ANTIQUE BOTTLES, detached seal reading ''G R'' together with two squat cylindrical body 19th Century bottles
Lot No: 94Description: CRANBERRY GLASS DECANTER, with 6 matching wines with clear glass stems
Lot No: 95Description: ANTIQUE SEALED BOTTLE, squat cylindrical beer bottle with seal, Reading "W Hicks St Austle", Powell & Ricketts, Bristol makers 8" high, mid 19th Century
Lot No: 149Description: BOOK ''SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1876'', South Australia, Its History, Resourses and Production, William Harcus 1876. 1st with photographic illustrations and map, together with bound copies of The Spectator 1714, ''Thoughts From Ruskin'' Attwell 1901 and ''The Door With Seven Locks'' Edgar Wallace
Lot No: 150Description: MINERS LAMPS, Thomas & Williams ''Cambrian'' brass cased safety lamp no 175495, and Protector Lamp and Lighting Co type 6 safety lamp
Lot No: 151Description: ORIENTAL CARVING, pair of dragon carved bamboo cylindrical vases, 12'' height
Lot No: 152Description: LUCAS ''King of the Road'' brass cased lamp no 635, also similar 262 model, together with silver King of the road
Lot No: 153Description: EASTERN CARVINGS, pair of Balinese carved busts, 13.5'' height
Lot No: 154Description: RAILWAY LAMP, square base railway lantern, 15'' height
Lot No: 155Description: MARITIME, 2 navigation lanterns, 16''
Lot No: 156Description: TOYS, Mettoy tractor and trailer, also Minic Triang clockwork car and clockwork tin plate tank
Lot No: 157Description: FROG PLANE, original boxed single seat fighter - Mark V, together with Mickey Mouse Bell home cine machine in original box
Lot No: 158Description: ART NOUVEAU LIGHTING, pair of copper wall fitted gas lights with opaque crinoline glass shades
Lot No: 159Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, No 2 Folding Pocket Brownie camera, a Bulldog Ensign camera, Ensign Midget camera and 1 other
Lot No: 160Description: CHINESE CLOISONNE, 2 miniature temple incense burners, 4.5'' high
Lot No: 161Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, a fine gilt embossed brass plaque depicting birds with display of flowers, 6'' x 11''
Lot No: 162Description: APPRENTICE PIECE, a provincial table top chest of 7 drawers, 9'' height
Lot No: 163Description: ADVERTISING, a jointed wooden Mazda valve Ediswin radio advertising figure, 14''
Lot No: 164Description: RADIO ADVERTISING, an etched glass advertising panel ''Six - Sixty Valve Service Station'' 12'' x 10''
Lot No: 165Description: ANTIQUE COQUILLA NUT THREAD HOLDER, pierced and carved decoration
Lot No: 166Description: NETSUKE, carved fruitwood netsuke with 3 puppies inside Gladstone bag together with carved treen quaiche
Lot No: 167Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, 19th Century flintlock pistol with pinwork decoration to stock
Lot No: 168Description: TREEN, a metal banded brandy cask
Lot No: 169Description: EDGED WEAPON, commando knife with leather sheath
Lot No: 170Description: HUNTING, small embossed copper powder flask, various measures, ''Curtis's & Harveys'' gunpower box & other accessories
Lot No: 171Description: WWI, Princess Mary 1914 Christmas box
Lot No: 172Description: JAVANESE SHADOW PUPPET, Javanese 'wayang kulit' shadow puppet
Lot No: 173Description: EDGED WEAPONS, antler handled bowie-style hunting knife and 1 other
Lot No: 174Description: BLACK FOREST, carved oak table top smokers cabinet, 11'' height
Lot No: 175Description: NO LOT
Lot No: 176Description: TREEN, Yew table top thermometer by C W Dixey & Son, 12.5'' height
Lot No: 177Description: ANTIQUE FIREARMS, cased pair of box lock percussion pistols by Bentley of London in fitted case
Lot No: 178Description: CINNABAR LACQUER, oriental carved rectangular cigarette box, 6'' width
Lot No: 179Description: MINIATURE ANIMAL TOYS, 4 jointed teddy bears, monkey and terrier dog
Lot No: 180Description: CORGI TOYS, a boxed Man From U.N.C.L.E Oldsmobile, in original box also boxed Corgi Jupe F.6150 with working conveyor
Lot No: 181Description: CORGI, original boxed Chipperfield Circus crane truck and working conveyor
Lot No: 182Description: MATCHBOX, original box refuse truck and taxi cab; also Corgi Massey Ferguson 165 tractor in original box
Lot No: 183Description: EDGED WEAPONS, commando knife with brass grip handle and leather sheath
Lot No: 184Description: WEAPONS, ethnic knives with leather grips
Lot No: 185Description: EDGED WEAPONS, Bowie type knife with antler grip, stamped J Nowill & Sons Sheffield with leather sheath
Lot No: 186Description: EDGED WEAPONS, collection of 10 assorted knives, including carved bone handled dagger
Lot No: 187Description: MARITIME, Walkers patent Cherub ship log dial, together with gimbled compass
Lot No: 188Description: ART DECO MANTEL CLOCK, inlaid onyx design by Elliot for Ollivant and Botsford, 8'' width
Lot No: 189Description: NO LOT
Lot No: 190Description: MOTORING, 5 assorted vintage car badges on chrome bar
Lot No: 191Description: ANTIQUE LIGHTING, 2 table top oil lamps, brass workmans lantern, etc
Lot No: 192Description: ANTIQUE LIGHTING, Policemans bullseye lantern, 3 carbide lamps and pigeon lamp
Lot No: 193Description: TREEN, a carved mahogany sculpture of mother bird feeding chicks
Lot No: 194Description: TUDRIC PEWTER ART NOUVEAU 4 piece Tudric pewter tea and coffee service, pattern no 0231, original woven cane handles designed by Archibald Knox
Lot No: 195Description: ART NOUVEAU, pair of Orivit circular base 7'' candle sticks, pattern no 2842
Lot No: 196Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, 2 pairs of Victorian brass candle sticks, also brass postal scales with 3 graduated weights and brass chamber stick
Lot No: 197Description: MANTEL CLOCK, chinoiserie lacquer mantel clock by Japy Freres & Cie with key, 7.5'' height
Lot No: 198Description: WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY, ''The Newcomes'' 1854/55 first edition in 2 volumes, together with W Collectt-Sandars ''Hand Book of Architectural Styles'' 1886
Lot No: 199Description: TRIANG, tin plate red truck, 19'' length
Lot No: 200Description: CORNISH MINING INTEREST, ''Tobias Gribble working at a Bolivan Mine 1908''. A collection of hand written testimonials from colleagues in Spanish & English with watercolour vignettes, in presentation binding with gilt metal monogram & date, together with note book with hand written transcript of ''Lectures On Physics & Mechanics'' dated 1861, a handwritten account of mining activity by ''Campanhia Das Minas Do Malhao, Porto'' and half calf bound copy of ''Legislacion Minera, M. Balboa''. Printed La Paz 1905
Lot No: 201Description: ANTIQUE MAPS, collection of unframed early maps of England including South West with several 17th Century and later maps
Lot No: 202Description: SERPENTINE, 2 pear shaped serpentine door stops, 11 '' height
Lot No: 203Description: RARE CIGARETTE CARDS, an oriental laquered album containing a good selelction of Victorian and early Edwardian rare cigarette cards including Glamour series, playing cards (unforutnately pasted in) together with interesting selection of early topigraphical photographs, matchbox covers and stamps
Lot No: 204Description: WWI, an unusual tank crested metal standish, 8'' width
Lot No: 205Description: SINGLE DRAW TELESCOPE by Heath & Co with ownership engraving ''C T H White R N'' with woven rope grip, also brass triple draw telescope by G Dixe and ships brass gimbled oil lamp
Lot No: 206Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, brass cylindrical candle lantern with 2 copper railway canisters
Lot No: 207Description: WATCHMAKERS LATHE, 19th Century brass watchmakers hand lathe together with a box of lathe parts
Lot No: 208Description: ANTIQUE REFERENCE BOOKS, C Dike ''Cane Curiosa'' 1983, Edward Pinto ''Treen'' 1985 and 10 other titles
Lot No: 209Description: ANTIQUE HORSE HARNESS, collection of hand stamped horse brasses on leather straps and other accessories with brass banded coachman's whip
Lot No: 210Description: ORIENTAL CARVING, a carved Japanese bamboo cylindrical vase depicting Samurai, 10'' height
Lot No: 211Description: VICTORIAN NEEDLEWORK BOX, a walnut straw work needlework box, 11.5'' width
Lot No: 212Description: CONCORDE, a chrome concorde design desk ornament
Lot No: 213Description: MARITIME, brass gimbled ship's compass and case, also ship's log torpedo and brass propellor
Lot No: 214Description: MILITARY, a brass model cannon on wooden plinth, 12'' width
Lot No: 215Description: LIGHTING, pair of brass twin candle brackets
Lot No: 216Description: COPPER KETTLES, a 19th Century copper kettle with 2 others in a graduated set
Lot No: 217Description: TREEN, 19th carved bracket shelf created as hanging fruit and floral display, 20'' height
Lot No: 218Description: GRAMOPHONE, Pixie Grippa Perophon original red cased with chrome interior and 5 records, 11'' width
Lot No: 219Description: REGENCY METALWARE, a copper pedestal samovar, fluted lid and claw feet, 17'' height
Lot No: 220Description: RAILWAY, Wadebridge Station large lantern (requires restoration) 17'' height
Lot No: 221Description: MOTORING, C A V large motoring horn, 11'' length
Lot No: 222Description: APPRENTICE PIECE, 19th Century mahogany and birdseye maple table top chest of 5 graduated drawers, turned bone handles, 10'' height 11'' width
Lot No: 223Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK BOX, a novel table top needlework box created as a display of 6 tooled leather bookspines enclosing fitted interior, 15'' height 9'' width
Lot No: 224Description: NIGERIAN METALWORK, a bronze square base table bell created with warrior king handle grip, 14'' height
Lot No: 225Description: MANTEL CLOCK, open brocot escapement, silky oak cased mantel clock with French striking movement, 14'' height
Lot No: 226Description: MARITIME, copper cased navigation lantern by Seagone, model 8831(requires restoration) 23'' height
Lot No: 227Description: COBBLERS LAST, a barrel shaped cobblers last with set of 5 graduated metal heels
Lot No: 228Description: ANTIQUE HORSE HARNESS, including Ham of Wadebridge harness studs
Lot No: 229Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, 2 Arts & Crafts brass letter boxes, a cast iron ivy leaf design oval frame, etc
Lot No: 230Description: ART DECO, a 4 piece silver plate coffee service by Goldsmith and Silversmith Co with original woven cane handles, 4.5'' height
Lot No: 231Description: ANTIQUE ORIENTAL CARVING, a signed carving of a travelling Sage with short staff, 8'' height
Lot No: 232Description: ANTIQUE IVORY, 19th Century carved ivory cribbage marker board, decorated dragons in relief, 7.5'' with markers contained within
Lot No: 233Description: CARRIAGE CLOCK, a repeater brass cased carriage clock by Matthew Norman, coiled bar strike with fluted brass column design and bevel glass, 6.5'' height with key
Lot No: 234Description: MONEY BOX, a cast brass ''City Bank'' design table top money box, 4'' height
Lot No: 235Description: NAPOLEONIC PRISONER OF WAR, carved bone domino case with 21 bone domino tablets and 2 wooden replacements (lacking cover)
Lot No: 236Description: PAIR OF EDWARDIAN TABLE CENTRES, pair of quality silver plate table centres with 3 winged dragon bases, 9'' height
Lot No: 237Description: CLARET JUG, a quality cut glass and vine etched baluster shaped claret jug with silver plated and engraved detail mount, 11'' height
Lot No: 238Description: STANHOPE, 3 stanhope style pen holders, antique ivory paper knife, fruit knife and prayer book
Lot No: 239Description: ANTIQUE PIPE, Meerschaum pipe, modelled as a Turks head with ebony mouth piece, approxaimately 6''
Lot No: 240Description: 19th CENTURY CONDIMENT SET, a 6 bottle oval base condiment set, together with silver plated fluted domed top butter dish
Lot No: 241Description: GOLIATH WATCH, a leather travelling cased Goliath watch (seconds hand missing)
Lot No: 242Description: VICTORIAN OPERA GLASSES, pair of ivory and gilt opera glasses in fitted case
Lot No: 243Description: ANTIQUE IVORY CHESS PIECE, of a seated Eastern figure, 4'', also a carved ivory elephant, 3.5''
Lot No: 244Description: WWI IMPERIAL MK GERMAN TRENCH KNIFE in sheath
Lot No: 245Description: ENFIELD BAYONET, late 19th Century/ early 20th Century bayonet
Lot No: 246Description: VINTAGE RUSSIAN DIVERS KNIFE in heavy brass scabbard, 13''
Lot No: 247Description: VICTORIAN MINIATURE CHEST, pair of 19th Century walnut twin drawer table top chests
Lot No: 248Description: no lot
Lot No: 249Description: MARITIME, cabinet cased scale model of three masted Galleon, San Felip'' scratch built by Ron Smith, 39'' lenth
Lot No: 250Description: MARITIME, cabinet cased scale model of American triple masted ''USS Constitution'' scratch built by Ron Smith, 39'' length
Lot No: 251Description: MARITIME, cabinet cased ship model ''HMS Gunboat William'', scratch built by Ron Smith, 29'' length
Lot No: 252Description: TAXIDERMY, cabinet cased Albino Otter by .B Higgs of Lostwithiel 1918, 20'' height 31'' width
Lot No: 253Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, cast iron twin handled cauldron, andirons and long handled tongs
Lot No: 254Description: ARCADE AMUSEMENT, wall mounted ''Cascade'' coin operated amusement by Bell-fruit Manufacturing Co Ltd, 30'' height 19'' width
Lot No: 255Description: MIRROR, gilt framed rectangular wall mirror, 24'' x 19''
Lot No: 256Description: ADVERTISING, a table top Mulberry belt display stand, 14.5'' height
Lot No: 257Description: OIL LAMPS, a splatter glass gorde style oil lamp together with a brass oil lamp with clear glass shade
Lot No: 258Description: VICTORIAN WRITING BOX, brass inlaid walnut writing box with fitted interior, 16'' width
Lot No: 259Description: ANTIQUE CAST IRON, an impressive oval cast iron embossed wall plaque ''Harvest Goddess'' by Eric Radiator Co, 15'' c 18.5''
Lot No: 260Description: 19TH CENTURY BAROMETER/THERMOMETER, 19th Century mahogany veneered banjo style barometer/thermometer (AF)
Lot No: 261Description: No lot
Lot No: 262Description: VICTORIAN MIRRORED BRACKET SHELF, an attractive fretwork surround bracket shelf with bevelled mirrored back, 26'' height
Lot No: 263Description: MARITIME, cabinet cased scale model of French Scooner ''LA JACINTHE'' scratch built by David Sutcliffe, 1990, 19'' boat length
Lot No: 264Description: DUTCH MARQUETRY MIRROR, floral and folaite surround bevelled edge rectangular wall mirror, 21.5'' x 18.5''
Lot No: 265Description: CHIPPENDALE STYLE MIRROR, gilt eagle crested fretwork surround wall mirror, conch shell medallion detail, 36'' height 19'' width
Lot No: 266Description: CHIPPENDALE MIRROR, Provincial mahogany fretwork wall mirror (some damage) together with Queen Anne design shaped top narrow wall mirror
Lot No: 267Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, open brocote escapement, brass cased mantel clock with mercury pendulum, coiled bar strike in bevelled glass brass casing with key, 11.5'' height
Lot No: 268Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN MIRROR, a gilt floral decorated column support narrow wall mirror with bevelled glass, 30'' height 18'' width
Lot No: 269Description: MANTEL CLOCK, late 19th Century mahogany veneered mantel clock with coil bar strike, white painted dial (with faults)
Lot No: 270Description: CHIPPENDALE DESIGN MIRROR, eagle crested burrwalnut fretwork surround wall mirror, 6'' height
Lot No: 271Description: no lot
Lot No: 272Description: ANTIQUE MIRRORS, pair of Georgian style mahogany carved and fretwork wall mirrors, 42'' height
Lot No: 273Description: ANTIQUE METALWORK, a brass tripod base column support oil lamp, 45'' height
Lot No: 274Description: MARITIME, cabinet cased scale model of HMS Fly, scratch built by Ron Smith, 58'' boat length
Lot No: 275Description: CABINET DISPLAY CASE, a table top oak glazed shelved cabinet, 46'' height 19.5'' width
Lot No: 276Description: EASTERN METALWARE, a large relief design metal fluted jardinere (requiring extensive restoration) 21'' dia
Lot No: 277Description: TURRET CLOCK, a mid 18th Century turret clock by Davies of Windsor, originally from Littlecote House Stable Block
Lot No: 278Description: ANTIQUE PARASOLS, collection of parasols, walking sticks & umbrellas (10)
Lot No: 279Description: CASED MODEL SHIP, a quality scratched built 3 masted ''French Man Of War, Le Superbe'' in glass case, 45'' sqaure (approx 115cm)
Lot No: 280Description: TREEN, fretwork extending book rack, letter rack and pair of ebony vases
Lot No: 281Description: EDWARDIAN DRESSING MIRROR, an attractive mahogany skeleton frame swing dressing mirror with inset jasperware portrait plaque
Lot No: 282Description: VICTORIAN BOXES, brass mounted walnut needlework box, together with early 19th Century inlaid rosewood needlework box
Lot No: 283Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, a fine gilded bronze mantel clock with dying stag cresting, oval marquetry rosewood stand and French movement with key, 15.5'' overall height
Lot No: 284Description: MUSICAL SEWING BOX, mid 19th Century French piano shaped Palais Royal sewing box with musical movement, 11''
Lot No: 285Description: VICTORIAN ROSEWOOD SEWING BOX, mother-of-pearl inlaid sewing box with fitted interior and turned knop side handles, 12.5'' width
Lot No: 286Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, 19th Century ormolu figure crested mantel clock with inset porcelain panels, bell strike movement on original stand, 14.5'' overall height
Lot No: 287Description: VICTORIAN BURRWALNUT STATIONERY BOX, attractive brass mounted stationery box incorporating standish, 12'' width
Lot No: 288Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, a spherical bronze 14'' vase with simple ribbed decoration
Lot No: 289Description: MARITME, cabinet cased scale model of 17th Century galleon ''Wasa'' scratch built by Ron Smith, 45'' boat length
Lot No: 290Description: FOLK ART, HAITI,circular mahogany plaque inscribed ''Haiti'' 10.5'' dia, possibly late 18th/early 19th Century
Lot No: 291Description: EDGED WEAPONS, 19th Century Mexican sword, ornate brass hand guard, 34'' length
Lot No: 292Description: PUNCH SET, silver plate embossed punch bowl with 10 cups and ladle
Lot No: 293Description: VINTAGE NOVELTY RADIO SPEAKER, a table top speaker of seated oriental gentleman by Andia, 13'' high
Lot No: 294Description: TANTALUS, Edwardian silver plate three bottle Tantalus, silver labels , 12.5 width
Lot No: 295Description: OPTICIANS CABINET, mable top 5 drawer opticians work bench cabinet, 17'' height x 15'' width
Lot No: 296Description: BOER WAR, a framed silk scarf '' The Absent Minded Beggar'' 17.5'' square
Lot No: 297Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, a pierced brass rectangular trivet
Lot No: 298Description: ORIENTAL CABINET, a Japanese parquetry table top multi drawer jewell cabinet, 11'' height x 14'' width
Lot No: 299Description: MARITIME, cabinet case scale model ship ''HMS Snake'', scratch built by Ron Smith, 35'' length
Lot No: 300Description: ORIENTAL CARVING, a carved cherryroot sage table lamp base, 23'' Height
Lot No: 301Description: MARITIME, brass bell on stand with stylised fish supports, 17'' height
Lot No: 302Description: ENAMELL ADVERTISING SIGN, Express Services Associated Motorways enamel sign in metal surround, 31'' x 22''
Lot No: 303Description: ENAMEL SIGN, a Royal Blue Epress Services enamel sign in metal frame, 31'' x 22''
Lot No: 304Description: SKELETON CLOCK, 19th Century brass framed skeleton clock with fusee movement on oval marble base
Lot No: 305Description: MARITIME, a scratch built Mississppi Paddle steamer, 25'' length
Lot No: 306Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, mid 19th Century percussion light sporting rifle, walnut stock with hidden spare nipple box,
Lot No: 307Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, Pathan copy of 1842 percussion musket
Lot No: 308Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, Pathan British pattern 1842 percussion Cory Carbine with saddle ring
Lot No: 309Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, early 19th Century flint lock musket indistinctly signed log plate
Lot No: 310Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, early 19th Century London Proof percussion rifle
Lot No: 311Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, mid 19th Century English Trade hunting rifle for mounting hunting with patent lock breech
Lot No: 312Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM,19th Century percussion rifle with London Proof
Lot No: 313Description: BUTCHERS SHOP ADVERTISING DISPLAY AUTOMATON, (requires restoration), 31'' high
Lot No: 314Description: MILITARY, 17th Century style suit of Armour on stand, 71'' high
Lot No: 315Description: FAIR GROUND, restored Victorian Carousel Horse on modern stand, 56'' length
Lot No: 316Description: VINTAGE POND STYLE YACHT, a large J Craft pond style yacht on stand, 57'' length
Lot No: 317Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, 1835 Brown Bess Flint Lock Rifle, with 1790 lock blake
Lot No: 318Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, early Indian Jezail Japur pattern matchlock rifle
Lot No: 319Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, early 19th Century percussion rifle
Lot No: 320Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, early 19th Century Henshaw percussion rifle E I C Heart pattern
Lot No: 321Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, early Indian Jezail Japur pattern matchlock rifle
Lot No: 322Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, 19th Century percussion rifle
Lot No: 323Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, three heavy brass printing plates depicting crest of a miner on medieval helmet amongst foliage, 7.5'' x 11.5''
Lot No: 324Description: BOOKS, a small library of books including ''The Power Of Steam, Cornwall Electric Tram Cars'' & other related volumes, over 20 volumes
Lot No: 325Description: CINEMA SEAT SUPPORTS, a pair of 1930's casy iron cinema seat ends from Liskear cinema circa 1930's
Lot No: 326Description: VINTAGE POSTER, The Isle Of Man Railway & Road Services ''Peel'' in modern frame, 31'' x 19''
Lot No: 327Description: LIBERTY & CO., Arts & Crafts design English pewter oval tray, stamped Liberty & Co to rear, 18''
Lot No: 328Description: VINTAGE PUPPET HORSE FIGURE, in original paint with jointed limbs, approxiamtely 24'' high
Lot No: 329Description: ORIENTAL VASE STANDS, 7 assorted Oriental carved wood vase stands, from 4'' to 8'' diameter
Lot No: 330Description: VASE STANDS, approxmately 16 Oriental vase stands some carved various diameters
Lot No: 331Description: PICTURE FRAMES, an antique circular gilt decorated picture frame, inlaid picture frame, moulded shaped tray etc
Lot No: 332Description: TEA CADDY, early 19th Century sarcophagus form mahogany veneered tea caddy with fitted interior and mixing bowl on bun feet, 13''
Lot No: 333Description: 19th CENTURY CROCHET BOX, 19th Century rosewood veneered crochet box with fully fitted interior, with scent and trinket jars, crochet hooks, etc
Lot No: 334Description: WWII BAYONET, British WWII bayonet on wooden plinth mount
Lot No: 335Description: GERMAN BAYONET, WWII German police bayonet in fitted leather scabbard, 16''
Lot No: 336Description: VINTAGE GOLLY BROOCH COLLECTION, golly brooch collection on 2 pennants, comprising 32 large brooches and 6 small brooches
Lot No: 337Description: VINTAGE SHOP SCALES, set of Vandome & Heart shop scales & weights (from Woolworths)
Lot No: 338Description: PRESENTATION TRAY, oak and plated twin handled oval tray with presentation plaque to centre, on the marriage of Mr & Mrs Knodder, August 1909, 23''
Lot No: 339Description: CORNER WALL SHELF, late 19th Century corner wall shelf unit with bevel glass mirrored panels, 24''
Lot No: 340Description: MAHOGANY VENEERED SWING DRESSING MIRROR with drawer base, 24'' high
Lot No: 341Description: LARGE ANTIQUE FISHING REEL, 1 volume ''The Ashley Book of Knots'' together with 5 scale drawings of a twin masted schooner
Lot No: 342Description: NAVAL SWORD, 19th Century naval sword by Joseph & Co of Southsea, with shagreen grip in a brass and leather scabbard, 35''
Lot No: 343Description: SILVER TOPPED CANE, ebony cane with silver top with engraved presentation dated 1919
Lot No: 344Description: LIMOGES, enamel plaque ''Autumn Trees'' signed to right hand corner P Pestoueix, 3'' x 3.5''
Lot No: 345Description: OAK BARREL PLANTER, oak barrel form planter with brass straps on tripod base, 12'' dia
Lot No: 346Description: FLYING V ELECTRIC GUITAR, Duesenberg 6 string flying V design electric guitar, in aluminum custom built fitted case
Lot No: 347Description: ROCKING HORSE Robert Mullis of Swindon, large dapple grey rocking horse on glider base. 59'' high 60'' long
Lot No: 348Description: BLACK FOREST DESIGN CUCKOO CLOCK, with carved deer head finial, hanging game to the side,complete with pendulum & weights
Lot No: 349Description: ANTIQUE SHIPS BELL CLOCK, Seth Thomas brass framed ships Bell clock with silvered face & secondary dial with lower bell strike, the face 6'' diameter, marked ''Seth Thomas'' PAT. Nov 1890
Lot No: 350Description: 19TH CENTURY FRYING PANS, 3 brass 19th Century frying pans with wrought iron handles, 9'' to 11'' diameter
Lot No: 351Description: ANTIQUE TELESCOPE, antique brass 6 draw telescope, 16'' long extended together with a pair of vintage brass binoculars
Lot No: 352Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, 19th Century percussion rifle, 49''
Lot No: 353Description: GERMAN BISQUE HEADED DOLL, Armand Marseille bisque headed doll, stamped 390 with jointed body, closing eyes & open mouth
Lot No: 354Description: GERMAN BISQUE HEADED DOLL, German bisque headed doll with closing eyes & open mouth with jointed papier mache body, 24'' with a selection of clothing
Lot No: 355Description: LOCAL INDENTURES, with respect to Henry Richard Glynn of Bodwannock, dated January 1710, an early auctioneers catalogue in The Manor of Reperry, with 850 acres of land to be sold at The Hotel Bodmin, December 1827 various coloured maps etc (good local interest)
Lot No: 356Description: SERVANTS CALL BELL, a boxed servant call bell board for 24 rooms, approximately 18'' x 22''
Lot No: 357Description: Barometer/Thermometer, a wall mounted brass bound stick barometer/thermometer, 40''
Lot No: 358Description: TABLE SKITTLES, a boxed table skittles by ''Stan Hope''
Lot No: 359Description: SIGNED CRICKET BAT, ''Golden Greats'' of 14 famous cricketers including Geoff Boycott, Ian Chappell, Clive Lloyd, Sir Richard Hadlee, Imran Khan etc. in presentation case with c.o.a to rear, limited to 1000
Lot No: 360Description: ANTIQUE CAST IRON URN, an impressive garden cast iron urn, the foliate decorated body with rams head handles the lid with pineapple finial on fluted base, 58'' high
Lot No: 361Description: ANTIQUE HORSE BRASSES, a collection of 30 antique horse brasses
Lot No: 362Description: MIDDLE EASTERN HAND WOVEN RUG, decorated multiple medallions on a red ground within multiple borders, 71'' x 47''
Lot No: 363Description: WILTON STYLE RUG, large foliate decorated rug on a red ground, approx 12ft
Lot No: 364Description: ADVERTISING, 2 Norwich Union Insurance Society signs together with a similar Royal Exchange Assurance sign
Lot No: 365Description: CLAY PIPES, a box of assorted clay pipes together with a antique oak cutlery tray
Lot No: 366Description: WATCH PARTS, a box of assorted watch parts, lenses etc
Lot No: 367Description: WATCH PARTS, a box of assort watch & clock parts
Lot No: 368Description: WATCH PARTS, a selection of springs, coil bar strikes, main springs etc
Lot No: 369Description: CLOCK PARTS, a box containing a selection of main springs together with one other box including watch glasses etc
Lot No: 370Description: CLOCK PARTS, clock movements, a box of 11 assorted clock movements
Lot No: 371Description: ASHANTI STOOL, a carved hardwood Ashanti stool, the support in the form of an elephant, approximately 21''
Lot No: 372Description: ORIENTAL BOOK, The Rats Plaint, published by T. Hasegawa, Japan, and sold by Kelly & Walsh Ltd, printed on linen
Lot No: 373Description: LOUIS WAIN, one volume ''Tinker Taylor'' by Edric Vredenburg, illustrated by Louis Wain
Lot No: 374Description: FLORENCE HARRISON, ''In The Fairy Ring''. written & drawn by Florence Harrison, published by Blackie & Son
Lot No: 375Description: NATURE CARICATURES, sketches from Exmoor by Sir Francis Carruthers Gould, 1929 also a book of Cats By W. Chance, printed by Dent & Co. 1898
Lot No: 376Description: CHILDRENS BOOKS, Footprints In The Snow by Racey Helps, also Sambo & Susanna, illustrated by Ethel Parkinson, published by Blackie & Son
Lot No: 377Description: MATCHBOX MODELS, 100 plus Corgi & Matchbox models mainly 1960's vintage, in played with condition
Lot No: 378Description: ANTIQUE IVORY CARD CASE, an extensively carved Oiental card case decorated multiple figures in a wooded square, 4.5'' high
Lot No: 379Description: VICTORIAN SNUFF BOX, with pictorial top of ''My Ass'' in ebonised case, 3''
Lot No: 380Description: ANTIQUE IVORY, a finely carved 19th Century ivory monkey figure, 4cm
Lot No: 381Description: POSTMANS CLOCK, 19th Century stained beech framed circular postman's wall clock with painted dial
Lot No: 382Description: BAROMETER, circular barometer by Horsman with white enamelled dial & Thermometer below in a carved rope design circular mount, 11'' diameter
Lot No: 383Description: ANTIQUE BAYONET, 18'' antique bayonet together with a portable circular metal oil lamp
Lot No: 384Description: EASTERN CASKET, with tortoiseshell & ivory decoration & carved deity to top on carved claw feet, 6"
Lot No: 385Description: EASTERN CASKET,  with tortoiseshell & pieced ivory decoration with mythical beast to top ivory claw feet 8" with lined interior
Lot No: 401Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central diamond approx 0.20ct surrounded by 8 further brilliant cut diamonds, total diamond weight approx 0.5ct, size H/I
Lot No: 402Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, old cut diamond of exceptional colour and clairty, approx 3cts set with 8 old cut accent diamonds to each shoulder, stunning Art Deco style ring, size M/N
Lot No: 403Description: 2 x 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 set amethyst and seed pearl, the 9ct gold signet ring, approx 5.2 grams
Lot No: 404Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD PLANISHED WEDDING BAND; Size 'X/Y', approx 6.1 grams in weight
Lot No: 405Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD ITEMS, including Medevial axe, eternity ring, earrings, 9ct gold heart locket and 9ct gold back and front stone set heart locket
Lot No: 406Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, with 9ct yellow gold created ruby drop pendant and 1 matching earring, also 9ct gold green and white stone ring
Lot No: 407Description: 1895 DOUBLE EAGLE GOLD 20 DOLLAR COIN, approx 32.2 grams
Lot No: 408Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD ILLUSION SET DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, diamond approx 0.15ct, 2.6 grams in weight, size S
Lot No: 409Description: 14CT WHITE GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND RING; Rectangular cut Ruby in excess of 1ct, set with channel set mixed Princess baguette and brilliant cut diamonds to the shoulders, totalling in excess of 1ct of diamond, well matched stones, good colour and clarity, size 'N/O'
Lot No: 410Description: 22ct YELLOW GOLD WEDDING BAND, approx 5.4 grams size Q
Lot No: 411Description: PAIR OF DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, bright well matched brilliant cut diamonds in 6 claw settings in butterfly and pillar clasp, each stone approx 0.8ct, total weight of 1.6 cts
Lot No: 412Description: SILVER BROOCHES, including silver daschund, scottie dog, heffalump, onyx and macasite also 3 jade crosses
Lot No: 414Description: ART NOUVEAU DESIGN 9ct yellow gold brooch set with amethsyt and seed pearl on 9ct yellow gold necklace
Lot No: 415Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central ruby surrounded by 11 old cut diamonds in the form of a flower, size Q
Lot No: 416Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD BAND, 2.7 grams, size I/J
Lot No: 417Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD OPAL & AMETHYST ETERNITY STYLE RING; Size 'L/M', 2 grams in weight
Lot No: 418Description: GOLD & YELLOW METAL JEWELLERY, including 9ct gold ring a/f, gold earrings, yellow metal earrings, etc
Lot No: 419Description: 2 CULTURED PEARL NECKLACES, 1 graduated, double strand on silver clasp, other single strand on 9ct gold clasp
Lot No: 420Description: 9ct GOLD FANCY LINK BRACELET and 9ct gold rope bracelet, 13.3 grams
Lot No: 421Description: 2 SILVER FULL HUNTER POCKET WATCHES, 1 by Elgin, other by Waltham (Elgin appers in working condition)
Lot No: 422Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD EARRINGS, 1 pair of 14ct yellow gold earrings and 1 single, 3 grams
Lot No: 423Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD HALF ETERNITY STYLE RING; Set with 8 channel set Princess cut emeralds, size 'M/N'
Lot No: 424Description: 22ct YELLOW WEDDING BAND, approx 2.1 grams, size J
Lot No: 425Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, transitional cut diamond approx 2cts of superb colour and clarity in 8 claw setting, set with 3 accent old cut diamonds to each shoulder, size P
Lot No: 426Description: ALEXANDRITE PENDANT & EARRINGS, 18ct yellow gold alexandrite drop pendant , large pear cut purple alexandrite stone suspended from smaller fancy trillion cut alexandrite together with pair of 14ct yellow gold screw back rectangular cut alexandrite earrings one carrying 14ct marks, other Chinese mark
Lot No: 427Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD DOUBLE GARNET DAISY RING, size L
Lot No: 428Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD OPAL & GARNET CLUSTER RING; Unusual Fluer De Lis style shank, size 'N'
Lot No: 429Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD LADIES RECTANGLAR FORM WRIST WATCH ON 9ct yellow gold bracelet, approx 13.3 grams including movement and glass
Lot No: 430Description: 1887 GOLD FIVE POUND COIN, Queen Couple sovereign, higher grade, no obvious signs of wear or damage
Lot No: 431Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, transitional cut diamond approx 1ct in 8 claw setting with certificate and valuation of £1500.00, size M
Lot No: 432Description: RARE CYMA MILITARY GENTLEMAN'S WRIST WATCH, circa 1944-45 refered to as one of the Dirty Dozen military watches, case back reads ''WWW PL757722577'', case and dial in good overall condition, appears in working order
Lot No: 433Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD TANZANITE & DIAMOND RING, central oval cut tanzanite in 4 claw setting with accent diamonds to each shoulder, size S
Lot No: 434Description: VINTAGE 9ct YELLOW GOLD HINGED BANGLE with safety chain, 26 grams
Lot No: 435Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND EARRINGS, each earrings containing 3 marquise cut diamonds of graduated sizes, seperated by 2 pairs of brilliant cut diamonds
Lot No: 436Description: 2 x 9ct GOLD ART NOUVEAU DESIGN PENDANTS, both set with blue stones, 1 on 9ct yellow gold necklace
Lot No: 437Description: CONTINETAL SILVER LADIES FOB WATCH on white metal Albertine chain, 800 grade silver fob watch with floral engraved back, appears in working condition
Lot No: 439Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, brilliant cut diamond approx 0.8ct in 4 claw setting, good colour, size P/Q, with insurance certificate
Lot No: 440Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD GENTLEMAN'S CARNELION SET SIGNET RING, approx 8.2 grams, size Q/R
Lot No: 441Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD FANCY LINK NECKLACE a/f, approx 24.5grams
Lot No: 442Description: COLLECTION OF HALF SILVER PRE 47 COINS, approx 196 gms
Lot No: 443Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE HALF ETERNITY STYLE RING; 8 Square cut Sapphires in channel setting, size 'M/N'
Lot No: 444Description: 14ct WHITE GOLD OVAL CUT DIAMOND IN HALO SETTING; Central oval cut diamond of good colour and clairity, approx 1.5 ct in hand made 14ct white gold setting, size 'M/N
Lot No: 445Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD AMETHYST & DIAMOND EARRING & PENDANT SET, pendant on 9ct white gold fine curb chain
Lot No: 446Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CHAIN & PENDANT, approx 10.2 grams, together with yellow metal brooch set with synthetic pearl, 4.5 grams
Lot No: 447Description: POCKET WATCH, Early pair cased pocket watch by J Robinson with fusee movement,in silver inner & outer case, in untested condition
Lot No: 448Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND ETERNITY STYLE RING, 3 marquise cut sapphires seperated by 4 pairs of small brilliant cut diamonds, size R
Lot No: 449Description: SILVER PAIR CASED POCKET WATCH, by Leach in untested condition
Lot No: 450Description: 3 x 9ct YELLOW GOLD SIGNET RINGS, 3.8 grams
Lot No: 451Description: SILVER GENTLEMAN'S OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH, appears in working condition
Lot No: 452Description: LADIES 9ct YELLOW GOLD OMEGA WRIST WATCH with manual wind mechanical movement
Lot No: 453Description: GENTLEMAN'S SILVER OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH in untested condition
Lot No: 454Description: LADIES 9ct YELLOW GOLD OMEGA LADYMATIC WRIST WATCH on 9ct yellow gold bracelet in original box inner and outter
Lot No: 456Description: 2 GENTLEMANS POCKET WATCHES, 1 silver cased open faced, other gold plated full Hunter both a/f
Lot No: 457Description: GENTLEMAN'S OPEN FACED PAIR CASED POCKET WATCH, Cohen Redruth, fusee movement, London 1889
Lot No: 458Description: 18ct YELLOW & WHITE GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND RING, large square cut emerald of good colour in rub over setting, with stepped shoulders, containing a mixture of well matched brilliant and princess cut diamonds, size M/N
Lot No: 459Description: 10ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND BAR RING, size N/O
Lot No: 460Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, with valuation from Douglas Hughes Fine Jewellery, stating diamond approx 1ct, with valuation of £4860.00, size P
Lot No: 461Description: PAIR OF 9ct WHITE GOLD BLUE TOPAZ & DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS, on pillar backs
Lot No: 462Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, large central ruby surrounded by halo of accent rubies with outter ring of brilliant cut diamonds, size M/N
Lot No: 463Description: 9ct GOLD DIAMOND PENDANT ON CHAIN, 5 graduated illusion set brilliant cut diamonds set in 9ct white gold on 9ct yellow gold fancy link rope chain
Lot No: 464Description: 18th CENTURY SILVER RUPUSAE PAIR CASED POCKET WATCH circa 1740 by J F Martems, in untested condition
Lot No: 466Description: 4 SILVER RINGS, including 1 gold on silver and 1 with matching pair of earrings
Lot No: 467Description: MILITARIA, DCLI medal group including QSA with 5 bars South Africa 1902, South Africa 1901, Transvaal Orange Free State and Cape Colony and WWI group of 3 all under same number 6108 Cpl then Sgt E Coggins DCLI
Lot No: 468Description: 3 GENTLEMANS POCKET WATCHES, 1 full Hunter and 2 open face, full Hunter and 1 other open face are silver, other white metal
Lot No: 470Description: 1908 MAUNDY SET
Lot No: 471Description: 1912 FULL SOVEREIGN, in loose mount, 10.1 gms combined weight
Lot No: 472Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD HINGED BANGLE, approx 24.6 g
Lot No: 473Description: 14ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND BRACELET, mixed baguette and brilliant cut diamonds totalling 3.42 ct set in heavy 14ct yellow gold bracelet with safety chain, 19.2 grams
Lot No: 474Description: 2 PAIRS OF 9ct YELLOW GOLD EARRINGS, 3.3 grams and 9ct yellow gold ECC pin, 2.66 grams
Lot No: 475Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND SOLITAIRE, Art Deco design platinum setting with old cut diamond of good colour and clarity approx 0.5ct, size J/K
Lot No: 476Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD TRIPLE OPAL CLUSTER RING; 5.4 grams in weight, size 'O/P'
Lot No: 477Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE AMETHYST & DIAMOND RING, 5 graduated amethysts each seperated by pair of accent old cut diamonds, size N
Lot No: 478Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, unusual design ruby & diamond cluster in cross over form, 2 well matched oval cut rubies each surrounded by accent brilliant cut diamonds with further diamonds set to each shoulder, size N/O
Lot No: 479Description: PLATINUM WEDDING BAND, approx 2.7 grams, size K/L
Lot No: 480Description: PAIR OF DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, each stone approx 0.25ct, total weight approx 0.5ct
Lot No: 481Description: PLATINUM WEDDING BAND, unusual 10 sided shape, approx 2.9 grams, size N
Lot No: 482Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD MIXED EMERALD & BRILLIANT CUT DIAMOND 3 STONE RING; Well matched diamonds of good colour and clarity totalling approx 0.75 ct, size 'L/M'
Lot No: 483Description: PLATINUM 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, approx 1.25ct, diamonds of good colour and clarity, central diamond approx 5.5mm, each outer stone approx 4.5mm, size O/P
Lot No: 484Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD AMETHYST & DIAMOND RING, central round brilliant cut amethyst surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds, size L/M
Lot No: 485Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND SOLITAIRE, old cut diamond of good colour and clarity, approx 0.6ct, in 8 claw platimun setting, size K/L
Lot No: 487Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM 3 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, central emerald cut sapphire approx 1.5ct with well matched brilliant cut diamond to each shoulder, each diamond approx 0.25ct
Lot No: 488Description: SINGLE STRING OF CULTURED PEARLS, on 18ct yellow gold clasp
Lot No: 490Description: 5 CARVED JET BROOCHES, including 1 cameo, 1 rose, 2 hands and 1 geometric design
Lot No: 491Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD PEARL RING, approx 3.8 grams, size O
Lot No: 493Description: VINTAGE 18ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, size O/P
Lot No: 494Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, Art Deco design platinum ring set with old cut diamond approx 0.6ct, diamond of good colour and clarity, size O/P
Lot No: 495Description: INTAGLEOS & SEALS, mixed lots of intagleos and seals in various hard stones and micro mosaics
Lot No: 496Description: JET & YELLOW METAL VINTAGE JEWELLERY, including brooches, pendants, buttons, etc
Lot No: 498Description: 2 STRINGS OF UNTESTED AMBER, 1 graduated beads, other modern design
Lot No: 499Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD AMETHYST & DIAMOND PENDANT on 18ct box link chain, beautiful oval cut amethyst surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds, amethyst in excess 5cts
Lot No: 500Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD TANZANITE PENDANT, on 9ct white gold chain
Lot No: 501Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM VINTAGE DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, diamond approx 0.2ct, size N
Lot No: 502Description: 2 VINTAGE LOCKETS, 1 depicting flowers, other a cameo
Lot No: 503Description: BUCKLES, including large silver Victorian nursing style buckle
Lot No: 504Description: GENTLEMANS ONYX SET SIGNET RING, size W/X
Lot No: 505Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, 5 well matched old cut diamonds of slightly graduated size, totalling approx 1.25ct, size M/N
Lot No: 506Description: VINTAGE YELLOW METAL WHITE METAL & STONE SET BUTTONS, including agates, gold filled, rolled gold, etc
Lot No: 507Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND ETERNITY RING, 7 stone ruby & diamond eternity ring, set with 4 well matched princess cut rubies, each seperated by a princess cut diamond of good colour and clarity, total gem weight in excess of 1.5cts, size N/O
Lot No: 508Description: 2 YELLOW METAL MOURNING BROOCHES, both enamelled with inscriptions
Lot No: 509Description: PAIR OF DESIGNER 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND & CULTURED PEARL EARRINGS on post and hinge back, together with registration document & valuation of £3575.00
Lot No: 510Description: YELLOW METAL DIAMOND SET HANDMADE RING, approx 7.1 grams, size O/P
Lot No: 511Description: YELLOW GOLD NECKLACE, marked 14k, 9grams
Lot No: 512Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD LADIES WRIST WATCH on expanding 9ct yellow gold bracelet, appears in working condition
Lot No: 513Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD WEDDING BAND, approx 5.1 grams, size O/P
Lot No: 514Description: ROSE GOLD 4 BAR GATE BRACELET with padlock clasp, approx 12.2 grams
Lot No: 515Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD 3 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING; Central sapphire good colour set between 2 brilliant cut diamonds each stone measuring approx 0.50 ct, giving a total diamond weight of approx 1.00 ct, the diamonds are of good colour and clarity, size P/Q
Lot No: 516Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL & SAPPHIRE CLUSTER RING; Central oval cut opal surrounded by 10 brilliant cut blue sapphires in heavy 9ct yellow gold setting, approx 4.3 grams in weight, size 'S'
Lot No: 519Description: 3 STRINGS OF SYNTHETIC PEARLS, 1 silver bracelet and 1 fine gold necklace weight 1.7 grams
Lot No: 520Description: WHITE METAL & SILVER ITEMS, including charm bracelets and necklaces
Lot No: 521Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE YELLOW SAPPHIRE RING, 3 well matched oval cut yellow sapphires with accent diamonds to each shoulder, size V
Lot No: 522Description: 2 SHELL CAMEO BROOCHES, 1 in 9ct gold and 1 other
Lot No: 524Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND RING, central oval cut aquamarine surrounded by accent brilliant cut diamonds and heavy 14ct yellow gold shank weighing approx 3.8 grams, size L/M
Lot No: 525Description: BOXED 9ct YELLOW GOLD CUFF LINKS, buttons and collar stud set
Lot No: 526Description: 2 X 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 signet ring, other shell cameo, 4.5 grams
Lot No: 527Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING; Graduated old cut diamonds of good colour and clarity totalling approx 1.50ct in multi claw settings, size 'L'
Lot No: 528Description: VINTAGE 18ct YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, size K/L, approx 2.2 grms
Lot No: 529Description: PAIR OF YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, EACH DIAMOND APPROX 0.25CT, total diamond weight approx. 0.5ct
Lot No: 530Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING; Unusual design, split 'V' shank leading to diamond cluster totalling approx 1 ct of well matched diamonds of good colour and clarity, size O/P
Lot No: 531Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND DAISY CLUSTER RING, 7 bright well matched diamonds set to form a daisy, size O/P
Lot No: 532Description: 14ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, brilliant cut diamond approx 0.6ct, in 6 claw Tiffany-style setting, size N/O
Lot No: 533Description: GRADUATED STRING OF UNTESTED CHERRY AMBER BEADS, approx 69 grams
Lot No: 534Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD OPAL RING; Oval opal in fancy Rococo style setting, size 'N/O'
Lot No: 535Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE PENDANT; With 0.33 ct on 18ct white gold fine curbed link chain, diamond of good colour and clarity
Lot No: 536Description: VINTAGE SILVER LOCKET in form of a opening book, containing a manual wind watch that appears in working order on silver chain
Lot No: 537Description: SILVER PAIR CASED POCKET WATCH, missing outer case, by B J Mann of Beverley, Chester HM 1889
Lot No: 538Description: PAIR OF 18ct WHITE GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND EARRINGS, unusual design channel set emerald cut sapphires, seperated by baguette cut diamonds
Lot No: 540Description: QUALITY MICRO MOSAIC BROOCH, depicting doves drinking from a bowl on yellow metal mount
Lot No: 541Description: GENTLEMAN'S SILVER CASED POCKET WATCH, key wind mechanism, HM Birmingham 1884
Lot No: 543Description: CARVED JADE PENDANTS, 10 in total depicting Chinese signs of zodiac including rat, horse, etc
Lot No: 544Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD DIAMOND TRIPLE CLUSTER RING; 1ct total diamond weight, size 'K/L'
Lot No: 545Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET DRESS RING, central garnet surrounded by accent white stones, size L
Lot No: 546Description: PAIR OF 9ct GOLD AMETHYST & DIAMOND EARRINGS, large marquise cut amethyst set with accent diamonds
Lot No: 547Description: AMBER JEWELLERY, including ring, pendant & bracelet
Lot No: 548Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD OPAL & PERIDOT RING; in fancy heart design shank, size 'L/M'
Lot No: 549Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD DRESS RING, size R/S
Lot No: 550Description: WALTHAM MASSACHUSETTS GENTLEMAN'S POCKET WATCH, silver cased serial no for 1883, with paperwork
Lot No: 551Description: 9ct YELLOW & ROSE GOLD CLOGAU DIAMOND SET ETERNITY STYLE RING, very unusual design, 3 diamonds suspended between 2 hearts, set with accent diamonds around the entire shank, size P
Lot No: 552Description: LARGE CHINESE HARDSTONE PENDANT, depicting a dragon on silver chain
Lot No: 553Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CLOGAU ETERNITY STYLE RING, size P, with paperwork
Lot No: 554Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND PENDANT ON 18ct YELLOW GOLD FINE LINK CHAIN, brilliant cut diamond in fancy 8 claw setting, approx 0.3ct
Lot No: 555Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD & TANZANITE DIAMOND RING; Trillion cut Tanzanite of approx 1.5ct set with 7 well matched channel set brilliant cut diamonds, size 'L/M'
Lot No: 556Description: VINTAGE GENTLEMAN'S ROAMER WRIST WATCH, circa 1930s with tear drop fixed lugs
Lot No: 558Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND PENDANT on 9ct white gold fine link curb chain
Lot No: 559Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GREEN STONE RING, size J/K
Lot No: 560Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING; Brilliant cut diamond of good colour and clarity, approx 0.70 ct, set with accent diamonds to each shoulder on heavy 18ct yellow gold shank, size 'O'
Lot No: 561Description: OPAL & PEARL SET NECKLACE on 9ct yellow gold chain
Lot No: 562Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SET RING, size N
Lot No: 564Description: 9ct GOLD GARNET SOLITAIRE RING, size M
Lot No: 565Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD OPAL & PERIDOT RING; Size 'N'
Lot No: 566Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SOLITAIRE RING, size P/Q
Lot No: 567Description: 9ct GOLD GARNET & OPAL CLUSTER, central oval cut garnet, surrounded by 6 cabouchon cut oval opals, size O/P
Lot No: 568Description: FACETED AQUAMARINE BEAD NECKLACE on 18ct yellow gold clasp
Lot No: 569Description: 22ct YELLOW GOLD WEDDING BAND, approx 5.9 grams, size M
Lot No: 570Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD VINTAGE PERIDOT & PEARL CLUSTER RING, central peridot surrounded by 9 well matched seed pearls, size P/Q
Lot No: 571Description: 9ct YELLOW CASED LADIES WRIST WATCH BY ROTARY, manual wind movement, appears in working condition on yellow metal expanding bracelet
Lot No: 572Description: VINTAGE YELLOW METAL ART NOUVEAU STYLE PENDANT, set with central amethyst stone
Lot No: 573Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GENTLEMAN'S DOUBLE ALBERT POCKET WATCH CHAIN WITH T BAR and spinner fob, set with carnelian and blood stone, combined weight approx 53.7 grams
Lot No: 574Description: 4 POCKET WATCHES in a/f condition, including Ingersol and Symons & Son of Launceston
Lot No: 575Description: VINTAGE 18ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND 5 stone gypsy ring, old cut diamonds each approx 0.15ct, size N/O
Lot No: 576Description: VINTAGE 18ct GOLD 5 STONE RUBY & DIAMOND GYPSY RING, 3 graduated rubies seperated by a pair of diamonds, size N/O
Lot No: 577Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD HINGED BANGLE, in form of a belt, 7 grams
Lot No: 578Description: VINTAGE 18ct GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND RING, 3 well matched rubies each seperated by a pair of old cut diamonds , set in 18ct scroll work mount, size M/N
Lot No: 579Description: 9ct GOLD MIXED LOT, 9ct gold marked items, some in a/f condition, 19 grams
Lot No: 580Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM VINTAGE 3 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, central blue sapphire set with accent diamond to each shoulder
Lot No: 581Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CITRINE PENDANT on 9ct yellow gold chain, 4.9 grams
Lot No: 582Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD ROPE NECKLACE, approx 8.3 grams
Lot No: 583Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD PERIDOT & SEED PEARL BROOCH PENDANT COMBINATION, with safety chain
Lot No: 584Description: GENTLEMAN'S GOLD PLATED POCKET WATCH, in Dennison case, Swiss made 7 jewel movement with advanced rickard, case and dial in good overall condition and appears in working condition
Lot No: 585Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD SAPPHIRE 7 DIAMOND RING; Central sapphire in excess of 2ct surrounded by a halo of brilliant cut diamonds, further diamonds to each shoulder and shank, size 'K'
Lot No: 586Description: PAIR OF 15ct AMETHYST & SEED PEARL DROP EARRINGS, with screw clip on fasteners
Lot No: 587Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD OPAL GYPSY SYLE RING; Size 'N'
Lot No: 588Description: SILVER JEWELLERY including amber pendant, floral mackintosh style brooch, charm bracelet, peridot bracelet, etc
Lot No: 590Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND HALF ETERNITY STYLE RING; 7 Well matched princess cut diamonds of good colour and clarity in channel setting, totalling approx 1.5ct
Lot No: 591Description: SILVER SHERRY DECANTER LABEL, in fancy vinework form
Lot No: 592Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING; Old cut diamond of approx 0.50 ct, good colour and clarity set between 2 royal blue sapphires, size 'M/N'
Lot No: 593Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND RING; Central pear cut aquamarine of approx 1.5ct surrounded by halo of brilliant cut diamonds with accent diamonds to each shoulder, size 'N/O'
Lot No: 594Description: SILVER ITEMS; Including small pill box and two thimbles one marked 'Charles Horner'
Lot No: 595Description: GENTLEMANS ROLEX AIR KING; Oyster perpetual with precision movement, papers and receipts for 1971 and a service record for 1989, spare link. Appears to be in good working condition
Lot No: 596Description: 2 GENTLEMANS WRIST WATCHES; 1 By Hamilton the other Eternamatic for Garrard with inscription to rear of case
Lot No: 597Description: WRIST WATCHES, a Gents Bulova plated wrist watch, a Gents Rone together with a stone set brooch
Lot No: 598Description: GOLD POSY RING; 7.2 grams in weight, size 'Z + 1'
Lot No: 599Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM 3 STONE DIAMOND RING; Illusion set diamonds totalling approx 0.33 ct, size 'V/W', 2.4 grams in weight
Lot No: 600Description: LARGE QUANTITY OF COSTUME JEWELLERY; Inc pendants, brooches, necklaces etc
Lot No: 601Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; 2 Boxes containing a quantity of costume jewellery including yellow and white metal , foe and cultured pearls in two boxes
Lot No: 602Description: GOLD & YELLOW METAL ITEMS, assorted earrings, rings (unmatched) broken locket, T-bar ect also silver cased compass pendant, bangles , pendants & other silver rings etc.
Lot No: 603Description: LADIES FOB WATCH, Silver & blue enameled case ladies pocket watch
Lot No: 604Description: SNUFF BOX, 19th Century Continental silver snuff with foliate decoration, also a Victorian silver cup, London HM, over 3oz
Lot No: 651Description: SILVER TEA SET, 3 piece silver tea set of hexagonal form on 4 hoofed feet, tea pot with ebony handle & finial, makers K Ltd, Birmingham, Birmingham 1944, 37oz inclusive of handle
Lot No: 652Description: GEORGIAN TANKARD, silver tankard with lined decoration, London 1809, 3.5oz
Lot No: 653Description: GEORGIAN SILVER TANKARD, with lined decoration to body, maker CF, London 1807
Lot No: 654Description: NOVELTY SILVER PEPPERETTES, a pair of novelty silver salt & pepper pots in the form of owls with screw tops & jewelled eyes, stamped 925 to base, 3.75'' high
Lot No: 655Description: SILVER & CRYSTAL SWAN CONSERVES, set of 3 crystal conserves with silver mounts in the form of swans heads with jointed silver wings, marked E Ltd, & stamped 925, the largest is 7'' in length
Lot No: 656Description: SILVER PEPPERETTES, a pair of circular form silver pepperettes, stamped Sterling, by Frank M Whiting, also a Birmingham HM octogonal form pepperette approximately 3.5oz
Lot No: 657Description: SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, of rectangular form with decoration to top with wood liner, 6''
Lot No: 658Description: CONTINENTAL SILVER TRINKET BOX, of oval form with portrait decoration to top, stamped 800 silver, 6'' diameter, appromately 9oz
Lot No: 659Description: SILVER CONDIMENT SET, 3 piece silver condiment set with lidded conserve with blue glass liner, salt & pepperette, Birmingham HM, makers R & D, also a pair of silver claw handled sugar tongs
Lot No: 660Description: SILVER PLATE, a circular plated lidded jar with rams head decoration to the outer, the lid decorated with cherub, 4.5'' diameter
Lot No: 661Description: OMAR RAMSDEN, Arts & Crafts circular pin tray, marked Omar Ramsden ME Fecit, London 1935, 4.5'' diameter
Lot No: 662Description: SILVER CONDIMENTS, a collection of 5 silver condiments various dates & makers including 2 salts one with blue glass liner, conserve & 2 pepperettes, also a pair of Georgian silver bright cut sugar snips, approximately 8oz
Lot No: 663Description: SILVER CIGAR CUTTER, a patent silver cigar cutter with London HM, also a silver photo frame of rectangular form, 5.7'' high, Birmingham HM
Lot No: 664Description: SILVER JUG OF ART DECO DESIGN, Birmingham 1939, approximately 2.5oz also a circular stemmed dish with weighted base, Birmingham HM
Lot No: 665Description: SILVER SHELL FORM BUTTER DISH, Sheffield HM, also a pair of silver salts of oval form, Birmimgham HM
Lot No: 666Description: GEORGIAN SILVER SERVER, a Georgian silver serving fork London HM, 1813
Lot No: 667Description: SILVER, silver sugar shaker of octagonal form with pierced lid, Birmingham HM, a sterling silver cigarette case with Neillo decoration, 4.5'', together with a Birmingham HM silver pusher, approximately 7oz overall
Lot No: 668Description: MINIATURE PORTRAIT, a miniature portrait of a girl on a ceramic oval panel in a silver frame of square form
Lot No: 669Description: EASTERN SILVER, Chinese & Burmese silver salts together with a lidded pot all with foliate decoration
Lot No: 670Description: SILVER SHELL FORM BUTTER & KNIFE IN PRESENTATION CASE, Sheffielfd HM, together with a set of 6 cased Victorian teaspoons, London HM, Appoximately 4.5oz
Lot No: 671Description: SILVER MESH PURSE, a HM silver mesh purse one other mesh purse together with a opaque glass scent bottle with mount (af)
Lot No: 672Description: CROCHET HOOKS, a 3 silver handled hooks & 3 silver handled shoe horns, also 2 silver napkin rings
Lot No: 673Description: GOLIATH POCKET WATCH, plated Goliath pocket watch in a Victorian leather and silver faced watch case
Lot No: 674Description: SILVER CANDLE STICKS, pair of filled silver circular stemmed candle sticks, 5.5'' stamped 9.25
Lot No: 675Description: SILVER SPILL VASE, of tapering form, 6.5'' high, London HM, 3ozs
Lot No: 676Description: SILVER GRAVY BOAT, on 3 lion paw feet, London HM, 6'', approx 4.5 ozs
Lot No: 677Description: SILVER TEASPOON SET, set of 6 silver brightcut teaspoons and matching nips in fitted case, Birmingham 1905, 3ozs
Lot No: 678Description: SILVER, pair of Georgian silver teaspoons, silver sugar shaker, napkin ring, silver bladed and mother-of-pearl handled fruit knife, together with a silver backed hand mirror
Lot No: 679Description: MODEL SILVER BOAT, souvenir model of a twin masted boat on ebonised stand, 5'' high
Lot No: 680Description: TEA KNIVES, set of 6 cased silver handled tea knives with pistol grips, also a small silver bowl
Lot No: 681Description: VICTORIAN SALT SET, 8 circular silver plated salts on 3 pad feet with 8 matching shell bowl salt spoons in fitted case
Lot No: 682Description: SILVER, a miniature HM silver tankard, 2 napkin rings, 2 sugar snipes & a silver topped glass junket jar, approximately 6oz silver
Lot No: 683Description: CUTLERY, a selection of fruit knifes & folks with silver handles, 2 plated purses etc
Lot No: 696Description: A FRENCH CAFE STYLE TABLE & CHAIR SET;  Metal folding rectangular table with 4 matching chairs
Lot No: 700Description: HERBERT CHARLES SHEPPARD, oil on board, from Elbury Cove near Churston, Devon circa 1912, 12'' x 16''
Lot No: 701Description: 19TH CENTURY EQUESTRIAN PORTRAIT, signed oil on canvas, ''Portrait of Race Horse Canary 1879'' possibly signed E Price, 14'' x 17''
Lot No: 702Description: MARCUS GOEDKIND, signed oil on oak panel dated 1870 ''Shipping in Wide Estuary'', 7'' x 11''
Lot No: 703Description: W BANKS FORTESCUE, signed watercolour ''Children Playing at Bridge'', 8'' x 11''
Lot No: 704Description: 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL, signed oil on canvas, dated '79 ''Cattle Watering at Riverside Church Ruins at Sunset'', 9.5'' x 19''
Lot No: 705Description: ENGLISH PRIMITIVE SCHOOL, oil on board, ''Steamer off Headland at Dusk'', 12.5'' x 18.5''
Lot No: 706Description: ANTON RUTGERS, signed oil on canvas ''The Windmill'', 9.5'' x 6.5''
Lot No: 707Description: BIRD STUDY, Edwardian watercolour, ''Study Kingfisher in Flight'', 4'' x 5'' and oval study ''Chicks In nest''
Lot No: 708Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK PANEL, rosewood framed panel ''Wild Strawberries and Fieldmouse'', 8.5'' x 11''
Lot No: 709Description: JOHN BARAGWANATH PAINTING, gouache on board, ''Porthlevan Sands'' dated April 30th 1921, 25'' x 37''
Lot No: 710Description: MARITIME SCHOOL, oil on canvas, ''Survivors from Shipwreck'' 6'' x 10''
Lot No: 711Description: COLIN GRAEME, signed oil on canvas, dated 1902, ''Study of Two Dogs Heads'', 11.5'' x 9''
Lot No: 712Description: SQUIRE HOWARD, signed oil on canvas dated 1882, ''Cattle Watering at Riverside'', 13.5'' x 9.5''
Lot No: 713Description: PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL, indistinctly signed oil on canvas, ''Fishing Boats off Headland'', 7.5'' x 11''
Lot No: 714Description: AQUATINT, hand tinted aquatint ''Tunbridge Castle'' after Farington, 8.5'' x 12''
Lot No: 715Description: 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH PRIMITIVE SCHOOL, oil on relined canvas ''Outside the Tavern'', 17'' x 13''
Lot No: 716Description: ATTRIBUTED TO J MELLOR, oil on canvas ''View of the River Wharfe from Bolton Abbey'', 11.5'' x 17.5''
Lot No: 717Description: DON BRECKON, pencil signed watercolour ''GWR Locomotive 4410 - Crossing the Moor'', 8'' x 10''
Lot No: 718Description: W CHONG, signed oil on canvas, ''Tree lined Avenue'', 17.5'' x 23.5''
Lot No: 719Description: HUGH E RIDGE, signed oil on canvas ''Shipping Passing the Isles of Scillies'', 15.5'' x 19.5''
Lot No: 720Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK, mahogany framed 19th Century needlework sampler panel, together with 2 coloured silk floral framed panels
Lot No: 721Description: GEORGIAN SCHOOL, monochrome watercolour ''View of Marbury Church and Mere, Cheshire'', 11'' x 16''
Lot No: 722Description: MILITARY, hand coloured lithograph ''Portrait of William Twemlow of Northwich'', 9'' x 6'', together with pair of framed French military prints ''Garde Imperile'', 11'' x 8.5''
Lot No: 723Description: ANTONIO JACOBSEN, signed ship portrait painting possibly dated 1873, ''Paddle Steamer Bristol, New York - Boston'', 9'' x 13.5''
Lot No: 724Description: ANTONIO JACOBSEN, signed painting dated 1874 ''Ship Portrait of Triple Masted Steamer'', 9'' x 13''
Lot No: 725Description: ANTONIO JACOBSEN, indistictly signed oil, ''Portrait of Racing Yacht'', 9.5'' x 13''
Lot No: 726Description: ANTONIO JACOBSEN, unsigned painting ''Racing Yacht'', 9.5'' x 13.5''
Lot No: 727Description: ANTONIO JACOBSEN, signed painting dated 1875 ''Portrait of three Racing Yachts'', 9'' x 13''
Lot No: 728Description: HENRY H PARKER, signed watercolour ''Cattle Watering with Cottages to background'', 20'' x 13.5''
Lot No: 729Description: EUROPEAN SCHOOL, oil on canvas ''Young Lady on Riverside Path'', 10.5'' x 20''
Lot No: 730Description: EMILE MARIN, signed watercolour ''Toledo'', 14.5'' x 10''
Lot No: 731Description: VICTORIAN PENCIL PORTRAIT, watercolour and pencil oval ''Portrait of Seated Lady'', signed M E Hall,9.5'' x 7''
Lot No: 732Description: BRENDA KING, signed painting on board, ''Street Market, Venice 1980'', 5.5'' x 7.5''
Lot No: 733Description: GEORGE TURNER, signed oil on canvas ''Travellers Camp Site on Wooded Setting'', 19'' x 23''
Lot No: 734Description: NEWLYN SCHOOL, oil on board, ''Study of Horse in Harness'', 8.5'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 735Description: NEWLYN SCHOOL, oil on board ''Children Playing in the Farmyard'', 9.5'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 736Description: EDWARD HENRY HOLDER, signed oil ''Farm Workers at Lunch Time'', 19.5'' x 29''
Lot No: 737Description: PANORAMIC PANEL, European School oil on canvas ''Panoramic view of cargo being unloaded'', 9'' x 38.5''
Lot No: 738Description: MARITIME, oil on canvas, ''Penang in Stormy Seas'', signed by Peter Davies, 23'' x 35''
Lot No: 739Description: RENOIR, gilt framed colour print ''Portrait of Girl in feather trimmed hat'', 15'' x 13''
Lot No: 740Description: ANDREW GRUNDON, signed painting on canvas ''Harvest Break'', 23.5'' x 35''
Lot No: 741Description: ITALIAN SCHOOL, 20th Century oil on canvas ''Busy Street Scene'' indistinctly signed, 27'' x 19''
Lot No: 742Description: ITALIAN SCHOOL, indistinctly signed oil on canvas ''The Bay of Naples'' 19'' x 27''
Lot No: 743Description: ANIMAL ETCHINGS, 2 signed etchings ''Foal and Fawn'', 14'' x 11''
Lot No: 744Description: FRANK ORMROD, signed oil on board ''The Meadows at Stanford, Dingley'', 6.75'' x 9''
Lot No: 745Description: 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL, oil on board, inscribed to reverse ''Near Cricket Field, North Finchley'' 7.5'' x 5.5''
Lot No: 746Description: EUROPEAN SCHOOL, oil on board ''Sunset over tree lined Riverscape'', 8'' x 10''
Lot No: 747Description: TIBET, watercolour of seated Tibetan Girl, 10.75''
Lot No: 748Description: JAPANESE WATERCOLOURS, 2 signed Japanese watercolours of Fish and feeding Duck, 8.5'' x 9''
Lot No: 749Description: JULIAN MELGRAVE, signed oil on canvas, ''Pont Marie'' 14'' x 18''
Lot No: 750Description: MARITIME, watercolour ''Portrait of 4 masted Sailing Vessel'', signed Barry Dow, in birdseye maple frame, 9.5'' x 11.5''
Lot No: 751Description: ANTIQUE MAPS, 17th Century John Saxton map of Surrey, together with 1 other early map of Surrey and a Georgian road map
Lot No: 752Description: JOHN HARMSWORTH, pair of signed watercolours ''Chalfont'' and ''White Leaf Village'', 6'' x 4.5''
Lot No: 753Description: BRYAN WHITMORE, signed watercolour ''Riverscape with Workman on Bank'', 8'' x 13''
Lot No: 754Description: MILITARY, Tony Warren signed watercolour dated 1987, ''Focke-Wulf Finishing Off British Tramp'', 16'' x 26''
Lot No: 755Description: CRYSTOLEUM, ''Portrait of Young Lady in Garden'' 9.5'' x 7.5''
Lot No: 756Description: 18th CENTURY FRENCH ENGRAVING, ''Le Couche De La Mariee'', 17'' x 12''
Lot No: 757Description: EQUESTRAIN PORTRAITS, pair of portraits ''Sunflower and Sweep'', 1 signed Mable Allnutt 1899, other Mable Shone 1903, 16.5'' x 20.5''
Lot No: 758Description: ST IVES SCHOOL, Brian Bunting, screen print ''Cross Roads'', 45'' x 24''
Lot No: 759Description: E MORRIS, signed oil on canvas ''Rural Cottage'', 14.5'' x 19.5'' and 1 similar
Lot No: 760Description: DAVID CURTIS, signed oil on canvas dated 1996 ''Port Isaac Harbour'', 14''x 22''
Lot No: 761Description: GEORGIAN PORTRAIT, pastel oval portrait of Young Lady with coral necklace, 9.5'' x 7.5''
Lot No: 762Description: ELIZABETH BRIDGE, watercolour ''Pont Audemer'' with R I labels on reverse, 8'' x 11.5''
Lot No: 763Description: DAVISON COULSON OIL ON CANVAS, ''The Cliff Top Path''
Lot No: 764Description: FASHION DESIGNS, Nina Ricci, print fashion design and 1 similar, 20'' x 14''
Lot No: 765Description: JOHN WILSON CARMICHAEL, signed watercolour ''Sailing Vessles in a choppy Sea'', 4.5'' x 6''
Lot No: 766Description: GEORGE F.NICHOLLS, pair of signed watercolours, ''Village Scenes'', 10'' x 14''
Lot No: 767Description: ALPINE WATERCOLOUR, ''Study of Alpine Goats - Bossita, Italian Alps'', 8.5'' x 5''
Lot No: 768Description: WILLIAM E.MILLNER, signed watercolour ''The Drover on Valley Track'', 7'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 769Description: ANTIQUE BIRD STUDY, early 19th Century watercolour of exotic bird, together with similar study of grass hopper
Lot No: 770Description: GEORGIAN STYLE WATERCOLOUR, ''Stonecutters with Horses and Carts'', 10'' x 13''
Lot No: 771Description: E.HALL, signed watercolour ''European Street Market'', 12.5'' x 8.5'', together with 2 fishing boat studies
Lot No: 772Description: JOHN M.BROMLEY, signed watercolour ''A View on the Sid, Devon'', 13'' x 19''
Lot No: 773Description: FRANK PATON, signed etching, ''British Interest'', 8'' x 10''
Lot No: 774Description: GEORGE ARTHUR FRIPP, signed watercolour ''Figures in an open Landscape'', 7'' x 13''
Lot No: 775Description: E.VIRENQUE, signed oil on canvas ''Portrait of Seated Young Lady'', 39'' x 33''
Lot No: 776Description: WYCLIFFE EGGINGTON, signed watercolour ''River landscape with Medieval Bridge'', 14'' x 20''
Lot No: 777Description: EARLY MAP, Robert Morden hand coloured map of Northumberland, 16'' x 13''
Lot No: 778Description: HENRY PARK, unsigned watercolour ''Cattle beside a rustic wooden fence'', 11.5'' x 17.5''
Lot No: 779Description: SHIP PORTRAIT, gouache ''Portrait of Gun Ship'' in birdseye maple frame, 12''x 18''
Lot No: 780Description: LEIGHTON FORBES, signed watercolour ''Cottage Garden at Malpas, nr Truro'', 15.5'' x 25''
Lot No: 781Description: PETER COLLINS, signed oil on canvas, brightly coloured canalside house front, 27'' x 35''
Lot No: 782Description: EASTERN EMBROIDERY, Indian filigree embroidered Taj Mahal 1945, 29'' x 31''
Lot No: 783Description: WYCLIFFE EGGINGTON, watercolour ''Wescombe Cottages'', 14.5'' x 20.5''
Lot No: 784Description: KEN SPRAGUE, unsigned oil on board, ''Honest Johns'', 22.5'' x 35.5''
Lot No: 785Description: DEBORAH JONES, oil on board ''Shop Front - Foggins & Son Handmade dolls and toys'', 11.5'' x 29''
Lot No: 786Description: C GRAHAM, pair of signed watercolours ''Egyptian Desert Scenes'', 9'' x 19.5''
Lot No: 787Description: J.G.BUISSON, oil on panel ''The Happy Couple'', 9'' x 6''
Lot No: 788Description: MARIA STYRANKA, signed oil on board, dated 2003, ''Portrait of Young Lady with headband'', 19.5'' x 15''
Lot No: 789Description: HAROLD WEBBER, signed oil on board ''Overlooking the River, St Just in Roseland'', 19.5'' x 22''
Lot No: 790Description: POLPERRO, oil on board ''Polperro Harbour'', 17.5'' x 11.5''
Lot No: 791Description: 19TH CENTURY BRITISH SCHOOL, oil on canvas ''Highland Glen'', 15.5'' x 23.5''
Lot No: 792Description: MARITIME, oil on canvas ''Steamer Cargo Ship'', 18'' x 11.5''
Lot No: 793Description: 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH PORTRAIT, oil on canvas ''Portrait of Rev Charles Fletcher, Southwell Minster, School Master in Nottingham area'', 29'' x 24''
Lot No: 794Description: RICHARD BLOWEY, signed oil on canvas ''St Michael's Mount'', 15.5'' x 19''
Lot No: 795Description: FRANCES TROWER, pair of watercolours ''Dawlish 1861'', 7'' x 10''
Lot No: 796Description: GEORGIAN NEEDLEWORK, oval embroidered Riverscape panel, 5.5'' x 7''
Lot No: 797Description: ORIENTAL PAINTINGS, a pair of Eastern paintings on silk ''Exotic Birds'', 29'' x 13''
Lot No: 798Description: MINIATURES, collection of 7 miniature landscapes on ivory, 3 in oval frames
Lot No: 799Description: MINIATURE PORTRAIT, oval framed portrait of Young Lady with blue ribbon in hair also with one other portrait of a lady
Lot No: 800Description: MINIATURES, group of 3 oval framed miniatures, ''Still life Studies of Summer Flowers'' on ivory
Lot No: 801Description: H DEAN, WATERCOLOUR, ''Country House'' 10.5'' diameter
Lot No: 802Description: 19TH CENTURY SILHOUETTES, 2 of Officers of oval form on ebonised plinths & 1 other
Lot No: 803Description: MINIATURE WATERCOLOURS, Sailing Boats Before a Castle, & Sailing Boat Before White Cliffs, 3'' diameter
Lot No: 804Description: ROGERS, pair of 19th Century oil on canvas, ''Crackington Haven'' 21'' x 16''
Lot No: 805Description: JB, oil on canvas ''Crackington Haven'', 16'' x 30''
Lot No: 806Description: 5 CHINESE POSTERS, 5 assorted posters relating to the cultural revolution
Lot No: 807Description: LEIGHTON-JONES OIL ON BOARD, ''The Flamenco Dancer'' 34'' x 21
Lot No: 808Description: VICTORIAN WATERCOLOUR, ''The Harbour''
Lot No: 809Description: BETTIS WATERCOLOUR, ''Manx FishIng Boats'', 9'' x 21''
Lot No: 810Description: FINE INLAID CREDENZA, mid 19th Century breakfront walnut & ebonised credenza, pair of gilt column support enclosing mirrored panels flanking central glazed display, 40'' high x 42'' width
Lot No: 811Description: LATE GEORGIAN MAHOGANY KNEEHOLE DESK, 8 graduated drawers with pair of bone escutcheons with original stamped brass knop handles, 41'' width
Lot No: 812Description: VICTORIAN EXTENDING MAHOGANY DINING TABLE, oval topped dining table with 2 additional leaves & ribbed tapering turned legs, 94'' length x 48'' width
Lot No: 813Description: QUEEN ANNE DESIGN DINING CHAIRS, set of 6 shaped splat backed dining chairs with cabriole legs & drop in seats
Lot No: 814Description: CAROLEAN-DESIGN DINING CHAIRS, set of 10 walnut cane panelled dining chairs with barley twist support & pierced & carved cresting
Lot No: 815Description: VICTORIAN CARD TABLE, figured mahogany fold top card table on tapered octagonal column support with claw feet
Lot No: 816Description: VICTORIAN BOW FRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS, mahogany bow front chest, 2 short, 3 long graduated drawers with Mother of Pearl inlaid knop handles, 48'' width
Lot No: 817Description: KNEEHOLE DESK, reproduction mahogany twin pedestal kneehole desk, of 9 graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles & leather inset top, 48'' width
Lot No: 818Description: BOOKCASES, Edwardian oak narrow 5 shelf open bookcase together with 1 other bookcase
Lot No: 819Description: KITCHEN TABLE, stained pine rectangular top table with turned tapering legs, 42'' width
Lot No: 820Description: VICTORIAN DRESSING MIRROR, mahogany oval swing frame mirror with twin compartment base
Lot No: 821Description: GEORGIAN INLAID SIDE TABLE, provincial single drawer oak side table with yew cross banding & brass shaped back plate handles on cabriole legs, 35'' width
Lot No: 822Description: INLAID CORNER CABINET, mahogany 4 door glaze bow fronted corner cabinet, 78.5'' high x 20'' width
Lot No: 823Description: FRENCH BEDROOM CHAIR, 19th Century walnut barley twist support & cabriole legged nursing chair with carved scroll cresting
Lot No: 824Description: ANTIQUE OAK COFFER, a triple panelled front coffer decorated with stylized arches, 38'' width
Lot No: 825Description: CORNER SETTLE, oak panelled high back corner settle with open arm support, 44'' width
Lot No: 826Description: PINE CORNER CUPBOARD, stripped pine twin door corner cupboard, 87'' height x 34'' width
Lot No: 827Description: VICTORIAN PIANO STOOL, a scroll carved tripod cabriole legged rosewood piano stool
Lot No: 828Description: VICTORIAN WINE TABLE, early 19th Century mahogany rectangular top facet column support wine table
Lot No: 829Description: CHILD'S CHAIR, rush seated spindle backed child's chair
Lot No: 830Description: EASTERN PLANT STAND, marble top circular vase stand with pierced & carved 4 leg support, 17'' height
Lot No: 831Description: VICTORIAN CARD TABLE, figured mahogany fold top card table on tapering facade column & quatrefoil support
Lot No: 832Description: SUTHERLAND TABLE, inlaid mahogany Sutherland table, 24'' length
Lot No: 833Description: WILLIAM IV CARD TABLE, mahogany D-End fold top card table on tapering turned legs with brass casters, 34'' width
Lot No: 834Description: BACHELOR CHEST, reproduction cross banded burr walnut narrow chest of 4 graduated drawers, 27'' width
Lot No: 835Description: EARLY 19TH CENTURY TWIN DOOR CABINET, cross banded mahogany twin door cabinet on splayed legs & bone escutcheons, 40'' height x 30'' width
Lot No: 836Description: VICTORIAN PRAYER CHAIR, barley twist support green upholstered prey chair on cabriole legs
Lot No: 837Description: VICTORIAN BUTTON BACK ARMCHAIR, green upholstered button back scroll armchair on baluster legs
Lot No: 838Description: WINE TABLES, 2 mahogany reproduction tripod base wine tables together with similar walnut wine table
Lot No: 839Description: PEMBROKE TABLE, early 19th Century mahogany single drawer pembroke table on tapering square section legs, 19'' width
Lot No: 840Description: WINE TABLES, Victorian mahogany trefoil base circular topped wine table; together with 2 reproduction tripod base wine tables
Lot No: 841Description: VICTORIAN DINING CHAIRS, collection of 4 carved walnut shaped back cabriole legged dining chairs
Lot No: 842Description: VICTORIAN HOOP BACK DINING CHAIRS, a Harlequin set of 5 mahogany hoop back dining chairs with French cabriole legs
Lot No: 843Description: 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY TEA TABLE, D-end fold top card table on tapering square section legs, 36'' width
Lot No: 844Description: SUPPER TABLE, 19th Century mahogany oval topped supper table on 4 splayed legs, 30'' width
Lot No: 845Description: VICTORIAN DINING CHAIRS, pair of carved walnut shaped back dining chairs with tapering fluted legs
Lot No: 846Description: VICTORIAN PEMBROKE TABLE, early 19th Century mahogany 4 drawer pembroke table with tapering turned legs and original castors, 18'' width
Lot No: 847Description: PINE KITCHEN TABLE, stripped pine single drawer sqaure top kitchen table on tapering turned legs, 30'' width
Lot No: 848Description: VICTORIAN DRESSING STOOL, carved walnut cabriole and claw footed square topped stool
Lot No: 849Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY PEMBROKE TABLE, mahogany single drawer pembroke table with inlaid tapering sqaure section legs and original castors, 21'' width
Lot No: 850Description: EDWARDIAN ROSEWOOD OCCASIONAL TABLE, octagonal shaped top 2 tier occasional table with marquetry details, 24'' width
Lot No: 851Description: VICTORIAN PEMBROKE TABLE, mahogany single drawer pembroke table with tapering turned legs, 19'' width
Lot No: 852Description: GEORGIAN MAHOGANY STRAIGHT FRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS, 2 short and 4 long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles and bracket feet, 40'' width
Lot No: 853Description: EDWARDIAN MAHOGANY KNEEHOLE DESK, pair of freize drawers above 4 short drawers and fluted tapering turned legs, original castors and inlaid details, 51'' width
Lot No: 854Description: STACKING GLAZED BOOKCASE, oak triple section glazed fronted stacking bookcase, 49'' height, 34'' width
Lot No: 855Description: VICTORIAN WELLINGTON CHEST, mahogany 5 narrow drawer pedestal chest with lockable bar, 46'' height 19'' width
Lot No: 856Description: VICTORIAN BURRWALNUT DAVENPORT, a quality cabriole legged burrwalnut piano topped Davenport lift top stationery rack and 4 side drawers, 21.5'' width
Lot No: 857Description: ANTIQUE CHEST ON STAND, early 19th Century mahogany drawer compactum of 6 graduated drawers with brass fretwork back handles, 37'' height, 48'' width
Lot No: 858Description: ANTIQUE PANELLED OAK TWIN DOOR CUPBOARD, a heavy oak panelled cabinet with shaped brass hinged and pear drop handle, 68'' height 49.5'' width
Lot No: 859Description: GEORGIAN MAHOGANY TALLBOY, straight front chest of 2 short and 5 long graduated drawers, brass ring drop handles, with bracket feet, 60'' height 49'' width
Lot No: 860Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, brass break-arch face with mahogany swan neck hood and casing, coiled bar strike
Lot No: 861Description: 18th CENTURY 30 HOUR LONG CASE CLOCK, brass square face movement by John Wyld of Nottingham with calendar window and carved oak casing
Lot No: 862Description: 18TH CENTURY 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, engraved brass break-arch face by Stevens of Great Milton, oak casing with plain hood
Lot No: 863Description: 19TH CENTURY 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, painted square face with wild strawberry spandrels, inlaid fruitwood casing
Lot No: 864Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN OAK TALLBOY, 2 section straight fronted tallboy of 2 short and 7 graduated long drawers, replacement brass swan neck handles with early shaped brass escutcheons, 71.5'' height 38'' width
Lot No: 865Description: VICTORIAN WELLINGTON CHEST, oak narrow pedestal Wellingtom chest of 12 short drawers with brass axehead handles, (some missing) with carved side columns, 59.5'' height 24'' width
Lot No: 866Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHIFFONIER, column supported twin cupboard base with single frieze drawer and carved column support back plate, 38'' width
Lot No: 867Description: KNEEHOLE DESK, mahogany reproduction kneehole desk of 9 graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles, 47'' width
Lot No: 868Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY CHEST COMPENDIUM, 2 section mahogany straight fronted chest of 9 short drawers and 2 long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles, 41.5'' height 43'' width
Lot No: 869Description: CARVED OAK CLOISTER CHAIR, rose carved detail
Lot No: 870Description: VICTORIAN ARMCHAIR, red button back upholstered armchair on tapering square section legs
Lot No: 871Description: PAIR OF VICTORIAN SPOON BACK ARMCHAIRS, pair of quality mid 19th Century carved mahogany scroll arm chairs with tapering turned legs & original castors
Lot No: 872Description: VICTORIAN WALNUT DAVENPORT, twin barley twist column support Davenport with maple fitted interior & brass gallery & four side drawers, 93'' width
Lot No: 873Description: EDWARDIAN 3 FOLD SCREEN, riverscape painted small fire screen, 36'' high
Lot No: 874Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY SIDE TABLE, twin frieze drawer with barley twist pillar support, stretcher base & scrolled feet, 36'' width
Lot No: 875Description: VICTORIAN MARQUETRY SEWING TABLE, walnut kidney shaped top sewing table with carved pillar supports with twin cabriole legs
Lot No: 876Description: GEORGIAN PEMBROKE TABLE, mahogany single drawer with tapering square section legs, original castors & ring drop handles, 18.5'' width
Lot No: 877Description: ANTIQUE OAK COFFER, twin panelled coffer with carved lunette frieze & diamond motif panels, 44'' width
Lot No: 878Description: ARTS & CRAFTS, a spindle high backed upholstered open arm chair
Lot No: 879Description: CONTINENTAL MARQUETRY CABINET, a floral marquetry triple drawer occasional table on metal mounted cabriole legs, 18'' width
Lot No: 880Description: MAHOGANY KNEE-HOLE DESK, a MapleAnd Co. Georgian design five drawer leather topped knee-hole desk with foliate carved cabriole ball & claw feet & cast brass handles, 51'' width and Chippendale design desk chair
Lot No: 881Description: GEORGIAN PROVINCIAL OAK LOW CHEST OF DRAWERS, 2 short & 2 long graduated drawers shaped brass back plate, swan neck handles & bracket feet, 31'' high x 38'' width
Lot No: 882Description: VICTORIAN GILT OVAL MIRROR, a Neo classical design oval gilt wall mirror, 36'' high
Lot No: 883Description: INDENTURE TABLE, a glass top mahogany rectangular coffee table with ball & claw cabriole legs enclosing 16th Century sealed indenture & antiquarian engravings, 43'' width
Lot No: 884Description: VICTORIAN ADJUSTABLE WRITING TABLE, mahogany adjustable height column support writing table
Lot No: 885Description: ARTS & CRAFTS, OAK SLAT BACK OPEN ARM CHAIR FRAME, attributed to George Montague Ellwood & J. S.Hendry, Gilberts Of Swindon Ivorian label
Lot No: 886Description: VICTORIAN BURR WALNUT DAVENPORT, cabriole leg support serpentine fronted Davenport with 4 side drawers, 21.5'' width
Lot No: 887Description: COUNTRY CHAIR, a rush seated fruitwood back kitchen Chair
Lot No: 888Description: GEORGIAN TRAY TOP COMMODE CABINET, drawer & cupboard facade base, brass swan neck handles, 23'' width
Lot No: 889Description: VICTORIAN SCROLL BACK NURSING CHAIR, red button back upholstered serpentine fronted nursing chair on scroll feet
Lot No: 890Description: COUNTRY CHAIRS, set of 3 fruitwood bar back rush seated kitchen chairs
Lot No: 891Description: MARQUETRY GAMING TABLE, a contemporary floral marquetry square topped gaming table with fitted interior, 30'' width
Lot No: 892Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CARD TABLE, D-End fold top card table on 4 ornate carved scrolled legs & table frieze, 36'' width
Lot No: 893Description: ANTIQUE OAK COFFER, 6-planked oak coffer with simple tracery arch decoration, 47'' length
Lot No: 894Description: LEATHER ARMCHAIRS, impressive brown button back leather club design armchairs
Lot No: 895Description: OAK REFECTORY TABLE, antique design stretchered base refectory table with turned pillar supports, 60'' x 34''
Lot No: 896Description: VICTORIAN FOOT STOOL, a full beadwork upholstered long foot stool
Lot No: 897Description: 19TH CENTURY PEDESTAL TABLE, mahogany tip top table of rectangular form on tripod base, 25''
Lot No: 898Description: OAK CARD TABLE/TEA TROLLEY, 20th Century swivel top card table, fitted lower shelf on turned supports and castor feet, 30''
Lot No: 899Description: VICTORIAN READING SLOPE, with adjustable book rest on 4 turned legs and castor feet, 31''
Lot No: 900Description: EDWARDIAN MUSIC CABINET, rosewood veneered and inlaid music cabinet with mirrored and glazed door enclosing shelves, 21''
Lot No: 901Description: ANTIQUE OAK COFFER, carved triple panel oak coffer, carved 3 foliate panels with rising top, 47''
Lot No: 902Description: CAMBRIDGE REVOLVING BOOKCASE, Edwardian mahogany and satinwood inlaid revolving bookcase, 18''
Lot No: 903Description: CANTERBURY 19th century walnut Canterbury of serpentine form
Lot No: 904Description: BIJOUTERIE CABINET, Georgian design Bijouterie cabinet with rising glass top, fitted a lower shelf & drawer on chamfered legs
Lot No: 905Description: FOLDING CAMPAIGN CHAIR, with fawn upholstered seat & back
Lot No: 906Description: THRONE CHAIR, stained beech folding throne chair, lion mask finials
Lot No: 907Description: ORIENTAL NEST OF TABLES, Oriental nest of 4 tables with carved decoration in relief to top, decorated figures on a bridge
Lot No: 908Description: GEORGIAN HANGING CORNER CABINET, oak framed corner cabinet with 2 glazed doors with H strap hinges enclosing shaped shelves
Lot No: 909Description: SWIVEL OFFICE CHAIR, a stained beech framed chair with circular seat on a cast iron base with a swivel mechanism
Lot No: 910Description: ORIENTAL OCCASIONAL TABLE, of octagonal form the top with floral decoration in high relief on a pierced frame
Lot No: 911Description: 19TH CENTURY SUTHERLAND TABLE, with quarter cut burr walnut veneer on bobbin turned frame
Lot No: 912Description: MAHOGANY BUTLERS TRAY, mahogany butlers tray with folding flaps on stand
Lot No: 913Description: STAINED PINE CHEST, stained pine 4 drawer chest of small proportions with brass drop handles on ogee feet (requires restoration)
Lot No: 914Description: BEDROOM CHAIR, mahogany framed bedroom chair with bobbin turned frame & bergere caned seat
Lot No: 920Description: End of sale.