Lot No: 1Description: MOORCROFT, blue ground ''Anemone'' pattern 8'' spherical vase
Lot No: 2Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Chinese under glazed blue narrow necked 16.5'' baluster vase, all over foliate design with stylised leaf decorated neck, double ring base mark
Lot No: 3Description: ZSOLNAY LUSTRE, gold and green lustre multi-ribbed 6.5'' vase, together with 2 similar models of seated young girl and rabbit
Lot No: 4Description: DOULTON & SLATERS, pair of lace impressed 12'' vases with pierced splayed necks and enamelled floral decoration, pattern No. 3517
Lot No: 5Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglazed blue brush pot decorated with stylised floral design, 3.25'' height together with similar underglazed blue splayed rim rice bowl, base seal mark, 16'' diameter (rim crack)
Lot No: 6Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, ''Hawthorn Blossom'' ginger jar, 4 character base mark together with 2 similar splayed neck vases (both damaged) with 6 character base mark
Lot No: 7Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Chinese underglazed blue 5-lobed porcelain bulb pot decorated with 2 fabulous dragons, crude restoration with character base mark, 10'' high
Lot No: 8Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglazed blue quatrefoil shaped vase stand 10.25'' width (rim chip)
Lot No: 9Description: CLEWS CHAMELEON WARE, pair of blue and brown foliate design oviform 6.25'' height, together with similar ''bubble'' pattern 6.25'' vase
Lot No: 10Description: BESWICK, figure of Kangeroo, Model no. 1160 and Beneagles Osprey decanter
Lot No: 11Description: ART POTTERY, Della Robbia- style narrow bodied oviform pottery vase decorated with stylised floral and foliate design and unclear impressed oval base mark, 9.5'' height
Lot No: 12Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, early Chinese export figure of a hawk on rocky outcrop (beak crudely restored, also wing clipped) 6.5'' high
Lot No: 13Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, 19th Century Chinese export baluster teapot and lid decorated with riverside pagoda, and similar sparrow beaked jug, 4 character base mark
Lot No: 14Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, gilded ''Exotic Bird'' pattern fluted edge circular comport 10'' diameter (base rim cracks)
Lot No: 15Description: NAPOLEON, CACCIAPUOTI, Italian porcelain plinth based equestrian figure of Napoleon, inscribed signature 14.5'' high
Lot No: 16Description: T.G. GREEN CORNISH WARE, flower dredger and rolling pin
Lot No: 17Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, early Chinese floral decorated sake bowl; also Imari floral decorated 6.25'' bowl, small crackle glaze bowl; also venetian glass cup and saucer and 3 other pieces
Lot No: 18Description: POOLE, green glaze cylindrical 9'' vase decorated with ribbed geometric design
Lot No: 19Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglazed blue floral decorated cylindrical lidded tea caddy with 4 character base mark 6'' high
Lot No: 20Description: ART NOUVEAU, Eichwald green glazed and rose decorated jardiniere, pattern No. 1842, together with Art Nouveau blue ground chamber pot
Lot No: 21Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Republic period porcelain 5.5'' club vase decorated with mother and child in garden setting with base seal mark; also Famille Rose ginger jar with 4 character base mark
Lot No: 22Description: SATSUMA, pair of gilded blue ground square bodied pedestal 7'' vases on carved wooden stands
Lot No: 23Description: RIDGEWAY CANDLESTICKS, pair of green stoneware circular base 8.25'' height
Lot No: 24Description: ROYAL ALBERT ''Old Country Roses'' pattern large selection of tea, coffee ware and tableware, approximately 100 pieces
Lot No: 25Description: EDWARDIAN GLASSWARE, pair of floral painted milk glass 10'' vases; also pair of gilded and enamelled 8'' blue glass vases and 2 similar pieces
Lot No: 26Description: LIMOGES, gilt and blue bordered floral design dessert service of 6 graduated comports and 12 dessert plates
Lot No: 27Description: EARLY DELFT, Liverpool Delft floral design 13.75'' circular charger, together with 18th Century Dutch Delft ''Fenced Garden'' pattern 14'' circular charger (edge chips)
Lot No: 28Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER ''Gilly Flowers'' pattern, oval shaped dessert dish, similar square dish and 2 other dishes from series, hatched crescent moon base mark, also ''w'' script mark
Lot No: 29Description: EARLY DELFT, 18th Century blue Delft circular 13.5'' charger, decorated with butterflies in flowering shrub, (edge chips)
Lot No: 30Description: FRENCH OPALESCENT GLASS, a circular ''Flower Head'' pattern 12'' dish by Davesn
Lot No: 31Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, 18th Century Nankin octagonal lidded tureen, decorated with panoramic riverscape and twin rabbit head handles (1 ear missing), 12.5'' width
Lot No: 32Description: EARLY DELFT, 18th Century Delft 13'' circular charger depicting lion in gardenscape, together with 11.5'' circular early Delft charger ''Foilate Sprig'' pattern (both with edge chips)
Lot No: 33Description: FRENCH OPALESCENT GLASS, 13.75'' circular shallow bowl, with moulded chrysanthemum decoration
Lot No: 34Description: EARLY DELFT, 18th Century Dutch Delft ''Vase of Flowers'' pattern 7.5'' tea plate together with early Chinese export stoneware ''Deer'' pattern 8'' shallow dish
Lot No: 35Description: GEORGIAN GLASSWARE, pair of cut glass triple banded neck pineapple cut club decanters with mushroom stoppers, (1 with variation)10'' height
Lot No: 36Description: EARLY DELFT, Liverpool Delft ''Floral Display'' pattern 14'' circular charger (edge chips)
Lot No: 37Description: ANTIQUE GLASSWARE, early 19th Century cut glass single lustre vase, 10.5'' height
Lot No: 38Description: EARLY SPODE, ''Girl at the Well'' blue transfer pattern, 12.25'' circular dish
Lot No: 39Description: VICTORIAN TABLEWARE, Brown, Westhead & Moore turquoise edge oval turkey dish and 3 matching graduated serving dishes
Lot No: 40Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglaze blue inverted baluster 8'' vase, decorated with dancing temple dogs, 4 character base mark
Lot No: 41Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, a fine underglaze blue 5 lobed bulbed pot decorated with underglaze blue all over foliate scroll design, 10'' height
Lot No: 42Description: REGENCY SPODE, lidded and twin gilt handled spherical tureen decorated with gilded flower pattern, 11'' height
Lot No: 43Description: EARLY DELFT, chinoiserie baluster vase (neck cut down), 13'' height
Lot No: 44Description: VICTORIAN FOLK ART, pot lid centre ceramic fragment encrusted charger, 13.5'' dia
Lot No: 45Description: SWAROVSKI, special edition ''Trumpeting Elephant'', 10'' height
Lot No: 46Description: SWAROVSKI, special edition ''Chinese Zodiac Dragon''
Lot No: 47Description: SWAROVSKI, special edition ''Jaguar''
Lot No: 48Description: SWAROVSKI, special edition ''Stag''
Lot No: 49Description: LIMITED EDITION ROYAL DOULTON, ''Peregrine Falcon'' HN3541, 8.5''
Lot No: 50Description: WEDGWOOD BASALT, a classical design twin handled basalt vase, date letter for 1861, 6.5''
Lot No: 51Description: BESWICK DOG, plinth mounted Beagle and Basset Hound
Lot No: 52Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Canton miniature club vase and 1 similar and oriental porcelain cylindrical snuff bottle
Lot No: 53Description: SLIP GLAZE, oriental design slip glazed studio pottery 4.5'' vase
Lot No: 54Description: GLASSWARE, pair of ruby cased cut glass oval ash trays
Lot No: 55Description: HUMMEL FIGURES, collection of 6 Goebel figures
Lot No: 56Description: ART DECO, ''Arabian'' Arcadian ware lidded spherical bowl (some damage)
Lot No: 57Description: BESWICK HORSE, plinth based Arab
Lot No: 58Description: VENETIAN GLASS, crinoline edge pedestal sweet meat dish, 2 similar glass dishes and novelty cocktail sticks
Lot No: 59Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, 19th Century Staffordshire group ''Eva and Uncle Tom'', 8.5'' height
Lot No: 60Description: HUMMEL, 4 Berta Hummel child figure groups
Lot No: 61Description: BESWICK CATTLE, plinth based Charolain Bull and Hereford Bull (restoration to leg)
Lot No: 62Description: BEATRIX POTTER, 5 limited edition Royal Doulton Beswick figures, including Peter and the Red Pocket Hankerchief and Benjamin Bunny
Lot No: 63Description: GLASSWARE, retro glass vase and jug, also Mdina style bottle, pair of large heavy cut glass vases and other decorative glassware
Lot No: 64Description: CONTINENTAL FIGURES, pair of 19th Century large figures of flower gatherer and companion, underlgaze blue cross sword mark, 15.5'' height
Lot No: 65Description: RETRO GLASS, pair of retro glass base table lamps, also quality cut glass ribbed vase
Lot No: 66Description: TAVERN WARE, Isherwood and Fowler stoneware cider jar, 2 advertising ale jugs and 3 other pieces
Lot No: 67Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, a large gilt bordered dinner service of graduated plates, large serving dish and other accessories
Lot No: 68Description: CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN VASE, a gilt lidded 10.5 vase, decorated with continuous riverscape (finial repaired)
Lot No: 69Description: STUDIO POTTERY, Raku fired 9'' vase, potters seal to base
Lot No: 70Description: WINSTON CHURCHILL, Royal Doulton toby jug ''Seated Winston Churchill''
Lot No: 71Description: MOORCROFT, ''Ballooning'' pattern 10.5'' circular dish dated 1998
Lot No: 72Description: MONTGOMERY, Royal Doulton character jug ''Monty'' D6206, also similar ''Santa Claus'' and 2 others
Lot No: 73Description: MURANO, a large coloured glass clown with football, 16'' height
Lot No: 74Description: URANIUM GLASS, a green glass flower holder, Peter Pan and Wendy, 9.5'' height
Lot No: 75Description: MALING, pearl lustre blossom design narrow bodied jug and matching oval fruit bowl
Lot No: 76Description: ANTIQUE GLASS MARBLES, 2 large 19th Century glass marbles
Lot No: 77Description: ART DECO assorted Woods Art Deco dinner ware, ''Pastel pattern''
Lot No: 78Description: DUKE OF WELLINGTON, Antique character jug, 7'' height
Lot No: 79Description: WEDGWOOD BASALT bust of John F Kennedy, 8.5'' height
Lot No: 80Description: SLIPWARE, slip decorated eathernware bowl, together with 2 slipware tulip plates
Lot No: 81Description: MOORCROFT MCKINTYRE, pair of Moorcroft Mckintyre florin ware bulbus base spill vases with floral decoration, 8'', (one with neck fracture)
Lot No: 82Description: BALEEK, Beehive conserve jar with shamrock decoration, 5'' high
Lot No: 83Description: DELFT, 19th Century amourial plate, 9.5'' dia
Lot No: 84Description: EASTER FIGURES, soap stone figure of a seated Buddha, 5'', also a carved boxwood figure of Sage, 6'' high
Lot No: 85Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, Derby posies patterned dolls tea for two set
Lot No: 123Description: VICTORIAN GRADUATED TANKARD SET, set of 3 Victorian graduated pewter tankards with brass lips
Lot No: 124Description: BABBACOMBE POTTERY CAT; Ceramic cat, makers mark  'Lownds Pateman', 11.75" high
Lot No: 125Description: TAXIDERMY; A pair of red squirrels holding nuts in glass case, 18.5" wide x 13.5" high
Lot No: 126Description: ALICE COOPER, autograph on paper also 2 black & white photos of the artist
Lot No: 127Description: VINTAGE LEATHER SUITCASE, with partially fitted interior
Lot No: 128Description: PORTABLE GRAMOPHONE, together with a small collection of 78rpm records
Lot No: 129Description: BOAT SHELL, middle section of a boat shell, 50''
Lot No: 130Description: CONTINENTAL WALL CLOCK, 19th Century continental wall clock with white enamel dial in gilded surround
Lot No: 131Description: POSTCARDS, Extensive collection of cards of Clovelly ''(hundreds) in modern album
Lot No: 132Description: VINTAGE SHOES; 3 Pairs of vintage childrens leather shoes and boots, also a small selection of lead military figures on horse back, plane etc
Lot No: 133Description: NOVELTY CIGARETTE DISPENSER; An Art Deco design cigarette dispenser with novelty bird finial also a retro 8 day mantel clock
Lot No: 134Description: INDENTURE; A framed vintage indenture
Lot No: 135Description: INDENTURE; A framed 1897 indenture with writing to verso
Lot No: 136Description: CUTLERY BOX; A mahogany and inlaid cutlery box with rising top and lower drawer, 16''
Lot No: 137Description: BRASS BEAM Scales; A set of large brass beam scales on stained mahogany plinth together with a graduated set of 5 brass bell weights, scales 30'' high
Lot No: 138Description: WOODWORKING EQUIPMENT; A small selection of plough and moulding planes, also a spoke shave
Lot No: 139Description: VICTORIAN STICK BAROMETER THERMOMETER, by Cary of London in a mahogany veneered case 39"
Lot No: 140Description: 1972 TRIUMPH STAG V8 3 litre engine, 4 speed gearbox with overdrive, Tax & MOT exempt, lots of service history, restored & resprayed
Lot No: 141Description: VINTAGE SLEDGE; A vintage beech framed sledge, 36''
Lot No: 142Description: SHIPS WHEEL; Vintage mahogany framed yacht wheel, 22'' dia
Lot No: 143Description: EARLY AMERICAN CIGAR STORE LIGHTER, 19th Century bronze cigar store lighter in the form of a demon's head on eagle's claw foot, 8'' height
Lot No: 144Description: ANIMAL BRONZE, marble base bronze Baying Stag, signed GURADZE, 11'' height
Lot No: 145Description: BEVELLED MIRROR, an ornate carved oak surround bevelled rectangular wall mirror, together with pair of oak barley twist candlesticks
Lot No: 146Description: VINTAGE GOGGLES 2 pairs of motorcycle/ aviators goggles 1 boxed
Lot No: 147Description: SPORTING, leather leg of mutton gun case
Lot No: 149Description: FOOTBALL, Jimmy Greaves signed football match photograph, signed 1968
Lot No: 150Description: A.A. MILNE, ''Winnie-the-Pooh'', 1926 first edition in original pictorial cloth
Lot No: 151Description: A.A. MILNE, ''Now We Are Six'', 1927, first edition in original pictorial cloth
Lot No: 152Description: A.A. MILNE, ''The House at Pooh Corner'', 1928, first edition , in original pictorial cloth with the remains of dust wrapper
Lot No: 153Description: FRENCH ART DECO, coloured marble chrome surround mantel clock, 4'' height
Lot No: 154Description: NOVELTY ALARM CLOCK, Warners Acme Bugs Bunny alarm clock, 5'' height
Lot No: 155Description: CRAFTED PEWTER, Manor Period crafted pewter mantel clock, model no 2085 by Travis Wilson & Co, Sheffield, 6'' height
Lot No: 156Description: EDWARDIAN BEDROOM CLOCK, inlaid mahogany balloon shaped bedroom clock, 9'' height
Lot No: 157Description: MILITARY MODELS, collection of 3 scratch built model machine guns from WWII period, German 1943 MG34 light machine gun, M42 Browning machine gun and Vickers 1942 machine gun and ammunition box
Lot No: 158Description: WALKING STICK, carved wooden horse head grip walking stick with face carved detail, inscibed ''Kepkmpa''
Lot No: 159Description: EDWARDIAN SMOKING BOX, brass mounted burwalnut twin section cigarette and cigar box, 9.5'' width
Lot No: 160Description: TELESCOPE, 2 draw ''Petrol'' telescope by N&B Limited
Lot No: 161Description: MARITIME, pen stand made from decking of the ''Mauretania'', together with Shepherd's portable slate desk
Lot No: 162Description: GEORGIAN ROAD MAPS, pair of hand coloured mid 18th Century road maps, Shropshire and Montgomeryshire, 7.5'' x 5''
Lot No: 163Description: CLOCKWORK TOYS, vintage tin plate double decker bus by Wells, together with vintage clockwork plastic racing car
Lot No: 164Description: ANTIQUE DOCUMENTS, collection of 6 manuscript property documents mainly relating to Islington from 1858 onwards
Lot No: 165Description: ARCHITECTURE, bound volume containing illustrations from The Builder from 1890
Lot No: 166Description: HORSE RACING, 2 pictorial bound volumes, ''Racing Illustrated'' for 1896
Lot No: 167Description: THE YELLOW BOOK, January 1895 issue of ''The Yellow Book'',''Aircraft of the World'', 3rd edition, also H Rider Haggard ''A Farmer's Year'' 1899
Lot No: 168Description: EASTERN METALWARE, a brass elephant support temple censer bowl, together with Eastern pierced body pedestal temple censer
Lot No: 169Description: MILITARY TOY, battery operated American jeep, 11'' length
Lot No: 170Description: ART NOUVEAU, copper Continetal design mantel clock depicting cherub swinging on clock weights, 9'' height, together with embossed brass rectangular pen tray
Lot No: 171Description: CLOISONNE, Chinese cloisonne floral blossom, 7'' baluster vase on carved stand and pair matching bowls
Lot No: 172Description: SORRENTO, marquetry jewel box, together with brass aeroplane ash tray paper weight
Lot No: 173Description: BINOCULARS, pair of original leather cased Range Finders prismatic binoculars, stamped 1941, also pair of Victorian brass cased binoculars
Lot No: 174Description: BAROMETER, brass cased hanging wall barometer, 5'' diameter
Lot No: 175Description: EASTERN CARVINGS, pair of carved hardstone temple dogs, 6'' height
Lot No: 176Description: MILITARY, set of 6 painted shield surround military crests, 8'' height
Lot No: 177Description: ALFRED SUCKLING, ''History and Antiquties of the County of Suffolk'' 1846, part volume 2 only, mainly relating to Lowestoft, together with 1903 map volume of ''Encyclopaedia Britannica''
Lot No: 179Description: AIRCRAFT, 4 vintage aeroplane photgraphs depicting bi-planes by H W Sale & Co
Lot No: 180Description: EARLY METALWORK, 2 Continetal wrought iron rush nip holders on circular bases, 15'' height
Lot No: 181Description: SILVER PLATE, 3 piece silver plate scalloped edge tea service, together with Art Deco silver plate coffee pot
Lot No: 182Description: ETHNIC CARVINGS, pair of carved African hardwood elephants and 4 head and shoulder sculptures
Lot No: 183Description: WINE COASTERS; a pair of 19th Century wine coasters with mahogany bases, also a plated pepperette and serviette ring
Lot No: 184Description: SHELL COLLECTION; A collection of conch and other shells
Lot No: 185Description: SILVER PLATE, Art Deco octagonal bodied coffee pot with matching cream jug and sucrier, cut glass condiment set, wine bottle holder and contents of shelf
Lot No: 186Description: SILVER PLATE, collection of Victorian and Edwardian triple section entree dishes
Lot No: 187Description: SILVER PLATE, tambour topped breakfast server, set of 4 Elkington warming dishes and other serving dishes
Lot No: 188Description: BINOCULARS, Fuji Meibo 7x50 prismatic binoculars in case; also silver capped ebony walking cane and large ebony rule
Lot No: 189Description: VICTORIAN BRACKET CLOCK, a Continental architectural cased bracket clock with coiled bar strike and cupid painted clock face (requires restoration), 20.5'' height
Lot No: 190Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, 19th Century gilt metal mantel clock with seated lady cresting and coiled bar strike pendulum, 12'' height
Lot No: 191Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, 19th Century ornate brass triple branch candelabra on weighted octagonal base and chased foliate support, 17'' height
Lot No: 192Description: MARBLE MANTEL CLOCK, Edwardian inlaid black marble mantel clock with bell strike pendulum and key
Lot No: 193Description: MARBLE MANTEL CLOCK, Victorian black marble, temple cased mantel clock with full strike pendulum and key
Lot No: 194Description: MARBLE MANTEL CLOCK, inlaid black marble plinth based mantel clock, coiled bar strike, 13.5'' height
Lot No: 195Description: MASONIC REGALIA, collection of sash, apron and accessories by Toy, Kenning & Spencer
Lot No: 196Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, 2 Victorian gilt metal drum cased movements mantel clocks with figure cresting (requires restoration)
Lot No: 197Description: ELKINGTON BRACKET CLOCK, a fine 19th Century ornate brass cased bracket clock on matching stand by Elkington, inset enamelled hour plaques (provenance reputed to have been a gift from Queen Mary to Lady in Waiting) coiled bar strike, 26" high  
Lot No: 198Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, 19th Century gilt metal drum escapement mantel clock with courtier cresting, 11.5'' height
Lot No: 199Description: REPEATING CARRIAGE CLOCK, brass column cased carriage clock by Matthew Norman with coiled bar repeater strike and alarm, 6.5'' height with key
Lot No: 200Description: MINIATURE BRONZE ANIMAL SCULPTURE, brace of 6 ducks, 4'' length
Lot No: 201Description: MINIATURE BRONZE ANIMALS, collection of 3 Rabbits, a Rat and 2 Dogs
Lot No: 202Description: MINIATURE BRONZE BIRDS, Turkey and Kingfisher
Lot No: 204Description: CORNUCOPIA VASES, pair of marble based gilt hand terminal glass cornucopia vases, 5'' height
Lot No: 205Description: VICTORIAN CARD CASES, gothic arch design tortoiseshell card case. also mother-of-pearl inlaid tortoiseshell inlaid card case and 1 other
Lot No: 206Description: MARQUIS de LAFAYETTE, framed and glazed gilt portrait commemorative medallion inscribed ''General Lafayette''
Lot No: 207Description: NOVELTY ASHTRAY, painted metal pipe smoking Bulldog ashtray, together with leather cased travelling ink well
Lot No: 208Description: CARRIAGE CLOCK, brass cased bevelled glass carriage clock by John Walker, Paris, coiled bar strike with 1882 inscription, 5.5'' height
Lot No: 209Description: CARRIAGE CLOCK, Mappin & Webb brass bevelled glass carriage clock and key, 4.75'' height
Lot No: 210Description: ANTIQUE IVORY, pair of 19th Century intricately carved 4'' cylindrical vases depicting village life
Lot No: 211Description: CARRIAGE CLOCK, brass cased bevelled glass carriage clock and key, 4.5'' height
Lot No: 212Description: ANTIQUE IVORY, Japanese Meiji period signed ivory carving, group noble men with samurai swords, together with Japanese carved bone figure of field worker (both with damage)
Lot No: 213Description: CORK SCREWS, white metal twin pillar support cork screw, 2 folding cork screws and 4 others
Lot No: 214Description: MILITARY TOYS, collection of 7 Elastolin Soldiers, including 1 mounted (requires restoration)
Lot No: 215Description: NAPOLEONIC PRISIONER OF WAR, 19th scratch built bone dolls bed, together with small wellington boot with paper label to interior, ''Made by French prisioners of war at Dartmouth Prison'', 7'' length
Lot No: 216Description: NOAH'S ARK & ANIMALS, a glazed cabinet display of early 20th Century tin plate and treen ark with animals
Lot No: 217Description: NEWLYN COPPER, circular dish decorated with embossed fish in seaweed, stamped ''Newlyn'', 11'' dia
Lot No: 218Description: ANTIQUE SOLITAIRE SET, circular base wooden solitaire board with collection of amber glass and other marbles, 7.25'' dia
Lot No: 219Description: ANTIQUE NETSUKE, signed netsuke of mouse with similar temple dog and merchant, both signed bases
Lot No: 220Description: EDWARDIAN HIP FLASK, silver plate and leather cased hip flask; also Coalport figure ''Teresa''
Lot No: 221Description: DUTCH DOLLS, 2 early 20th Century large wooden Dutch-type peg dolls, 1 dressed in pink Pierrot style costume, 18''
Lot No: 222Description: SEA SHELLS & CORAL, collection of assorted exotic shells and coral
Lot No: 223Description: TRIANG, LMS red painted locomotive trolley
Lot No: 224Description: COSTUME DOLLS, 2 early 20th Century costume dolls under glass dome, one of 18th Century Dandy and woman in traditional dress, 15.5'' height
Lot No: 225Description: QEII MEMORABILIA, including farewell last sailing program, 1996 Cunard medallion and other similar items
Lot No: 226Description: ASTRONOMY, Meade Etx125ex astro telescope in fitted case with accessories in case and tripod
Lot No: 227Description: APPRENTICE PIECE, a provincial spindle comb back Windsor armchair, 15'' height
Lot No: 228Description: EASTERN METALWARE, late 19th Century brass scalloped edge tray on folding base engraved with elephant hunt, 22'' dia
Lot No: 229Description: DROP DIAL WALL CLOCK, Fusee escapement, mahogany cased drop dial clock by William Vaughan of Bristol with presentation plaque, 22'' height
Lot No: 230Description: DISPLAY CASE, walnut square base table top display case, 20.5'' x 13.5''
Lot No: 231Description: NELSON, impressive painted plaster display figure, 73'' height
Lot No: 232Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, a Continetal design ornate embossed copper conical log basket with lion mask ring drop handles, 22'' height
Lot No: 233Description: VICTORIAN WRITING BOX, brass banded and inset corner burr walnut writing box, 20'' width
Lot No: 234Description: ARTIST BOX, Edwardian fitted box together with Eastern buffalo design printing block
Lot No: 235Description: TABLE TOP DISPLAY CASE, slope fronted 2 tier jewellers display cabinet, 15'' width
Lot No: 236Description: ARTS & CRAFT, plated square base table centre piece inset with stone and glass panels, 12'' height
Lot No: 237Description: EASTERN METALWARE, a fine brass twin handled narrow serving tray with foliate embossed and enamelled decoration, 40'' width
Lot No: 238Description: CONTINENTAL BRACKET CLOCK, oak architectural cased bracket clock with gilt arch face and coiled bar strike, 16'' height
Lot No: 239Description: ARTS & CRAFTS, copper and oak coffee samovar on spirit burner base, 12'' height
Lot No: 240Description: LEATHER PRESS, cast iron and brass leather press by Whitfield, Hodgsons & Brough, 25'' height
Lot No: 241Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, a fine early 19th Century French ormolu figure crested mantel clock by Henry Marc of Paris, coiled bar strike with original stand, 21.5'' height
Lot No: 242Description: BRASS BALANCE SCALES, pair of table top column support brass balance scales, inset with metric weights, 17'' height
Lot No: 243Description: METALWARE, bronzed figure of Scottish Warrior on turned oak base, 19'' height
Lot No: 244Description: TANTALUS, triple cut glass decanter tantalus, 15'' width
Lot No: 245Description: ARTS & CRAFTS METALWARE, pair of wrought iron andirons, 18'' height
Lot No: 246Description: ANTIQUE INDIAN METALWARE, brass Indian figure of Hindu female deity, 5.5'' height and small brass aquamanile
Lot No: 247Description: EARLY DOLL, an early 20th Century Continental bisque doll on gyroscope-style spinning base, 7.5'' height
Lot No: 248Description: ORIENTAL METALWARE, champleve figure of large rat-style vase base, 5.5'' height
Lot No: 249Description: EASTERN CARVINGS, carved lapis lazuli seated figure, 2.75'' height, together with 3 other Indian and Eastern carved stone deIty figures
Lot No: 250Description: WHALING, a brass conical base whale oil lamp, 14'' height
Lot No: 251Description: POLICE, 19th Century painted police truncheon, stamped ''Field 22 Tavistock Street WC'', 17'' length
Lot No: 252Description: ORIENTAL LACQUER, tortoiseshell 2 section cigar case decorated with gilt raised lacquer of heron and other bird, 4.75''
Lot No: 253Description: VICTORIAN SPECTACLE CASE, mid 19th Century papier mache case decorated with young lady smoking and portrait
Lot No: 254Description: COQUILLA NUTS, 4 carved and pierced egg shaped cases
Lot No: 255Description: ANTIQUE LEATHER CASED GLASS DRINKING FLASK; together with cased ivory opera glasses
Lot No: 256Description: MILITARY, Wilkinson WWI bayonet with original sheath
Lot No: 257Description: MILITARY COMPASS, original leather cased compass by H Hughes and 1 other compass
Lot No: 258Description: FOLK ART, 3 carved wooden boxes, 1 in form of a rabbit, another fish and one with bird handle
Lot No: 259Description: AMERICAN DOLLS, collection of 4 early 20th Century American Philadelphia spoon head dolls,(poss American) circa 1920s
Lot No: 260Description: EASTERN METALWARE, bronze tripod base censer decorated with mythical animals and signed base, 4.5'' height
Lot No: 261Description: ORIENTAL METALWARE, a Chinese bronze baluster narrow necked 9.5'' vase, (decorated with high relief with panels of scribe and children attending), with signed base
Lot No: 262Description: BUDDHIST, a miniature gilded interior enclosed personal shrine, 3.25'' height
Lot No: 263Description: METALWARE, set of 4 Eastern white metal dragon figures, together with classical style miniature bronze figure of Pan, 6'' height
Lot No: 264Description: ORIENTAL METALWARE, an attractive Chinese brass pot pourri bowl created as peach within bamboo leaf surround, 6'' height
Lot No: 265Description: ORIENTAL METALWARE, bronze tripod base censer with bird and blossom decoration, 6.25'' height
Lot No: 266Description: CINNABAR LACQUER, a Chinese carved cinnabar circular lidded box with signed base, 4.5'' dia
Lot No: 267Description: TIN PLATE RAILWAY, Japanese tin plate locomotive with 5 carriages together with 3 sections of German bing track
Lot No: 268Description: NEGROID DOLL, late 19th Century mache head jointed doll, 7'' height
Lot No: 269Description: TIN PLATE, Pianola musical box by Geseztlich, also tin plate donkey drawn wagon, ship,miniature telescope and balance toy
Lot No: 270Description: CARD CASE, Chinese antique ivory carved narrow bodied card case (some damage), and mosaic design ivory card case
Lot No: 271Description: BETEL NUT CHOPPER, Indian design betel nut cutters and 2 others
Lot No: 272Description: EASTERN METALWARE, silver and copper relief decorated wall plaque depicting elephant deity, also antique ivory handled folding spoon, knife and fork set
Lot No: 273Description: DOLLS HOUSE FURNITURE, swing dressing table mirror, together with pair of fauteuil chairs and silver handled curling tongs
Lot No: 274Description: EASTERN CARVING, a Burmese design carved eagle and cobra support bracket shelf
Lot No: 275Description: BROCOT ESCAPEMENT MANTEL CLOCK, malachite inlaid black marble temple design mantel clock, 14'' height
Lot No: 276Description: BRONZE SCULPTURE, oval based group of 2 fighting putti with dead bird, signed on base ''Boucher et Frere'', 11.5'' height
Lot No: 277Description: ONYX MANTEL CLOCK, a temple design green onyx and column support mantel clock, bell strike with penduleum
Lot No: 278Description: EASTERN METALWARE, Persian design ornate embossed brass lidded coffee pot with dragon head spout and handle, 24'' height
Lot No: 279Description: PEDDLER DOLL, early 20th Century peddler doll under glass dome, 14'' height
Lot No: 280Description: VICTORIAN JEWEL BOX, combined writing slope, figured walnut writing box with fitted jewel compartment, tray top, 11.5'' width
Lot No: 281Description: ORIENTAL METALWARE, Chinese splayed rim bronze censer with inset detachable base with square seal mark, 12'' dia
Lot No: 282Description: GLASS BOTTLES, 2 codd bottles by Carne, Truro and Allen & Lloyd of Aldershot, also 2 other glass bottles and copper circular based kettle
Lot No: 283Description: VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY, ''Nookie Bear''
Lot No: 284Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, Victorian oval based copper kettle and simiilar brass kettle
Lot No: 285Description: DOLLS, Heubach Koppelsdorf bisque headed doll, no 320.2/0, also composite headed doll and teddy bear
Lot No: 286Description: DOLL, Victorian wax headed jointed doll, (requires restoration)
Lot No: 287Description: PELHAM PUPPETS, original boxed Bengo and Cat
Lot No: 288Description: CARVING, pair of Art Nouveau carved panels, heraldic shield, plaster grotesque head and other carved pieces
Lot No: 289Description: NAPOLEON, 20th Century felt doll of Napoleon with similar dandy doll under glass dome case, 17'' height
Lot No: 290Description: BAKELITE TELEPHONE, black bakelite tabletop telephone, model 332F
Lot No: 291Description: POND YACHT, ''Endevour IV'' by Star Yacht, 18'' length
Lot No: 292Description: POSTCARDS, collection of Edwardian and later postcards, inc rare Edith Cavell tapestry card, 6 WWI embroidered lace Belguim cards, comical cards and later
Lot No: 293Description: CARVED OAK STOOL, Edwardian mirrored shaving stand and corner bracket shelf
Lot No: 295Description: OIL LAMPS, splatter glass base oil lamp and brass pedestal oil lamp with clear glass shade
Lot No: 296Description: MOTORING, chrome car badge rail with RAC & AA badges
Lot No: 297Description: PLASTER BUST, gilt plaster bust of Gentleman, Companion and Child's Head
Lot No: 298Description: LUGGAGE, vintage leather suitcase and Clerk's writing slope
Lot No: 299Description: VINTAGE CUTLERY BOX and soda siphon
Lot No: 300Description: STAR WARS, collection of played with micro machines and Star Wars & other accessories
Lot No: 301Description: SHERIDAN ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC GUITAR, no BF-501E in soft case
Lot No: 302Description: SHERIDAN CLASSICAL GUITAR, no BC075-NA in fitted case
Lot No: 303Description: TURNER GUITAR, Turner Pro series acoustic guitar, no 65 in fitted case
Lot No: 304Description: SHERIDAN GUITAR, Sheridan electro-acoustic guitar no BL210CE-NA, in fitted case
Lot No: 305Description: SHERIDAN GUITAR, Sheridan acoustic guitar, no BF180-NA, in fitted case
Lot No: 306Description: TURNER PRO-SERIES ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC GUITAR, no 74-CE, in fitted case, lacking electrics, some surface marks
Lot No: 307Description: SHERIDAN GUITAR, Sheridan electro-acoustic guitar, no BF501E-NA, some light surface marks
Lot No: 308Description: SHERIDAN GUITAR, Sheridan electro-acoustic guitar, no BL-120CE, in fitted case
Lot No: 309Description: SHERIDAN GUITAR, Sheridan cherry red SG copy electric with 3 twin pole EMG-HZ pickups, in soft case, some damage to head stock
Lot No: 310Description: SHERIDAN GUITAR, Sheridan electro classical acoustic guitar, no BC010E-NA, in fitted case
Lot No: 311Description: VINTAGE MANDOLIN BANJO, Michigan mandolin banjo, distributed by B & SL,Canada, in vintage hard fitted case
Lot No: 312Description: VINTAGE MANDOLIN, bowl back mandolin by Pietro Tonelli, Napoli, in vintage wooden case
Lot No: 313Description: VINTAGE MANDOLIN BANJO, Savana mandolin banjo in vintage hard case
Lot No: 314Description: VINTAGE MUSIC, collection of assorted sheet music and song books in wooden case, together with music stand
Lot No: 315Description: WWII GROUP OF 5 MEDALS, War & Defence medals, 39/45 and Burma Stars, also a George VI Efficiency medal, 3 photographs of the recipient, also a WWI War for Civilisation medal to W G Fowler ABRN
Lot No: 316Description: WWII MEDALS, 3 pairs of WWII War & Defence medals, 2 39/45 Stars and Atlantic Stars, also 1914/18 War medal to J Dunvar, Sussex Regiment
Lot No: 317Description: FRENCH BALLOONING MEDALS, gilt souvenir medal ''Le Grande Ballon Captif A Vapeur, Mr Henry Giffard, together with 1 similar smaller medal
Lot No: 318Description: CAP & LAPEL BADGES, Manchester Regiment Coldstream Guards and other assorted badges
Lot No: 319Description: LARGE JAPANESE ALLIANCE BADGE, silver and enamelled Alliance badge, 9cm dia with legend to rear
Lot No: 320Description: MASONIC JEWEL, silver and enamel Masonic medal, ''The Elgin Manor Lodge''
Lot No: 321Description: SILVER PLATE, Elkingon meat dome with gravy well warming base, together with 2 other plated meat domes
Lot No: 322Description: no lot
Lot No: 323Description: WALKING CANES, silver mounted ebony walking cane
Lot No: 324Description: BRASS CASED CIRCULAR SHIP'S CLOCK (working order) with key
Lot No: 325Description: LANTERN, black enamelled antique cylindrical lantern, 12.5'' height
Lot No: 326Description: MERCURY BAROMETER, early 19th Century inlaid mahogany satin dial barometer with combined thermometer, 38'' height
Lot No: 328Description: CARVINGS, pair of Edwardian carved wardrobe pediments
Lot No: 329Description: MARITIME, impressive brass rimmed ship's wheel, 48'' dia
Lot No: 330Description: MARITIME, cabinet cased scale model of HMS Pelican, built by David Sutcliffe, 1989, case 17''width
Lot No: 331Description: WALKING CANE, silver capped ebony walking cane
Lot No: 332Description: FASHION DOLL, 20th Century doll under glass dome modelled in 18th Century French style, 11'' height
Lot No: 333Description: MARITIME, cabinet cased miniature model of French scooner Jacinthe, built by David Sutcliffe, 1990,cabinet width 21.5''
Lot No: 334Description: REGENCY STYLE MIRROR, gilt surround convex mirror, 13.5'' dia
Lot No: 335Description: EARLY NEEDLEWORK PANEL, 18th Century gros & petit point needlework arched panel, depicting birds and animals amidst trees and flowers with a Basilica in the background, 36'' x 27''
Lot No: 336Description: TROPHY FURNITURE, antler horn support Eastern brass jardiniere stand, 30'' height
Lot No: 337Description: FIRE COMPANION WARE, brass pierced rim coal box with andirons and other fire tools
Lot No: 338Description: JAZZ RECORDS, selected collection of early 78 rpm jazz records, including Spike Jones, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Swing music
Lot No: 339Description: CARPET, Turcoman-design red ground gull motive carpet
Lot No: 340Description: CONTINETAL CLOCK WITH COMBINED BAROMETER, ornate foliate and pillar carved surround combined clock barometer with inset enamel plaques, 33'' height
Lot No: 341Description: FRETWORK SAW, vintage ''Hobbies'' operated fretwork saw
Lot No: 342Description: WALL CLOCK, bevel glass panelled door, oak cased wall clock with presentation plaque
Lot No: 343Description: EDELWEISS 19th Century Eidelwiss flower glazed display in chipwork frame, 12'' square
Lot No: 344Description: TABLE LAMP, Wild Fowl base table lamp by Ruyckevelt
Lot No: 345Description: VINTAGE INSTRUMENT,Vintage Mandolin banjo in case, no makers mark.
Lot No: 346Description: CHINESE VASE STAND, marble inset carved hardwood low vase stand
Lot No: 347Description: A WWII RAF UNIFORM AND EVENING DRESS SUITS, Also hat in box, lapel badges etc Ref: Squadron Leader H.L. Taylor together with a group of 3 medals, War and Defence Medals also Elizabeth II General Service Medal with Arabian Peninsula clasp together with a set of similar miniatures (medals with jewellery cabinet)
Lot No: 348Description: CORNISH MINING, 1869 mining map of Chiverton mining district, unframed
Lot No: 349Description: WALKING CANE, Indian silver capped ebony walking cane
Lot No: 351Description: ANTIQUE IVORY, finely carved elephant, giraffe and lion, 7'' vase
Lot No: 352Description: ANTIQUE IVORY, dragon carved multi sphere with reticulated lidded vase
Lot No: 353Description: STONEWARE, oilive jar, large 25'' storage jar
Lot No: 354Description: MAMOD, original boxed steam engine
Lot No: 355Description: HOROLOGY, cased 6mm collett watch makers lathe
Lot No: 356Description: HOROLOGY, cased Larch 6mm collett watch makers lathe with accessories
Lot No: 357Description: HOROLOGY, 2 table top storage cabinet containing watch glasses and metal straps
Lot No: 358Description: HOROLOGY, cased Jacot lathe
Lot No: 359Description: HOROLOGY, table top 4 drawer storage box containing watch glass lenses
Lot No: 360Description: HOROLOGY, 19th Century brass watch makers lathe
Lot No: 362Description: HOROLOGY, boxed staking tool with accessories
Lot No: 363Description: HOROLOGY, boxed staking tool with accessories
Lot No: 364Description: HOROLOGY, boxed staking tool kit
Lot No: 365Description: HOROLOGY, boxed staking tool, spare stakes
Lot No: 366Description: HOROLOGY, watch case opener and Bergeon pressure tester
Lot No: 367Description: HOROLOGY, 6mm collett watch maker lathe accessories, also cased balance scales by Adelphi & Bergeon, de magnetiser
Lot No: 368Description: HOROLOGY, table top 4 drawer storage case containing watch glass lenses
Lot No: 369Description: HOROLOGY, 2 glass presses, spring winder tool, angle poise lamp, etc
Lot No: 370Description: HOROLOGY, 2 19th Century watch makers accessories
Lot No: 371Description: HOROLOGY, collection of watch lubricants, washing tanks, etc
Lot No: 372Description: HOROLOGY, 2 National watch cleaning machines (untested)
Lot No: 373Description: CARPET, Persian design red ground carpet
Lot No: 374Description: DOCUMENT BOX, 19th Century mahogany table top document box, 16.5'' width
Lot No: 375Description: WROUGHT IRON, wrought iron tripod base adjustable oil lamp stand with lamp
Lot No: 376Description: IRON, tripod base wrought iron adjustable oil lamp stand with copper oil lamp
Lot No: 377Description: SCALE MODEL COLONIAL HOUSE, with veranda home built table top scale model house, 17'' width
Lot No: 378Description: SILVER JEWELLERY, mixed lot stone set silver jewellery, including stone set bracelets, pendant, clip on earrings and stud earrings
Lot No: 379Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CUSHION CUT DIAMOND DROP PENDANT, on 9ct gold vintage belcher link chain, old cut diamond in excess of 1ct, good colour and clarity, does have rim chipping
Lot No: 381Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD MYSTIC TOPAZ SOLITAIRE RING, central mystic topaz stone, approx 8mm, set with illusion set accent diamond to each shoulder, size N/O
Lot No: 382Description: VERY UNUSUAL DESIGNER 18ct WHITE GOLD LABRADORITE COCKTAIL RING, set with 18ct white gold diamond encrusted snake with emerald eyes, heavy 18ct white gold setting, overall weight 16.9 grams, size O, ring head 31mm x 22mm approx.
Lot No: 383Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER, 0.33ct diamond, size M/N
Lot No: 384Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, central bue sapphire set with graduated diamonds to each side, sapphire approx 5.4mm, 2 larger diamonds approx 4.55mm each, smaller diamonds approx 3.5mm each, total diamond weight approx 1ct, size L
Lot No: 385Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central sapphire approx 7.9mm in 4 claw setting, surrounded by halo of brilliant cut diamonds with diamond set shoulders and half shank, size K
Lot No: 386Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD TANZANITE CLUSTER RING, size V
Lot No: 387Description: VINTAGE OPAL & DIAMOND RING, 3 graduated opals, each separated by 2 small accent diamonds, set in 18ct yellow gold, 3.8 grams, Chester HM, size Q
Lot No: 388Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL & EMERALD CLUSTER RING, central oval cut opal surrounded by brillinat cut emeralds in 9ct gold setting, size N
Lot No: 389Description: IMPRESSIVE 18ct WHITE GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND RING, large central ruby approx 13.3mm x 12.3mm, surrounded by 21 brilliant cut diamonds, total diamond weight approx 0.66ct, siize M/N, an impressive cocktail ring
Lot No: 390Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, 5 well matched graduated diamonds, centre stone approx 4.4mm, total diamond weight approx 1ct, size P/Q
Lot No: 391Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD BIKE CHAIN DESIGN RING, 6 grms, size T/U
Lot No: 392Description: 18ct YELLOW & WHITE GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND RING, rectangular cut emerald approx 11mm x 8.3mm surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds, size L/M
Lot No: 393Description: 18ct GOLD VINTAGE DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 2 rows of 5 (10 in total) old cut diamonds in 18ct yellow gold setting, size S/T
Lot No: 394Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, 3 bright well matched diamonds of good colour and clairty, approx 0.5ct, in 18ct cross over setting, size M/N
Lot No: 395Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 7 STONE DIAMOND HALF ETERNITY RING, 7 chanel set princess cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, total in excess 1ct, in heavy 18ct gold setting, size N
Lot No: 396Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND RING, central rectangular cut emerald of good colour and clarity surrounded by 20 accent brilliant cut diamonds, size K
Lot No: 397Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, 3 old cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, central diamond approx 0.5ct, outer diamonds approx 0.25ct each, size K
Lot No: 398Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD SOLITAIRE, brilliant cut diamond in 6 claw setting, diamond approx 0.4ct, size J/K
Lot No: 399Description: VINTAGE 18ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, central diamond approx 0.4ct, set with good colour sapphire to either shoulder, size N
Lot No: 400Description: YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, approx 0.5ct, size R/S
Lot No: 402Description: DIAMOND EARRINGS & PENDANT, diamond and pearl set heart shape gold drop earrings together with diamond set deco style drop pendant on 9ct gold chain with receipt from jewellers in excess of £800
Lot No: 403Description: AMBER BEAD NECKLACE and clip on earrings untested amber bead single string necklace graduated size beads with pair of vintage clip on amber earrings
Lot No: 404Description: CARVED JADE BROOCH, dragon form set in gilt mount
Lot No: 405Description: VINTAGE HELIOS WRIST WATCH of military style, luminous hands and numbers, subsidiary second dial
Lot No: 406Description: VINTAGE SILVER CASED GENTLEMAN'S WRIST WATCH on expanding metal bracelet, working intermittently
Lot No: 407Description: 9CT GOLD GENTLEMAN'S RECORD WRIST WATCH on expanding bracelet, working intermittently
Lot No: 408Description: CONTINENTAL, White metal figure of oxon pulling sleigh
Lot No: 409Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, pear cut diamond of good colour and clarity. Estimated at 1ct, size N/O, comes with receipt dated 09.2013 for £3000
Lot No: 410Description: 2 LADIES WRIST WATCHES both in a/f condition, 1 Omega, the other Vintage 15ct gold cased on expanding bracelet, marked 9ct
Lot No: 411Description: 2 GENTLEMAN'S VINTAGE WRIST WATCHES, 1 Raketa the other a Belmar water proof, both appear in working condition
Lot No: 412Description: SWISS GOLD 10 FRANC COIN, dated 1935 loose set in 18ct gold mount on 18ct gold rope chain. Combined weight of 25 grams
Lot No: 414Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, old cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, centre diamond approx 6.5mm outer diamonds each in excess of 4.5mm, total diamond weight approx 2.2ct, size M/N
Lot No: 415Description: DIAMOND SET BAR BROOCH, in the form a daisy with diamonds set to the head and leaves
Lot No: 416Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, with anchor certificate stating weight of 1.02ct, colour H, clarity I3, size N/O
Lot No: 418Description: 18ct HINGED DIAMOND BANGLE, well matched chanel set rows of princess cut diamonds, approx 120, total diamond weight in excess of 3ct
Lot No: 419Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD LONG GUARD CHAIN, approx 31 grams, unusual link with swivel clasp
Lot No: 420Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD PINK TOURMALINE & DIAMOND RING, central cushion cut pink tourmaline approx 9.8mm x 9.1mm surrounded by accent brilliant cut diamonds, size P/Q
Lot No: 421Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND HALF ETERNITY STYLE RING, set with 7 matched princess cut diamonds of good colour and clarity in heavy 18ct gold mount, each diamond approx. 0.2ct, total diamond weight approx 1.4cts, size T/U, 10.8 grams
Lot No: 422Description: WATCH PENDANT, in form of an opening silver book, HM London, set on white metal chain
Lot No: 423Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD & DIAMOND SOLITAIRE, set with brilliant cut diamond, approx 0.15ct, size R/S
Lot No: 424Description: 2 GOOD SILVER CHARM BRACELETS, with interesting charms including car, enamelled cockatoo, zebra, sailing boat, pagoda, articulated fish, knight, enamelled toby jug and many more
Lot No: 425Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER, satin and polished effect 18ct gold band set with 9 stone sapphire and diamond cluster, 8 dark blue sapphires encircling a small illusion set diamond, size Q
Lot No: 426Description: 10CT WHITE GOLD BLACK PEARL & DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS, white gold butterfly back, diamond set half hoop earring set with cultured black pearl drop
Lot No: 427Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD SIGNET RING set with black onyx and gold crest 50, 8 grams in weight
Lot No: 428Description: 9CT GOLD GENTLEMAN'S SIGNET RING set with carnelian stone intaglio of Greco Roman bust, Chester hallmark, size P/Q
Lot No: 429Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD CASED ART DECO DESIGN WRIST WATCH on 9ct yellow gold link bracelet with 15 jewel Swiss movement, appears in working condition, approximately 27 grams in weight
Lot No: 430Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD VINTAGE SIGNET RING set black onyx intaglio seal for the Order of the Garter, the engraving reads ''State Paper Office Honi Soit Qui Mal y pense'' which translates to ''May he be shamed who thinks badly of it'', size O
Lot No: 431Description: 9CT ROSE GOLD LADIES ROLEX WRIST WATCH, on expanding 9ct gold bracelet, appears in good working condition
Lot No: 432Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD BUCKLE RING, size T/U, 6.8 grams in weight
Lot No: 433Description: PAIR OF DIAMOND 10CT GOLD EARRINGS, each earring set with 15 brilliant cut diamonds total diamond weight of approximately 1 carat
Lot No: 434Description: WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, each diamond measuring approximately 0.10 carat
Lot No: 435Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD BLUE STONE DRESS RING, size O/P
Lot No: 436Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND BRACELET, 16.2 grams in weight
Lot No: 437Description: PAIR OF 9CT GOLD LARGE HOOP EARRINGS, 3.8 grams in weight
Lot No: 438Description: PAIR OF EXCEPTIONAL 18ct WHITE GOLD & EMERALD CLUSTER DROP EARRINGS, in excess of 2cts of emerald and in excess 3.5ct of diamond, large impressive earrings with a drop of approx 44mm
Lot No: 440Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, old brilliant cut diamond approx 7mm dia, diamond weight approx. 1.4ct, size I/J
Lot No: 441Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD GEM SET NECKLACE, set with multi coloured gems including peridot, citrine, garnet and amethyst
Lot No: 442Description: FOB WATCH, PEN KNIFE & LOCKET, silver cased pocket watch with Continetal 935 mark af, silver cased pen knife af, and white metal locket
Lot No: 443Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD LOCKET, containing large blue banded agate
Lot No: 444Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER DROP PENDANT, on 18ct white gold fine link belcher chain
Lot No: 445Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD RECTANGULAR CUT CITRINE RING, in basket mount, size M/N
Lot No: 446Description: PLATINUM & DIAMOND HALF ETERNITY RING, by Tiffany & Co, chanel set brilliant cut diamonds, approx 1ct, size U
Lot No: 447Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD LARGE STONE SET RING, size N/O
Lot No: 448Description: SILVER CASED POCKET WATCH BY KENDALL & DENT, keywind, untested condition
Lot No: 449Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD MULTI-LINK BRACELET with altering and safety chain, 18.1 grams in weight
Lot No: 450Description: PAIR OF YELLOW METAL CLIP ON EARRINGS weighing in excess of 7 grams
Lot No: 451Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, stamped 0.40 carat, size N
Lot No: 453Description: VINTAGE GOLD & LAPIS LAZULI RING set with gold insect
Lot No: 454Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD SIGNET RING weighing approximately 9.2 grams, size 0/P
Lot No: 455Description: GOLD HALF SOVEREIGN RING, 22ct gold half sovereign dated 1914 set in 9ct gold mount, 12.15 grams total weight, size Z
Lot No: 456Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD LADIES FOB WATCH, in untested condition
Lot No: 457Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD 4 STONE DIAMOND RING an unusual handmade 4 stone diamond ring of approximately 1.6 carat total diamond weight, diamonds of good colour and clarity, comes with insurance valuation of £4950 and a receipt from purchase from 2007 for 100,000 rupee size P/Q
Lot No: 458Description: 9CT GOLD SIGNET RING SHANK weighing approx. 3 grams
Lot No: 459Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND DAISY RING, 7 well matched brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.50 carat, size L
Lot No: 460Description: 3 x 9CT GOLD RINGS, totalling 10.9 grams
Lot No: 461Description: 2 GOLD RINGS, 1 x 9ct gold coral set ring with floral decoration - approx. 5 grams and a 18ct gold unusual design band ring, the 18ct approx. 7 grams
Lot No: 463Description: UNUSUAL 14CT YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SET RING OF GEOMETRIC DESIGN, size K/L. 3.6 grams in weight
Lot No: 465Description: SILVER & ENAMEL LADIES FOB WATCH, in leather display travel box, untested
Lot No: 466Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD LARGE ORANGE STONE DRESS RING, size P
Lot No: 467Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD & GARNET CLASPED SINGLE STRAND GRADUATED PEARL NECKLACE (cultured pearls) together with 14ct yellow gold pearl stud earrings
Lot No: 468Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GENTLEMAN'S OMEGA GENIEVE MECHANICAL WRIST WATCH, appears in good working condition, minor marks to glass, lacking bracelet
Lot No: 469Description: VINTAGE 9ct YELLOW GOLD CLADDAGH STYLE SWEETHEART RING, size R/S, 3.8 grams
Lot No: 470Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, outstanding old cut diamond in 12 claw setting, stone approx 9mm, diamond weight approx 2.5ct, size M/N
Lot No: 471Description: LARGE IMPRESSIVE SHELL CAMEO in gold mount
Lot No: 472Description: SILVER JEWELLERY, including brooches, rings, pendants and bangles
Lot No: 473Description: SILVER CHARM BRACELET, including gypsy caravan, church, entertainment centre, boxing gloves, etc
Lot No: 474Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD ZIRCON & DIAMOND RING, size N/O
Lot No: 475Description: CORAL JEWELLERY, gold set coral ring, size N/O, facetted coral bead necklace and coral bead earrings
Lot No: 476Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 2 STONE DIAMOND CROSS OVER RING, pair of well matched diamonds, each approx 5.6mm, diamond weight approx 1.4ct, diamonds well matched of good colour and clarity, size P/Q
Lot No: 477Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, size L/M
Lot No: 478Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central oval cut ruby surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds with mixed baguette and brilliant cut diamonds to each shoulder, size S/T
Lot No: 479Description: GOLD EARRINGS & YELLOW METAL CHAIN & EARRINGS, total weighable gold 3.9 grams
Lot No: 480Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND RING of geometric design, set with 3 brilliant cut diamonds in 1 row and 6 small accent brilliant cut diamonds on the other, size T
Lot No: 481Description: 2 GOLD NECKLACES & 1 GOLD BRACELET, 12.6 grams total
Lot No: 482Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including brooch, buttons, pendant, etc
Lot No: 484Description: UNUSUAL 18CT GOLD & DIAMOND BANGLE in the design of a sprung belt with diamonds around the buckle, approx. 17 grams in weight
Lot No: 485Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD FANCY CURB LINK BRACELET, 26.6 grams in weight
Lot No: 486Description: SILVER JEWELLERY, mixed lot of silver and costume jewellery including silver bracelet, rings, earrings, etc,
Lot No: 487Description: PAIR OF WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, each earring set with centre diamond of approx. 0.2 carat surrounded by accent brilliant cut diamonds
Lot No: 488Description: 14CT GOLD 2- TONE NECKLACE, satin and polished effect white gold, set every other link with yellow gold stone set accent, 18.2 grams in weight
Lot No: 489Description: 22CT GOLD HALF SOVEREIGN, dated 1926, loose set in fancy 9ct gold setting
Lot No: 490Description: 22CT GOLD WEDDING BAND, weighing approx. 3.4 grams
Lot No: 491Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD CHOKER STYLE DIAMOND SET NECKLACE, 18ct gold necklace set with central brilliant cut diamond enhancer of approx. 0.3 carat surrounded by accent diamonds, approx. 24 grams in weight
Lot No: 492Description: 9CT GOLD, mixed lot of 9ct gold including St Christopher, cufflinks, earrings and ring, 19.1 grams in weight
Lot No: 493Description: 18CT & PLATINUM 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, approx. 2 grams in weight, size L
Lot No: 494Description: 22ct GOLD WEDDING BAND, weighing approx. 3.2 grams
Lot No: 495Description: 9ct GOLD NECKLACES, PENDANTS & HEART SHAPED LOCKET, approx 25 grams
Lot No: 496Description: WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, main diamond approx 5.6mm, weight approx 0.66ct, set with 3 old cut diamonds to each shoulder, size K/L
Lot No: 497Description: 20 MIXED SILVER RINGS, including some stone set, mixed sizes
Lot No: 498Description: PAIR OF WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, old cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, each measuring approx 5.5mm, total weight 1.6ct, stud set with butterfly backs
Lot No: 499Description: 2 VINTAGE WRIST WATCHES, 1 by Cortibert, other by Tissot
Lot No: 500Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND SOLITAIRE VINTAGE OLD CUT DIAMOND SOLITAIRE of good colour and clairty, set in 8 claw mount on decorative platinum shank, stone approx 7.2mm x 6.9mm, approx 1.4ct
Lot No: 501Description: PAIR OF 18ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY EARRINGS, of pear form, each stone approx 9mm long 6.3mm at widest point, on 18ct yellow gold butterfly back studs
Lot No: 502Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD CORAL & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, large central oval coral approx 14x10mm, surrounded by a double halo of brilliant cut diamonds with accent diamonds to each shoulder, size L/M
Lot No: 503Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE PENDANT, central oval brilliant cut diamond approx 0.55ct, superb colour and clarity on 18ct gold necklace
Lot No: 504Description: SILVER JEWELS, including pendants and brooches, some stoneset and enamelled
Lot No: 505Description: VINTAGE TISSOT SEASTAR 1000 AUTOMATIC GENTLEMAN'S WRIST WATCH, oversized case on original strap with deplyment clasp, appears in working condition
Lot No: 506Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND RING, of approx 2.8cts, central diamond 6.4mm, approx 1ct, set with 6 accent brilliant cut diamonds to each shoulder, each stone approx 3.5mm, size N/O
Lot No: 507Description: 23 ASSORTED SILVER RINGS, including stoneset and butterfly wing
Lot No: 508Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, well matched diamond studs of good colour and clarity, each stone approx 4.7mm, approx 0.9ct
Lot No: 509Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, of approx 1ct, stone 6.8mm dia, size K/L
Lot No: 510Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GENTLEMAN'S EVERITE 17 JEWEL MANUAL WIND WRIST WATCH on leather strap, appears in working condition
Lot No: 511Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD SARDONYX SIGNET RING, black and white sardonyx hardstone carved with fine cameo, unusual design, size J/K
Lot No: 512Description: GOLF BALL POCKET WATCH, by Brev & Dem, Swiss made rare pocket watch, appears in working condition, registration no 703616, 15 jewel movement, Talis Watch Company
Lot No: 513Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND ENCRUSTED CLUSTER RING, central radiant cut diamond surrounded by mixed baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, set in 18ct white gold shank, size P/Q
Lot No: 514Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD BLACK OPAL PENDANT
Lot No: 515Description: GRADUATED BEAD CHERRY AMBER NECKLACE, untested, 67 grams
Lot No: 516Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD BARK EFFECT BRACELET, approx 29 grams
Lot No: 517Description: HEAVY 9ct GOLD CHARM BRACELET, approx 133 grams, inc opening carriage, teapot, car, lantern, articulated fish, compass, pram, toby jug, typewriter, wine basket
Lot No: 518Description: HEAVY 18ct YELOW GOLD CUFF LINKS, approx 20 grams, unusual woven pattern
Lot No: 519Description: 18ct GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, old cut diamond approx 1ct with 3 accent brilliant cut diamonds to each shoulder, size F 1/2 - G
Lot No: 520Description: EXQUISITE ANTIQUE AMETHYST & DIAMOND FLOWER DESIGN PENDANT, cluster of 7 central diamonds totalling approx 1ct, surrounded by fancy marquise cut amethyst in shaped halo of diamonds, totalling in excess of 1ct in original fitted box
Lot No: 521Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD FLEXIBLE LINK RING, approx 4.5 grams, size J
Lot No: 524Description: 2 x 9ct GOLD RINGS, 1 diamond cut, other bark effect set with small red stones, 8.1 grams
Lot No: 525Description: 5 HARDSTONE SET CHINESE SILVER GILT RINGS in card and silk boxes
Lot No: 527Description: LADIES 18ct YELLOW GOLD PATEK PHILIPPE WRIST WATCH in original Patek Philippe leather inner and card outer box, watch appears in good working condition, fully HM and signed Patek Philippe, Genieve
Lot No: 528Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD GENTLEMAN'S PRESIDENT WRIST WATCH, 25 jewel automatic ETA2472 movement, set in 18ct yellow gold case on leather strap, appears in working condition
Lot No: 529Description: SILVER JEWELS, bag of mixed filigree and other silver pendants and brooches, some stoneset
Lot No: 530Description: DIAMOND SPRAY CONVERTER BROOCH, large impressive heavily diamond set 2 piece converter brooch, in excess of 5ct of mixed cut diamonds
Lot No: 531Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND RING, 4 illusion set pricess cut diamonds in solitaire style mount, total diamond 0.2ct, size J/K
Lot No: 532Description: SUPERB 18ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND 3 STONE RING, central oval natural ruby, approx 10mm x 8mm, set with brilliant cut diamond to each shoulder, each diamond approx 5.6mm, total diamond weight in excess of 1.2cts, size N/O
Lot No: 533Description: 18ct OPAL, AMETHYST & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central brilliant cut diamond surrounded by opal and amethyst in geometric pattern, size K/L
Lot No: 534Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE PENDANT on an 18ct white gold chain, diamond approx 0.33ct of good colour and clarity
Lot No: 535Description: RUSSIAN SAPPHIRE DIAMOND & PEARL PENDANT, with chain in original fitted box, maker possibly A Lillander, St Petersburg, large central deep blue sapphire surrounded by mixed old brilliant cut diamonds, totalling in excess of 2ct, total diamond weight
Lot No: 536Description: PLATINUM & DIAMOND COCKTAIL WATCH in untested condition
Lot No: 537Description: GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, diamond approx 6.4mm, approx 1ct, intermidate brilliant cut diamond in 8 claw setting
Lot No: 538Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND BRACELET, 11 well matched oval cut emeralds seperated by diamond set links, each link containing 5 brilliant cut diamonds
Lot No: 539Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD PINK SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND DROP PENDANT NECKLACE, oval cut pink sapphire drop set with 20 bezel set brilliant cut diamonds on 18ct white gold chain
Lot No: 540Description: PLATUNUM EMERALD & DIAMOND 3 STONE RING, superb emerald & diamond 3 stone ring, emerald set in 4 claw yellow gold setting, stone approx 9mm x 8mm, each side a brilliant cut diamond of good colour and clarity approx 6mm, total diamond weight in excess 1.5cts, diamonds set in platinum 8 claw settings on platinum shank, size M/N
Lot No: 541Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD FOX HEAD LAPEL/CRAVATE PIN set with diamonds eyes on 18ct gold safety pin
Lot No: 542Description: MICRO MOSAIC GOLD BROOCH, possibly of King Charles Spaniel
Lot No: 543Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD TURQUOISE SET RING, size M/N
Lot No: 544Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, 3 well matched brilliant cut diamonds, totalling approx 2cts
Lot No: 545Description: 9ct ROSE GOLD DOUBLE HEADED SNAKE RING, each head set with garnet, HM Chester 1910, size S/T
Lot No: 546Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD PRINCESS CUT DIAMOND RING, size K/L
Lot No: 547Description: BACCARAT PSYCHEDELIC PENDANT, colour yellow scarabee with 18ct gold mount on leather thong, rrp £475
Lot No: 548Description: 9ct GOLD BROOCH FOB WATCH, in form of a ribbon, white metal dress ring, yellow metal citrine brooch & 2 safety clips
Lot No: 549Description: SINGLE STRING OF CULTURED PEARLS, on 14ct yellow gold clasp
Lot No: 550Description: 18ct GOLD CENTOVENTUNO DESIGNER BLACK & WHITE DIAMOND JEWELLERY SET, 18ct yellow gold chain with 18ct yellow gold black & white diamond set pendant, 18ct gold black & white diamond ring of pear drop form, 18ct gold black & white diamond disc earrings in excess of 5ct total diamond weight, 34 grams total weight
Lot No: 551Description: COPPER COINS, including 1797 cartwheel twopence, 1799 half penny and Napoleonic copper coin
Lot No: 552Description: COINS, including Maria Theresa thaler, 1889 crown, 1900 half crown, 1888 shilling & 1881 1/12 shilling
Lot No: 553Description: 2 x 22ct GOLD RINGS, weight 2.2 grams total
Lot No: 554Description: 2 RINGS, 1 18ct gold ring weighing 1.8grams, 1 9ct gold ring, weighing 3.2grams
Lot No: 555Description: SILVER CASED GENTLEMAN'S POCKET WATCH, W Salmon of St Columb
Lot No: 556Description: LONG GUARD CHAIN, fancy link approx 34 grams in weight
Lot No: 557Description: HM GOLD CHAIN, weight 6.3 grams, together with unmarked yellow metal chain & fine figero rolled gold chain
Lot No: 558Description: SILVER & WHITE METAL ITEMS, including Albertine, crucifix and walking stick collar
Lot No: 559Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SIGNET RING, 4.4 grams, size M/N
Lot No: 560Description: SILVER METAL INGERSOL POCKET WATCH, shell coin purse, etc
Lot No: 561Description: 1893 GOLD 1 POND COIN BROOCH, with safety chain (broken), 10.9grams
Lot No: 562Description: 15ct GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND HINGED BANGLE in fitted case, 13.5grams, very good overall condition, intergrated safety chain
Lot No: 563Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD HINGED BANGLE of twist form, 12grams
Lot No: 564Description: YELLOW METAL REVERSO BROOCH, 1 side in porcelain depicting The Madonna, other carved shell cameo set in yellow metal, fine piece of Grande Tour jewellery, together with 1 other yellow metal brooch of twisted form
Lot No: 565Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH, front opening 18ct gold inner and outer case, 93 grams
Lot No: 566Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD SIGNET RING, 7 grams, size W
Lot No: 567Description: 15ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND BROOCH, 6.1 grams with 1 other yellow metal brooch, 3.6 grams
Lot No: 568Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD ALBERT WATCH CHAIN together with T bar and 1887 full sovereign, total weight of 49.4 grams
Lot No: 569Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD ETERNA AUTOMATIC GENTLEMAN'S WRIST WATCH, Eternamatic 25 jewel with brevete movement, 9ct gold case and bracelet in good overall working condition, approx 72 grams
Lot No: 570Description: 22ct 1821 GEORGE III FULL SOVEREIGN, high grade
Lot No: 571Description: GOLD HALF SOVEREIGN; Queen Victoria 1900
Lot No: 572Description: A PAIR OF GOLD HALF POND CUFF LINKS; 1896 and the other 1897, approx 13.7 grms in weight
Lot No: 573Description: ENAMELLED QUEEN VICTORIA 1893 SHILLING; In silver pendant case together with drilled Arabic coin
Lot No: 574Description: GOLD GEORGE III SPADE GUINEA; 1788 rubbed and hard mounted as pendant
Lot No: 575Description: VENEZUELA GOLD COIN; 6.4 grms in weight, drilled, 21.6 ct gold
Lot No: 576Description: 9CT GOLD GENTLEMANS SIGNET RING; 7.8 grms in weight, size T/U
Lot No: 577Description: 9 CT YELLOW GOLD MOONSTONE RING; Oval cabochon cut moonstone in multi claw setting, size O/P
Lot No: 578Description: 8 PAIRS OF 9CT GOLD EARRINGS TOTALLING APPROX 48.3 GRMS, geometric and natural designs, sprung back and butterfly back
Lot No: 579Description: 22ct GOLD WEDDING BAND; 5.4 grms size N/O
Lot No: 580Description: 18ct GOLD CASED FOB WATCH; in a/f condition, 15ct gold stud and 9ct gold signet ring in a/f condition
Lot No: 581Description: GOLD PLATED WALTHAM OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH; together with 3 yellow metal Albert chains
Lot No: 582Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD ALMANDINE GARNET AND DIAMOND RING; size O/P, 8.3 grms in weight
Lot No: 583Description: 18ct GOLD COLLAR STUDS IN FITTED CASE; 5.1 grms.
Lot No: 584Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD LADIES FOB WATCH; on 9ct gold ribbon brooch
Lot No: 585Description: VINTAGE 9ct YELLOW GOLD AMETHYST NECKLACE; Vintage 9ct yellow gold large faceted pale amethyst stone set in 9ct gold mount with seed pearls on vintage 9ct yellow necklace
Lot No: 586Description: 9ct GOLD TWO TONE YELLOW AND WHITE LINK BRACELET; 8.1 grms in weight
Lot No: 587Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD FIVE STONE DIAMOND RING; 5 graduated brilliant cut diamonds, size 'O'
Lot No: 588Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CURB LINK BRACELET WITH SAFETY CHAIN AND HEART PADLOCK CLASP; foliate decoration to every other link, 30 grms in weight
Lot No: 590Description: TWO PAIRS OF 9ct GOLD CUFFLINKS; Totalling 14.6 grms
Lot No: 591Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD VINTAGE LONGUARD CHAIN; with yellow metal claps, 31.7 grms total weight
Lot No: 592Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD ALBERT CHAIN; with swivel link, 33 grms in weight
Lot No: 593Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SET FLOWER BROOCH; 7.9 grms
Lot No: 594Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 4 BAR GATE CHARM BRACELET; with padlock clasp and safety chain, 12.3 grms in weight
Lot No: 595Description: SILVER BELCHER CHAIN & LOCKET; Turquoise set silver pendant on turquoise bead necklace and silver ring in the form of a shell
Lot No: 596Description: 9ct GOLD ASSORTED EARRINGS; approx 56.5 grms in weight, several pairs with some singles
Lot No: 598Description: 4 9ct GOLD RINGS; Inc one cameo and one keeper, 13.4 grms in weight
Lot No: 599Description: 9ct GOLD ITEMS; inc stone set hinged bangle, 2 brooches in the form of Southern cross, 9ct gold safety pin and 9ct gold collar stud, approx 11.9 grms weight
Lot No: 600Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD BLUE STONE SET PENDANT; On 9ct gold chain
Lot No: 601Description: 18ct GOLD EARRINGS; 6 pairs of 18ct ct gold earrings plus one extra, approx 28.7 total weight
Lot No: 602Description: NORWEGIAN STERLING SILVER ENAMEL BROOCH; In the form of a sailing boat
Lot No: 603Description: 9ct GOLD; Mixed 9ct gold chains, collar stud, heart padlock and 18ct gold part collar stud, approx 13.8 grms total weight
Lot No: 604Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD SIGNET RING; weight 9.2 grms, size T/U
Lot No: 605Description: 15ct YELLOW GOLD AND BLUE SAPPHIRE BAR BROOCH; 3 grms in weight
Lot No: 606Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; A vintage 1920's style gold cased wrist watch, other wrist watches costume brooches, simulated pearls, necklaces etc. in tin and box
Lot No: 607Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; A Victorian leather effect jewellery box a/f, with a small selection of costume jewellery, brooches and necklaces
Lot No: 608Description: ROLEX; A Rolex Oyster outer box
Lot No: 609Description: POCKET WATCHES; 2 plated key wind pocket watches a/f, one by Symons & Son, two other pocket watches and a case
Lot No: 610Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; A stone set panel brooch, Acme city whistle, stone set scent file and 2 Victorian medallions
Lot No: 611Description: SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL PIANEGONDA; Necklace, bracelet and earring set
Lot No: 612Description: SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL; Swarovski boxed crystal pendant on chain with certificate, also a jewelled necklace and a boxed Micky Mouse figure
Lot No: 613Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; A basket of costume jewellery inc earrings, silver rings, collar studs, necklaces etc.
Lot No: 614Description: DESIGNER WRIST WATCHES; A box of assorted watches including Fossil, Seksy, Casio etc
Lot No: 615Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; Cameo brooches, bangle, earrings, rings etc
Lot No: 616Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; A pink jewellery box containing a selection of necklaces, bracelets, rings etc
Lot No: 617Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY; A vintage jewellery box containing Celtic brooch, rings, military buttons, necklaces etc
Lot No: 618Description: SEIKO WRIST WATCH; A boxed gents Seiko quartz wrist watch with date aperture
Lot No: 619Description: MASONIC JEWELS; 10 assorted Masonic boxed jewels with enamel decoration from various Lodges, three are silver gilt
Lot No: 620Description: MASONIC JEWELS; 6 assorted masonic jewels from various lodges, boxed, 3 are silver gilt
Lot No: 621Description: WW1 PAIR; A War and Defence Medal to 61262 Corporal F L Slowman, Royal Fusiliers, with original box, also a 1939-45 Defence medal
Lot No: 622Description: SILVER BROOCHES, 2 vintage silver brooches, 1 with decorated with horse shoes and anchor, also a ladies wrist watch
Lot No: 623Description: GOLD CUFFLINKS; A pair of retro 9ct gold cufflinks, 10.9 grms
Lot No: 624Description: LONGINES LADIES WRIST WATCH; 9ct gold case on 9ct gold strap, 20.9 grms in original box
Lot No: 641Description: SILVER 3 PIECE TEA SET, octagonal bodied silver tea pot with ebony finial and handle with matching twin handled sugar and milk, Birmingham 1944, 37 ozs inc of handle, makers L Ltd
Lot No: 642Description: EASTERN SILVER, pair of Eastern silver dishes, decorated with dancing figures in high relief, 4'' dia
Lot No: 643Description: SILVER GRAVY BOAT, of classical design on 3 cusped feet, by Mappin & Webb Sheffield, 2.5ozs
Lot No: 644Description: NOVELTY SILVER INK WELL, novelty silver cased ink well in form of a ship's bell with rising lid and filled base, Birmingham 1935, 5'' high
Lot No: 645Description: ARTS & CRAFTS SILVER BOWL, planished silver bowl makers HA, Sheffield, 1931, 4'' dia, approx 5ozs
Lot No: 646Description: SILVER NAPKIN RINGS, 2 silver napkin rings, Birmingham HM , 1954 & 1957
Lot No: 647Description: SILVER BON BON DISHES, pair of silver bon bon dishes on 4 stemmed feet, with pierced borders of octagonal form, makers AC & Co, Birmingham, 4'' dia, 4ozs
Lot No: 648Description: PAIR OF SILVER CLASSICAL DESIGN CANDLESTICKS, on square form tapering support and base, 12'' high, Birmingham HM, possibly makers BJ, 1928
Lot No: 649Description: SILVER CIGARETTE BOX, Sheffield HM silver cigarette case, with inscription ''From the Officers Royal Airforce College'' with wood liner, 4.5''
Lot No: 650Description: VICTORIAN NOVELTY INK WELL, novelty ink well in the form of a horse's hoof, with plated lid and mounts, lid inscribed ''Silver King 1899''
Lot No: 651Description: DRAGON TABLE CENTRES, pair of quality plated stemmed table centres, on fluted column supports and triform mythical dragon bases, 9'' high
Lot No: 652Description: SILVER HAIR TIDY, trinket jar and plated snuff box
Lot No: 653Description: WMF SILVER PLATED INK WELL, typical Art Nouveau design silver plated ink well/desk stand, enclosed lidded bottle, model 224K, stamped WMF, 8.5''
Lot No: 654Description: SILVER CIGARETTE BOX, rectangular form silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration with wood interior liner, 6'' width
Lot No: 655Description: GEORGIAN SILVER BASTING SPOON, makers possibly HE, marks rubbed, 12'' length
Lot No: 656Description: SILVER CIGARETTE CASE with engine turned decoration, also similar card case approx 4 ozs, together with a vintage plated lighter ''The Roller Beacon''
Lot No: 657Description: SILVER BLADED FRUIT KNIFE with Georgian HM, engraved ''H Porter'', with mother-of-pearl handle
Lot No: 658Description: SILVER CARD CASE, hinged silver card case with foliate engraved decoration, Birmingham 1876, in fitted presentation box ''Reid & Sons, Newcastle Upon Tyne''. 3.75''
Lot No: 659Description: SILVER TOAST RACK, 4 section silver toast rack, maker GH of Sheffield, together with a silver napkin ring
Lot No: 660Description: SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, with engine turned decoration together with a similar silver compact of square form, also a plated rectangular form cigarette case and 2 pound coin
Lot No: 661Description: SILVER COMPACT, circular silver compact with engine turned decoration
Lot No: 662Description: SILVER PHOTO FRAMES, HM silver photo frame of rectangular form, 9'', together with an oval example 6.5''
Lot No: 663Description: SILVER DRESSING TABLE SET, 4 piece silver dressing table set with engine turned decoration initialled FRS with Birmingham HM
Lot No: 664Description: LARGE PLAIN SILVER CIGAR CASE, 5 ozs, 5'' width
Lot No: 665Description: SILVER CIGARETTE CASE, plain HM silver cigarette case, Birmingham HM, over 3ozs
Lot No: 666Description: PAIRS OF STEMMED SALTS, 2 pairs of lobed hammer effect salts, one stamped Maciel, others Alttay
Lot No: 667Description: 2 SILVER CIGARETTE CASES, both with engine turned decoration, both Birmingham HM, 1 with inscription to the interior, 1 presented to ''Supt F Slowman of the Special Constabulary Launceston May 1940'' other inscribed ''Xmas, 1948'', approx 9ozs total
Lot No: 668Description: SOUVENIR SPOONS, collection of 15 Eastern silver crested souvenir spoons, inc Singapore and Malaysia
Lot No: 669Description: FRUIT EATERS, cased set of 6 pairs of attractive carved ivory handled fruit eaters
Lot No: 670Description: INDIAN WHITE METAL & SILVER PLATE, 2 rectangular tureen bases, 1 with liner
Lot No: 671Description: SILVER ROSE BOWL, HM silver twin handled pedestal rose bowl, 1976 7oz
Lot No: 672Description: DANZIG, applied enamelled city arms silver cigarette box enscribed ''August 14th 1930'', 4.5'' width
Lot No: 673Description: DANISH SILVER, Country applied crest, square form ladies compact
Lot No: 674Description: PERSIAN SILVER, 2 model dhows on stands
Lot No: 675Description: SILVER CONDIMENTS, pair of HM silver circular salts, Birmingham 1919, together with 2 silver mustards
Lot No: 676Description: SILVER INK WELL STAND, HM silver pierced border floral design ink well stand, Birmingham 1919
Lot No: 677Description: SILVER ASH TRAYS, 3 South American silver ash trays, silver miniature sombrero and oval sweet meat dish
Lot No: 678Description: SILVER CIGARETTE BOX, HM silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration enscribed ''Robbie 11.2.45''
Lot No: 679Description: SILVER CHEROOT CASE, together with Edwardian vesta case
Lot No: 680Description: SERVIETTE RINGS, 3 silver serviette rings, cased Victorian fiddle pattern desert spoon, 2 silver tea spoons and 2 small dishes
Lot No: 681Description: 2 STERLING SILVER DISHES, both with embossed floral edges; also Royal Danish American oval dish, sauce ladle and dressing brush
Lot No: 682Description: SILVER CRUET, pair of bluster form pepperettes 3.5" also a Sheffield HM Victorian salt
Lot No: 684Description: LES PARSON; Oil on canvas 'The Wood Path' 12.5'' x 15.5''
Lot No: 685Description: LES PARSON; Oil on canvas 'The Wooded Creek' 11.5'' x 15.5''
Lot No: 686Description: LES PARSON; Oil on canvas 'Figure Seated in Wooded Creek', together with one smaller oil 'The Fisher-boy'
Lot No: 687Description: MICK CAWSTON pastel, ''Hunting Horses''
Lot No: 688Description: SEAN HAYDEN, oil on canvas ''Waterloo Station'', 11.5'' x 23.5''
Lot No: 689Description: TED DYER, oil on canvas, ''Helford Church and River'', 24'' x 36''
Lot No: 690Description: STEWART LOWDON oil on board, ''St Breock Downs'', 14'' x 19''
Lot No: 691Description: MARGARET CHAPMAN, oil on canvas, ''Edwardian Beach Scene'', 8.5'' x 16''
Lot No: 692Description: IN THE STYLE OF KEN SPRAGUE, oil on board, ''Honest John'', 22'' x 36''
Lot No: 693Description: ''ERTE'' ROMAIN DE TIRTOFF, gouache '' Un Fruit Mur'', 8'' x 7.5''
Lot No: 694Description: DEBORAH JONES, oil on board ''Still Life Fruit and Goblet'', 12.5'' x 16''
Lot No: 695Description: MONICA BARNES, oil on board, ''View from Newlyn'', 11.5'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 696Description: MICHAEL CADMAN, watercolour, ''River Frome at Wareham'', 13.5'' x 9.5''
Lot No: 697Description: KEN HILDREW, watercolour, ''Cornish Landscape'', 11.5'' x 14''
Lot No: 698Description: BEN MAILE, oil on canvas ''Crusader'', 36'' x 17''
Lot No: 699Description: MICK CAWSTON oil on canvas ''Golden Retriever'', 19.5'' x 15.5''
Lot No: 700Description: BEN MAILE, oil on canvas ''Ludlow'', 18.5'' x 27''
Lot No: 701Description: ARTHUR SUKER, pair of signed watercolours, ''Breaking Waves at Base of Cliffs at Lizard and Lands End'', 15.5'' x 11''
Lot No: 702Description: MARY S HAGARTY, signed watercolour, ''Game Keeper and his Dog on Woodland Path'', 13.5'' x 9.5''
Lot No: 703Description: AFTER SIR GEORGE HAYTOR, chalk and pencil study ''Portrait of Jeremy'', 12.5'' x 10''
Lot No: 704Description: EVELIONE WILDE, signed oil on board ''Portrait of Lady with lace scarf'', exhibition label on reverse, 13'' x 10''
Lot No: 705Description: STEAM RAILWAY, photo based oil of Steam Locomotive by F Moore of Locomotive Publishing Co, 9.5'' x 14''
Lot No: 706Description: VINCENT CLARE, signed painting on canvas, still life, ''Basket of Grapes with Plums and Peach'', 7.25'' x 11''
Lot No: 707Description: ROGER de la CORBIERE, signed painting on canvas, ''Sunset over Foreshore'', 17.5'' x 21''
Lot No: 708Description: NANCY BAILEY, signed oil on board, ''Perranporth Rocks'', 15.5'' x 23''
Lot No: 709Description: SAMUEL JOHN LAMORNA BIRCH, signed and dated watercolour 1930, ''Black Pool, River Barle near Dulverton'', 9'' x 13''
Lot No: 710Description: ALFRED BEAUMONT, miniature watercolour sketch, ''The Carriage'', 2.25'' x 2''; also pen and ink wash study ''The Horse in Stable'', 3.5'' x 4.5''
Lot No: 711Description: DOUGLAS SNOWDON, signed watercolour, ''View of the Guernsey Coast'', 10.5'' x 14''
Lot No: 712Description: N BLACK, set of 6 signed paintings on board, ''Bank Notes and Currrency'', 6'' x 7''
Lot No: 713Description: BOLT?, signed oil on panel ''Coastal Scene with Beached Boat'', 19.5'' x 25''
Lot No: 714Description: NANCY BAILEY, signed oil on canvas, ''Bedruthen Steps'', 17'' x 35''
Lot No: 715Description: CAROLINE LINWOOD?, signed watercolour dated 1999 ''THe Watcher'', 27'' x 40''
Lot No: 716Description: JOEL OWEN, signed and dated oil on canvas 1916, ''Shepherd herding Sheep by Rivers Edge at Dusk'', 20'' x 30''
Lot No: 717Description: CECIL ALDIN, signed limited edition etching ''Portrait of begging Dog'', 7'' x 5''
Lot No: 718Description: ATTRIBUTED CECIL ALDIN, ink sketch, ''I'll Sing you a Song - Oh'', signed Cecil Aldin 1900, 8'' X 6.5''
Lot No: 719Description: H CHAPMAN, signed oil on board ''Polperro Harbour'', 13'' x 17''
Lot No: 720Description: VICTORIAN WATER COLOUR, ''Unloading the Catch'', 6'' x 12''
Lot No: 721Description: KEN HAMMOND, signed painting on canvas, ''Two Frigates and Fishing Boat off Headland'', 9.5'' x 19''
Lot No: 722Description: STEPHEN HAWKINS, signed oil on paper ''Sheep Grazing'', 9.5'' x 11''
Lot No: 723Description: REG SHERRIN, signed gouache ''Misty Moorland Pool'', 14.5'' x 29''
Lot No: 724Description: WILLIAM H VERNON, signed oil on canvas ''Sheep and Lambs in Summer Landscape at Dusk'', 9 '' x 11.5''
Lot No: 725Description: J. NOBLE BARLOW signed oil on canvas ''Lamorna Valley'', 11'' x 15.5''
Lot No: 726Description: A .BEAUMONT, signed water colour study, ''Mediterranean Equestrian Group'', 5'' x 6.5''
Lot No: 727Description: J F HERRING, signed oil on panel dated 1849? ''Steeple Chase with Horses at Full Gallop'', 6'' x 11.5''
Lot No: 728Description: JOHN BLIGHT, signed oil on canvas, dated 2007 ''Head of Heifer Cow'', 8'' x 10''
Lot No: 729Description: BAKUFO OHNO, signed Japanese colour woodblock ''Bamboo Vase of Flowers on Plinth'', 15'' x 10''
Lot No: 730Description: MID 19th CENTURY EQUESTRIAN PAINTING, oval pencil and watercolour ''Figure with Horse before a Stable'', 5'' x 9''
Lot No: 731Description: FOWEY, unsigned watercolour ''Street Scene overlooking the Estuary'', 10'' x 8''
Lot No: 732Description: F. BENI, signed watercolour, ''Dartmoor Heather'', 4.5'' x 10''
Lot No: 733Description: DONALD GREIG, pen and ink wash ''Children with Pony and Cart'', 7'' x 11''
Lot No: 734Description: WILFRED C BEAUQUESNE, signed oil on panel ''Military Scene of Soldiers marching in the Snow with Horse and Cart Leading'', 10'' x 13'', signed and dated 1912
Lot No: 735Description: ANTIONE VIT, signed pastel dated 1991, ''Plague d'Hiver'' with additional drawing on reverse, 10.5'' x 15.5''
Lot No: 736Description: SCHOOL OF HERRING, circular oil on canvas ''Duck and Drake with Ducklings by a Riverbank'', 11'' dia
Lot No: 737Description: HENRY SYKES, signed watercolour ''Royal Riverscape with Boy Fishing from Bank'', 14'' x 20''
Lot No: 738Description: LYDIA CORBETT, signed watercolour and ink wash, ''Seated Cat with Vase of Flowers'', 19'' x 13''
Lot No: 739Description: E. NEALE, signed oil on canvas, dated 1879, ''Ducks with Kingfisher in the foreground'', inscribed ''Whose light brown breast dark spots, Anneal.....'', 14'' x 19''
Lot No: 740Description: FRED YATES, signed oil on board, dated 1974, ''The Corner Shop'', 15'' x 30''
Lot No: 741Description: KEITH PURSER, watercolour sketch, ''Church and Boat - Arc X1'', dated 1993, 12.5'' x 8''
Lot No: 742Description: JOHN BLIGHT, signed oil on board ''Study of Bore'', 14'' x 12'', dated 2005 after signed
Lot No: 743Description: W. RUSSELL FLINT, limited edition colour print ''Three Girls'', 12.5'' x 21.5''
Lot No: 744Description: CHRISTINE GAGNON, signed oil on board, ''Study of Cow'', 26'' x 29''
Lot No: 745Description: W. RUSSELL FLINT, colour print, ''Basket of Peaches'', 15'' x 22''
Lot No: 746Description: WILLIAM PIPER, signed oil on canvas, ''The Blowing Hole, Porth'', 19.5'' x 23''
Lot No: 747Description: ALAN CASWELL, signed oil on panel ''St Ives Roof Lines'', 34'' x 24''
Lot No: 748Description: W. RUSSELL FLINT, signed colour print, ''Fetching Water'', 16'' x 25''
Lot No: 749Description: MINIATURE PORTRAIT, a circular miniature, ''Portrait of Young Girl in Embroidered Cotton Smock''
Lot No: 750Description: PORTRAIT MINIATURE in oval metal frame, ''Portrait of Lady with blue ribbon in her hair''
Lot No: 751Description: SILHOUETTES, pair of oval silhouettes portraits of lady and gentleman by James Lee-Smith
Lot No: 752Description: ROWLAND LANGMAID, pair of signed etchings ''Schooner, Battleship and Fishing Boats off Headland''
Lot No: 753Description: ROWLAND LANGMAID, pair of signed etchings, ''Racing Boats'' 8'' x 6''
Lot No: 754Description: STEPHEN HAWKINS, signed oil on paper, ''Sheep grazing near Poynings'', 11'' x 15''
Lot No: 755Description: ALLAN, signed oil on canvas ''Framilode Church Rectory'' 9.5'' x 17.5''''
Lot No: 756Description: BRIAN HANSCOMB, 2 signed limited edition miniature etchings '' Night Hare & Camel Valley''
Lot No: 757Description: H.R. STEVENSON, signed water colour dated 1884 ''Coastal Scene'' 10'' x 16''
Lot No: 758Description: J. KNIGHT, signed watercolour ''Thatched Cottage'' 10.5'' x 14''
Lot No: 759Description: FRANK HOLM, pair of signed gouaches ''Moorland River scene'' 11'' x 17''
Lot No: 760Description: SAMUEL DODWELL, signed limited edition etching ''Sunflowers'' 9'' x 6''
Lot No: 761Description: 19TH CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL, indistinctly signed water colour ''Farmstead with duck pond'' 13'' x 18''
Lot No: 762Description: SAMUEL COOK, signed water colour ''The Water Mill'' 9'' x 13''
Lot No: 763Description: SYLVESTER MARTIN, signed oil on canvas indistinctly dated ''Fox Hunt - Fern Hill, Kenilworth, 7.5'' x 11''
Lot No: 764Description: BRIAN HANSCOMB, 3 signed limited edition miniature etchings ''Moon Ride/Hidden Valley and on Long Knoll''
Lot No: 765Description: ENGLISH SCHOOL, oil on board ''3 Children looking at puppies in a manger'' 6.5'' x 10''
Lot No: 766Description: ART NOUVEAU PORTRAIT, colotype ''Portrait of young lady with lace scarf'' 13'' x 10''
Lot No: 767Description: FRANK DUFFIELD, signed water colour ''Snuff Mills, Bristol'' 11.5'' x 19''
Lot No: 768Description: H CAFFIERI, watercolour girl seated in a summer meadow 14'' x 20.5''
Lot No: 769Description: NANCY BAILEY, signed oil on canvas ''The Minnows, Treyarnon'' 15.5'' x 39''
Lot No: 770Description: ALBERT STEVENS, signed water colour ''View of Cowdray Park, Midhurst'' 11'' x 20''
Lot No: 771Description: BRIAN HANSCOMB, signed limited edition etching ''Scarecrow'' 11.5'' x 7.5'' and 1 other by Hanscomb ''Storm Brake'' 9'' x 7''
Lot No: 772Description: KEITH PURSER, signed collage ''Pig in the rain'' 22'' x 27''
Lot No: 773Description: R. D. SHERRIN, signed gouache ''Panoramic Cornish Cliffs'' 15'' x 39''
Lot No: 774Description: FREDERICK WILLIAM JACKSON, oil on canvas ''Young Spring, Old Winter Overtakes'' with 1913 exhibition label, City of Manchester Art Gallery
Lot No: 775Description: ABRAHAM HULK, 4 signed coastal gouaches and similar watercolour riverscape, 5'' x 10''
Lot No: 776Description: ANTIQUE ISLAMIC BOOK FRAGMENT, containing 8 separate story panels below Islamic script, 10'' x 5.5''
Lot No: 777Description: ATTRIBUTED BATH SCHOOL, oil on panel, ''Figures in Wooded Riverscape'', indistinctly signed, J Barker, 11.5'' x 9.5''
Lot No: 778Description: STEPH COOPER, signed oil on canvas, dated 1929, ''Portrait of Young Lady in Red Jacket'', 29.5'' x 23''
Lot No: 779Description: STUART LLOYD, signed watercolour dated 1909, ''Feeding the Ducks'', 9'' x 13''
Lot No: 780Description: HENRY CHARLES FOX, signed watercolour, ''Country Lane with Ducks to foreground'', 14.5'' x 20''
Lot No: 781Description: SUSAN H BRADLEY, signed watercolour, ''Overlooking the Farmstead'', 14.5'' x 21''
Lot No: 782Description: WILLIAM HOGGATT, signed watercolour, ''Seated Lady reading Book'', 14'' x 10''
Lot No: 783Description: SIGNED GOUACHE, dated 1935, ''Outside the Mosque'', 14'' x 9''
Lot No: 784Description: MINIATURE WATERCOLOUR, ''Young Lady fetching water across stepping stones'', 3'' x 5''
Lot No: 785Description: VICTORIAN MONOGRAMMED WATERCOLOUR, ''Unloading the Catch at Quayside'', 9'' x 13''
Lot No: 786Description: VICTORIAN WOOLWORK, collection of 4 mid 19th Century coloured needlework framed panels, 2 in birdseye maple frames
Lot No: 787Description: MATT BRUCE, signed oil on board, ''Dutch Canal Scene'', 19.5'' x 23''
Lot No: 788Description: COLIN BIRCHALL, signed oil on board, ''Portrait of Cat in Window Frame in Winter's Night'', 23'' x 16''
Lot No: 789Description: HENRY CHARLES FOX, signed watercolour dated 1903, ''A Drover with Cattle on a Country Lane'', gallery label to reverse, 14.5'' x 21''
Lot No: 790Description: ATTRIBUTED LYDIA CORBETT, watercolour ''Patchwork Cat'', 15'' x 19''
Lot No: 791Description: ALEXANDER KELLOCK-BROWN, signed with initials and dated possibly '75, oil on canvas, ''Gathering Bramble, Arran from Bute'' exhibited at Royal Academy 1875, 17.5'' x 28''
Lot No: 792Description: LATE 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL, indistinctly signed oil on canvas, ''Mother and Child in a Village Street'', 19'' x 35''
Lot No: 793Description: ENGLISH SCHOOL, indistinctly signed oil on canvas laid down, ''Coastal View with long Pier'', 13'' x 18''
Lot No: 794Description: ORIENTAL EMBROIDERY, silver filigree embroidered panel, dragonflies and blossoming bough, 21'' x 16''
Lot No: 795Description: IMOGEN COLLIER, signed oil on canvas, ''Dead Pheasant on grass and rocky bank'', 19'' x 26''
Lot No: 796Description: T W HARLAND, pastel portrait ''Seated Gentleman'' in oval mount, 16.5'' x 14''
Lot No: 797Description: ORIENTAL PAINTED SIGNED SCROLL, Japanese scroll painting of 2 tigers drinking
Lot No: 798Description: EUGENE GANS, pair of signed gouaches ''On the Nile'', 14.5'' x 10''
Lot No: 799Description: HERBERT HICKS, signed gouache ''Costal View near Boscastle'', 6'' x 9''
Lot No: 800Description: GEORGIAN MAHOGANY NIGHT STAND, with folding flaps to top, with fitted drawer and pot cupboard to base, 24''
Lot No: 801Description: EDWARDIAN DESK, Edwardian walnut 5 drawer kneehole desk, tapering turned legs with castors and leather inset top, 48'' width
Lot No: 802Description: EDWARDIAN CHEST OF DRAWERS, continental design 5 drawer chest with ornate brass handles, 42'' width
Lot No: 803Description: REPRODUCTION REFECTORY TABLE, quality oak stretcher base refectory table, 72'' x 39''
Lot No: 804Description: VICTORIAN CONSOLE TABLE, marble topped mahogany console table on fruit carved cabriole legs, 48'' width
Lot No: 805Description: CAROLEAN-DESIGN ARMCHAIR, cane panelled back carved oak open armchair
Lot No: 806Description: VICTORIAN SALON CHAIRS, pair of carved back salon chairs with red upholstered seats and original castors
Lot No: 807Description: VICTORIAN DINING CHAIRS, pair of mahogany bar back open carver chairs, together with 5 hoop back chairs with inverted baluster legs and red uphosltered seats
Lot No: 808Description: LADDER BACK CHAIRS, set of 4 rush seated antique design ladder back chairs with turned stretchers and pad feet
Lot No: 809Description: CHAPEL CHAIRS, set of 4 elm seated chapel chairs with painted crest seats
Lot No: 810Description: PINE KITCHEN TABLE, varnished pine planked top kitchen table, 60'' x 28''
Lot No: 811Description: REGENCY ROSEWOOD SIDETABLE, twin pillar support stretchered base rosewood sidetable with carved claw feet, 44'' width
Lot No: 812Description: ANTIQUE PINE CABINET, a 4 door glazed 2 section cabinet, 45'' width
Lot No: 813Description: PUGINESQUE PRAYER STAND, painted oak stand, 31'' height
Lot No: 814Description: KNEEHOLE DESK, Edwardian twin pedestal desk of 9 graduated drawers (needs restoration), 47'' width
Lot No: 815Description: BEDSIDE CABINET, pine shelf based narrow bedside cabinet
Lot No: 816Description: MID EASTERN INTEREST, triple cupboard cabinet painted with Mid Eastern dancers at wedding ceremony, 36'' height 58'' width
Lot No: 817Description: LONGCASE CLOCK, 30 hour inlaid oak case 30 hour longcase clock by B Edwards, painted square face
Lot No: 818Description: CROMWELLIAN DESIGN DRESSER, geometric fielded design twin drawer dresser with brass axe drop handles, 50'' width
Lot No: 819Description: TRIPOD SUPPER TABLE, tripod base writhen support circular top supper table
Lot No: 820Description: MUSIC CABINET, Continental design fall front base narrow music cabinet
Lot No: 821Description: ANTIQUE COURT CUPBOARD, twin cupboard base carved oak court cupboard, 50'' width
Lot No: 822Description: ANTIQUE OAK SIDE TABLE, Jacobian-design oak single drawer side table on tapering baluster and stretchered support, 33.5'' width
Lot No: 823Description: EDWARDIAN OAK FRAMED WASH STAND, mirrored & tiled back marble top kneehole wash stand with Arts & Crafts metal handles
Lot No: 824Description: CONTINENTAL BED HEAD, ornate carved shell and scroll design bedstead panel
Lot No: 825Description: COURT CUPBOARD, Elizabethian design reproduction carved oak cupboard base court cupboard, 48'' width
Lot No: 826Description: VICTORIAN DRESSING MIRROR, mahogany swing frame dressing mirror with serpentine fronted base
Lot No: 827Description: MUSIC CABINET, painted Edwardian glazed twin door music cabinet on French cabriole legs
Lot No: 829Description: FLEMISH DESK, carved oak desk with green painted bobbin base, 47'' width (missing 2 drawers)
Lot No: 830Description: VICTORIAN OVERMANTEL, walnut straw work domed top overmantel, 34'' width
Lot No: 831Description: WAXED PINE CHEST, straight front chest of 2 short and 2 long drawers, wooden knop handles, 36'' width
Lot No: 832Description: MUSIC CABINET, narrow 4 drawer fall front music cabinet, 19.5'' width
Lot No: 833Description: EDWARDIAN CHIFFONIER, mirror back twin cupboard base pine chiffonier, 41'' width
Lot No: 834Description: MARQUETRY NEEDLEWORK TABLE, cross banded mahogany twin pillar support needlework table with marquetry interior, 20'' width
Lot No: 835Description: AMERICAN TRUNK, painted domed top trunk with combed decoration, 25'' width 20'' height
Lot No: 836Description: DOCUMENT BOX, black painted document box with twin metal handles, 24'' width
Lot No: 837Description: ZINC LINED TRUNK, metal banded travel trunk by John Parsons & Sons with contemporary turquoise decoration, 20'' height 33'' width
Lot No: 838Description: DOMED TOP TRUNK, wooden slat and metal banded domed top Edwardian trunk (needs restoration) 32'' width
Lot No: 839Description: MARQUETRY MUSIC CABINET, Edwardian rosewood glazed base music cabinet
Lot No: 840Description: EDWARDIAN BRASS BEDSTEAD, ornate writhen column support and painted bedstead, 54'' width
Lot No: 841Description: OAK OVAL GATELEG TABLE, barley twist support, extending 59'' length
Lot No: 842Description: ANTIQUE OAK COFFER, caryatid column support and twin carved panel front, 47'' width
Lot No: 843Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY SUPPER TABLE, tripod cabriole base, baluster supports, circular top supper table
Lot No: 844Description: CARVED OAK WALL CABINET, dragon carved panel twin door hanging cabinet, brass fretwork hinges, 33'' height 28'' width
Lot No: 845Description: PINE FARMHOUSE TABLE, scrub top single drawer farmhouse table with tapering turned legs (requires restoration) 53'' x 36''
Lot No: 846Description: PROVINCIAL SIDE TABLE, fruitwood top rectangular side table on tapering turned legs, 41'' width
Lot No: 847Description: INLAID SIDE TABLE, mahogany rectangular top inlaid side table, 34.5'' width
Lot No: 848Description: FLEMISH CABINET, a carved oak single door straight front cabinet, decorated with foliate designs, 47'' height 42'' width
Lot No: 849Description: GEORGIAN WALNUT BUREAU, cross banded fall front bureau 4 long graduated drawers, with fitted interior, brass fretwork swan neck handles, 37'' width
Lot No: 850Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHIFFONIER, twin cupboard base with 2 frieze drawers, 43'' width
Lot No: 851Description: LATE GEORGIAN LINEN PRESS, twin figured mahogany panelled cupboard top with chest base of 2 short, 2 long drawers with stamped oval brass handles, 53'' width
Lot No: 852Description: ''GOLDILOCKS'' DRESSER, a rustic open shelved twin drawer dresser, 54'' width
Lot No: 853Description: VICTORIAN BUFFET, mahogany twin cupboard base mirror backed 2 tier buffet, 52'' width
Lot No: 854Description: EARLY 19TH CENTURY LONGCASE CLOCK, painted square face and 30 hour movement by Fowle, East Grinsted, oak casing and fretwork escutcheon
Lot No: 855Description: VICTORIAN BOOKCASE,, mahogany veneered with glazed doors above & 2 drawers & cupboards below
Lot No: 856Description: MARQUETRY DISPLAY CABINET, pair of inlaid mahogany single door display cabinets, each one 21'' width
Lot No: 857Description: PROVINCIAL GEORGIAN GLAZED CORNER CABINET, Chippendale design mahogany twin glazed door corner display cabinet with matching panelled cupboard base, gilt Roccoco design escutcheon, 40'' width
Lot No: 858Description: EARLY 19TH CENTURY 8 DAY LONGCASE CLOCK, painted breakarch face with panelled oak casing and bell strike
Lot No: 859Description: ART DECO LONGCASE CLOCK, oak cased clock with oval bevelled glass pendulum window and satin finish dial
Lot No: 860Description: CONTINENTAL WARDROBE, 19th Century continental carved oak wardrobe
Lot No: 861Description: EDWARDIAN WARDROBE COMPACTUM, an impressive elm and oak twin mirrored door compactum with ornate bird and blossom relief carved panels, 73'' width
Lot No: 862Description: PINE DRESSER, a waxed pine cupboard and drawer base dresser with open plate rack, 49'' width
Lot No: 863Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY LONGCASE CLOCK, painted breakarch 30 hour movement longcase clock with painted ''mahogany'' casing and face decorated with harvester with scythe
Lot No: 864Description: EARLY 19TH CENTURY 8 DAY LONGCASE CLOCK, floral painted breakarch face by Johnathan Bayne of Sterling with inlaid mahogany provincial swan neck hood casing
Lot No: 865Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY SIDEBOARD, twin pedestal mirror backed sideboard with ornate carved scroll decoration with 4 frieze drawers, 73.5'' width
Lot No: 866Description: GLOBE WERNICK-STYLE, 5 section glazed stacking oak bookcase
Lot No: 867Description: EARLY VICTORIAN DROP LEAF DINING TABLE, mahogany twin flap drop leaf dining table and tapering turned legs, 62'' length 43'' width
Lot No: 868Description: RUSTIC TABLE, planked top oak side table, 48'' width
Lot No: 869Description: ANTIQUE MULE CHEST, oak twin drawer base mule chest with brass swan neck handles, 40'' width
Lot No: 870Description: GEORGIAN NEEDLEWORK BOX ON STAND, inlaid and cross banded mahogany rectangular needlework box on tapering leg stand with original key
Lot No: 871Description: VICTORIAN BURR WALNUT MARQUETRY OCCASIONAL TABLE, oval top occasional table on twin ribbed baluster support and carved cabroile legs, 36'' width
Lot No: 872Description: AFRICAN STINKWOOD TRUNK, ornate brass mounted lift top trunk with heavy carrying handles and lock plate, 40'' width
Lot No: 873Description: VICTORIAN NURSING CHAIR, cream button back nursing chair on tapering legs with original castors
Lot No: 874Description: VICTORIAN HALL CHAIRS, pair of oak gothic arched back hall chairs with tapering octagonal legs
Lot No: 875Description: VICTORIAN NEEDLEWORK TABLE, beech twin drawer and double flap needlework table on tapering turned leg with regional castors, 14'' width
Lot No: 876Description: WROUGHT IRON WINDOW SEAT, an ornate scroll end window seat with cushion
Lot No: 877Description: AMERICAN ROCKING CHAIR, a bobbin framed rocking chair with replacement tapestry panels
Lot No: 878Description: MARITIME, ship's wheel design plate glass top occasional table, 29'' dia
Lot No: 879Description: CONTINENTAL BEDSTEADS, pair of fruitwood panelled end bedsteads
Lot No: 880Description: GILT MIRROR, a large gilt framed rectangular hall mirror, 61'' x 37''
Lot No: 881Description: PINE FARMHOUSE TABLE, inverted baluster legs, together with 4 matching slat back chairs
Lot No: 882Description: ''GOLDILOCKS'' RUSTIC DINING TABLE, matching chair and occasional table
Lot No: 883Description: CHAISE LONGUE, large button back floral upholstered chaise longue
Lot No: 884Description: BERGERE LOUNGE SUITE, 3 piece pierced and carved framed twin seater settee with pair of matching armchairs
Lot No: 885Description: RETRO, Danish teak circular extending dining table with set of 4 triangular tripod base chairs by Frem Rojle
Lot No: 886Description: ANTIQUE HALL TABLE, early 19th Century inlaid mahogany half moon hall table with inlaid tapering section legs
Lot No: 887Description: VICTORIAN ROSEWOOD NEEDLEWORK TABLE, trumpet shaped octagonal top needlework table on floral carved tripod cabriole leg base (requires restoration)
Lot No: 888Description: A MODERN ORIENTAL STYLE LONGCASE CLOCK with lacquered and inlaid mother-of-pearl decoration
Lot No: 889Description: VICTORIAN SIDE CHAIR; A Victorian rosewood framed side chair on carved cabriole legs with floral tapestry seat and back
Lot No: 890Description: VICTORIAN SIDE TABLE; A Victorian mahogany veneered side table on twin column fluted supports and fluted stretchers. 20''
Lot No: 891Description: VICTORIAN TABLE; Leather inset to top, fitted two drawers on turned legs, a/f, 48''
Lot No: 892Description: EDWARDIAN OAK DRESSING TABLE; A triple mirrored back twin pedestal dressing table fitted 9 drawers
Lot No: 893Description: VICTORIAN GAMES TABLE; A Victorian mahogany veneered games table of rectangular form with chess board inset to top on twin bobbin turned supports and similar cross stretcher, 36''
Lot No: 894Description: ROSEWOOD OCCASIONAL TABLE; A quality octagonal shaped top occasional table inlaid in rose wood with a floral satin wood inlaid centre, fitted a lower shelf on shaped legs and four castor feet, 36'' dia
Lot No: 895Description: INLAID TABLE; An oak framed rectangular formed table with inlaid and cross banded decoration fitted a similar lower shelf, 38''
Lot No: 896Description: BEVEL EDGED WALL MIRROR; Of oval form in gilded frame with reeded decoration
Lot No: 897Description: OAK REFECTORY TABLE, large heavy oak planked refectory dining table, 97'' x 33'' on turned supports and stretcher base
Lot No: 898Description: OAK FRAMED DINING CHAIRS, set of 4 oak framed dining chairs on barley turned framed with bergere cane seats and back, (1 seat replaced)
Lot No: 899Description: 19th CENTURY FLEMISH ARMCHAIRS, pair of Flemish carved oak carver chairs with carved and pierced foliate back on barley twist frame with leather inset to seats
Lot No: 900Description: MERRYWEATHER CHEST, reproduction mahogany chest in Georgian style with cross banded top, fitted 3 short and 3 long drawers with a Merryweather label to the inside drawer, 26''
Lot No: 901Description: EDWARDIAN MAHOGANY SIDE TABLE, Edwardian side table fitted 2 drawers on square form taper legs, lacks leather top, 41.5''