Lot No: 1Description: TIFFANY STYLE TABLE LAMP, leaded glass bronzed base table lamp
Lot No: 2Description: TERRESTRIAL, table top globe lamp
Lot No: 3Description: SPUN GLASS, a cabinet case novelty spun glass model of steam engine ''The Rocket''
Lot No: 4Description: MANTEL CLOCK, brown bakelite mantel clock by Smith, and 2 retro design mantel clocks
Lot No: 5Description: HARRODS, bottle carrying case
Lot No: 6Description: WEST GERMAN POTTERY, a retro glazed ribbed body large vase by Scheurich
Lot No: 7Description: TONY SHEATH, 2 signed limited edition colour prints ''Leading the Plough Horses''
Lot No: 8Description: MALING, pearl lustre blossom design narrow bodied jug and matching oval fruit bowl
Lot No: 9Description: CATS, pair of reproduction Staffordshire pottery seated cats, Siamese cat figure and 3 others
Lot No: 10Description: RETRO, Midwinter ''Spanish Garden'' pattern coffee pot and table ware; also cut glass fruit bowl
Lot No: 11Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, 4 Victorian Staffordshire pottery groups ; also Regency floral painted spill vase, cabinet cup and putti support shell dish
Lot No: 12Description: DOULTON & SLATERS, pair of lace impressed 12'' vases with pierced necks and enamelled decoration, pattern No. 3517
Lot No: 13Description: ORIENTAL, resin moulded square base vase
Lot No: 14Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, a modern underglaze blue lidded large vase
Lot No: 15Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglaze blue quatrefoil shaped vase stand
Lot No: 16Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, collection of 5 Victorian Staffordshire pottery groups including courting couple
Lot No: 17Description: ART DECO ''Arabian'' Arcadian ware lidded spherical bowl a/f
Lot No: 18Description: MELBA WARE, 2 models of bulls together with Shire Horse
Lot No: 19Description: ORIENTAL METAL WARE, Japanese brass vase decorated with relief vine decoration and signed base
Lot No: 20Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, pair of 19th Century theatrical figure groups
Lot No: 21Description: CLOISONNE, Chinese cloisonne blossom and bird design vase; also brass pestle and mortar
Lot No: 22Description: CARLTON JUG, floral design jug together with pair of German lidded steins
Lot No: 23Description: WALL BRACKET LIGHT, also gilt fish support centre piece, stationary rack etc,
Lot No: 24Description: CUT GLASS, a quality cut glass pedestal vase, ships style decanter and 3 other pieces of glass ware
Lot No: 25Description: FAIENCE, 19th Century Armorial wall plate
Lot No: 26Description: TRENCH ART, pair of impressive embossed brass shell cases ''Campagne & D'Orient''
Lot No: 27Description: POOLE POTTERY, a large lustre high shouldered vase
Lot No: 28Description: PRATT WARE, 3 tea plates ''Sebastopol'' and 2 others
Lot No: 29Description: CRESTED CHINA, a good collection of crested animals and other novelties including a Looe seated pig, Earls Court 1912 camel and Paignton frog
Lot No: 30Description: SILVER PLATE, twin branch candelabra, ice bucket, galleried tray etc,
Lot No: 31Description: CUT GLASS WARE, set of 6 cut glass tumblers and matching glasses together with 3 graduated fruit bowls
Lot No: 32Description: ANTIQUE METAL WARE, Arts & Craft copper and brass spirit kettle, pair of barley twist candlesticks, sugar loaf cutters etc.
Lot No: 33Description: CUT GLASS, decanter with 7 cut glass goblets
Lot No: 34Description: VICTORIAN TEAWARE, ''Poppy'' design yellow ground teaware
Lot No: 35Description: CUT GLASS, cased set of 6 Wentworth sherry glasses
Lot No: 36Description: RETRO, Vitrion blue floral bordered tea service
Lot No: 37Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, cased egg shell china coffee service
Lot No: 38Description: CHINOISERIE biscuit tin money box, copper plant trough, plated tureen and other metal ware
Lot No: 39Description: MOCHA, 6 pieces of mocha decorated Tintagel pottery
Lot No: 40Description: GLASSWARE, cut glass fruit bowl, pair of Georgian cut glass ale flutes and other decorative glassware
Lot No: 41Description: DEVON MOTTO WARE, jam dish , Japanese Heron vase and teapot, smelling salt bottle and decorative china
Lot No: 42Description: SILVER PLATE, 3 piece tea service, cigarette box, serving dishes and part contents of shelf
Lot No: 43Description: DRESDEN FIGURES, pair of Worcester condiments and decorative china
Lot No: 44Description: EARLY TRANSFERWARE, pair of ''Elephant'' pattern plates, part Royal Doulton ''Tivoli'' pattern coffeeware, a/f, George Jones dessert ware and contents of shelf
Lot No: 45Description: CRAFTS, collection of Craft annuals and related accessories
Lot No: 46Description: BENCH VICE and Black & Decker power grinder
Lot No: 47Description: COMMEMORATIVE, George V Coronation mug from Windlesham, also child's ''A present from Gravesend'' minature mug, cabinet cups and other commemorative and decroative china
Lot No: 48Description: SPODE, ''Italian'' pattern jardinere dishes and tableware
Lot No: 49Description: DENBY COFFEE SERVICE, pair of cut glass perfume decanters and Royal Worcester ''Evesham'' pattern casserole
Lot No: 50Description: NOVELTY TABLE LIGHTERS, collection of novelty lighters and ash trays, including Guinness can
Lot No: 51Description: CLARICE CLIFF, ''Old Bristol Porcelain'' pattern tableware of tureen graduated plates and accessories
Lot No: 52Description: 19th CENTURY CONTINENTAL FIGURES, pair of ornate gilt based figures of courting couple
Lot No: 53Description: COALPORT LIMITED EDITION FIGURE, ''Louisa at Ascot''
Lot No: 54Description: JASPERWARE, 4 Wedgwood Jasperware lidded bowls, also Art Nouveau tureen stand
Lot No: 55Description: ART DECO TOILET SET, Adderleys fruit decorated blue ground toilet jug, basin and 2 matching pieces
Lot No: 56Description: SPLATTER GLASS FLOWER BASKET, 1911 Coronation beaker and 4 other vases
Lot No: 59Description: SIGNED WATERCOLOUR, ''Fishing Boat in Harbour''
Lot No: 60Description: BIRD SCULPTURES, 2 brass and wood Ibis birds
Lot No: 61Description: EDDIE STOBART, collection of boxed model haulage transport
Lot No: 62Description: WMF, pair of Arts & Crafts embossed metal candle sticks (need restoration)
Lot No: 63Description: DRESDEN DISH, Royal Worcester Willow pattern coffee cup and saucer and contents of shelf
Lot No: 64Description: BRASS FIRE BELLOWS, Italian pottery table lamp base, cutlery, etc
Lot No: 65Description: CAR BADGES, Three RAC car badges together with model vehicles, Corgi Bedford coach and other similar vehicles contained on shelf
Lot No: 66Description: COMMEMORATIVE CROWNS, cutlery and contents of box
Lot No: 67Description: POLICE, framed commemorative photograph ''Cornwall Constabulary - Kings Jubilee Contingent, Hyde Park, July 20th 1935
Lot No: 68Description: 2 HAND COLOURED VICTORIAN ENGRAVINGS, ''Phoebe Mayflower'' and ''Blithe Mayday''
Lot No: 69Description: DELON, collection of 6 signed paintings on canvas, impressionistic scenes
Lot No: 70Description: SILVER PLATE, 3 piece plated tea service, rose bowl, candle sticks and condiments
Lot No: 71Description: ART DECO MANTEL CLOCK, amber cased Smith Sectric mantel clock
Lot No: 72Description: ANTIQUE BRASSWARE, an ornate brass standdish
Lot No: 73Description: ORIGINAL BOXED CARPET BOWLS, by B & A
Lot No: 74Description: PHOTGRAPHY, Leica camera, model no 223763, with accessories
Lot No: 75Description: CIGARETTE & TRADE CARDS, Lyons cake tin containing assorted cards, also Brooke Bond album ''Out into Space''
Lot No: 76Description: WWI, 1914 Christmas George V treat postcard, together with soldier's service book for Thomas Brown and uniform buttons
Lot No: 77Description: MUSICAL BOX MOVEMENT, 3 boxed movements
Lot No: 78Description: CIGARETTE CARDS, collection of several hundred early cigarette cards
Lot No: 79Description: WALKING STICKS, collection of 3 Chinese carved walking sticks
Lot No: 80Description: VINTAGE RAILWAYS LUGGAGE LABELS, collection of early labels
Lot No: 81Description: ''FINDENS'TABLEAUX'' 1843, in 2 volumes, together with 2 other volumes relating to music
Lot No: 82Description: EASTERN DOCUMENT BOX, a finely carved wooden document box
Lot No: 83Description: 2 METAL CASH TINS, ''Waddington's Scoop!'' jigsaw carpet bowls and contents of shelf
Lot No: 84Description: INNUIT, group of bear, bird figure and eskimo
Lot No: 85Description: MARITIME, triple masted sailing ship in bottle
Lot No: 86Description: BINOCULARS, cased pair of prismatic binoculars by Tasco, 7 x 50
Lot No: 87Description: METALWARE, brass table bell with striker and 1 other hand bell
Lot No: 88Description: BOXED MAH JONG SET
Lot No: 89Description: LEATHER JEWEL BOX, and 1 other
Lot No: 90Description: ART NOUVEAU, a Scandinavian bronze vase decorated with fiddle player and young maid, signed Froding
Lot No: 91Description: ART NOUVEAU, a brass Art Nouveau letter rack combined ink well
Lot No: 92Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, tiger decorated brass trivet, 2 pairs of brass candle sticks and pair of baluster brass vases
Lot No: 93Description: WALKING STICKS, collection of 5 walking sticks including Acacia and 1 stamped Brigg
Lot No: 94Description: CLIFF RICHARD, Signed photo of Cliff Richards car outside family home, also signed photo of Hank Marvin together with Cliff Richard London palladium programme
Lot No: 95Description: EARLY LADYBIRD BOOK, 3 books to include ''Adventures of Wonk-Fireworks'' and ''The Impatient Horse''
Lot No: 96Description: FISHING, a set of 6 Herbert Jenkins, fishing reference books and 1 similar
Lot No: 97Description: CORNISH MINING INTEREST, hand coloured engraving ''Man Engine - Cornish Mine'', also Bodinnick Ferry and 2 others
Lot No: 98Description: SHOE TREES, box of assorted shoe trees
Lot No: 99Description: TELEPHONES, 2 trim phones and 1 other
Lot No: 100Description: BRIAN LOMBARD PALMER, signed watercolour ''Sheeps Tour and Burrator Reservoir''
Lot No: 101Description: ALAN POOLE, 2 signed watercolours, ''Fishing Boats at Low Tide''
Lot No: 102Description: RAF, Wing Commander's uniform, also dress uniform and cap in original box
Lot No: 103Description: ABRAHAM LINCOLN, pair of cast metal portrait bookends
Lot No: 105Description: EQUESTRIAN, carved hardstone fighting stallion sculpture, together with bronzed equestrian figure
Lot No: 106Description: WEBLEY, sports starting pistol - mark III in original box
Lot No: 107Description: EARLY CARD GAME, ''Lindy - The New Flying Game'' in original box
Lot No: 108Description: GILDED FOUNTAIN PEN, in presentation box, together with sterling silver cased biro
Lot No: 109Description: RAILWAY, 2 model locomotives ''Sherwood Forester'' and ''Prairie Tank'' together with commemorative railway horse brass
Lot No: 110Description: MARBLES, collection of assorted antique and later coloured glass marbles
Lot No: 111Description: ETCHED DRAGON GLASS PAPER WEIGHT and English pewter mounted tumbler
Lot No: 113Description: PAPER WEIGHTS, Polar Bear paper weight, Swarovski yacht and 3 other pieces
Lot No: 114Description: SCALE MODEL VEHICLES, 3 Burago model cars including Mercedes Benz SSK
Lot No: 115Description: SWAROVSKI, collection of 11 crystal ornaments, including cat and saxophone
Lot No: 116Description: 3 HAND BELLS, cap gun, Midland money box, etc
Lot No: 117Description: TIN PLATE CRANE, Dinky Bedford truck and other model cars on shelf
Lot No: 118Description: BAYKO BUILDING SET & CONVERTING SET ,both in original boxes
Lot No: 119Description: MECANNO, small selection of mecanno pieces, also Faller construction kit, etc
Lot No: 120Description: TANTALUS, triple cut glass decanter tantalus
Lot No: 121Description: CHAD VALLEY, tin plate terrestorial table globe
Lot No: 122Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, 19th Century ornate brass triple branch candelabra
Lot No: 123Description: BRASS BALANCE SCALES, inset with metric weights
Lot No: 124Description: FIRE IRONS, antique brass 3 piece fire irons set, together with bronze andirons
Lot No: 125Description: EDWARDIAN PRINTS, pair of Edwardian Angel prints
Lot No: 126Description: P LESLIE-SMITH, oil on board ''Landscape''
Lot No: 127Description: B. BAYLEY, signed water colour ''Portrait of Young Lady with gold earrings''
Lot No: 128Description: MEVAGISSEY, signed colour print ''Ben, Anna & Pipa fishing''
Lot No: 129Description: D WESTERN, signed colour print ''Mackerel fishing in harbour''
Lot No: 130Description: CHRYSTOLEUM, gilt framed portrait of young lady
Lot No: 131Description: BREITLING CHRONOGRAPH WRIST WATCH, gentleman's Breitling top time chronograph, circa 1965, with 3 subsidiary dials, mechanism keeping good time, stop watch working but reluctant to flick back
Lot No: 132Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD PASTE SET RING, size Q
Lot No: 133Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL RING, large rectangular form opal, possibly lightening reg, good colour showing through green, purple and blue range
Lot No: 134Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND RING, central rectangular cut emerald approx 9.5mm x 7.5mm set with baguette cut diamond to each shoulder, size M/N
Lot No: 135Description: GOLD JEWELLERY, including 15ct gold opal ring a/f and selection of gold and yellow metal studs
Lot No: 138Description: 2 ANTIQUE BROOCHES, 1 reverso with painted palque of ''The Madonna'' to one side and shell cut cameo to reverse, other of knot form
Lot No: 139Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, old cut diamond approx 7.8mm, approx 2ct, diamond is of good colour and clarity with masses of fire, size M/N
Lot No: 140Description: 9ct GOLD GENTLEMAN'S HALF HUNTER POCKET WATCH in leather case and original cardboard box, watch has inscription to inner cover for 50 years service to J&H Cock Ltd ,1929
Lot No: 141Description: PAIR OF 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, approx 0.9ct, diamonds of good colour and clarity, set in 3 claw settings
Lot No: 142Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD AMETHYST RING set with small accent diamonds to each shoulder, oval cut amethyst approx 11mm x 9mm, size N
Lot No: 143Description: 2, 9ct GOLD CROSSES, 1 white stone set, both on 9ct gold chains
Lot No: 144Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, 5 draguated brilliant cut diamonds, totalling approx 1ct, well matched stones of good colour and clarity, size P/Q
Lot No: 145Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND DAISY RING, 7 brilliant cut diamonds set in form of a daisy, 1.05ct, size K
Lot No: 146Description: 2 CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, including 1 Pierre Cardian
Lot No: 147Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 8 small sapphires surrounding an illusion set diamond set on heavy 18ct gold mount, size Q
Lot No: 148Description: VINTAGE 14ct YELLOW GOLD TURQUOISE & DIAMOND RING, large turquoise and diamond cocktail ring, set with cabouchon cut turquoise set with diamonds to each shoulder, 9 grams, size N
Lot No: 149Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SET BAND, mixed well matched brilliant and baguette cut diamonds totalling 1ct, size M
Lot No: 151Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD VICTORIAN HINGED BANGLE, set with ruby and peridot stones
Lot No: 152Description: YELLOW GOLD STONE SET RING, foreign marks to outside of shank, size N
Lot No: 153Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD PINK SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, princess cut pink sapphire surrounded by well matched brilliant cut diamonds, size N
Lot No: 154Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD TURQUOISE SET RING, size O
Lot No: 155Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 9ct yellow cluster set with mixed baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, in excess of 0.5ct, size O/P
Lot No: 156Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, 3 brillinat cut diamonds, approx 0.4ct, size K/L
Lot No: 157Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD BAND RING, approx 5 grams and 9ct yellow gold padlock clasp, approx 2.7 grams
Lot No: 158Description: 18ct GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING OF TWIST FORM, size J/K
Lot No: 159Description: WHITE METAL LADIES ALBERTINE CHAIN and yellow metal long guard
Lot No: 160Description: 2002 PROOF GOLD SOVEREIGN, in orginal inner and outer box, with paperwork, coin number 3302
Lot No: 161Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD SUNBURST AMETRIME & DIAMOND RING, trillion cut ametrime in 3 claw setting with accent diamonds to each shoulder
Lot No: 162Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 7 STONE DIAMOND DAISY RING, set 7 brilliant cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, totalling 1ct, size J/K
Lot No: 163Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD WEDDING BAND, 3.5 grams, size X/Y
Lot No: 164Description: DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, 0.9ct diamond solitaire in 4 claw setting with GIA certificate, stating colour H, clarity SI2, excellent polish, excellent symetry, size K/L
Lot No: 165Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD BLACK OPAL RING, with ceritificate stating lightening ridge black opal, oval cabouchon cut , approx 6mm x 4mm, 0.17ct diamond
Lot No: 166Description: CONTINENTAL SILVER SLEDGE drawn by 2 oxon
Lot No: 167Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND DAISY RING, set with 7 well matched brilliant cut diamonds, size L
Lot No: 168Description: SILVER CHARM BRACELET, set with many charms, including gypsy wagon, cooker, kangeroo, etc
Lot No: 169Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM EMERALD & DIAMOND CLUSTER, central rectangular cut pale green emerald surrounded by 12 accent brillinat cut diamonds, size L/M
Lot No: 170Description: WHITE METAL IRISH CELTIC BROOCH, by Silver Spirit, ahnd crafted Celtic art, from the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
Lot No: 171Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CHAIN LINK RING, size U, 6 grams
Lot No: 173Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SET GYPSY RING, garnet 6.1mm approx in 8 claw setting, size K/L
Lot No: 174Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD CITRINE & DIAMOND RING, large oval cabouchon cut citrine with unusual engraved design set with brilliant cut diamonds to each shoulder, size Q
Lot No: 175Description: WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, old cut diamond approx 1ct, set with 3 small accent diamonds to each shoulder, size N/O
Lot No: 176Description: 2 PEARL NECKLACES and pair of faux pearl earrings
Lot No: 177Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, mixed baguette and brilliant cut diamonds of good colour and clarity in unusual swirl form, total weight in excess of 2ct
Lot No: 178Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD BLOOD STONE SIGNET RING, size Q
Lot No: 179Description: SILVER OPEN FACED PATTERN LEVER POCKET WATCH, with key, untested
Lot No: 180Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD TURQUOISE & DIAMOND RING, central oval cabouchon cut turquoise surrounded by accent brilliant cut diamonds on 18ct gold chank, size N/O
Lot No: 181Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SET GYPSY RING, size S/T, 4.5 grams
Lot No: 182Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central brilliant cut sapphire surrounded by illusion set accent diamonds, size G/H
Lot No: 183Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND PENDANT on 18ct white gold boxlink chain, unusual diamond drop pendant of binary comet form, in excess of 1ct
Lot No: 184Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central oval cut ruby, good colour, surrounded by mixed brillinat and baguette cut diamonds, size K/L
Lot No: 185Description: 15ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & PEARL BROOCH, 5 well matched old brilliant cut rubies, each seperated by 4 seed pearls
Lot No: 186Description: 22ct GOLD WEDDING BAND, 1.6 grams
Lot No: 187Description: SILVER NOVELTY WHISTLE, in the form of a cockatoo head, marked sterling
Lot No: 188Description: SILVER YARD LEAD PENCIL, in original box with instructions
Lot No: 189Description: SILVER WWI MEDAL, to Cpl A E Robinson ASC
Lot No: 190Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD PERIDOT & DIAMOND RING, size M/N
Lot No: 191Description: 22ct YELLOW GOLD WEDDING BAND, 1.8 grams, size P/Q
Lot No: 192Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND HALF ETERNITY STYLE RING, 5 brillinat cut diamonds of good colour and clarity in rub over settings, approx 0.5ct
Lot No: 193Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND RING, central pear cut aquamarine surrounded by illusion set brillinat cut diamonds, with accent diamonds to each shoulder, size N/O
Lot No: 194Description: YELLOW METAL SHELL CAMEO, shell portrait cameo in 9ct gold mount
Lot No: 197Description: PLATINUM & DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, princess cut diamond 0.71ct, with valuation for insurance stating colour H, accessed clarity VS2, valuation of £4950.00 (insurance purposes), size J
Lot No: 198Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD STAR RUBY & DIAMOND RING, size N
Lot No: 199Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL SOLITAIRE RING, size M/N
Lot No: 200Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD TANZANITE & DIAMOND RING, central tanzanite of exceptional colour and clarity, 7.5mm x 5.7mm, with accent brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds to each shoulder, size O
Lot No: 201Description: 15ct YELLOW GOLD & SEED PEARL BAR BROOCH, 5.8grams
Lot No: 202Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND HEART RING, 3 very well matche diamonds of good colour and clarity, cut to form a heart, total diamond weight 0.75ct, size K/L
Lot No: 203Description: 9ct GOLD CASED LADIES WRIST WATCH on 9ct gold bracelet, watch appears in working condition
Lot No: 204Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central sapphire surrounded by accent diamonds, size O/P
Lot No: 205Description: GENTLEMAN'S BOUME WRIST WATCH in 9ct gold ALD case, appears in good working condition
Lot No: 206Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD WATCH FOB with chain design, set with enamelled glass encased shilling
Lot No: 207Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND BRACELET, 2.8ct of brilliant cut diamonds, well matched stones of good colour and clarity
Lot No: 208Description: SILVER, including silver ingot pendant, locket chain, earrings and ring
Lot No: 210Description: SILVER MESH PURSE
Lot No: 211Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 set blue topaz, other ruby and diamond, size P
Lot No: 212Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD 4 STONE DIAMOND RING, unusual handmade 4 stone ring, set with 4 brilliant cut diamonds, each stone approx 0.4ct, total 1.6cts, approx colour J/K. clarity V/S, with insurance valuation dated 20/11/2007 £4950.00
Lot No: 214Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND RING, central aquamarine set with 5 accent diamonds to each shoulder, size N/O
Lot No: 215Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GENTLEMAN'S SIGNET RING, size X/Y, 6 grams
Lot No: 216Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD VINTAGE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, size O/P
Lot No: 217Description: BLACK PEARL CHOKER NECKLACE, with 14ct yellow gold clasp
Lot No: 218Description: IMPRESSIVE 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND NECKLACE, set with 16.1ct diamond, well matched brilliant cut stones of good colour and clarity, approx 22'' long
Lot No: 219Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD PENDANT on 9ct yellow gold chain
Lot No: 220Description: 2 PAIRS OF CUFF LINKS, 1, 9ct gold pair approx 5 grams, other silver
Lot No: 222Description: UNUSUAL WHITE GOLD DIAMOND DROP PENDANT on 9ct white gold chain
Lot No: 223Description: 2 VINTAGE GENTLEMAN'S WRIST WATCHES, 1 by Zenith, Defy Automatic appears in working condition, other a Silvervatch Automatic 30 jewel inkablock antimagnetic
Lot No: 224Description: LADIES 9ct GOLD CASED WRIST WATCH on 9ct gold bracelet watch by Elco, 17 jewel movement in untested condition
Lot No: 226Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central green emerald of good colour, surrounded by 2 rows of well matched brilliant cut diamonds, size L/M
Lot No: 227Description: VINIGARETTE, white metal tests as silver, vinigarette in the form of a thistle head, opening top to reveal gilt lined interior and pierced grating
Lot No: 229Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD & DIAMOND SIGNET RING in the form of initials SI or IS, 11 grams
Lot No: 230Description: GOLD SILVER & COSTUME JEWELLERY, 1 gram 9ct gold, 1.78 grams higher ct gold, a blue and white stone costume silver ring, etc
Lot No: 231Description: IMPRESSIVE 9ct GOLD CITRINE DRESS RING, large trillion cut citrine in heavy 9ct gold 3 claw setting, size N/O, 10.4 grams
Lot No: 232Description: PLATINUM WEDDING BAND, 1.8 grams, size K/L
Lot No: 233Description: 22ct GOLD WEDDING BAND, 1.6 grams
Lot No: 234Description: VINTAGE 18ct GOLD 3 STONE DIAMOND GYPSY RING, 3 well matched brilliant cut diamonds, approx 0.5ct, size N/O
Lot No: 235Description: SILVER PERFUME BOTTLE HOLDER, containing original bottle with glass stopper
Lot No: 236Description: GENTLEMAN'S 9ct GOLD SIGNET RING, size I, 12.8 grams
Lot No: 237Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND HALF ETERNITY RING, 4 oval cut rubies each seperated by a pair of brilliant cut diamonds, size O
Lot No: 238Description: 4 STRINGS OF DISCO BEADS
Lot No: 239Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, brilliant cut diamond, approx 0.1ct, size N/O
Lot No: 241Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CABOUCHON CUT AMBER RING, size L/M
Lot No: 242Description: 2 SILVER MEDALS, 1 The Caledonian Society of London in silver, other silver enamelled Court medal
Lot No: 243Description: CULTURED PEARL NECKLACE and enamelled stoneset charm bracelet
Lot No: 244Description: 3 STONE AMETHSYT SILVER RING, size R
Lot No: 245Description: GOLD ONYX SET SIGNET RING & 2, 9ct gold bar brooches
Lot No: 246Description: GOLD BAR BROOCH, in original box set with pearl in halo setting of diamonds
Lot No: 247Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND WEDDING SET, size R
Lot No: 248Description: SILVER BRACLET, 1 other silver bracelet and chain
Lot No: 250Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND RING, size I/J
Lot No: 253Description: SILVER, including heavy identity bracelet, torque bracelet, rings, etc, weight 176 grams
Lot No: 254Description: CONCORDE silver gin & whisky decanter labels in original Concorde box with certificate, hallmarked silver with British Airways sponsor mark
Lot No: 255Description: BAG OF COINS, containing some half silver, copper tokens, modern, decimal etc,
Lot No: 256Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD bark effect turquoise set ladies ring, 5.5 grams in weight, size L to M
Lot No: 257Description: YELLOW METAL MOURNING BROOCH with inscription to rear ''My Dear Husband, January 13th 1856''
Lot No: 258Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD paste set blue and white stone ring, size M
Lot No: 259Description: 9CT WHITE GOLD TANZANITE AND DIAMOND RING, 3 well matched tanzanite's set with 3 ascent diamonds to each shoulder, size N to O
Lot No: 260Description: 1 x 9CT GOLD PENDANT and 1 x 9ct front & back pendant on 9ct gold chain
Lot No: 261Description: IDENTITY OF LONDON DIGITAL WRIST WATCH on leatherette strap
Lot No: 262Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD PLATINUM AND DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, vintage diamond solitaire set in 8 claw platinum mount on 18ct gold shank, diamond measuring approx. 0.40 ct Size R/S
Lot No: 263Description: 2 SILVER WATCH FOBS, nickel railway time keeper pocket watch, pen knife etc,
Lot No: 264Description: 9CT WHITE GOLD purple sapphire solitaire ring, size M/O
Lot No: 265Description: 9CT WHITE GOLD STONE SET RING
Lot No: 266Description: 4.3 CARAT NATURAL BLUE TOPAZ STONE PENDANT on sterling silver curb chain
Lot No: 268Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD & DIAMOND SOLITAIRE, set with brilliant cut diamond, approx 0.15ct, size R/S
Lot No: 269Description: 5 STONE BLUE TOPAZ RING set in silver, size N
Lot No: 270Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND RING, size N/O
Lot No: 271Description: VINTAGE OMEGA SEAMASTER AUTOMATIC CALENDAR WATCH, circa 1958/59 in good working condition
Lot No: 272Description: 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, well matched graduated diamonds totalling approx. 1 carat
Lot No: 273Description: SILVER JEWELLERY INCLUDING silver ID bracelet, silver rings, earrings and pendants
Lot No: 274Description: IMPRESSIVE SILVER CHARM BRACELET containing many charms including clock, church, lighthouse, tankard, elephants, ballet dancer, crown, dog house, gypsy wagon, boot and many more
Lot No: 275Description: KRUG-BAUMEN lap master alarm chrono water resistant wrist watch in original box with paperwork
Lot No: 276Description: PLATINUM WEDDING BAND weighing 4 grams, size K/L
Lot No: 277Description: 22CT GOLD WEDDING BAND weighing 2.7 grams, size H/I
Lot No: 278Description: 2 x 9CT GOLD RIBBON LINK NECKLACES, 1.6 grams total weight
Lot No: 279Description: IMPRESSIVE LARGE BUTTERFLY WING PENDANT set in silver on silver necklace
Lot No: 280Description: 5 RINGS including 4 silver and 1 x 9ct gold and silver
Lot No: 281Description: 9CT YELLOW GOLD emerald and diamond flower ring the central emerald surrounded by illusion set ascent diamonds, size K/L
Lot No: 282Description: 18CT YELLOW GOLD & PLATINUM 3 stone diamond ring, vintage 18ct gold and platinum ring set with 3 illusion set diamonds 2.3 grams in weight
Lot No: 283Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, central pale blue sapphire set with small accent diamonds to each shoulder, size N/M
Lot No: 284Description: VINTAGE 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SET RING of cross and heart design, size K/L
Lot No: 286Description: SILVER JEWELLERY, including silver locket, rings, pendants, chains, etc
Lot No: 287Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY & SILVER PLATE, including rings, bangles, vesta and ladies Seiko automatic wrist watch
Lot No: 288Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, selection of bead necklaces, earrings, dress watches, etc
Lot No: 290Description: NECLACES, bag containing various necklaces, including white metal and stone set
Lot No: 292Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, collection of mainly boxed costume jewellery necklaces, also good collection of earrings
Lot No: 293Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, Swarovski boxed necklace togehter with collection of other assorted necklaces
Lot No: 294Description: COSTUME NECKLACES, collection of boxed costume necklaces including turquoise bead necklace
Lot No: 295Description: BOXED COSTUME JEWELLERY, selection of boxed costume necklaces, bangles, etc
Lot No: 296Description: BOXED COSTUME JEWELLERY, 3 boxes of pink and green necklace and bracelet sets, costume brooches, etc
Lot No: 297Description: PLASTIC CONTAINER of mixed costume bracelets, etc
Lot No: 298Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, basket containing a selection of costume jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, etc
Lot No: 299Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, selection of costume jewellery, including filagree bar brooches, compact, ladies dress watch. etc
Lot No: 300Description: JEWELLERY BOX & CONTENTS, grey jewellery box containing selection of white metal brooches, 2 napkin rings, collar studs, etc
Lot No: 301Description: GENT'S BULOVA WRIST WATCH, Gent's Bulova chronograph wrist watch in stianless steel case
Lot No: 302Description: TIN OF COSTUME JEWELLERY, including bead necklaces, bangles, etc
Lot No: 303Description: GENTS WRIST WATCHES, Gent's Divers Dynamic wrist watch with date aperature, an Accurist wrist watch in stainless steel case, a Seiko wrist watch and 1 other
Lot No: 304Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY & WATCHES, 3 ladies dress wrist watches, Sekonda, Seiko, etc, also eternity style ring,pearl style dress ring and earring
Lot No: 305Description: 2 PLASTIC CRATES OF COSTUME JEWELLERY, bead necklaces, bangles, earrings, etc
Lot No: 306Description: BOX OF COSTUME JEWELLERY, including silver brooch, earrings, bead necklaces, etc
Lot No: 307Description: WATCHES, etc, Acme lever key wind pocket watch in .935 silver case, together with a collection of ladies and gents watches, coins, etc
Lot No: 308Description: MIXED CROWNS, small selection of mixed modern crowns, 1 Roman coin, etc
Lot No: 309Description: CULTURED PEARLS, 2 boxed of assorted cultured and simulated pearl necklaces
Lot No: 310Description: BEAD NECKLACES, small container of bead necklaces
Lot No: 311Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, small collection of costume jewellery brooches, bracelets, earrings, etc
Lot No: 312Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, simulated pearl necklaces, assorted brooches, bangles, etc
Lot No: 313Description: 5 ASSORTED DRESS PENDANTS, plated photo frame, etc
Lot No: 314Description: WWII MEDALS, 3 pairs of WWII War & Defence medals, 2 39/45 Stars and Atlantic Stars, also 1914/18 War medal to J Dunvar, Sussex Regiment
Lot No: 315Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, plated chantilly chain, a vintage Tissot gent's wrist watch, silver rings, etc
Lot No: 316Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, silver hinged bangle, bar brooch with pierced decoration in the form of a ship, pendant, etc
Lot No: 317Description: POCKET WATCH & CUTLERY, gold plated pocket watch, plated compass, a silver spoon rest decorated a sun bowl, plated spoons, lighter and boxed cuff links
Lot No: 318Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, pendant with coin mount, cross on chain, earrings, necklaces, watch, etc
Lot No: 319Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY,
Lot No: 320Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, box of gold plated necklaces, earrings, etc
Lot No: 321Description: LONGINES WRIST WATCH, vintage Longines gold plated gent's wrist watch in original box, appears working, scratch to dial
Lot No: 322Description: DIAMOND & SAPPHIRE DROP PENDANT, on a 9ct fine link yellow gold necklace
Lot No: 323Description: WRIST WATCHES, 6 assorted ladies wrist watches, including a vintage Super Roma
Lot No: 324Description: PLATED COMPACT and costume hair slide
Lot No: 325Description: SOLITAIRE RING, 9ct gold and platinum mounted solitaire ring, size O, approx 0.2ct, also 18ct diamond and sapphire ring, sapphire missing, ring cut
Lot No: 326Description: DIAMOND CROSS OVER RING, platinum ring set 8 diamonds with good colour and clarity, size M
Lot No: 327Description: DRESS WRIST WATCHES, CMAX stainless steel gent's wrist watch together with 2 others
Lot No: 328Description: POCKET WATCHES, Combat plated pocket watch woth secondary dial, together with 2 others
Lot No: 329Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, 5 assorted costume rings, including 2 eternity style rings, 2 plated hunting brooches, 1 with portrait of a dog, other form of a riding crop
Lot No: 330Description: BRASSWARE, ornate brass photo frame, miniature brass ornaments
Lot No: 331Description: MOZART BUST on plinth also etched glass candle holder
Lot No: 332Description: GLASSWARE, antique glass decanter base; assorted brandy balloons and other table glass ware
Lot No: 333Description: DIECAST VEHICLES, collection of heavy duty transport and similar model cars etc,
Lot No: 334Description: ANTIQUE MAP, John Cary map of Oxfordshire
Lot No: 335Description: POULTRY, pair of Ludlow colour poultry prints
Lot No: 336Description: ETHNIC, 2 iron tipped throwing spears
Lot No: 337Description: PORCELAIN HOUND, animal figures and novelties
Lot No: 338Description: BINOCULARS, pair of prismatic binoculars by Zeiss and 1 other cased binoculars
Lot No: 339Description: ANTIQUE METAL WARE, copper oval foot warmer
Lot No: 340Description: BOOKS, ''Memoir of the Loves of the Poets'' 1831 in 2 volumes; also leather bound ''Works of Milton & Shakespeare'' together with other books on shelf
Lot No: 341Description: FLORAL PLATE, 3 serving trays, goblet, Art Nouveau design paper knife and contents of shelf
Lot No: 342Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Bolex cine camera in original case; also folding Kodak black fibre camera and No. 2 Brownie box camera
Lot No: 343Description: ASSORTED CUTLERY, 2 souvenir pin dishes, plated ware etc,
Lot No: 344Description: BOOKS, 5 volumes by D H Lawrence; together with other uniform volumes
Lot No: 345Description: BRIAN HORSWELL, signed painting on canvas ''Sunset Over Harbour''
Lot No: 346Description: ANTIONE VIT, signed pastel dated 1991, ''Plage d'Hiver'' with additional drawing on reverse
Lot No: 347Description: STEWART LOWDON, signed oil on board ''St Breock Downs''
Lot No: 348Description: V. BURNETT, signed painting on board ''Continental Street Scene''
Lot No: 349Description: MAYE, signed painting on canvas ''Fishing Boats unloading on quay side''
Lot No: 350Description: DAVID PARRY, signed limited edition colour print ''Fallow Deer''
Lot No: 351Description: SIGNED CONTINENTAL SCHOOL, painting on canvas ''Street Scene''
Lot No: 352Description: CUTLERY, collection of Viners silver plate cutlery; also Victorian tureen, teapot and other plated ware
Lot No: 353Description: ANGLE POISE LAMP,
Lot No: 354Description: MARITIME, boxed Walker's patent log
Lot No: 355Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Agfa Ambi Silette camera; also telescopic tripod and other accessories
Lot No: 356Description: MARITIME, boxed Yacht Sextant
Lot No: 357Description: EMBROIDERY, floral embroidered pull; also 2 brass trivets
Lot No: 358Description: SOUVENIR SPOON DISPLAY, enamel and crested souvenir spoons
Lot No: 359Description: SELMER TRUMPET, Selmer student trumpet with mute in a case
Lot No: 360Description: BEE KEEPING, smoking unit
Lot No: 361Description: ORIENTAL METAL WARE, Chinese splayed rim bronze censer
Lot No: 362Description: RAILWAYS, a collection of railway reference books
Lot No: 363Description: TOOLS, a collection of cabinet makers and other tools including planes
Lot No: 364Description: MODEL RAILWAY, collection of track together with some wagons and other accessories
Lot No: 365Description: TOOLS, 2 cabinet makers planes, shoe last and other tools
Lot No: 366Description: MOORCROFT, blue ground ''Anemone'' pattern spherical vase
Lot No: 367Description: STERLING SILVER MODEL CAR, a fine sculptured silver vintage Lanchester car model
Lot No: 368Description: STERLING SILVER MODEL CAR, finely sculptured model car possibly open top Ford
Lot No: 369Description: SILVER DESIGNER CANDLE STICK, stamped ''Pampaloni''
Lot No: 370Description: LLADRO, 2 Lladro cherub figures
Lot No: 371Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglaze blue brush pot and rice bowl
Lot No: 372Description: BESWICK DOGS, plinth mounted Beagle and Basset Hound
Lot No: 373Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER, ''Birds In Tree'' pattern tea bowl and saucer
Lot No: 374Description: GEORGIAN TEA SPOONS, 3 HM silver fiddle pattern, Newcastle tea spoons
Lot No: 375Description: MATTHEW BOULTON, Port decanter label, HM silver decorated with carpenters tools
Lot No: 376Description: HARRODS MENU HOLDERS, set of 6 design card holders
Lot No: 377Description: SILVER COMPACT, circular silver compact with engine turned decoration
Lot No: 378Description: GLASSWARE, set of 6 green glass bowl goblets
Lot No: 379Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, gilded paper weight of Duckling
Lot No: 380Description: MARQUIS de LAFAYETTE, framed and glazed gilt portrait commemorative medallion
Lot No: 381Description: SILVER SUGAR BOWL CASED, HM silver circular bowl with similar engraved spoon, Birmingham 1907
Lot No: 382Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''River Bank Vole''
Lot No: 383Description: CAR MASCOT, chromed figure of galloping horse, stamped ''Lejeune''
Lot No: 384Description: VICTORIAN SILVER BACKED DRESSING MIRROR, together with similar brushes
Lot No: 385Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight of Crested Tit
Lot No: 386Description: SCRAP SILVER, pair of HM circular based candle sticks a/f, ink well carcas and silver oddments
Lot No: 387Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight of Puppy
Lot No: 388Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''Snuffle''
Lot No: 389Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight of Owlet
Lot No: 390Description: BELLEEK, beehive conserve jar
Lot No: 391Description: SILVER CONDIMENTS, 2 pairs of HM silver pepperettes and salts
Lot No: 392Description: BESWICK HORSE, plinth based Arab
Lot No: 393Description: SILVER CANDLE STICKS, pair of HM silver circular based candle sticks, Birmingham 1903
Lot No: 394Description: GEORGIAN GLASS, oval bodied cut glass brandy decanter and stopper
Lot No: 395Description: EASTERN SCULPTURES, pair of gilded brass temple dancers, 2 Chinese warrior figures and 2 other pieces
Lot No: 396Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''Spice Kitten''
Lot No: 397Description: SILVER CHEROOT CASE, together with Edwardian vesta case
Lot No: 398Description: SILVER CONDIMENTS, pair of HM silver circular salts, Birmingham 1919, together with 2 silver mustards
Lot No: 399Description: SILVER INK WELL STAND, Birmingham 1919
Lot No: 400Description: SILVER CIGARETTE BOX, inscribed ''Robbie 11.2.45''
Lot No: 401Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''Nibbles''
Lot No: 402Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''Bunny''
Lot No: 403Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Chinese underglaze blue saucer dish, 4 character base mark
Lot No: 404Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weights, 2 bird paper weights
Lot No: 405Description: BEATRIX POTTER, limited edition Doulton figure ''Mrs Rabbit''
Lot No: 406Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''Scruff''
Lot No: 407Description: HIP FLASK, a large hip flask with silver plated cap
Lot No: 408Description: SILVER HANDLE FRUIT EATERS, HM silver pistol grip design
Lot No: 409Description: NAPOLEON, pair of painted portrait miniatures
Lot No: 410Description: EASTERN METALWARE, silver and copper relief wall plaque, also antique ivory handled folding cutlery
Lot No: 411Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''Misty''
Lot No: 412Description: CUTLERY, a collection of silver plate cutlery
Lot No: 413Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, paper weight ''Teal Duckling''
Lot No: 414Description: NAO, set of 3 cherub musicians
Lot No: 415Description: BESWICK HORSE, ''Indian Chief''
Lot No: 416Description: ADVERTISING, Beswick Worthington Pale Ale mayor jug, also Sanderland Cognac Martell brandy jug and wade Captain Morgan boat ash tray
Lot No: 417Description: RIDGWAY CANDLE STICKS, pair of green stoneware circular based candle sticks
Lot No: 418Description: BORDER FINE ARTS, group of 5 sculptures including poultry group and mouse with banana
Lot No: 419Description: ART GLASS, a signed art glass vase; also signed Jonasson hedgehog paper weight, porcelain ''Flapper'' half lady and 1 other paper weight
Lot No: 420Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT ''Gilded duck''
Lot No: 421Description: GEORGIAN GLASSWARE, triple liquor decanter set with 9 small glasses
Lot No: 422Description: ANTIQUE ROSEWOOD, egg cup stand with replacement egg cups
Lot No: 423Description: EMU EGG, Australian kangaroo and map etched emu egg together with antique snooker ball
Lot No: 424Description: BELGIAN POTTERY, display of 7 masks
Lot No: 425Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPERWEIGHT, ''Derby Door Mouse''
Lot No: 426Description: COUNTRY ARTIST, collection of 6 groups including kingfisher, vixen & cub
Lot No: 427Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPERWEIGHT, ''Bank Vole''
Lot No: 428Description: DAVID WINTER, 3 groups Cornish harbour, Fallstaf Manor and Triple Oast together with 1 other group
Lot No: 429Description: CUTLERY, cased set of six mother of pearl handled tea knives, cased fish servers and other cutlery
Lot No: 432Description: CAITHNESS, limited edition set of 3 paperweights ''Trio'' with certificate; also art glass decanter
Lot No: 433Description: CRESTED ANIMALS, collection of 11 crested novelty cats
Lot No: 434Description: EDWARDIAN STANDISH also silver topped sugar dredger and Victorian teapot
Lot No: 435Description: WADE RETRO, Pair of Wade Ballerina vases
Lot No: 436Description: CRESTED ANIMALS, a large collection of crested china dogs and birds
Lot No: 437Description: SATELITE NAVIGATION, Ventura caravan club edition satelite navigation together with snooper vehicle drive recorder
Lot No: 438Description: COMYNS SCULPTURE, sterling silver coated cock pheasant
Lot No: 439Description: CRYSTAL ELEPHANT, wild cat and squirrel
Lot No: 440Description: COUNTRY ARTIST, collection of 14 animal groups mainly by Country Artist
Lot No: 441Description: COMYNS, silver coated sculpture of field mouse
Lot No: 442Description: WHISKY DECANTER & TUMBLERS, perfume flask and 1 other
Lot No: 443Description: WIRELESS HUB, EE smart hub
Lot No: 444Description: SPODE FIGURES, group of 5 children figures designed by Pauline Shone
Lot No: 445Description: BORDER FINE ARTS, plinth based group ''Spring Chores''
Lot No: 446Description: F HADDON, signed water colour ''The Thatch Cottage''
Lot No: 447Description: YACHT DESIGN TABLE LAMP with shade and bulb
Lot No: 449Description: SWEDISH PRIMUS STOVE by Optimus
Lot No: 450Description: 2 PAIRS OF CHILD'S SHOES and small collection of model toys
Lot No: 451Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Koaa camera, also Chinon CS camera; together with other accessories
Lot No: 452Description: SOUVENIR SPOONS, 2 rack displays of enamel and crested souvenir spoons
Lot No: 454Description: Collection of 8 ceramic furniture handles
Lot No: 455Description: SIGNED PAINTING ON CANVAS ''Mediterranean harbour''
Lot No: 456Description: PASTEL ''The Garden Gate''
Lot No: 457Description: COLOUR PRINT ''winter scene''
Lot No: 458Description: CHARLES DIXON colour print ''River Thames''
Lot No: 459Description: CHRISTINE GAGNON, signed oil on board ''Study of Cow''
Lot No: 460Description: BEN MAILE, oil on canvas ''Crusader''
Lot No: 461Description: CORDLESS HANDSET, a Binatone; also car DVR twin cam and other accessories
Lot No: 462Description: DOULTON TABLEWARE, blue and gilt bordered breakfast and dinner ware
Lot No: 463Description: STONEWARE SPIRIT BARRELS, 2 large barrels by Terry's pottery of Lambeth
Lot No: 464Description: DENBY STONEWARE breakfast and dinner ware
Lot No: 465Description: MARTIME MODEL, cabinet cased scale model of ''Queen Anne's Revenge
Lot No: 466Description: GEORGIAN TAPESTRY PANEL, satinwood framed embroidered pole screen panel
Lot No: 467Description: EARLY GPO, enamelled letter box section
Lot No: 468Description: CARVED WOODEN BREAD BOARD & knife carving set
Lot No: 469Description: MANTEL CLOCKS, selection of 4 various mantel clocks including Smiths retro design clock
Lot No: 470Description: BOER WAR, brass shell case wall mounted gong with striker
Lot No: 471Description: Childs building bricks and other toys
Lot No: 472Description: 2 Rolls of printed upholstery fabric
Lot No: 473Description: Box of decorative metal panels
Lot No: 474Description: Back and neck massage by Shiatsu
Lot No: 475Description: Ross HD digital receiver
Lot No: 476Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Olympus G.Zuiko Auto-S. 55mm 1.2 lense, together with OMT camera with accessory and carrying bag
Lot No: 477Description: SMOKING, glazed display containing pipes
Lot No: 478Description: JAPANESE METALWARE, a bronze large circular hand mirror decorated with flying cranes
Lot No: 479Description: CHESS SET, together with tooled leather board
Lot No: 480Description: EASTERN METALWARE, a fine engraved brass lidded vase
Lot No: 481Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, a riveted copper coal bucket
Lot No: 482Description: AMBER GLASS OIL LAMP, and 2 domed glass displays
Lot No: 483Description: TEDDY BEAR, limited edition ''Rumpole''
Lot No: 484Description: 2 BRASS GAME BIRDS and 2 Eastern copper dishes
Lot No: 485Description: CARVED HEN MALLARD, by A M Watson of Fowey
Lot No: 486Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, copper swing handled coal scuttle and warming pan
Lot No: 487Description: MARITIME, leaded glass window panel, sailing ship
Lot No: 489Description: SIGNED WATERCOLOUR, ''Lighthouse''
Lot No: 490Description: VICTORIAN CHROMOLITHOGRAPH, ''Young Girl with Doll''
Lot No: 491Description: H SKELDGE, signed oil on board, ''The Gateway''
Lot No: 492Description: EQUESTRIAN PRINT, 19th Century lithograph of Stallion and Fowl
Lot No: 493Description: GLAMOUR PORTRAIT, Edwardian colour portrait of Young Lady
Lot No: 494Description: MEERKAT, Star Wars and Safari meerkats
Lot No: 495Description: BRONZED SCULPTURES, pair of cherub musicians after Moreau
Lot No: 496Description: MAORI, a carved traditional long boat on stand
Lot No: 497Description: SHOP DISPLAY, a novelty owl from Fortnum and Masons Christmas display
Lot No: 498Description: RAILWAYS, a collection of railway jigsaws and other related items
Lot No: 499Description: MONICA BARNES, oil on board ''View from Newlyn''
Lot No: 500Description: MANTEL CLOCK, with open escapement together with oval bodied bedroom clock
Lot No: 502Description: BEATRIX POTTER, Beswick figure of Cotton Tail, also Capo Di Monte style figure of tramp, pair of money box book ends and 1 other figure
Lot No: 503Description: Collection of cutlery including Victorian ladle and serving spoons
Lot No: 504Description: VICTORIAN WATERCOLOUR, ''The Harbour''
Lot No: 505Description: STONEWARE WINE JAR, also Chinese spill vase, advertising glass bottle and 3 other pieces
Lot No: 506Description: THUNDERFOX II, box radio control 4 x 4 truck
Lot No: 507Description: MAH JONG, 2 mah jong sets, 1 in Chinese ebonised box
Lot No: 508Description: FOOTBALL, 19th CENTURY COLOURED ENGRAVING, ''A Foul close on the 18 yard line''
Lot No: 509Description: INDENTURE; A framed 1897 indenture with writing to verso
Lot No: 510Description: 3D KITE, together with stunt kite
Lot No: 511Description: BRIGHTON PRINTS, set of 5 period Brighton prints in 3 frames
Lot No: 512Description: JEAN PICTON, oil on canvas, ''Poppies''
Lot No: 513Description: WALL SHELF, oak framed wall shelf, 24''
Lot No: 514Description: EASEL PHOTO FRAMES, 3 ornate easel photo frames and 3 others
Lot No: 515Description: ADVERTISING MIRROR, St Austell Brewery 1981 Royal Wedding mirror
Lot No: 516Description: INDENTURE; A framed vintage indenture
Lot No: 517Description: PITH HELMET, period Royal Artillery pith helmet with 2 Eastern wicker hats
Lot No: 518Description: PAINTING ON GLASS, Victorian still life of a bunch of flowers on opaque glass
Lot No: 519Description: OTTER SCULPTURE, Tom Mackie signed sculpture of an Otter, 12''
Lot No: 520Description: WOODEN CASH TILL, supplied by J C King of Clerkeneelo
Lot No: 521Description: ALBERT STEVENS, watercolour ''Cattle Drinking'' in a mount
Lot No: 522Description: MICHAEL CADMAN, watercolour, ''River Frome at Wareham'', 13.5'' x 9.5''
Lot No: 523Description: BEVEL EDGED MIRROR, oval bevel edged mirror in painted fluted frame
Lot No: 524Description: OVAL BEVEL EDGED MIRROR, in gold frame, 30''
Lot No: 525Description: PRINT, after Foster, Edwardian children playing in meadow
Lot No: 526Description: BEVEL EDGED MIRROR, of rectangular form, in gilt wood frame, 28''
Lot No: 527Description: MORPHY RICHARDS, Super Vac
Lot No: 528Description: SAMUEL COOK, signed water colour ''The Water Mill'' 9'' x 13''
Lot No: 529Description: LUGGAGE, vintage leather suitcase and Clerk's writing slope
Lot No: 530Description: DONALD GRIEG, pen ink and wash watercolour, ''Children with pony and cart''
Lot No: 531Description: BRASS BEAM Scales; A set of large brass beam scales on stained mahogany plinth together with a graduated set of 5 brass bell weights, scales 30'' high
Lot No: 532Description: 18th CENTURY ENGRAVING, ''Tumbridge Castle''
Lot No: 533Description: VINTAGE ANGLE POISE LAMP
Lot No: 534Description: SIGNED GOUACHE, dated 1935, ''Outside the Mosque'', 14'' x 9''
Lot No: 535Description: G THORNE, oil on canvas, ''Lakeside Cottages''
Lot No: 536Description: NO LOT
Lot No: 537Description: MARITIME STUDY IN WOOD, study of a 3 masted sailing ship in various woods
Lot No: 538Description: COLOURED PRINT, ''The Whaling'' in ornate foliate frame
Lot No: 540Description: VINTAGE GAMES, including Greyhound Racing
Lot No: 541Description: BRASS COAL BUCKET, of circular form on 3 pad feet, also brass companion set
Lot No: 542Description: WRITING SLOPE, a 19th Century stained beech writing slope
Lot No: 543Description: CUTLERY SET, Webber & Hill stainless steel cutlery set in box
Lot No: 544Description: LUGGAGE, vintage suitcase ( lacks handle)
Lot No: 545Description: ORNATE PLANT STAND, metal adjustable plant stand on triform base
Lot No: 546Description: ''TIGGER'' DUMB WAITER
Lot No: 547Description: SHOP SHOE DISPLAY RACK
Lot No: 549Description: RETRO FLOOD LIGHTS, 2 holophane industrial lights
Lot No: 550Description: HENLEY PICNIC SET, picnic rucksack with cutlery, blanket, etc
Lot No: 551Description: BRASS FIRE CURB
Lot No: 552Description: FIRE SCREEN, oak framed fire screen with floral centre
Lot No: 553Description: WALL CLOCK, Comitti of London circular dialed wall clock in mahogany veneered frame
Lot No: 554Description: EBONY ELEPHANT FIGURES, 2 trumpeting elephant figures, 14'' & 16'', together with a rhino figure 11''
Lot No: 555Description: NEEDLEWORK PANEL, a blossoming bough
Lot No: 556Description: PETER SCOTT, signed print ''Ducks returning to Roost''
Lot No: 557Description: NANCY BAILEY, signed oil on board, ''Perranporth Rocks'', 15.5'' x 23''
Lot No: 558Description: BRIAN HANSCOMB, signed limited edition etching ''Scarecrow'' 11.5'' x 7.5'' and 1 other by Hanscomb ''Storm Brake'' 9'' x 7''
Lot No: 559Description: WALL CLOCK, President 31 day wall clock
Lot No: 562Description: 19th CENTURY VIENNA REGULATOR DESIGN WALL CLOCK with gilt dial
Lot No: 563Description: CANTEEN OF CUTLERY, Arthur Price canteen of plated cutlery
Lot No: 564Description: VINTAGE ANGLE POISE LAMP
Lot No: 565Description: MERCURY BAROMETER, early 19th Century inlaid mahogany satin dial barometer with combined thermometer, 38'' height
Lot No: 566Description: LIMITED EDITION PRINT, ''Hat Attack''
Lot No: 567Description: CONTINETAL CLOCK WITH COMBINED BAROMETER, ornate foliate and pillar carved surround combined clock barometer with inset enamel plaques, 33'' height
Lot No: 568Description: 19th CENTURY BANJO THERMOMETER/BAROMETER, by R Webb with silvered dial a/f
Lot No: 569Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY THERMOMETER/BAROMETER, with silvered dial a/f
Lot No: 570Description: ORNATE FRAMED MIRROR, rectangular bevel edged mirror, in ornate gilt frame, 27''
Lot No: 571Description: OVAL BEVEL EDGED MIRROR, painted frame, 22''
Lot No: 572Description: FRANK HOLM, pair of signed gouaches ''Moorland River scene'' 11'' x 17''
Lot No: 573Description: W RUSSELL FLINT, signed colour print ''The Dancers''
Lot No: 574Description: HIGHLAND WATERCOLOURS, 3 Highland Lock scenes, Loch Katrine, Lock Lomond and Loch Ause
Lot No: 575Description: A FARDY, oil on canvas ''The Woodland Pond'' in ornate frame
Lot No: 576Description: R O LENKIEWICZ, signed limited edition print of Anna seated
Lot No: 577Description: K HILDEN, landscape
Lot No: 578Description: WALL MIRROR, bevel edged rectangular wall mirror in gilt frame
Lot No: 579Description: SALVADOR DALI, print ''Apparition of a face and fruit dish''
Lot No: 580Description: R O LENKIEWICZ, limited edition print, ''Painter in the Wind 0350 am''
Lot No: 581Description: PIANO ACCORDIAN, red piano accordian in case
Lot No: 582Description: WALL LIGHT FITTINGS, pair of twin branch wall light fittings
Lot No: 583Description: ART DECO MIRROR, bevel edged mirror
Lot No: 584Description: ENGINEER'S TOOL CABINET, fitted 2 drawers above and cupboard below, with 3 assorted trays of spanners, hammers, air drill, etc
Lot No: 585Description: ROB & SON, heightened acyrilic ''Moonlight Shipping''
Lot No: 586Description: AVERY SCALES, potato scales
Lot No: 587Description: VINTAGE MANDOLIN BANJO, Savana mandolin banjo in vintage hard case
Lot No: 588Description: SIGNED OIL ON CANVAS, ''Spaniel putting the Birds to flight'' in ornate acorn decorated gilt frame
Lot No: 589Description: CROWN STAFFORDSHIRE, floral decorated teaware, also yuaN patterned blue and white meat plates
Lot No: 590Description: BLUE & WHITE POTTERY, Copeland Spode Italian teapot, assorted meat plates, etc
Lot No: 591Description: 26 MOTOR RELATED BOOKS, including Enzo Ferrari ''The Enzo Ferrari Memoirs''
Lot No: 592Description: SAMUEL DODWELL, limited edtion print ''Sunflowers'' 1/30
Lot No: 593Description: H G THEAKER, watercolour ''A Moorland Landscape''
Lot No: 594Description: ROB & SON, 1957 church interior scene of Stanford Dingly
Lot No: 595Description: T FLOWER, 19th Century pencil sketch of Edgemont Castle
Lot No: 596Description: 19th ENGRAVING, ''The Fisherman''
Lot No: 597Description: DON HICKS, pair of oil on canvases ''Landscapes''
Lot No: 598Description: S H BRADLEY, watercolour ''The Farmstead''
Lot No: 599Description: LES PARSON, oil on canvas ''The Wooded Path''
Lot No: 600Description: J KNIGHT, watercolour ''The Thatched Cottage''
Lot No: 601Description: KERRIS, signed print, ''The Ship Inn, Polmear''
Lot No: 602Description: MANTEL CLOCKS, 3 Smiths Art Deco design mantel clocks, 1 in bakelite case
Lot No: 603Description: ANTIQUE AQUATINT, of Buckland, Devon
Lot No: 605Description: BARTOLOZZI, ANTIQUE ENGRAVING, young child in landscape
Lot No: 606Description: ANTIQUE AQUATINT, ''Fall at the Teen, near Fingle Mill''
Lot No: 607Description: LOUIS WAINE, cat print entitled ''It's just nasty medicine''
Lot No: 608Description: MANTEL CLOCKS, 5 assorted mantel clocks in oval veneered cases
Lot No: 609Description: RITTER, oil on canvas, ''Children beside a Lake''
Lot No: 610Description: SIGNED PRINTS, church interior scenes
Lot No: 611Description: FRED SLOCOMBE, etching ''Figures on a wooded track''
Lot No: 612Description: ANTIQUE ENGRAVING ''Ancient Elm at Chequers'' dated 1825
Lot No: 613Description: SIGNED WATERCOLOUR, ''Highland Loch''
Lot No: 614Description: MARGARET CHAPMAN, oil on canvas, ''Edwardian Beach Scene'', 8.5'' x 16''
Lot No: 615Description: MODERN BEVEL EDGED MIRROR, large gilt framed bevel edged mirror, rectangular form, 45 x 34
Lot No: 616Description: DAVID COOKE, watercolour ''Coastline'', dated '86
Lot No: 617Description: NEEDLEWORK PICTURES, after Cash, a pair of woven pictures of a goose and ducks in flight
Lot No: 618Description: POND YACHT, ''Endevour IV'' by Star Yacht, 18'' length
Lot No: 619Description: 3 SHOOTING STICKS
Lot No: 620Description: KUNIYOSHI, a folio of 6 prints
Lot No: 621Description: TERRANIUM, a stained glass terranium
Lot No: 622Description: CANTEEN OF CUTLERY, set of medallion plated cutlery in fitted oak case
Lot No: 623Description: RAILWAY, box of quality hard back books on British steam trains, GWR, etc
Lot No: 624Description: CAT PRINTS, box containing large selection of cat prints
Lot No: 625Description: KUNIYOSHI, 6 facsimile prints
Lot No: 626Description: ARTIST FOLDERS, 2 artist folio carry cases
Lot No: 627Description: SHERIDAN GUITAR, Sheridan cherry red SG copy electric with 3 twin pole EMG-HZ pickups, in soft case, some damage to head stock
Lot No: 628Description: MODERN SCULPTURE, Storks, 40''
Lot No: 629Description: VARIOUS PICTURES, Terry Davis acrylic ''Autumn Sun'' and Flapton Lee with 2 still life pictures
Lot No: 630Description: FRETWORK SAW, vintage ''Hobbies'' operated fretwork saw
Lot No: 631Description: KITCHEN SCALES, cast iron kitchen scales and weight set with brass pan
Lot No: 632Description: WALKING CANES, 8 assorted walking canes including sheep's crook, antler handled cane in the form of a birds beak; also another with carved head of a dog
Lot No: 633Description: ADJUSTABLE LAMP STAND, ornate metal adjustable lamp standard on tripod support
Lot No: 634Description: GUITARS, 2 guitars one in case
Lot No: 635Description: GUITAR, blue bodied 6 string guitar
Lot No: 636Description: WALKING CANES, 2 antler handled walking canes & 5 others; also a carpet heater
Lot No: 637Description: TGA WHEEL & RAM POWER PACK
Lot No: 638Description: TELESCOPE, Zennox boxed telescope and tripod
Lot No: 639Description: PAIR OF BELGIUM WOVEN CARPETS with floral decoration on a pink ground
Lot No: 640Description: PICTURE FRAMES selection of ornate picture frames, hip flask, pin dish etc,
Lot No: 641Description: TAILORS RULE, Tailors 42'' beech framed rule
Lot No: 642Description: 19TH CENTURY ENGRAVINGS, Set of 4 coastal scenes Porstmouth and Southampton harbours
Lot No: 643Description: ORNATE CANDELABRA, 6 branch candelabra
Lot No: 644Description: VICTORIAN OIL LAMP, hanging brass oil lamp in ornate metal frame with opaque shade
Lot No: 645Description: BEATLES ALBUMS, large collection of Beatles albums and Paul McCartney albums, etc, including Revolver, A Hard Days Night, The White Album, 62 -66 Album and 67 -70 Album, John Lennon's Same Time Album, The Beatles Rarity Album, The Yellow Submarine, etc
Lot No: 646Description: WHITE MARBLE TABLE TOP OF RECTANGULARA FORM, 48'' x 28''
Lot No: 647Description: STONEWARE, garden pedestal 14'' dia
Lot No: 648Description: ALUMINIUM MILK CHURN, a/f
Lot No: 649Description: CAST IRON BEDROOM GRATE, 22''
Lot No: 651Description: CAST IRON BOOT SCRAPER, oval form
Lot No: 652Description: FOLDING BIKE, Stow away III folding bike
Lot No: 653Description: PLATED JEWELLERY BOX in the form of a book
Lot No: 654Description: SCENT BOTTLES, cut glass scent bottles with silver top, together with one other
Lot No: 655Description: DUNHILL JET LIGHTER, Dunhill lighter in the form of a Jet Plane
Lot No: 656Description: JAGUAR CAR MASCOT, chrome plated Jaguar car mascot
Lot No: 657Description: VINTAGE GIBSON WALL CLOCK, Vintage Gibson brass cased electric wall clock
Lot No: 658Description: RETRO GLASS, Retro glass vase probably Murano
Lot No: 659Description: NOVELTY TABLE LAMP, Jug based table lamp, possibly Denby
Lot No: 660Description: MAHOGANY SIDE TABLE of rectangular form with turned crossed stretcher 42''
Lot No: 661Description: SOFA TABLE, mahogany veenered sofa table, fitted 2 drawers on lyre framed supports
Lot No: 662Description: OAK TWIN PEDESTAL DESK, large oak twin pedestal desk with leather inset to top, each pedestal with 3 drawers and a brushing slide 60''
Lot No: 663Description: FLEMISH DESK, carved oak desk with green painted bobbin base, 47'' width (missing 2 drawers)
Lot No: 664Description: CAROLEAN-DESIGN ARMCHAIR, cane panelled back carved oak open armchair
Lot No: 665Description: AMERICAN STYLE ROCKING CHAIR with upholstered seat and back
Lot No: 666Description: TUB CHAIR with blue upholstery
Lot No: 667Description: STICK BACK ROCKING CHAIR,
Lot No: 668Description: LADDER BACK CHAIRS, set of 4 ladder back chairs comprising 3 diners and 1 carver with seagrass seats, carver seat a/f
Lot No: 669Description: VICTORIAN SALON CHAIRS, pair of carved back salon chairs with red upholstered seats and original castors
Lot No: 670Description: CHAPEL CHAIRS, set of 4 elm seated chapel chairs with painted crest seats
Lot No: 671Description: PINE KITCHEN TABLE, varnished pine planked top kitchen table, 60'' x 28''
Lot No: 672Description: RUSTIC REFECTORY TABLE 60''
Lot No: 674Description: PINE BEDSIDE CABINET fitted 3 drawers
Lot No: 675Description: PINE TWIN PEDESTAL DRESSING TABLE fitted 6 drawers
Lot No: 676Description: SWING MIRROR, Victorian mahogany veneered swing mirror fitted a lower drawer
Lot No: 677Description: MUSIC CABINET with shaped top, drawer and two doors, one glazed the other carved
Lot No: 678Description: MAHOGANY PURDONIUM, late Victorian mirror back Purdonium with pull out coal bucket
Lot No: 679Description: MODERN KITCHEN WORK STATION with beech top and painted cupboard base with wine rack
Lot No: 680Description: GLAZED CABINET fitted 2 glazed doors
Lot No: 681Description: OAK DESK, oak desk fitted 6 drawers
Lot No: 682Description: OAK CABINET fitted 2 leaded glazed doors enclosing adjustable shelves
Lot No: 683Description: COFFEE TABLE of rectangular form with leather inset to top in mahogany effect frame
Lot No: 684Description: OAK CHEST, light oak 3 drawer chest
Lot No: 685Description: OAK DROP LEAF TABLE on turned supports
Lot No: 686Description: ANTIQUE COURT CUPBOARD, twin cupboard base carved oak court cupboard, 50'' width
Lot No: 687Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN OAK CHEST of narrow form, fitted 4 drawers on ogee feet 21''
Lot No: 688Description: DISPLAY CABINET, mahogany veneered twin door 6 pane display cabinet, fitted 2 lower drawers on cabriole legs
Lot No: 689Description: BEKO upright refrigerator
Lot No: 690Description: TV CABINET, solid oak effect TV cabinet with fitted cupboard base 35''
Lot No: 691Description: BOSCH DISHWASHER
Lot No: 693Description: CONTINENTAL BED HEAD, ornate carved shell and scroll design bedstead panel
Lot No: 694Description: COURT CUPBOARD, Elizabethian design reproduction carved oak cupboard base court cupboard, 48'' width
Lot No: 695Description: MODERN PINE CHEST, modern pine chest fitted 4 drawers
Lot No: 696Description: PAINTED 4 DRAWER CHEST with matching 3 drawer bedside cabinet
Lot No: 697Description: ANTIQUE DRAWER UNIT, rustic 18 drawer unit (lacks top) also 6 drawer desk chest
Lot No: 698Description: BEECH KITCHEN STAND fitted 2 drawers with lower wine rack
Lot No: 699Description: DOMED TOP TRUNK, wooden slat and metal banded domed top Edwardian trunk (needs restoration) 32'' width
Lot No: 700Description: PINE COFFEE TABLE of square form
Lot No: 701Description: MARQUETRY NEEDLEWORK TABLE, cross banded mahogany twin pillar support needlework table with marquetry interior, 20'' width
Lot No: 702Description: OAK OVAL GATELEG TABLE, barley twist support, extending 59'' length
Lot No: 703Description: MAHOGANY FRAMED INLAID BEDROOM CHAIRS, pair of quality mahogany framed bedroom chairs with satinwood cross banding and ebony stringing with pale yellow upholstery
Lot No: 704Description: PAINTED PEDESTAL TABLE, 342 on tripod support
Lot No: 705Description: PAINTED PLANT STAND, on barley twist supports
Lot No: 706Description: PAIR OF DIRECTORS CHAIRS, with cream seats
Lot No: 707Description: EARLY VICTORIAN DROP LEAF DINING TABLE, mahogany twin flap drop leaf dining table and tapering turned legs, 62'' length 43'' width
Lot No: 708Description: MAHOGANY STOOL, rectangular form with painted floral decoration, also carved oak plant stand of hexagonal form
Lot No: 709Description: TIN TRUNK
Lot No: 710Description: OAK COFFEE TABLE, rectangular form
Lot No: 711Description: EDWARDIAN MARBLE TOP WASH STAND, with tiled back, white marble top, satin walnut frame
Lot No: 712Description: PAINTED CHEST, fitted 3 drawers
Lot No: 713Description: SWING MIRROR, in painted frame
Lot No: 714Description: DINING CHAIRS, set of 4 beech framed dining chairs with green upholstered drop-in seats
Lot No: 715Description: PINE REFECTORY TABLE, solid planked pine refectory table
Lot No: 717Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHEST, fitted 3 trinket drawers, 2 short, 3 long drawers with turned ebony handles, 52''
Lot No: 718Description: OAK BUREAU, period oak bureau with mahogany veneered cross banded flap, over 4 graduated drawers
Lot No: 719Description: VICTORIAN SMOKERS WALL CABINET, with carved foliate panel door and fitted interior with lower shelf, also a small stool
Lot No: 721Description: COMPUTER DESK, modern oak veneered computer desk
Lot No: 722Description: VICTORIAN CHILD'S CRIB, with wrought iron frame and green floral linen drapes
Lot No: 723Description: VICTORIAN OVER MANTLE MIRROR, framed in mahogany with bevel glass, 43''
Lot No: 724Description: MODERN LIGHT OAK DISPLAY CABINET, fitted 2 glazed doors and 2 adjutable shelves above, with cupboard base, 34''
Lot No: 725Description: VICTORIAN BUFFET, mahogany twin cupboard base mirror backed 2 tier buffet, 52'' width
Lot No: 726Description: WALL CLOCK, bevel glass panelled door, oak cased wall clock with presentation plaque
Lot No: 728Description: STAINED PINE BLANKET BOX, with rising top
Lot No: 729Description: PROVINCIAL GEORGIAN GLAZED CORNER CABINET, Chippendale design mahogany twin glazed door corner display cabinet with matching panelled cupboard base, gilt Roccoco design escutcheon, 40'' width
Lot No: 730Description: MODERN GRANDMOTHER CLOCK, with silver dial and Roman numerals
Lot No: 731Description: PINE SIDE CABINET, fitted 2 drawers with cupboard base
Lot No: 732Description: 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, with secondary dials by B Dufuer of Coventry with painted arch dial in inlaid oak case
Lot No: 733Description: MODERN PINE SWING MIRROR
Lot No: 734Description: MODERN LIGHT OAK CHEST, fitted 7 drawers, 52''
Lot No: 735Description: PINE DRESSER, a waxed pine cupboard and drawer base dresser with open plate rack, 49'' width
Lot No: 736Description: MAHOGANY VENEERED DISPLAY CABINET, 2 glazed doors enclosing 2 shelves on cabroile legs, 48''
Lot No: 737Description: OAK ROLL TOP DESK, 1920s oak tamber shutter roll top pedestal desk, fitted 8 drawers, 48''
Lot No: 738Description: PINE MULTI DRAWER CHEST, modern pine chest, fitted 6 long and 6 short drawers, 48''
Lot No: 739Description: OAK ARTS & CRAFTS, large oak Arts & Crafts dining table of rectangular form 72'', together with 2 matching carvers with drop-in seats and 4 diners (some wear to legs)
Lot No: 740Description: OAK REFECTORY TABLE, large heavy oak planked refectory dining table, 97'' x 33'' on turned supports and stretcher base
Lot No: 741Description: PAIR OF BARLEY TWIST FRAMED SIDE CHAIRS, with berege caned seat and back on barley twist frames (2 more frames available)
Lot No: 742Description: VINTAGE DOMED TOP TRUNK, with wood slats and metal furniture, 30''
Lot No: 743Description: LIGHT OAK KITCHEN ISLAND, with marble top, fitted 2 drawers with cupboard base, wine rack and shelves, 60''
Lot No: 744Description: STRESSLESS ARMCHAIR, cream leather stressless armchair with matching foot stool
Lot No: 745Description: MAHOGANY VENEERED EXTENDING DINING TABLE, of oval form with 6 ladder back chiars, 4 diners and 2 carvers with foliate upholstered seats
Lot No: 746Description: VICTORIAN PINE KITCHEN TABLE, with planked top, fitted 2 drawers on tunred legs, 48''
Lot No: 747Description: OAK STICK STAND, traingular form, on bobbin turned supports
Lot No: 748Description: CINEMA SEATS, pair of red upholstered cinema seats
Lot No: 749Description: KARMA FOLDING MASSAGE BENCH, in fitted bag
Lot No: 751Description: VICTORIAN ROSEWOOD CARD TABLE, with folding swivel top, fretwork sides on stretcher base a/f
Lot No: 752Description: YAMAHA ORGAN, Yamaha Clavinova electric piano with foot stool
Lot No: 753Description: SPOONBACK CHAIRS, spoonback armchair with foliate upholstered decoration, together with a matching nursing chair
Lot No: 754Description: KNOLE LOVE SEAT, foliate upholstered Knoll love seat and cushions
Lot No: 755Description: OAK REFECTORY TABLE, solid oak refectory table of rectangular form, 72'', together with set of 4 barley twist diners with drop-in seats and matching carver
Lot No: 756Description: STEAMER CHAIR, bergere cane beech framed steamer chair
Lot No: 757Description: LARGE FOLIATE DECORATED CARPET, with foliate decoration on a red ground, approx 15 x 12
Lot No: 758Description: OAK COFFEE TABLE, of rectangular form with lower glass shelf, 55''
Lot No: 759Description: AMERICAN TRUNK, painted domed top trunk with combed decoration, 25'' width 20'' height
Lot No: 760Description: FOLDING OAK OCCASIONAL TABLE, circular form with reversable top
Lot No: 761Description: RETRO NEST OF 3 TABLES, retro nest of 3 tiled top tables
Lot No: 762Description: PINE STOOL
Lot No: 763Description: OAK PLANK TOP REFECTORY TABLE, 66'' light oak colour
Lot No: 764Description: WROUGHT IRON WINDOW SEAT, an ornate scroll end window seat with cushion
Lot No: 765Description: ORIENTAL NEST OF TABLES, large carved oval coffee table with carved decorations of figures and pagodas in high relief under glass with 6 matching shaped coffee tables/stools on lion paw feet
Lot No: 766Description: CARVED BLANKET BOX, 3 panel carved blanket box with rising top, 42''
Lot No: 767Description: LARGE MIRROR, gilt framed bevelled glass mirror, approximately 52'' x 41''
Lot No: 768Description: ORNATE MIRROR, bevelled glass mirror in ornate part gilded frame, approximately 43'' x 42''
Lot No: 769Description: ART DECO FIRE SCREEN, Art Deco fire screen with sun ray decoration
Lot No: 770Description: BOOKCASE, blue painted bookcase with glazed doors & three shelves
Lot No: 771Description: BED ENDS, pair of white tubular metal bed ends