Lot No: 1Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, modern gilded spherical floral design vase
Lot No: 2Description: SILVER PLATE, 7 bar toast rack, cake basket, hexagonal base coffee pot and tea pot, together with galleried oval tray
Lot No: 3Description: WORCESTER EVESHAM TABLEWARE, including pair of tureens and quiche dishes
Lot No: 4Description: WILLOW PATTERN PEARLWARE DISH, also 2 Coalport cottages, Minton dishes, etc
Lot No: 5Description: POOLE, Delphis design high shoulder vase
Lot No: 6Description: NORITAKE, attractive twin handled landscape pattern vase, together with Portmeirion ''Botanic Garden'' hexagonal vase
Lot No: 7Description: ADVERTISING, a reproduction brewery jug, also retro pottery vase and 3 other vases
Lot No: 8Description: ART GLASS, signed ''Jazz'' glass fruit bowl and set of 6 frosted wine glasses
Lot No: 9Description: COPELAND SPODE, ''Italian'' pattern tableware, together with pair of stoneware caddies and other decorative china
Lot No: 10Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, pair of crackle glaze lidded vases, decorated with battle scenes, together with 1 similar cylindrical vase (various defects)
Lot No: 11Description: COPELAND SPODE, ''Italian'' pattern tableware including hexagonal vase, 2 tureens and 4 other pieces
Lot No: 12Description: RETRO, Denby ''Wheatear'' teaware, ''Losol Samoda'' pattern fruit bowl, retro vase, novelty cat, etc
Lot No: 13Description: STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, pair of Victorian gilded seated spaniels and 1 similar
Lot No: 14Description: TRANSFERWARE, Masons ironstone ''Chinese Pheasant'' pattern wash bowl, also Asiatic Pheasant tureen base and other tableware
Lot No: 15Description: CAITHNESS PAPERWEIGHTS, ''Fireball'' and ''Space flowers'' patterns, also limoges tea plates and other decorative china
Lot No: 16Description: DOULTON COACHING TEAWARE, also Crown Staffordshire coffee ware, etc
Lot No: 17Description: ART DECO GREEN GLAZED JUG, Victorian brown transfer toilet jug and basin and 4 other pieces
Lot No: 18Description: LIMOGES, floral and gilt teaware, also bone china forget-me-knot design fruit bowl
Lot No: 19Description: BRANNAM BLUE GLAZE JUG and large tankard, 3 decorative tiles, etc
Lot No: 20Description: COMMEMORATIVE, limited edition Royal Worcester 1981 tankard, also Paragon 1935 jubilee mug and 2 other pieces
Lot No: 21Description: BRASS CHAMBER STICK, silver plate muffin dish, salver and brass kettle
Lot No: 22Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, ''Morea'' pattern 19'' pottery meat plate by Thomas Dimmock and Masons Ironstone chinoiserie meat plate, a/f
Lot No: 23Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Japanese gilt lacquered case porcelain hors d'oeuvre set
Lot No: 24Description: DENBY, mottle glazed coffee and tea service
Lot No: 25Description: NORITAKE, pair of gilded twin handled floral design vases
Lot No: 26Description: SHELLEY, set of 6 floral decorated soup bowls and saucers
Lot No: 27Description: POSTER, ''Victor Spahn'' exhibition poster
Lot No: 28Description: POSTER, ''Walasse Ting'' exhibition poster
Lot No: 29Description: FILM POSTER, ''Basic Instinct 2''
Lot No: 30Description: RAY CHARLES, painting on canvas, ''Portrait of Ray Charles''
Lot No: 31Description: SWAN JUG, a modern swan and bullrush design water jug, registration Kite base mark, 12.5'' height
Lot No: 32Description: ONYX ELEPHANT, also resin cast dog sculpture and elephant
Lot No: 33Description: SILVER PLATE, Victorian domed butter dish, twin handled tray, Art Nouveau coffee pot, etc
Lot No: 35Description: HANDBAGS, collection of leather and other handbags and purses
Lot No: 36Description: FOSSILS & MINERALOGY SPECIMENS, a diverse collection including shells and Roman pottery
Lot No: 37Description: BOXED GAMES, a Power Workshop, Monopoly Set, Stamp Starter Pack & a 3D Puzzle.
Lot No: 38Description: BOXED TOYS, including Matchbox, Logo Billionaire, Who Are, etc.
Lot No: 39Description: MINTON PLATES, 4 green glazed Minton dessert plates with comports, also Victorian cabaret tea set, etc
Lot No: 40Description: FISH SERVERS, 6 piece shell design fish plates and fruit decorated platter
Lot No: 41Description: COPPER LUSTRE, 3 early copper lustre jugs, Victorian gilded soup tureen and 4 matching plates, Masons ironstone gilded plate and 3 others
Lot No: 42Description: ROYAL ALBERT, ''Old Country Roses'' pattern dinner plates, serving plates and similar tableware
Lot No: 43Description: PARAGON COFFEE SERVICE, ''Belinda'' pattern
Lot No: 44Description: COPELAND SPODE, ''Italian'' pattern tableware, including souffle dish, fruit bowls and gravy boats with similar tableware
Lot No: 45Description: DOULTON DINNERWARE, ''Yorkshire Rose'' pattern including teaware
Lot No: 47Description: 2 BOXES OF TOOLS & ACCESSORIES
Lot No: 48Description: B D BORSWELL, signed painting on canvas ''Moorland Stream''
Lot No: 49Description: MODEL SHIP, scale model ''Golden Hind''
Lot No: 50Description: CLOISONNE, pair of Japanese hexagonal 10'' floral design vases (some defects)
Lot No: 51Description: MASONS-STYLE VASES, pair of royal blue ground gilded lidded octagonal 10'' vases in the Oriental manner
Lot No: 52Description: POOLE, ''Delphis'' red ground circular shallow bowl
Lot No: 53Description: WINSTON CHURCHILL miniature Doulton jug, also Jackfield cow creamer and Kutani small bowl
Lot No: 54Description: EARLY BOTTLES, Hamilton bottle by Walter Hicks of St Austell, together with pair of flat bottomed Hamiltons and other assorted glass bottles
Lot No: 55Description: RUSSIAN TIGER CUB FIGURE, also silver mounted Art Nouveau vase, 1 other and Edwardian candle stick
Lot No: 56Description: A SALT GLAZE STONEWARE ALE JUG, a/f. also mottoware jug and cream dish, splatter glass cream jug and contents of shelf
Lot No: 57Description: ANTIQUE MAP OF CORNWALL, also D Thompson colour print, ''Border Collie''
Lot No: 58Description: R BRINNINGHAM, signed colour print, ''Polperro Harbour''
Lot No: 59Description: VICTORIAN DRAWING, ''Conway Castle''
Lot No: 60Description: EDWARDIAN MANTLE CLOCK, inlaid mahogany mantle clock and key by R Cozens, Taunton
Lot No: 61Description: LLADRO, figure group of 2 white nuns
Lot No: 62Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, gilded Winter Hare
Lot No: 63Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, Chinese Pheasant
Lot No: 64Description: LLADRO, 2 Lladro figures, ''Girl fetching Water'' and ''Fisher Boy''
Lot No: 65Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, Bakewell Duckling and gilded Bird
Lot No: 66Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, 2 Chinese ginger jars, Wedgwood cream jug, 1 other ginger jar and 2 early teddy bears
Lot No: 67Description: PERSIAN MINIATURE POLO PLAYER, also draughts, dominoes and inlaid jewel box
Lot No: 68Description: RYE EQUESTRIAN FIGURE & LLADRO-STYLE FIGURE, ''Lady Reading''
Lot No: 69Description: POSTCARDS, album of 250 assorted postcards including actors and actresses, early greetings cards
Lot No: 70Description: VINTAGE METALWARE, a brass and cast iron model cannon
Lot No: 71Description: EDWARDIAN BEDROOM CLOCK and musical souvenir jewel box ''Kolner Dom''
Lot No: 72Description: L LUKACS, signed oil on board, ''Australian Estuary''
Lot No: 73Description: PAIR OF DOG MARBLE BASE BOOK ENDS, leather razor case, opera glasses and contents of shelf
Lot No: 74Description: VINTAGE COLLECTION BOX, ''Playing Fees - Members Only''
Lot No: 76Description: WALKING STICKS, horn handled walking stick and 2 silver mounted walking sticks
Lot No: 77Description: METALWARE, Johnny Walker copper advertising tray, also 2 copper kettles
Lot No: 78Description: MODEL SHIP IN BOTTLE, 2 table blotters, brass work frame, etc
Lot No: 79Description: COPPERWARE, copper samovar kettle, jug and painted laundry iron
Lot No: 80Description: DONALD H EDWARD, signed watercolour ''Riverside Cottages''; also signed ''Moorland'' watercolour
Lot No: 81Description: DEBORAH JONES, signed painting on board, ''Dolls House with teddy bear, bird and friends'', 13.5'' x 29.5''
Lot No: 82Description: STEREOSCOPIC VIEWER, together with small collection of cards and 1 other stereoscopic viewer
Lot No: 83Description: BOOKS, Holy Land olive wood flower album, also ''The Game of Cricket'' and part shelf of assorted books
Lot No: 84Description: VINTAGE BISCUIT TIN, pair of cut glass salad servers, oriental jewel box, etc
Lot No: 86Description: 8 ANTIQUE TILES and 2 carved wooden animal heads a/f
Lot No: 87Description: BRASSWARE, 2 Victorian brass candle sticks, box iron and other brassware
Lot No: 88Description: WALKING STICKS, silver mounted ebony and horn handled walking stick and 1 other
Lot No: 89Description: BRASSWARE, selection of horse brasses and lion head door knocker
Lot No: 90Description: NUT CRACKER, miniature guillotine, jewel box with choker, and assorted ephemera
Lot No: 91Description: RUPERT ANNUAL, 1938 Rupert annual with original boards and crayoned interior, together with a small collection of other childrens annuals
Lot No: 92Description: RUSSIAN MILITARY INTEREST, collection of 36 facsimile photographs of WWII events related to the Russain army, together with other text photographs and a folder of Russian folk costumes
Lot No: 93Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Canon canonet 28 camera with accessories, also early cine camera and tripod stand
Lot No: 94Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK, oval panel ''Still Life Vase of Flowers'', 9'' x 5.5''
Lot No: 95Description: ROY DAVEY, oil on board ''Riverside Pub''
Lot No: 96Description: LLADRO, 2 figure groups ''Girl with Lamb'' and ''Girl with Rabbit''
Lot No: 97Description: CAITHNESS PAPERWEIGHT, ''Blue Spiral'' and 1 other paperweight
Lot No: 98Description: DOULTON TOBY JUGS, ''Gone Away'' and 4 other Doulton toby jugs
Lot No: 99Description: ADVERTISING, Babycham, set of 6 glasses and 2 display ornaments
Lot No: 100Description: NEEDLEWORK BOOK MARK, antler handled dagger, whale's tooth, etc
Lot No: 101Description: ART NOUVEAU GLASSWARE, Krelic-style vase, 2 others and signed iridescent blue glass vase
Lot No: 102Description: LLADRO FIGURE GROUP of ''Poodle with Puppies''
Lot No: 103Description: PAIR OF SILVER DRESSING TABLE CANDLE STICKS, also Chad Valley doll, jewel box, etc
Lot No: 104Description: MURANO GLASS, musical clown figure
Lot No: 105Description: GRADUATED DUCK ORNAMENTS, also alarm bedroom clock and opti Visor
Lot No: 106Description: INLAID CIGARETTE DISPENSER and pair of wooden plate racks
Lot No: 107Description: EDWARDIAN MICROSCOPE, lacquered brass student microscope
Lot No: 108Description: SEVRES GLASS POODLE, also African carved hardstone bust
Lot No: 109Description: EARLY TABLE GAMES, game box ''Jeux Nouveaux Reunis'' and others in original boxes
Lot No: 110Description: ETHNIC SCULPTURE, an African brass animal deity
Lot No: 111Description: ANTIQUE TELESCOPE, a brass twin draw telescope with original carrying case
Lot No: 112Description: CAR MASCOT, a chrome swift car masot
Lot No: 113Description: WATERFORD GLASS OVAL PHOTO FRAME, together with collection of ladies miniature accessories
Lot No: 114Description: CROWN DERBY, ''Japan'' pattern tea ware, comprising 6 cups, saucers & plates, milk & sugar
Lot No: 115Description: BASKET OF JEWELLERY BOXES; Mixed ring, pendant and other boxes
Lot No: 116Description: PAPIER MACHE; A Victorian papier-mache bowl with painted floral decoration and inscription to base
Lot No: 117Description: BOXED CARS; By Matchbox and Days Gone By, also a Corgi Saladin and Tiger tank
Lot No: 118Description: VINTAGE PENELOPE JIGSAW PUZZLE; Of school Mistress with children and a box of childrens play blocks
Lot No: 119Description: 6 ASSORTED BOWLING WOODS
Lot No: 120Description: PORTHOLE; A brass framed porthole, plated caster together with an ornate plated tray of rectangular form
Lot No: 121Description: PAIR OF OILS ON CANVAS; Still life vase of flowers
Lot No: 122Description: PRINT ON CANVAS; Lake scene at night
Lot No: 123Description: DINNER GONG; A brass dinner gong with pixie decoration
Lot No: 124Description: BINOCULARS; 2 cased pairs of binoculars including a 20 x 50 pair of field glasses and a pair of 8 x 30 binoculars
Lot No: 125Description: BINOCULARS; 5 Pairs of assorted binoculars including Telstar 20 x 50 field glasses, other 20 x 50 and 10 x 50 field glasses etc
Lot No: 126Description: SERPENTINE; A grey serpentine table lamp base
Lot No: 127Description: MINER'S LAMP, British Coal mines colliery lamp
Lot No: 128Description: FAMILY BIBLE, 19th Century leather bound family Bible, together with 1905 Boys Own annual
Lot No: 129Description: BRASSWARE, box of brass items including candle sticks and chamber sticks, trivets, horse brasses, etc
Lot No: 130Description: PRINTING BLOCKS, box of assorted printing blocks, also 2 sets of weights (1 incomplete)
Lot No: 131Description: GOLD EARRINGS & PENDANTS, 3 boxes containing gold coffee bean earrings and pendant, St Christopher pendant and dolphin pendant, all on 9ct gold chains
Lot No: 132Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND RING, emerald cut aquamarine, bezel set with 4 accent cut diamonds in satin effect mount, size Q/R
Lot No: 133Description: WWI MEDAL GROUP, to 103407 Gunner W Ogden Royal Artillery with RGA lapel badge
Lot No: 134Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, large central emerald, surrounded by a spray of baguette cut well matched diamonds of excellent colour and clarity, totalling in excess of 1.5ct, size R
Lot No: 135Description: SILVER SNAKE LINK NECKLACE with 4 bead charms
Lot No: 136Description: 2 COIN PENDANTS, 1 coin brooch including half crown, 1947 and thaler crown
Lot No: 137Description: HEAVY 9ct GOLD CHARM BRACELET, with heart padlock, 89 grams
Lot No: 138Description: 2 WHITE METAL BROOCHES, 1 of celtic design, other a percussion long rifle
Lot No: 139Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central oval cut sapphire surrounded by illusion set brilliant cut diamonds, size R/S
Lot No: 140Description: GOLD HALF HUNTER POCKET WATCH, 9ct gold cased half hunter pocket watch, engraved Benson London to movement, with enamel dial and secondary dial
Lot No: 141Description: MARCASITE & CULTURED PEARL BROOCH and 1 cabouchon cut agate brooch
Lot No: 142Description: VINTAGE CHRONOGRAPH WRIST WATCH, Swiss Emperor chronograph, appears in good working condition and appears to be keeping time
Lot No: 142ADescription: OPAL & GARNET RING in 9ct gold size m/n
Lot No: 143Description: 18ct GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, size I/J, complete with DIA grading report
Lot No: 143ADescription: DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, set in 18ct white gold 0.50ct total weight with well matched stones of good colour & clarity
Lot No: 144Description: SILVER & MARCASITE BROOCHES and 2 marcasite clips
Lot No: 145Description: SILVER CHARM BRACELET WITH HEART PADLOCK, charms including steam engine, ballerina, dusty bin, donkey, hobby horse and a duck
Lot No: 146Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD BLUE & WHITE STONE DRESS RING, size L
Lot No: 147Description: SILVER & WHITE METAL BANGLES
Lot No: 148Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD LADIES FOB WATCH, floral scroll work to the back of case with vacant cartouche, pin set movement, appears in working condition
Lot No: 149Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD LADIES WEDDING SET, illusion set diamond cluster in the form of solitaire and 9ct gold matching wedding band, size R
Lot No: 150Description: LADIES ROTARY WRIST WATCHES, Rotary box containing selection of ladies Rotary wrist watches and spare links
Lot No: 151Description: BRIDAL SET, 9ct white gold diamond cluster ring with matching 9ct white gold band ring size Q
Lot No: 152Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, mixed radiant baguette and brilliant cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, totalling 1ct size Q
Lot No: 153Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET & DIAMOND BROOCH, HM 1896 Chester
Lot No: 154Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND TENNIS BRACELET, totalling 3ct of well matched brilliant cut diamonds
Lot No: 156Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD AND DIAMOND RING, 3 graduated oval cut emeralds separated by 2 pairs of brilliant cut diamonds, size O/P
Lot No: 157Description: BANDED AGATE TABLE SEAL WITH SARDONICS CARVED INTAGLEO and brass pill box set with heart form turquoise stone
Lot No: 158Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD SQUARE FORM DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 5 illusion set brilliant cut diamonds set in square raised mount, size M/N
Lot No: 159Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SET RINGS sizes K/L & O/P
Lot No: 160Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, by Siffari, size N/O
Lot No: 161Description: PANDORA, ladies sterling silver bracelet with 6 beaded charms
Lot No: 162Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, size O/P
Lot No: 163Description: MYSTIC TOPAZ RING, 9ct yellow gold 3 stone mystic topaz ring size O
Lot No: 164Description: RUBY ETERNITY RING, 9ct yellow gold eternity ring set rubies, size M/N
Lot No: 165Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD CASED GENTLEMAN'S WRIST WATCH on plated expanding bracelet, inscription to back of watch for the ECC Group 1972, together with 9ct gold Long Service ECC Group pin and 2 others
Lot No: 166Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD TANZANITE & DIAMOND ARTICULATED BRACELET, 12 oval cut tanzanites separated by channel set accent diamonds
Lot No: 167Description: LADIES ROMES GOLD WRIST WATCH, cased stamped 18ct & 750 on a plated bracelet strap
Lot No: 167ADescription: 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, set in 18ct yellow gold 0.75ct total weight bright stones of good colour & clarity size M
Lot No: 168Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, size O
Lot No: 168ADescription: 3 STONE SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, in 18ct yellow gold, central oval cut sapphire with diamonds to the outer 0.50ct total size M
Lot No: 169Description: ILLINOIS WATCH COMPANY POCKET WATCH, cased marked sterling on nickel watch chain
Lot No: 170Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central oval cut sapphire surrounded by small brilliant cut diamonds with accent diamonds to either shoulder, size M/N
Lot No: 171Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 4 princess cut diamonds illusion set in square form, size J/K
Lot No: 172Description: FOUNTAIN PENS, 4 assorted fountain pens, 2 in mottled cases, some with gold nibs, together with a modern cased Parker pen
Lot No: 173Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central brilliant cut diamond surrounded by 8 further brilliant cut diamonds, size J/K
Lot No: 174Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD CROSS, 2.4 grams
Lot No: 175Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, totalling 0.6 ct bright stones of good colour and clarity
Lot No: 176Description: 2, 9ct WHITE GOLD RINGS, to include 1 white gold diamond solitaire, size M1/2 and 1 white gold 3 stone diamond ring, size L
Lot No: 177Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, mixed princess and brilliant cut diamonds, size I/J
Lot No: 178Description: GENTLEMAN'S SEKONDA DIVERS WATCH with uni directional bezel, water resistant to 200M, date aperture with screw down crown
Lot No: 179Description: WWI MEDAL PAIR, to 50603 Gunner F Mountfield, Royal Artillery, together with white metal nurse buckle, depicting cherubs and puti
Lot No: 180Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SET PENDANT, mixed princess and brilliant cut diamonds, on 18ct gold chain
Lot No: 181Description: 2 x Silver and Amber style necklaces
Lot No: 181ADescription: OPAL SOLITAIRE RING, 9ct oval cut opal set in celtic knot band size N
Lot No: 182Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD HINGED BANGLE
Lot No: 183Description: 2 MEDALS, Queen Victoria Jubilee medal 1837-1897 and Opening of Birmingham University medal by Edward VII & Queen Alexandra, July 7 1909
Lot No: 184ADescription: 3 STONE OPAL RING set in 9ct gold size N/O
Lot No: 186Description: SILVER IDENTITY BRACELET, inscribed to Roger and mixture of silver and half silver pre decimal coins
Lot No: 187Description: 3 CORAL BEAD NECKLACES, 1 large multi strand and 2 other
Lot No: 188Description: 9ct GOLD & YELLOW METAL CHAINS AND PENDANTS, 2, 9ct yellow gold heart lockets and 1, 9ct yellow gold stone set pendant on gold chain, together with several rolled gold and gold plated necklaces
Lot No: 189Description: 2 MODERN AMBER NECKLACES
Lot No: 190Description: GOLD SOVEREIGN, 1913
Lot No: 191Description: PAIR OF LORNETTES & COIN PURSE
Lot No: 192Description: VINTAGE CARVED GREEN JADE PLAQUE, set on yellow metal brooch, jade carved in floral pattern
Lot No: 193Description: VINTAGE YELLOW METAL BROOCH, set with oval citrine coloured stone
Lot No: 195Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE RUBY RING, size N
Lot No: 196Description: SILVER NECKLACES, of mixed links, 6 silver necklaces, weighing total of 90 grams inc curb and anchor link
Lot No: 197Description: 9ct GOLD SEED PEARL SET BROOCH & 9ct gold cross, 3.4 grams
Lot No: 198Description: YELLOW METAL BAR BROOCH, 2 further paste set bar brooches, green hardstone pendant, cuff links and buttons
Lot No: 199Description: SET OF 3 10ct GOLD COLLAR STUDS, in fitted case (gold weight 4 grams)
Lot No: 200Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD WEDDING BAND, 2.3 grams, size K
Lot No: 201Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY including turquoise set silver ring, paste brooch, ladies wrist watch and vintage black jet style necklace
Lot No: 202Description: BEAD NECKLACES, bag containing various bead necklaces and chains
Lot No: 203Description: HOT DIAMONDS, Silver cross with diamond insect on fine link chain in fitted box.
Lot No: 204Description: 3 AMBER COLOURED BEAD CHAINS
Lot No: 205Description: DOUBLE STRAND CULTURED PEARLS. consisting of 98 & 91 beads, 16'' in length on silver box file fastener, complete with insurance valuation of £625.00
Lot No: 206Description: HM SILVER LADIES WRIST WATCH with quartz movement, appears in working condition
Lot No: 207Description: 2 STRINGS OF BLACK BEADS, both faceted and graduated
Lot No: 208Description: 2 BLADED KNIFE IN THE FORM OF A CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE, engraved ''Moigneaux Pere & fils DIZY'' with ivory grip, long slender blade and curved blade, also an eastern dagger paperknife
Lot No: 209Description: NECKLACES, bag containing various necklaces including white metal metal and stone set
Lot No: 211Description: GENTLEMANS VIDAR WRIST WATCH, 17 jewel manual wind movement, shock proof and anti magnetic
Lot No: 212Description: 2 MALACHITE BEAD NECKLACES of graduated spherical design
Lot No: 213Description: SILVER WATCH FOBS, 2 silver and 1 silver and gold watch fob
Lot No: 215Description: WHITE METAL FISH BRACELET, white metal enamelled elephant and white metal marcasite set, Scottish thistle brooch
Lot No: 216Description: SILVER ITEMS, including silver ring, St Christopher, amethyst set pendant and various chains
Lot No: 217Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD STONE SET BANGLE, 19 grams
Lot No: 218Description: JEWELLERY BOX CONTAINING SELECTION OF COSTUME JEWELLERY, including yellow metal lockets, chains, silver pendants and various white metal items
Lot No: 219Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY & COINS, selection of yellow and white metal costume jewellery and commemorative coins including 1977 crowns, Festival of Britain medal, etc
Lot No: 220Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, jewellery box containing selection of yellow metal chains, pendants and brooches, also faux pearl beads, abalone shell and various other items
Lot No: 221Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, marquetry box containing belt buckles, medals, pen knives, together with a tin box depicting a hunting scene, containing white metal buttons and chokers
Lot No: 222Description: VARIOUS COSTUME JEWELLERY, necklaces and pendants, including white metal and bead
Lot No: 223Description: LADIES SEKONDA WRIST WATCH with date aperture
Lot No: 224Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, 2 small boxes containing various items of costume jewellery including earrings, yellow metal chains, pendants, etc
Lot No: 225Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, various items of costume jewellery including Wedgwood brooch, amethyst pendant and ladies Seiko wrist watch
Lot No: 226Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, wooden box with key containing small selection of costume jewellery including yellow metal rings, 9ct gold stud earrings, cuff links and various other items
Lot No: 227Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including bead necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc
Lot No: 228Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including green stone ring, gold coloured pendant, white metal buckle, etc
Lot No: 229Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc
Lot No: 230Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, 2 boxes containing various costume jewellery including silver pendants, faux pearls, ladies wrist watches, etc
Lot No: 232Description: BOX CONTAINING COSTUME JEWELLERY, including silver amber set rose, yellow metal Westie brooch, various yellow and white metal chains
Lot No: 233Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including various bead necklaces, paste set brooches and small quantity of pre-decimal and foreign coinage
Lot No: 234Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry lapel badge, faux pearl necklace, various other items of dress jewellery
Lot No: 235Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY & COINS, bag containing various items of costume jewellery, cuff links, some decimal and pre-decimal coins, including commemorative crowns
Lot No: 236Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY & SILVER PICTURE FRAME, various items of costume jewellery, including earrings, bracelets and commemorative coins, also a HM silver picture frame a/f
Lot No: 237Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including faux pearl necklaces, beads, untested graduated amber choker, etc
Lot No: 238Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including yellow metal enamelled cuff brooches and Peru silver brooches and bracelet
Lot No: 239Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including white metal filigree brooches in the forms of flowers and butterfly, celtic brooch, rose and various other items
Lot No: 240Description: TIN CONTAINING COSTUME JEWELLERY, including coin set bracelet, stone set brooches, various other items of interest
Lot No: 241Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, including faux pearl necklaces, vintage rosary, yellow metal St Christopher and white metal marcasite
Lot No: 242Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY & GOLD, selection of costume jewellery including brooches and pendants, pair of white metal Pagoda earrings, various commemorative pins and medals and small quantity of 9ct gold, totalling 3.6 grams with 4 gentleman watches
Lot No: 243Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, green box of assorted brooches, chain link purse, Ingersol wrist watch and pocket watch, pen knife,etc
Lot No: 244Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, cased ladies Timex wrist watch, pair of gents cuff links, bead necklaces, etc
Lot No: 245Description: WRIST WATCHES, small plastic crate of ladies and gents wrist watches, including gents Seiko on canvas strap, etc, some vintage
Lot No: 246Description: OMEGA, retro Omega stainless steel cased wrist watch on brown leather strap
Lot No: 247Description: RETRO OMEGA, automatic wrist watch with stainless steel case and strap
Lot No: 247ADescription: WATCHES, selection of ladies and gents wrist watches, including Citron,etc
Lot No: 248Description: POCKET WATCHES, box of various plates pocket watches, a beech veneered jewellery cabinet, fitted 4 drawers
Lot No: 249Description: SILVER SPOONS, set of 6 silver seal knop spoons, other silver and plated spoons, also a modern quartz wall clock
Lot No: 250Description: ADVERTISING, collection of 10 assorted advertising ash trays and stands
Lot No: 251Description: LP RECORDS, box of LP records including The Eagles, Roxy Music, Genesis, etc
Lot No: 252Description: ORIENTAL PRINTS, pair of framed oriental riverscapes, decorated with figures
Lot No: 253Description: 19TH CENTURY COLOUR ENGRAVING, ''Guardian Angels'', by R H Hodges
Lot No: 254Description: PRINT, ''Royal Hospital, Chelsea, Boys of the Old Brigade''
Lot No: 255Description: VICTORIAN PORTRAIT, oval of an elderly lady with heightened body colour, signed to right hand corner and dated 1860
Lot No: 256Description: PAIR OF REVERSE PAINTINGS ON GLASS, oval riverscapes with figures
Lot No: 257Description: DESK STAND, oak desk stand fitted a pair of glass ink wells, also an Art Deco mahogany framed cigarette dispenser
Lot No: 258Description: MANTEL CLOCK, ornate mantel clock, decorated with hunting scenes
Lot No: 259Description: POTTERY MODEL, 19th Century open railway carriage
Lot No: 260Description: BAROMETER, Hughes & Son circular barometer in oak frame
Lot No: 261Description: ORNATELY CARVED CIGARETTE BOX, together with a boxed set of Shakespeare books
Lot No: 262Description: MIDDLE EASTERN BRASS COFFEE POT, together with a Middle Eastern brass vase
Lot No: 263Description: EARLY METALWORK RUSH NIPS, 2 Continental wrought iron rush nips holders on circular bases
Lot No: 264Description: STANLEY PLANE, Stanley 110, 7'' plane boxed, also a cranberry glass jug
Lot No: 265Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, large oriental floral decorated stick stand, together with an oriental table lamp base
Lot No: 266Description: TELESCOPE, Ross of London 4 draw telescope, in fitted leather case
Lot No: 267Description: BRASS DOOR FURNITURE, selection of brass door handles, also brass stair rods
Lot No: 268Description: COPPER SPIRIT KETTLE, a Victorian copper spirit kettle on stand with ebony handle, another copper kettle, brass tray and contents
Lot No: 269Description: 2 ALUMINUM MILK CHURNS
Lot No: 270Description: MANTEL CLOCK, American style mantel clock
Lot No: 271Description: RAILWAY EPHEMERA, 1893 print 20th Anniversary of the Flying Scotsman, together with a selection of videos, Archives of British Steam Locomotives, etc
Lot No: 272Description: ADVERTISING, selection of advertising tins, cutlery boxes, leather writing folder, etc
Lot No: 273Description: EARLY VALVES, 3 plastic crates and other boxes of assorted TV and other valves
Lot No: 274Description: CARLTONWARE, Carltonware leaf decorated pepper pot, together with a Devonware brush pot
Lot No: 275Description: JADE SAKE BOWL
Lot No: 276Description: VICTORIAN SILVER TANKARD of baluster form with foliate decoration, maker BB Birmingham
Lot No: 277Description: CHINESE DESIGN CRUET, white metal rickshaw design cruet
Lot No: 278Description: SILVER CANDLE STICKS, pair of silver candle sticks, Birmingham HM, together with 1 larger tapering candle stick
Lot No: 279Description: GEORGIAN SILVER CRUET, of oval form with blue glass liner and foliate decoration in relief, London 1810
Lot No: 281Description: GLASS PAPERWEIGHTS, 2 glass bird design paperweights
Lot No: 282Description: SILVER TOPPED PERFUME BOTTLES, pair of hobnail cut perfume bottles with ornate silver tops, together with 1 other similar
Lot No: 283Description: SILVER TOP CLARET JUG, glass claret jug of tapering form with silver mounts and lid, maker WD
Lot No: 284Description: PERFUME BOTTLES, ornate gilt glass stoppered perfume bottle and similar spray, together with lidded glass trinket jar
Lot No: 285Description: CONTINENTAL SOUVENIR SILVER SPOON, finial in the form of a 3 masted galleon, the bowl decorated figures by a cradle in high relief, stamped 935 and BM
Lot No: 286Description: SILVER TANKARD, London HM silver tankard with engraved decoration of night and day
Lot No: 287Description: SILVER PIN TRAY on 3 raised feet, 3 silver forks with mother-of-pearl handles, similar fruit knife, enamel cross, etc
Lot No: 288Description: LLADRO, 3 Lladro girl figures, 1 with banjo, other holding a candle lamp, also girl with pig
Lot No: 289Description: CLARET JUG, hobnail cut claret jug with plated mounts, together with a plated wine coaster
Lot No: 290Description: RETRO GLASS, Whitefriars-style bowls, 1 circular form blue bowl together with a red lobed bowl
Lot No: 291Description: LADIES MESH EVENING PURSE, with silver mounts, Chester HM
Lot No: 292Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPERWEIGHTS, 1 of a Penguin, together with a Puffin
Lot No: 293Description: DESK SEAL, white metal ornate decorated desk seal in fitted box
Lot No: 294Description: SILVER TOPPED JARS, Birmingham HM silver topped glass jar, together with 1 other and pair of plated knife rests
Lot No: 295Description: DECANTING FUNNEL, Art Deco brush cutlery, etc
Lot No: 296Description: BESWICK FOAL, LAMB & WREN, also Chinese archaic-style ceramic horse
Lot No: 297Description: MALING FLORAL TEA BOWL and preserve pot, also 2 Royal Worcester replica cream jugs
Lot No: 298Description: SILVER SERVIETTE RINGS, HM silver bladed folding fruit knife, antique plated fish slice and condiment ware
Lot No: 299Description: CLASSICAL WEDGWOOD PLAQUE, oval portrait plaque possibly of Wellington, 3.5''
Lot No: 300Description: ANTIQUE SAUCE LADLE with baleen twist handle, also silver swan design sugar dredger spoon
Lot No: 301Description: SILVER COFFEE SPOONS, cased 5 silver coffee spoons a/f
Lot No: 302Description: 2 ANTIQUE CONDIMENT SPOONS, mother-of-pearl bowl preserve spoon, silver salt and egg cup, etc
Lot No: 303Description: SILVER PLATE SUGAR BOWL, also HM silver Queen Silver Jubilee Madeira decanter label
Lot No: 304Description: SILVER CUTLERY, collection of 19th Century HM silver cutlery, 28 ozs
Lot No: 305Description: BOOTS HOME FIRST AID CASE, cased draughtsmans instruments
Lot No: 306Description: EBONY MANICURE CASE & CONTENTS, cased laboratory scales, watch holder and gaming counters
Lot No: 307Description: CRANBERRY GLASS, pair of gilt fleck cranberry posy holders; also pair of noritake ''Riverscape'' pattern vases
Lot No: 308Description: MAPPIN & WEBB-STYLE MANTLE CLOCK, a chinoiserie lacquer mantle clock
Lot No: 309Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, canton tea pot base, dragon handled porcelain coffee pot and 1 other oriental vase
Lot No: 310Description: MINIATURE BLUE GLASS BASKET, Queen Mother 1000th birthday commemorative patch box, miniature figures, etc
Lot No: 311Description: CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, ''Bengal Tiger Cub''
Lot No: 312Description: DOULTON, ''Hiawatha'' jug
Lot No: 313Description: CRANBERRY GLASS, set of 4 crinoline edge cream dishes on stands
Lot No: 314Description: CROWN DERBY PAPERWEIGHT, ''Oceanic Whale''
Lot No: 315Description: CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, ''Baby Bottlenose Dolphin''
Lot No: 316Description: THIMBLES, collection of decorative thimbles including silver and enamel
Lot No: 317Description: TUNBRIDGE WARE, domed top parquetry design jewel box, also Victorian ''jewelled'' sweet meat basket
Lot No: 318Description: ANTIQUE CHINESE IVORY, carved lidded circular gaming counter, box and contents, also Chinese carved ivory disk, together with 3 pieces of miniature kutani porcelain, inc perfume holder and some hat pins including hunting horn example
Lot No: 319Description: SILVER OVAL PATCH BOX, together with eastern filigree candle holder and 2 similar ointment jars
Lot No: 320Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, ''Japan'' pattern teaware and oval based coffee pot
Lot No: 321Description: STANHOPE PAPERKNIFE a/f, carved bone back scratcher, antique ivory carved elephant and similar bone carving
Lot No: 322Description: DELFT, Continental Delft lobed edge 9.5'' wall plate, decorated with blossoming branch
Lot No: 324Description: STANHOPE, Victorian bone and ivory Stanhope pen & paper knife, together with antique carved & pierced ivory paper knife & one other brass paper knife
Lot No: 325Description: WORCESTER PHEASANT VASES, pair of miniature painted spill vases by C Morris, also Hummell figure, Boy with Yellow Bird
Lot No: 326Description: HM SILVER FOLDING BLADE FRUIT KNIFE, 3 others and collection of needlework accessories
Lot No: 327Description: MASONIC JEWELS, a collection of Masonic enamel medals & jewels from 1930's Derbyshire Lodge up to & including 1980's Grand Charity Festivals medallions for the Derbyshire Lodge (approx 15)
Lot No: 328Description: ROSEWOOD FOLDING EXTENDING BOOK RACK and 1 other with brass mounts
Lot No: 329Description: PAIR OF EDWARDIAN BRASS SPECIMEN VASES and cast metal meerkat sculpture
Lot No: 330Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Imari gourd vase, 11'' height
Lot No: 331Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, gilded seated Cat and Robin
Lot No: 332Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, 2 blanc-de-chine deity figures A/F
Lot No: 333Description: TRENCH ART, oak leaf design embossed brass shell case, together with pair of waisted brass shell cases
Lot No: 334Description: WEDGWOOD TERRACOTTA EGYPTIAN VASE, also 1 similar jar, Coalbrookdale floral encrusted vase a/f and Adderley flower posy
Lot No: 335Description: LLADRO, figure of Dancing Lady (finger damage), together with 3 Nao child figures (1 with finger damage)
Lot No: 336Description: VICTORIAN INK WELL, a heavy pressed glass circular base ink well
Lot No: 337Description: LIMOGES FLASK, Napoleon design gilded book form cognac flask
Lot No: 338Description: PAPERWEIGHTS, apple and pear design signed glass paperweights and 4 others
Lot No: 339Description: POOLE, ''Delphis'' design oval serving dish
Lot No: 340Description: EARLY WORCESTER, Barr Worcester, gilded 8'' saucer dish decorated with Fenced Garden and Pergola pattern, incised B mark
Lot No: 341Description: LLADRO, group of Young Lady and Goat
Lot No: 342Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, an enamelled figure of Hotei with Children on hardwood stand
Lot No: 343Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, signed baluster vase decorated with bamboo and blossoming shrubs
Lot No: 344Description: LEATHER COLLAR BOX and leather cylindrical map holder
Lot No: 345Description: PORCELAIN HALF LADIES, collection of 3 figure tops, together with Doulton figure ''Rhapsody''
Lot No: 346Description: 2 SERPENTINE LIDDED JARS, souvenir spoons, epergne base , etc
Lot No: 347Description: WORCESTER FIGURE, ''February''
Lot No: 348Description: ADVERTISING, Martel Brandy character jug by Sanderland
Lot No: 349Description: BRASS TIFFIN
Lot No: 350Description: BRETBY, green glazed bulb bowl, a retro Denby black bodied vase together with a Torquay ware Kingfisher vase
Lot No: 351Description: PHOTO FRAMES, pair of ornate brass cast easel photo frames and 1 other
Lot No: 352Description: DOULTON LIMITED EDITION FIGURE, ''Scarlet O'Hara'' limited edition figure, HN4200
Lot No: 353Description: CLOISONNE, 2 Meiji period cloisonne vases, both a/f
Lot No: 354Description: DOULTON FIGURES, ''Fleur'' and ''Congratulations to You''
Lot No: 355Description: BESWICK, 2 Beswick Kingfishers (1 with beak chip)
Lot No: 356Description: DOULTON FIGURE, ''Golden Days'' HN2274 and cranberry glass crinoline necked vase
Lot No: 357Description: WHITEFRIARS-STYLE, 7 piece sculptured glass lemonade set
Lot No: 358Description: MEISSEN GROUP, 19th Century figure group of flamboyantly dressed shepherd and musician companion, 8.5'' height (several defects)
Lot No: 359Description: ART GLASS, an attractive cut triangular base decanter and stopper
Lot No: 360Description: CORZENDORF, pair of dog and kennel design book ends
Lot No: 361Description: EDWARDIAN EPERGNES, pair of pink milk glass epergnes on gilded floral stands
Lot No: 362Description: PAPERWEIGHT, Chinese ''Fruit'' paperweight of cherry, lemon and strawberry on lattice ground
Lot No: 363Description: DOULTON BUNNYKINS, 2 figures ''Businessman'' and ''Airman'', also amusing heubach rabbit boy flower holder
Lot No: 364Description: EASTERN CASKET with tortoiseshell & ivory decoration and carved deity to top on carved ivory claw feet 6''
Lot No: 364ADescription: EASTERN CASKET with tortoiseshell & pierced ivory decorations with mythical beasts to top on ivory claw feet 8'' with lined interior
Lot No: 365Description: WORCESTER EVESHAM 7 piece dessert set, also cut glass decanter and similar tableware
Lot No: 366Description: LIMOGES, gilded blue bordered floral design dessert service of 6 comports and 12 plates
Lot No: 367Description: ART GLASS, a textured cylindrical vase by Vannes
Lot No: 368Description: VICTORIAN OVAL BREAD PLATE, Malling lustre jug, also Victorian comport and ewer jug
Lot No: 369Description: VICTORIAN GLASS, pair of Victorian opaque glass vases, with enamelled floral decoration, together with a matching lidded vase and a signed art pottery bowl
Lot No: 370Description: ANTIQUE GLASSWARE, set of 3 ruby glass narrow neck decanters, gilt portrait decoration
Lot No: 371Description: METALWARE, sculpture of Pan
Lot No: 372Description: COALPORT COFFEE WARE, Art Deco coffee ware, cut glass fruit bowl and vase with contents of shelf
Lot No: 373Description: LEGO TECHNIC, case of Lego Technic with box of other accessories
Lot No: 375Description: POSTCARDS, red postcard album and contents, together with other unsorted postcards
Lot No: 376Description: MODEL RAILWAY, collection of tunnels, stations and accessories
Lot No: 377Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Fuji zoom 125S camera, together with related items and accessories
Lot No: 378Description: POSTER, ''Team Work''
Lot No: 379Description: STUART ARMFIELD, signed watercolour ''Desert Date''
Lot No: 380Description: EXHIBITION POSTER, Susan Conti - After the Ritz
Lot No: 381Description: W ARNOLD, pair of signed watercolours ''Riverscapes''
Lot No: 382Description: VICTORIAN CHROMOLITHOGRAPH, ''Rose, Shamrock and Thistle'', 1892 in birdseye maple frame
Lot No: 383Description: TONY SMITH, signed limited edition colour print, ''Sunday Morning''
Lot No: 384Description: ORNAMENTAL BIRD CAGE
Lot No: 385Description: MILITARY, Belgiam soldier's helmet, together with Royal Army Medical Core buckle and belt
Lot No: 385ADescription: BIRMINGHAM GUILD COPPER- A Brimingham guild copper tray with shaped handles
Lot No: 386Description: ART NOUVEAU, a resin moulded figure of Young Lady after Dutrion
Lot No: 387Description: BARREL DESIGN DECANTER, silver plate banded oak barrel design decanter with cups
Lot No: 389Description: VICTORIAN BRASS FIRE CURB with pierce decoration
Lot No: 390Description: LARGE CERAMIC TIGER
Lot No: 391Description: BICYCLE LIGHTS, collection of 1960s design bicycle lights
Lot No: 392Description: MILITARY, a miniature model of Roman Soldier's helmet
Lot No: 393Description: WWII, British Soldier's helmet
Lot No: 395Description: ROYAL ALBERT ''Old Country Roses'' pattern tableware, including 2 tureens
Lot No: 396Description: BRASS WARE, pair of Victorian brass octagonal based candle sticks, miniature candle sticks and other metal ware
Lot No: 397Description: CUT GLASS, 2 cut glass fruit bowls, 2 vases and other decorative glassware
Lot No: 398Description: LARGE ORNAMENTAL TUREEN & LADLE, also Maling willow pattern tea pot and 2 other pieces of willow pattern pottery
Lot No: 398ADescription: ANIMAL ORNAMENTS, pair of entwined giraffes, also pair elephant spill vases & 2 musicians
Lot No: 399Description: DOULTON TABLEWARE, ''Counterpoint'' pattern tableware, including tureens
Lot No: 401Description: DENBY, retro design casserole with similar tableware
Lot No: 402Description: CERAMIC SEATED TIGER
Lot No: 403Description: LLADRO, figure of ''Young Lady with Parasol''
Lot No: 404Description: DRESDEN TEAWARE, Wedgwood basalt vase and other decorative items
Lot No: 405Description: DECANTER SET with whiskey decanter and glass vase
Lot No: 406Description: CANTEEN, mahogany cased fitted canteen by Joseph Rogers with flush base drawer, 16'' width
Lot No: 407Description: ELLIOTT BRACKET CLOCK, 1981 commemorative Prince of Wales limited edition
Lot No: 408Description: ORIENTAL STONEWARE, a dragon design large garden planter
Lot No: 409Description: TREEN, an Eastern carved oak cigarette box
Lot No: 410Description: HENRY HOOVER
Lot No: 411Description: GALVANISED BATH, 2 oil lamps, etc
Lot No: 412Description: CLOCK MOVEMENTS
Lot No: 413Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, large baluster vase (some damage)
Lot No: 414Description: CARVING, a wooden carving of 3 birds
Lot No: 416Description: WAGNER, gilt bust of Wagner
Lot No: 417Description: M LYCCN, signed painting on canvas ''Sunset over Breaking Waves''
Lot No: 418Description: ROTHKO, exhibition poster
Lot No: 419Description: FILM POSTER, ''Grease''
Lot No: 420Description: W H MARSTEN PROPHET, ''Cornish Crabbers''
Lot No: 421Description: GILT FRAMED OIL ON CANVAS, ''Clipper''
Lot No: 422Description: LEONARD, signed painting on canvas ''Portrait of Horse's Head''
Lot No: 423Description: ROTHKO, framed exhibition poster
Lot No: 424Description: ART DECO DESIGN BRONZE, of nude female archer, signed to reverse
Lot No: 425Description: WEDGWOOD AMERICAN INTEREST, pair of Jasperware planters with relief's of Franklin, Washington & Lafayette, 9.25'' dia
Lot No: 426Description: ART NOUVEAU, WMF silver plate coffee pot
Lot No: 427Description: FRENCH BRONZED FIGURE, ''Pecheur''
Lot No: 428Description: ORIENTAL, 2 carved bamboo vases
Lot No: 429Description: MILITARY BINOCULARS, prismatic binoculars by Negretti & Zambra in leather case
Lot No: 430Description: CARNIVAL GLASS VASE, pair of silver mounted cut glass vases and contents of shelf
Lot No: 431Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Praktica MTL3 & BC 1 Electronic camera bodies, together with numerous lenses & other accessories
Lot No: 432Description: CUTLERY, fish servers and 2 boxes of assorted cutlery
Lot No: 433Description: SIMON DOBBS, signed limited edition screen print dated 1974, ''Daffodils'', 15'' x 13.5''
Lot No: 434Description: ERNEST JAMES STONE Water colour, (Falmouth school) Pridmouth, approx 9'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 436Description: VICTORIAN PORTRAITS, pair of pencil and watercolour portraits of Gentleman with Wife, together with 1 other oval mounted portrait of Young Lady
Lot No: 437Description: VICTORIAN WRITING BOX, brass inset and banded walnut writing box, 11.5'' width
Lot No: 438Description: EDWARDIAN STATIONARY SLOPE, burr walnut twin door slope front stationary box with fitted interior, 16.5'' width
Lot No: 439Description: ALAN POOLE, 2 signed watercolours ''Moored Boats''
Lot No: 440Description: JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT, ''Portrait of Angry Man'', signed Kunichika, 13.5'' x 9''
Lot No: 441Description: P MAREN, pair of signed oils on board ''Flower Study''
Lot No: 442Description: 19TH WRITING SLOPE, mahogany veneered slope with fitted interior a/f
Lot No: 444Description: BAXTER PRINT ''The Harvest'', together with maple framed puppy print
Lot No: 445Description: HUNTING PRINTS, set of 4 prints by Cuthbert Bradley
Lot No: 446Description: ORIENTAL PORCELAIN, set of geisha base egg shell porcelain teaware
Lot No: 447Description: SILVER PLATE, Edwardian 3 piece silver plate tea service
Lot No: 448Description: COCKTAIL SHAKER, jewel boxes, ebony hair tidy, etc
Lot No: 449Description: GOLD MIRROR, oval gold framed mirror with ribbon decoration
Lot No: 450Description: ANTIQUE ENGRAVINGS, after Mortimer, also A. Robertson, signed watercolour ''Highland Valley'' and 4 framed Victorian book marks
Lot No: 451Description: R MATHER, signed pastel ''The Forest Road''
Lot No: 452Description: VICTORIAN PRINTS, pair of amusing colour prints, cats and birds
Lot No: 453Description: E.W.TRICK, signed watercolour ''Moorland Stream'', 5'' x 7''
Lot No: 454Description: TABLE TENNIS GAME
Lot No: 455Description: MIRROR, silver framed rectangular mirror
Lot No: 456Description: 6 BRANCH CHANDELIER
Lot No: 458Description: KERRIS, signed colour print ''St Winnow Church'', together with pair of framed etchings ''Shrewsbury''
Lot No: 459Description: MILK GLASS HEN BASKET and 2 others, together with chicken jelly mould
Lot No: 461Description: RAILWAYS, Don Breckon colour print, ''Along the Fowey''
Lot No: 462Description: NICHOLAS ST JOHN ROOSE, signed pastel ''Female Nude''
Lot No: 463Description: NICHOLAS ST JOHN ROSSE, signed pastel, ''Study of Young Girl''
Lot No: 464Description: ADVERTISING, Walter Hicks soda siphon, 2 stoneware storage jars and sweet jar
Lot No: 465Description: ORIENTAL GOURD VASE, wooden sculpture and ship's decanter
Lot No: 466Description: MECCANO SET and 2 other control games
Lot No: 467Description: BOX OF ASSORTED VEHICLES, etc
Lot No: 468Description: HUNTING PRINTS, set of 4 hunting prints, after Alken
Lot No: 469Description: COPPER COACHING HORN a/f
Lot No: 470Description: CORNISH ENGRAVINGS, 18th Century engraving of St Catherine's Castle, Fowey and 3 others
Lot No: 471Description: LIFE JACKETS
Lot No: 472Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK, pair of coloured silk floral panels, 16'' x 10''
Lot No: 473Description: COMBINATION LOCK CASE
Lot No: 474Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Yaschica camera, also Praktica MTL3 camera and other accessories and related items
Lot No: 475Description: EASTERN BRASS LARGE VASE
Lot No: 476Description: FILM POSTER, Burt Reynolds in ''Hustle''
Lot No: 477Description: COPPER WARMING PAN with galleon design lid
Lot No: 478Description: WHEELED COMPRESSOR, Bambi wheeled air compressor
Lot No: 479Description: FRAMED CIGARETTE CARDS, framed 1930s glamour cigarette cards
Lot No: 480Description: FRAMED DISPLAY, early 20th Century Christmas messages
Lot No: 481Description: K PETERSON, watercolour ''Iris''
Lot No: 482Description: VERNON WARD PRINTS, ''Mevagissey'' and ''Looe''
Lot No: 483Description: CUT GLASS, cut glass water jug and fruit bowl with assorted wines, tumblers, etc
Lot No: 484Description: DEVONWARE, small collection of Devonware, also carnival glass dish and other china ware
Lot No: 485Description: ASPARAGUS DISH, also 2 cut glass perfume bottles and selection of china ware
Lot No: 486Description: PLATED WARES, plated castor of octagonal form, muffin dish, bowls, etc
Lot No: 487Description: VICTORIAN DESSERT SERVICE, a gilded green border, floral decorated dessert service of 10 plates, pattern no 216
Lot No: 488Description: CUTLERY, 3 box sets of assorted cutlery, also collection of plated spoons
Lot No: 489Description: CEREMONIAL SPEAR
Lot No: 491Description: WALKING CANE & ORNAMENTAL RIDING CROP, an ornamental silver topped walking cane, together with a ethnic riding crop
Lot No: 492Description: BOX OF SIPELIA STAINLESS STEEL CUTLERY, in a fitted oak veneered box
Lot No: 493Description: R MOLL, signed limited edition bronze statue of a child and a dogs head
Lot No: 494Description: TIFFANY DESIGN TABLE LAMPS, 2 Tiffany-style table lamps, with opaque glass shades
Lot No: 495Description: CARTRIDGE FILLER mounted on a mahogany plinth
Lot No: 496Description: FUZZ, pair of oils on board ''River'' and ''Landscapes''
Lot No: 497Description: STAFFORDSHIRE, Staffordshire clock group, also a Highland Dancer group, 2 paperweights, etc
Lot No: 498Description: N ST JOHN ROSSE, heightened pastel ''Nude''
Lot No: 499Description: N ST JOHN ROSSE, signed study ''nude''
Lot No: 500Description: DECORATIVE SCULPTURE, ''The Lovers''
Lot No: 501Description: POSTAL SCALES & WEIGHTS, 2 sets of postal scales and weights
Lot No: 502Description: BRASS CANDLE STICKS, 2 pairs of 19th Century brass injector style candle sticks
Lot No: 503Description: LINCOLN BRACKET CLOCK, with silvered dial, in mahogany veneer frame
Lot No: 504Description: ORNATE GILT FRAME MIRROR
Lot No: 505Description: BRONZE STAG'S HEAD, ornate bronze stag's head on oak plinth
Lot No: 506Description: MILITARY BINOCULARS, pair of WWII Canadian binoculars in fitted case
Lot No: 507Description: UPHOLSTERED FOOT STOOL
Lot No: 508Description: SIGNED PRINT, ''The Olive Grove'', together with framed wall display
Lot No: 509Description: GEORGIAN MERCURY WHEEL BAROMETER, by John Looker of Kingston, inset convex mirror with thermometer, 5'' height
Lot No: 509ADescription: Cast iron fender 33'' wide
Lot No: 510Description: MITCHELL, oil on canvas ''Cottage in a Wooded Valley''
Lot No: 511Description: ROBERT MORDEN. early edition hand coloured engraved map, ''Devonshire'', 13.5'' x 16''
Lot No: 512Description: CARL RICHARDSON, print ''Mevagissey'', together with 1 similar ''Polperro''
Lot No: 513Description: CUT GLASS, square form decanter, 8 assorted stemmed wines, also sherrys, ports, etc
Lot No: 514Description: CORGI & DINKY CARS, collection of Corgi and Dinky cars, including a Dinky armed personnel carrier, Corgi 007 Lotus Esprit and various others
Lot No: 515Description: BOXED DOG TOYS, battery operated dorable daksy daschund, also droopy dachs and 1 other
Lot No: 517Description: HOHNER ROCKWOOD ELECTRIC GUITAR in carry case
Lot No: 518Description: FOLIO SOCIETY, 5 assorted volumes from the Folio Society, including Greek Myths and Arabian Nights, together with other various volumes
Lot No: 519Description: PAINTINGS ON CANVAS BOARD, ''Daffodils and Marrows''
Lot No: 520Description: MILITARIA, brass 4 draw telescope, together with a brass sabre
Lot No: 521Description: UNIQUE OVAL MIRROR, oval mirror, outer painted Venetian Street scenes
Lot No: 522Description: FIONA GLAISTER, signed abstract painting, ''Study in Blue'', 50'' x 22''
Lot No: 523Description: RUPERT BOOKS, Rupert and the Jumping Fish, together with 4 other assorted Rupert books, also W S C, 1 volume a cartoon biography and various other volumes
Lot No: 524Description: ENGRAVED MARBLE, Queen Silver Jubilee engraved marble ornament, together with a pair cylindrical book ends
Lot No: 525Description: COLOURED PRINT, ''King Edward VII''
Lot No: 526Description: S BROOK, oil on canvas ''Sailing on the River''
Lot No: 527Description: LOWRY PRINT & 1 OTHER
Lot No: 528Description: SCIENTIFIC SCALES, ''Grams per square meter scales'' by H.E. Messmer in cabinet
Lot No: 529Description: BONZO, brass framed slipper box, decorated with Bonzo
Lot No: 530Description: POSTER, ''Harlem Nights'' with Eddie Murphy and Richard Prior
Lot No: 531Description: BONSAI TREE, ornate glass bonsai tree
Lot No: 532Description: MANTEL CLOCKS, collection of 4 assorted mantel clocks, Art Deco and later
Lot No: 533Description: CUT GLASS, 2 cut glass fruit bowls, decanter, other assorted glassware over 2 shelves
Lot No: 534Description: BRASS CANNON, ornate brass cannon ornament, together with 1 other, spitfire guest stand, 3 Indian bowls, etc
Lot No: 535Description: GILBERT GEARY, oil on canvas ''Sailing off the Coast''
Lot No: 536Description: BRITON RIVIERE, Victorian print ''Child with Dog''
Lot No: 537Description: PHOTOGRAPH, ''Leadership''
Lot No: 538Description: RUSTIC WALL CLOCK
Lot No: 539Description: PEARS PRINT, ''Bubbles''
Lot No: 540Description: ANTONY FLEMING, watercolour "Sailing Ships"
Lot No: 541Description: CHURCH PRINTS, collection of 5 assorted Church prints
Lot No: 542Description: NEEDLEWORK PANEL, a framed floral needlework panel
Lot No: 543Description: DAVIDSON COWLSON, oil on canvas ''Coastal Scene with Figures''    WITHDRAWN
Lot No: 544Description: ELECTROLIER, 5 branch electrolier with lustre drops
Lot No: 545Description: RETRO ANGLE POISE LAMP
Lot No: 546Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, baluster form vase decorated with figures and birds, saucer with 4 figure character mark to base, bowl and 2 other pieces
Lot No: 547Description: SIGNED PAINTING ON CANVAS, ''Still Life of Daisies'' in ornate frame
Lot No: 548Description: M H BINGLEY, water colour ''Breaking Waves''
Lot No: 549Description: JOHN MILLER, limited edition print ''Morning Mist'', also coronation 1937 photograph
Lot No: 550Description: ANNA CLARKE, watercolour ''Riverscape''
Lot No: 551Description: ARTHUR WHITE, signed water colour ''Coastal Scene'', 10'' x 14''
Lot No: 552Description: H.H. BINGLEY, signed water colour ''Breaking Waves at base of Cliff'', 8.5'' x 13''
Lot No: 553Description: PAIR OF 11 X 65 BINOCULARS in fitted case, also a Minolta camera and accessories in box
Lot No: 554Description: PLATED TEA CADDY, ornate rectangular tea caddy with foliate decoration, Staffordshire jelly mould, together with a selection of brass finger plates
Lot No: 555Description: SILVER CAPPED WALKING CANES, 2 HM silver topped walking canes
Lot No: 556Description: ARTS & CRAFTS OAK ANEROID BAROMETER, 33'' height
Lot No: 557Description: FRAMED LACE FRAGMENT
Lot No: 558Description: IRON KETTLES, 3 assorted iron kettles, 3 weights and 2 advertising flat irons
Lot No: 559Description: ANTIQUE LONG CASE CLOCK MOVEMENT, with 8 day mechanism and moon face, dial with pendulum
Lot No: 560Description: CARPENTERS WORK BOX, stained pine carpenters work box, together with a collection of carpenters tools
Lot No: 561Description: HANDBAGS, Joshua Taylor designer leather handbag, also 2 evening bags and 2 pairs of evening gloves
Lot No: 562Description: BLACK & WHITE ENGRAVING, after George Morland ''Figures by a Cottage'', also oil on canvas of a Georgian gentleman
Lot No: 563Description: MIDDLE EASTERN BRASS TWIN HANDLED TRAY of rectangular form and one other
Lot No: 564Description: LARGE KUKRI, also reproduction sabre and sheath
Lot No: 565Description: BAGATELLE BOARD
Lot No: 566Description: BOX OF VINTAGE RECORDS, including Fleetwood Mac, Free, Moody Blues, Michael Jackson, etc
Lot No: 567Description: CHRISTMAS DISPLAY, ornate Christmas display of a snowy cabin with snowman
Lot No: 567BDescription: CLOCK Smiths oak cased mantel clock
Lot No: 567CDescription: CLOCK, Oak cased mantel clock
Lot No: 568Description: FRAMED DISPLAY OF A BANQUET, with various menus, pictures and cutlery
Lot No: 569Description: WROUGHT IRON CANDLE HOLDERS, pair of wrought iron candle holders and stand
Lot No: 571Description: ELECTROLIERS, 2 x 5 branch ornate floral decorated electroliers
Lot No: 572Description: WROUGHT IRON CANDELABRA, 6 branch candelabra
Lot No: 573Description: DINNER GONG, large wall mounted dinner gong with beater and plinth
Lot No: 574Description: PARROT CAGE
Lot No: 575Description: MILITARY PICTURES, 2 black and white photographs of aircraft carrier entering New York, also another HMS Vanguard, 2 aeroplane prints, etc
Lot No: 576Description: VINTAGE DOG TOYS, 2 vintage straw filled dogs
Lot No: 577Description: FLASH LIGHT, metal framed rechargeable railway flash light
Lot No: 578Description: ADVERTISING, advertising print ''Beefeater Gin''
Lot No: 579Description: PEDIGREE DOLLS, a boxed Pedigree dolls girl figure 28''.
Lot No: 580Description: ORIENTAL TRINKET BOX, mother-of-pearl inlaid decorated riverscape with figures, with rising top and lower drawer
Lot No: 581Description: MAHOGANY STYLE CUTLERY BOX, with blue upholstered interior
Lot No: 582Description: WALKING CANES, ebony walking cane with dog head handle, together with brass topped walking cane
Lot No: 583Description: COPPER KETTLE, copper kettle and copper jug
Lot No: 584Description: WALKING STICKS, 3 assorted walking sticks with silver and white metal caps and mounts
Lot No: 585Description: PAPERWEIGHTS, mille fiori style paperweight, Swarovski style swan and other assorted glassware
Lot No: 586Description: PLATED WARE, selection of plated tea pots, milks, sugars, etc
Lot No: 587Description: VENETIAN GLASS, 2 pieces of red and gilt Venetian glass with floral painted decoration, Nao figures and 2 stamp starter collections in albums
Lot No: 589Description: TEAK GARDEN CHAIR SET, linked teak side table and 2 chairs
Lot No: 590Description: GARDEN BENCH
Lot No: 592Description: HALF BARREL
Lot No: 592ADescription: BELFAST SINK
Lot No: 593Description: HALF BARREL
Lot No: 594Description: RUSTIC HALF BARREL a/f
Lot No: 597Description: CANTEEN OF PLATED CUTLERY, set of Cooper Ludlan plated cutlery in fitted box (box a/f)
Lot No: 598Description: CLOISONNE, pair of cloisonne enamel baluster form vases, decorated with birds and flowering trees, also a blue glass tapering vase
Lot No: 599Description: BORDER FINE ARTS, sculpture of 3 seal cubs with box
Lot No: 600Description: POOLE, Poole Delphis plate a/f and 1 other Poole plate, Royal Doulton twin handled sandwich plate, Carltonware,etc
Lot No: 601Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, straight fronted chest of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers, wooden knop handles and beaded top edge, 36.5'' height, 41'' width
Lot No: 602Description: STRIPPED PINE CHEST, 19th Century waxed pine chest, fitted 2 short and 3 long drawers, 41''
Lot No: 604Description: TWIN PEDESTAL DESK, faded mahogany twin pedestal 7 drawer DESK with leather inset to top and castor feet, 43''
Lot No: 605Description: COUNTRY CHAIRS, set of 6 ladder back ash and elm rush seated country chairs
Lot No: 606Description: LANCASHIRE SPINDLE BACK CHAIRS, set of 6 ash and elm spindle back rush seated chairs with pad feet and turned stretchers
Lot No: 607Description: OAK FRAMED DINING CHAIRS, set of 4 high back leather print covered dining chairs with 2 matching open carver chairs
Lot No: 608Description: GEORGIAN DEMI-LUNE HALL TABLE, mahogany inlaid detail hall table on tapering square section legs, 46'' width
Lot No: 609Description: REGENCY DESIGN EXTENDING DINING TABLE, mahogany twin splayed triple leg support dining table with 2 leaves and brass castors, 45'' width
Lot No: 610Description: UPHOLSTERED FIRE SURROUND, wrought iron fire curb with upholstered seat, 66''
Lot No: 611Description: ORIENTAL FOOD CONTAINER, bamboo framed circular lidded food container, 21''
Lot No: 612Description: ORIENTAL TRUNK, carved figures in a landscape in high relief, with rising top, 25''
Lot No: 613Description: NEST OF OCCASIONAL TABLES, oriental rosewood nest of 2 occasional tables with carved frieze
Lot No: 614Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY TEA TABLE, fold top rectangular tea table on tapering square section legs, 36'' width
Lot No: 615Description: EDWARDIAN CHEST, satin walnut 3 drawer chest, 23'', with iron drop handles
Lot No: 616Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY & ELM CHIFFONIER, Provincial design twin cupboard base chiffonier with top shelf, 45'' width
Lot No: 617Description: GLAZED OAK BOOKCASE, oak twin door bookcase with leaded glazed doors and lower linen fold decorated cupboards, 37''
Lot No: 618Description: STAG MINSTRAL, Stag Minstral chest with 4 long and 3 short drawers (a/f)
Lot No: 619Description: OAK DRESSER, with 2 open shelves above, 2 linen fold drawers and cupboards below, 50''
Lot No: 620Description: PAINTED BEDSIDE CABINET, with 1 drawer and cupboard
Lot No: 621Description: MAHOGANY POT CUPBOARD, Georgian design mahogany pot cupboard with blind panel door
Lot No: 622Description: 4 FOLD SMALL SCREEN, 45'' high
Lot No: 623Description: WALL MIRROR, bevelled edge wall mirror of rectangular form in beech frame
Lot No: 624Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY 30 HOUR LONG CASE CLOCK, painted square face with Sheep and Dog in provincial oak inlaid casing
Lot No: 625Description: BLANKET BOX, stained ply blanket box with rising upholstered lid
Lot No: 626Description: FIRE SCREEN, mahogany framed fire screen with floral needlework panel to centre
Lot No: 627Description: ANTIQUE IRISH KNEEHOLE SIDEBOARD, inlaid mahogany bow fronted sideboard, twin side cupboards with triple frieze drawers and central twin cupboard alcove, 84.5'' width
Lot No: 628Description: UNION ENGINEER'S DESK CHEST, fitted 4 short and 3 long drawers
Lot No: 629Description: MAHOGANY STAND, with mirrored back, fitted 1 drawer and 2 lower shelves, 19.5''
Lot No: 630Description: PAINTED PINE SEWING CABINET, fitted 8 drawers, many full, but lacks top
Lot No: 633Description: MAHOGANY HALL CHAIR, with carved back, solid seat
Lot No: 634Description: BOSCH WASHING MACHINE
Lot No: 635Description: BOSCH WASHING MACHINE
Lot No: 636Description: MAHOGANY VENEERED OCCASIONAL TABLE, on bobbin turned supports
Lot No: 637Description: OAK LINEN BOX with linen fold decoration
Lot No: 639Description: WHITE PAINTED PINE TRUNK with a waxed pine rising top
Lot No: 640Description: PLASTIC FOLDING GARDEN TABLE with cover
Lot No: 641Description: PINE CHEST, waxed pine chest, fitted 3 drawers of small proportions, 28''
Lot No: 642Description: BEDSIDE CABINETS, pair of grey painted 3 drawer bedside cabinets with oak tops
Lot No: 643Description: OAK CHEST, fitted 4 graduated drawers, 18''
Lot No: 644Description: OAK BUREAU WITH LINEN FOLD DECORATION, over 4 graduated drawers
Lot No: 645Description: MEAT SAFE, white painted meat safe on stand
Lot No: 646Description: SHERATON REVIVAL BUREAU, satinwood cross banded mahogany narrow bureau of 2 short, 3 long drawers, brass drop handles and plain fitted interior with conch shell marquetry medallion, 30'' width
Lot No: 648Description: OAK SEWING BOX with rising top, with fitted drawer, with lower shelf
Lot No: 649Description: PINE SIDE TABLE, fitted 2 drawers
Lot No: 650Description: EARLY VICTORIAN BAR BACK DINING CHAIRS, pair of mahogany bar back chairs with drop-in seats and tapering turned legs
Lot No: 651Description: OAK HANGING WALL CABINET
Lot No: 652Description: PIANO STOOL, Edwardian stained beech carved frame piano stool, upholstered top on cabriole legs
Lot No: 654Description: KITCHEN TABLE, Victorian pine framed kitchen table with drawer to end, formica top
Lot No: 655Description: CD RACK with 2 carved foliate decorated doors
Lot No: 656Description: OAK DINING ROOM SUITE, consisting of draw leaf table, on bulbous supports, 4 matching diners and 2 carvers with barley twist decoration
Lot No: 657Description: ANTIQUE MAHOGANY SQUARE PIANO CONVERTED SIDEBOARD, ornate fretwork back panels, 65'' width
Lot No: 658Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY COAL BOX, with liner and shovel
Lot No: 662Description: CAMPAIGN CHAIR, stained beech folding campaign chair with bergere caned seat and back
Lot No: 663Description: LIGHT OAK TV STAND, with lower shelf and 3 drawers
Lot No: 664Description: OAK LINEN BOX, with rising top
Lot No: 665Description: OAK LINEN BOX with linen fold decoration to front and rising top
Lot No: 666Description: 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY DROP LEAF DINING TABLE, swing leg support double drop leaf dining table, 55'' width
Lot No: 668Description: HALL CHAIR, mahogany framed solid seat hall chair with carved foliate back on fluted front supports
Lot No: 669Description: EDWARDIAN WALNUT SUTHERLAND TABLE, 24'' width
Lot No: 670Description: STAINED BEECH 5 BAR TOWEL RAIL
Lot No: 671Description: PAINTED PINE SIDE TABLE, fitted 1 drawer
Lot No: 672Description: VICTORIAN SALON CHAIRS, pair of carved mahogany salon chairs with red upholstery and fluted tapering legs with original castors
Lot No: 673Description: MAHOGANY FRAMED WALL MIRROR, with ornate top
Lot No: 674Description: MAHOGANY VENEERED OPEN BOOKCASE, fitted 5 shelves
Lot No: 675Description: OAK DRESSER, Georgian design open shelved back dresser, twin frieze drawers with tapering legs with pad feet and shaped brass back plate handles, 52'' width
Lot No: 676Description: CABIN TRUNK, canvas and wood bound cabin trunk
Lot No: 677Description: DISPLAY CABINET, mahogany framed double door glazed display cabinet, with 3 glass shelves on cabriole legs
Lot No: 678Description: OAK TOPPED SIDE TABLE, painted 2 drawer side table, fitted lower shelf with oak top
Lot No: 679Description: VICTORIAN SWING MIRROR; A mahogany veneered Victorian swing mirror with drawer base
Lot No: 680Description: LATE GEORGIAN 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, painted break arch face by Craven Lyon of Burlington, painted face detailed with Archers in swan neck hood and figured mahogany casing
Lot No: 681Description: MAHOGANY DISPLAY CABINET; Fitted 2 glazed doors enclosing 3 adjustable shelves
Lot No: 682Description: MULTI DRAWER CHEST; Grey painted chest fitted 7 drawers
Lot No: 684Description: A MODERN PINE CHEST; Fitted 2 short and 4 long graduated drawers
Lot No: 685Description: A VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHEST; Of bowed form, fitted 2 short and 3 long drawers with shaped apron
Lot No: 686Description: OAK NEST OF 3 TABLES
Lot No: 687Description: ART DECO TEA TROLLEY; Veneered in burr walnut with rising mechanism
Lot No: 690Description: A MODERN PINE BUREAU; The fall front enclosing a fitted interior, the base with 2 short and 3 long drawers
Lot No: 691Description: A MODERN PINE CHEST; Fitted 4 short and 3 long graduated drawers
Lot No: 692Description: AN EDWARDIAN DISPLAY CABINET; With mirrored back and glazed door, enclosing a shelf on cabriole legs
Lot No: 693Description: A CARD RACK
Lot No: 694Description: VICTORIAN BOW FRONT PAINTED CHEST, white painted of 2 short, 3 long drawers, wooden knop handles, 40'' width
Lot No: 695Description: STAINED PINE BLANKET BOX; With rising top
Lot No: 697Description: CONTINENTAL CARVED OAK DRAWER BASE ROBE, foliate carved panel door, 56'' width
Lot No: 698Description: HEPPLEWHITE CORNER WASHSTAND, mahogany drawer base corner washstand on splayed legs
Lot No: 699Description: ELIZABETHAN DESIGN CARVED OAK COURT CUPBOARD, cupboard base court cupboard with multi panels, asymetrical top cupboard section, 59'' height, 53'' width
Lot No: 700Description: A PINE DISPLAY CABINET; A double door display cabinet enclosing 4 shelves
Lot No: 701Description: ANTIQUE BAGATELLE, mahogany folding table top bagatelle
Lot No: 702Description: A PINE CUPBOARD; With 2 panelled doors enclosing shelves
Lot No: 703Description: AN OAK CHEST; Of small proportions fitted 2 short and 3 long drawers
Lot No: 704Description: AN OAK CHEST; Fitted 2 carved drawers with 2 long drawers below
Lot No: 705Description: ETHNIC CARVED STOOL; Decorated geometric figures
Lot No: 706Description: A RUSTIC PINE CHEST; Fitted 4 drawers
Lot No: 707Description: A VICTORIAN TWIN PEDESTAL DESK; With leather inset to top, fitted 9 drawers with brass drop handles
Lot No: 708Description: ERCOL; A blonde Ercol stick back rocking chair
Lot No: 709Description: 19th CENTURY BAR BACK DINING CHAIRS; 3 Sabre legged framed dining chairs with bergere caned seats
Lot No: 710Description: A CIRCULAR WICKER CHAIR
Lot No: 711Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY LIBRARY DESK, 4 frieze drawers with tooled leather top and inverted baluster legs with original castors, 55'' x 36'' desk top
Lot No: 712Description: AN ORNATE PAINTED FOLDING TABLE; With foliate decoration to top
Lot No: 713Description: EASTERN CARVED OCCASIONAL TABLE, glass topped relief carved Palace Scene high legged occasional table
Lot No: 714Description: WING ARM CHAIR; A beige upholstered wing arm chair on square form taper legs and caster feet
Lot No: 715Description: A MAHOGANY FRAMED OPEN ARM CHAIR; With green upholstered seat and back
Lot No: 717Description: A 19TH CENTURY PINE PEMBROKE TABLE; together with 4 beech framed kitchen chairs
Lot No: 718Description: ORIENTAL CHEST; Oriental domed top linen chest decorated figures and boats in high relief with brass door furniture
Lot No: 719Description: EASTERN OCCASIONAL TABLE; circular carved occasional table, the top decorated elephants in high relief and foliate decoration to outer, on a pierced and carved frame
Lot No: 720Description: MAHOGANY HALL CHAIR; A 19th Century mahogany hall chair with solid seat
Lot No: 721Description: LOUNGE CHAIR AND STOOL; A beige suede covered Ikea style arm chair with matching foot stool
Lot No: 722Description: LOUNGE CHAIR; An Ikea style fawn upholstered lounge chair
Lot No: 723Description: EASY CHAIR; A scroll arm tartan upholstered easy chair
Lot No: 724Description: A REVOLVING BOOK CASE; An Edwardian mahogany veneered and cross banded revolving book case
Lot No: 725Description: MAHOGANY OCTAGONAL TOPPED SUPPER TABLE, with frieze storage cupboard underneath table top, 24'' width
Lot No: 726Description: MARBLE TOPPED TABLE; On ornate cast iron base
Lot No: 727Description: BEIGE LOUNGE SUITE; A beige 3 seater settee with 2 matching armchairs
Lot No: 728Description: G PLAN DRESSING TABLE, oak alcove shape triple mirrored dressing table incorporating twin light fittings, 29'' width
Lot No: 729Description: HIGH BACK DINING CHAIRS; 3 High backed dining chairs with striped upholstery
Lot No: 730Description: CANED ARM CHAIR
Lot No: 731Description: A MAHOGANY HANGING SHELF UNIT; Fitted shelves and a cupboard
Lot No: 732Description: EDWARDIAN DINING CHAIRS; Set of 4 stained beech Edwardian dining chars on cabriole legs with blue upholstered seats
Lot No: 733Description: AN OAK SHELF UNIT; Fitted 3 drawers
Lot No: 734Description: EDWARDIAN ARMCHAIRS; A pair of stained beech framed Edwardian armchairs with fawn upholstered seats and backs
Lot No: 735Description: A VINTAGE LEATHER OFFICE CHAIR; With studded decoration
Lot No: 736Description: A CIRCULAR PATIO TABLE; With two stainless framed armchairs
Lot No: 737Description: AN ORNATE TABLE; An ornate based table with a painted wood top
Lot No: 738Description: ELM KITCHEN CHAIRS; A set of 4 elm slat back kitchen chairs
Lot No: 739Description: EASTERN BRASS SERVING TABLE, Deity engraved brass circular top tray inset into table stand, 29'' width
Lot No: 740Description: RETRO TABLE; A circular retro glass top coffee table
Lot No: 741Description: 19TH CENTURY BREAKFAST TABLE; A 19th Century walnut quarter veneered breakfast table with inlaid shell motif to centre on pedestal support
Lot No: 742Description: A CREAM 2 SEATER SETTEE; A leather effect cream settee
Lot No: 745Description: CHAISE LONGUE; A shaped back blue foliate upholstered chaise longue on turned legs with brass casters
Lot No: 746Description: RETRO; A retro rosewood framed day bed
Lot No: 747Description: A GENTLEMAN COAT STAND
Lot No: 748Description: A CHILDS ROCKING CRIB, In stained pine
Lot No: 749Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY D-END DINING TABLE, carved inverted baluster legs, 41'' width, 60'' length
Lot No: 750Description: EDWARDIAN TUB FRAMED 2 SEATER SETTEE, Arts & Crafts gold upholstery with baluster ribbed mahogany arm supports
Lot No: 751Description: EARLY VICTORIAN EMBROIDERED POLE SCREEN, floral tapestry ornate scrolled framed adjustable pole screen, on scroll tripod base
Lot No: 752Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN 3 TIER GRADUATED DUMB WAITER, carved ball and claw tripod cabriole base with dish top graduated sections
Lot No: 753Description: GWR WAXED PINE KNEEHOLE DESK, twin pedestals of 6 graduated drawers with wooden knop handles, reverse dummy facade, GWR stamped to underside of top 63'' x 45'' desk top
Lot No: 754Description: RETRO, nest of 3 G Plan tables
Lot No: 755Description: TRAY TABLE, Middle Eastern circular brass tray table on folding frame