Lot No: 1Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER, porcelain cylindrical mug printed with ''Parrot Pecking Fruit'' pattern, smudged base mark, 4.75'' dia
Lot No: 2Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER, Cannon Ball pattern bowk in underglaze blue with open crescent base mark, 9''
Lot No: 3Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER CYLINDRICAL MUG, ''Natural Sprays Group'' pattern, open crescent base mark, 4.75'' height
Lot No: 4Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER, porcelain cylindrical mug printed with ''Parrot Pecking Fruit'' pattern, hatched crescent base mark with slight base crack, 4.75'' height
Lot No: 5Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, pair of dark celadon glazed stoneware 12'' vases, applied scroll handles
Lot No: 6Description: CAUGHLEY STYLE TANKARD, ''Parrot Pecking Fruit'' pattern mug with ''C'' base mark, 4.25'' height
Lot No: 7Description: 18TH CENTURY WORCESTER BOWL, ''Pine Cone'' pattern, with moulded shell design and scalloped edge with hatched crescent base mark, 10'' dia
Lot No: 8Description: CLARICE CLIFF JUG, ''Forest Glen'' pattern with black printed base mark, 6.75'' height
Lot No: 9Description: CARLTON DREDGER, foliate moulded waisted dredger together with Barnstable blue glazed beaker
Lot No: 10Description: PEARLWARE, group of 4 square based figures depicting The Seasons (some faults), 8'' height
Lot No: 11Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Imari gourd vase, 11'' height
Lot No: 12Description: AMERICAN STUDIO POTTERY,  Ray Foster. Collection of 3 deep centre studio pottery bowls, together with 13.5'' lidded vase and mug
Lot No: 13Description: DOULTON KINGSWARE, Night Watchman flask, 8'' height
Lot No: 14Description: MAJOLICA, Victorian Majolica bird decorated, 9.5'' jug
Lot No: 15Description: MASONS-STYLE VASES, pair of royal blue ground gilded lidded octagonal 10'' vases in the Oriental manner
Lot No: 16Description: BOOTHS WORCESTER STYLE, ''Fir Cone'' pattern 10'' bowl, together with blue transferware ''Zebra'' pattern tureen base by John Rogers,13'' width
Lot No: 17Description: VICTORIAN GLASS, pair of blue opalescent ribbed bowl cream dishes and matching comport, together with pair of similar stem bowls
Lot No: 18Description: ANTIQUE GLASSWARE, 3 Georgian style cut glass jugs, also gilded square based decanter, lidded dish and 4 cut glass finger bowls
Lot No: 19Description: VICTORIAN MAJOLICA, set of 3 graduated Heron design jugs
Lot No: 20Description: BRETBY JUG, incised floral design blue ground ovi-form jug, pattern no 3425, 7'' height
Lot No: 21Description: SWAN JUG, a modern swan and bullrush design water jug, registration Kite base mark, 12.5'' height
Lot No: 22Description: CUT GLASS, pair of Georgian design oval table salts, also 2 cut glass fruit bowls and jug
Lot No: 23Description: TRANSFERWARE, Masons ironstone ''Chinese Pheasant'' pattern wash bowl, also Asiatic Pheasant tureen base and other tableware
Lot No: 24Description: VICTORIAN LADLES, collection of 11 pottery serving ladles and a porcelain condiment shovel
Lot No: 25Description: CZECHOSLOVAKIAN GALLEON FLOWER HOLDER, also 1 similar ceramic galleon and Victorian egg cup stand
Lot No: 26Description: DOVE FLOWER HOLDERS, set of 4 Victorian flower holders in the form of displaying doves, Kite registration base mark (various defects)
Lot No: 27Description: CHINESE CERAMICS, Nankin-style octagonal warming dish, Jiaqing period, 9'' width
Lot No: 28Description: SARREGUEMINES, majolica figure group ''Monkey Piano Player'', (some damage), also majolica rustic handled floral relief moulded jug
Lot No: 29Description: ROYAL CROWN DERBY, ''Japan'' pattern, set of 4 gilded dinner plates, pattern no 1128
Lot No: 30Description: REGENCY DESSERT WARE, a floral painted green bordered twin handled gilded comport with 6 matching dishes, pattern no 2812, also Dresden floral encrusted oval basket, and serving dish, both a/f
Lot No: 31Description: REGENCY TEAWARE, Swansea-style collection of 10 floral and gilded ''London shape'' tea cups, 14 saucers and waste bowl
Lot No: 32Description: ANTIQUE LADLES, collection of 8 x 19th Century blue transfer decorated pottery serving ladles
Lot No: 33Description: BLUE TRANSFER WARE, ''Windmill'' pattern coffee pot by John Meir; also ''Riverscape'' pattern tankard by John Tams and 2 other Victorian pottery jugs
Lot No: 34Description: GEORGIAN GLASSWARE, collection of 5 Georgian cut glass decanters with stoppers, together with 1 later cut glass decanter
Lot No: 35Description: BLUE TRANSFER WARE, early 19th Century leaf shape pickle dish, also Spode custard pail and similar tableware
Lot No: 36Description: EUROPEAN POTTERY, collection of 5 incised pottery pictorial and geometric design wall plaques
Lot No: 37Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, Willow pattern strainer dish, egg cup stand a/f, pearlware willow pattern bowl and Copeland Spode ''Italian'' pattern oval serving dish
Lot No: 38Description: ROSENTHAL, retro gilded floral blossom design green ground splayed rim vase, 8'' height
Lot No: 39Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, pair of crackle glaze lidded vases, decorated with battle scenes, together with 1 similar cylindrical vase (various defects)
Lot No: 40Description: EDWARDIAN GLASSWARE, 2 blue satin glassware crinoline edge pedestal comports
Lot No: 41Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, stoneware wine ewer decorated with simple character brushwork decoration, 9'' height
Lot No: 42Description: GEORGIAN STYLE GLASSWARE, set of 4 ogee bowl cut glass rummers, together with set of 3 Victorian splayed rim facet cut bowl goblets
Lot No: 43Description: VICTORIAN DESSERT SERVICE, a gilded green border, floral decorated dessert service of 10 plates, pattern no 216
Lot No: 44Description: REGENCY PORCELAIN, gilded floral painted water jug on moulded floral design body; also similar hexagonal bodied water jug
Lot No: 45Description: CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, ''Bengal Tiger Cub''
Lot No: 46Description: CROWN DERBY PAPERWEIGHT, ''Oceanic Whale''
Lot No: 47Description: CROWN DERBY PAPER WEIGHT, ''Baby Bottlenose Dolphin''
Lot No: 48Description: CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN, pair of seated figures ''Gathering Flowers'', Sitzendorf mark, 4.75'' height
Lot No: 49Description: 18th CENTURY DERBY FIGURE, ''Seated Courtier'', pattern no 362 (several defects), 5.75'' height, together with Continental porcelain figurine of ''Dancing Girl'', a/f
Lot No: 50Description: CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN, figure base flower holder of 2 flower fairies on gilded base, 5.25'' height
Lot No: 51Description: MEISSEN GROUP, 19th Century figure group of flamboyantly dressed shepherd and musician companion, 8.5'' height (several defects)
Lot No: 52Description: MEISSEN CREAM JUG, floral painted baluster shaped cream jug, 3.5'' height
Lot No: 53Description: MEISSEN TEA POT, 19th Century floral encrusted gilded spherical tea pot and lid, 4'' height
Lot No: 54Description: DRESDEN DESSERT SERVICE, spiral fluted body, gilded floral painted dessert service of 3 comports and 6 plates (1 comport repaired)
Lot No: 55Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Famille Rose gilt edge serving dish, also Samson Famille Rose bowl, a/f
Lot No: 56Description: BOOTHS WORCESTER STYLE, gilded bird and floral spray pattern dessert service in Worcester style, consisting of 12 dessert dishes and 5 various serving dishes
Lot No: 57Description: COPEHAGEN, ''Onion'' pattern chamberstick, 3 leaf shaped cups, 2 serving dishes and 2 trays
Lot No: 58Description: COPELAND TEAWARE, gilded floral design fluted body teaware of 8 cups, 12 saucers and 4 bread plates, together with Continental gilded floral decorated perfume bottle
Lot No: 59Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, ''Zebra'' pattern, 21 '' meat plate by John Rogers (some defects)
Lot No: 60Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Japanese gilt lacquered case porcelain hors d'oeuvre set
Lot No: 61Description: CHARLOTTE RHEAD CHARGER, Crown Ducal orange ground 17.25'' circular charger, pattern no 2800
Lot No: 62Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, a Chinese twin handled oval moon flask decorated with fruiting plants with twin neck handles, 11.25'' height
Lot No: 63Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Famille Verte 13.5'' dia deep centre bowl, decorated with exotic bird in blossoming garden, 6 character base mark
Lot No: 64Description: EARLY CORNISH PRESENTWARE, Bude black transfer printed large pottery tankard (star crack to base), 6.25'' high
Lot No: 65Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Arita 12'' dia deep centre bowl decorated with panels of alternating designs
Lot No: 66Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Famille Verte 17.5'' club vase, decorated with reserves of Peacock in Blossoming Bough, pierced neck side handles
Lot No: 67Description: ORIENTAL POTTERY, Neolithic period pottery, twin handled spherical jar with crude brush work decoration, 11'' height
Lot No: 68Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, ''Morea'' pattern 19'' pottery meat plate by Thomas Dimmock and Masons Ironstone chinoiserie meat plate, a/f
Lot No: 69Description: SHELLEY, set of 6 floral decorated soup bowls and saucers
Lot No: 70Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, early 19th Century ''Native'' pattern 18'' meat plate and 1 similar ''Italian Scenery'' pattern serving dish
Lot No: 71Description: STAFFORDSHIRE, pair of Staffordshire encrusted sheep vases a/f, also pair of Regency gilded splayed rim spill vases painted with panoramic landscapes, pattern no 1093 (defects on each item)
Lot No: 72Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglaze blue double gourd vase, 8'' height, 4 character base mark (repair to rim)
Lot No: 73Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Famille Verte lidded rice bowl decorated with gardenscape, 4 character base mark
Lot No: 74Description: 18th CENTURY CREAMWARE TEAPOT, ''Basket of Fruit'' pattern, slip glazed spherical tea pot and lid by William Greatbatch, 5'' height
Lot No: 75Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, early 19th Century Chinese export tea caddy and lid decorated with courtiers (some damage)
Lot No: 76Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, underglaze blue small stem dish, decorated with stylized floral pen work, 3.75'' dia
Lot No: 77Description: BELLEEK, boat shaped lustre salt, also swan neck decorated posy vase and 2 other pieces, mainly green base marks
Lot No: 78Description: CAUGHLEY, ''Fisherman'' pattern circular strainer, 3'' dia, ''S'' base mark
Lot No: 79Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER LEAF MOULDED BUTTER BOAT, in blue floral penwork decoration, 3.25'' width
Lot No: 80Description: LIVERPOOL PENNINGTONS, underglaze blue sauce boat of floral and painted design, 4.5'' height
Lot No: 81Description: CAUGHLEY, lidded mustard pot ''Three Flower'' pattern, ''C'' base mark and floral applied finial, 4'' height
Lot No: 82Description: LIVERPOOL PENNINGTON, High Chelsea ewer jug with floral spray decoration, 3.5'' height
Lot No: 83Description: 18th CENTURY ENGLISH PORCELAIN, ''Horsetail and Pip Flower'' pattern tea bowl, possibly Liverpool, together with an 18th Century Worcester feather moulded tea bowl with floral spray decoration and crescent moon mark
Lot No: 84Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, early Eastern glazed pottery Love dish (extensively restored) , together with Eastern pottery, 8.5'' dia deep centre bowl, decorated with crudely painted portraits
Lot No: 85Description: FAIENCE, an attractive floral and crested decoration standish with twin candle holder, single drawer and lidded ink wells, (some damage), 9.75'' height
Lot No: 86Description: WORCESTER VASES, pair of Locke Worcester spill vases painted with Pheasants by C Morris
Lot No: 87Description: CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN, pair of 19th Century figures of youthful Courtier and Companion (some restoration), 11'' height
Lot No: 88Description: DELFT, Continental Delft lobbed edge 9.5'' wall plate, decorated with blossoming branch
Lot No: 89Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Famille Rose inverted baluster lidded vase 8.5'' decorated with Elephants within Courtier's Garden, Chinese Republic base seal mark
Lot No: 90Description: EARLY WORCESTER, Barr Worcester, gilded 8'' saucer dish decorated with Fenced Garden and Pergola pattern, incised B mark
Lot No: 91Description: NOVELTY TEAPOT, Sadler green glazed racing car teapot and lid
Lot No: 92Description: 18th CENTURY WORCESTER, ''Rose'' pattern oval spoon dish with applied florette handles and hatched crescent mark, together with Bow leaf shaped pickle dish a/f
Lot No: 93Description: 18th CENTURY LIVERPOOL, ''Quail'' pattern tea cup and saucer
Lot No: 94Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, crackle glazed 12'' onion shaped vase decorated with exotic birds
Lot No: 95Description: 18th CENTURY ENGLISH DELFT, Polychrome ''Fenced Garden'' pattern 13.5'' circular dish (repaired)
Lot No: 96Description: SPONGE WORK, 9'' circular pottery bowl decorated with stylized sponge work pattern (several defects)
Lot No: 97Description: DELFT, rectangular tea caddy decorated with bird and heraldic crest, also heart shaped lidded Delft vanity box and oriental metal mounted porcelain lidded box
Lot No: 98Description: DELFT, pair of 18th Century English Delft square tiles, decorated with Shepherd and Christ appearing to Mary Magdelene
Lot No: 99Description: EARLY WESTERWALD POTTERY, a stoneware ''Enghalskrug'' with applied flower heads in low relief on blue ground 13''
Lot No: 100Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Chinese underglaze blue high shouldered 11'' vase decorated with tendril pattern, 6 character base mark
Lot No: 101Description: BESWICK, figure of Black Panther, model no 1702
Lot No: 102Description: WHITEFRIAIRS, amber glass sculptured tapering square base 6.75'' vase and 1 similar grey glass vase
Lot No: 103Description: RETRO ITALIAN GLASS, retro blue & clear glass vase, 7'' high (rim chip)
Lot No: 104Description: MARY GREGORY, pair of cut glass perfume flasks decorated with typical child scenes, variations to stopper
Lot No: 105Description: ANTIQUE GLASSWARE, late Georgian coin goblet, large bucket bowl panel cut & with engraved monogram, knop enclosing George IV coin on star cut foot, 6.5''
Lot No: 106Description: WADE, early Wade shellac figure of Princess Elizabeth, 6'' height
Lot No: 107Description: ANTIQUE GLASSWARE, Victorian cut glass large goblet
Lot No: 108Description: MURANO GLASS, pair of vintage coloured glass clowns
Lot No: 109Description: WHITEFRIARS, Kingfisher blue sculptured glass cylindrical 7.5'' vase
Lot No: 110Description: PAPERWEIGHT, St Louis style ''Fruit'' paperweight of cherry, lemon and strawberry on lattice ground
Lot No: 111Description: CRANBERRY GLASS, set of 4 crinoline edge cream dishes on stands
Lot No: 112Description: PAPERWEIGHTS, a Clichy style Whitefriars garland pattern blue ground domed paperweight, also facet cut dome millieflore paperweight and 1 other
Lot No: 113Description: CAUGHLEY, floral sprig coffee can and similar ''Cornflower'' pattern ribbed vase, together with Meissen ''Onion'' pattern leaf dish and oriental coffee can a/f
Lot No: 114Description: GLASSWARE, 2 Stourbridge dump paperweights, also early Victorian commemorative pressed glass saucer dish, 1881 etched glass tumbler and a hop and barley etched glass tumbler
Lot No: 115Description: WHITEFRIARS-STYLE, 7 piece sculptured glass lemonade set
Lot No: 116Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, red glazed square base ink well with applied dragon decoration and impressed seal mark
Lot No: 117Description: ANTIQUE ROMAN PERIOD GLASS FLASK, a freeblown Lebanese/Syrian glass 6'' flask
Lot No: 118Description: DRESDEN TEA SERVICE, a bird and butterfly decorated teapot, cream jug and sucrier
Lot No: 119Description: POTTERY, early earthenware twin handled storage jar, 9.5'' height, together with 1 other stoneware jug
Lot No: 120Description: DAVID WINTER COTTAGES, ''A Christmas Carol'' and ''Ebenezer Scrooges' Counting House''
Lot No: 121Description: ROYAL WORCESTER TEA SERVICE, comprising teapot, jug & bowl together with five cups & saucers, attractively painted with primroses by Daisy Rae circa 1908
Lot No: 122Description: BRETBY JARDINIERE, green and amber slip glaze jardiniere on stand, model no 1087H
Lot No: 123Description: CORNISH SPIRIT BARREL, a stoneware spirit barrel impressed ''Carne & Co - Falmouth & Truro'', by Kennedy Pottery of Glasgow, 16.5'' height
Lot No: 124Description: CLARICE CLIFF, set of 3 biarritz shape graduated rectangular serving dishes with floral sprig decorations, pattern no 1480
Lot No: 125Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, pair of ''Gateway'' pattern soup plates by Clews and similar Spode tea plate; also Dresden floral and gilded oval caddy
Lot No: 126Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, hexagonal gilded garden pattern tea pot with lacquered brass folding handle and lid
Lot No: 127Description: BLUE TRANSFERWARE, pair of ''Piping Shepherd'' pattern plates with matching soup bowl, also ''Italian Scenery'' pattern plate and 2 similar
Lot No: 128Description: WEDGWOOD AMERICAN INTEREST, pair of Jasperware planters with relief's of Franklin, Washington & Lafayette, 9.25'' dia
Lot No: 129Description: GEORGE JONES, ''Abbey'' pattern jardiniere (base crack)
Lot No: 130Description: REGENCY PORCELAIN, a fine twin gilt handled oval foot bath with matching jug, decorated with floral sprays
Lot No: 131Description: DRESDEN, gilt and floral decorated wash basin jug and chamber (some damage to chamber pot)
Lot No: 132Description: ANTIQUE GLASS, dark green freeblown large carboy with single applied neck ring, 19'' height
Lot No: 133Description: TROIKA, a large disk shaped vase by Avril Bennet, 6.5'' high
Lot No: 134Description: TROIKA, square based 3.5'' height flower holder, possibly by Jane Fitzgerald
Lot No: 135Description: TROIKA, disc vase, signed A N, 4.5'' height
Lot No: 136Description: 19TH CENTURY CONTINENTAL POTTERY SPICE BOXES of Tri form, the lids decorated figures & coats of arms,  5" a/f
Lot No: 137Description: CHINESE IMARI BOWL, typical red foliate & blue decoration, 5.75'' diameter
Lot No: 138Description: CLASSICAL WEDGWOOD PLAQUE, oval portrait plaque possibly of Wellington, 3.5''
Lot No: 139Description: ORIENTAL CERAMICS, Nankin gilt detailed tea caddy a/f, Canton coffee can and 3 other pieces, together with Venetian lattice small ewer jug
Lot No: 140Description: GLASSWARE, Sevres glass horse head design oval ash tray, Victorian flashed glass scent bottle, 2 inkwells and cut glass spherical perfume bottle
Lot No: 141Description: RETRO GLASSWARE, set of 5 Holmegaard glass goblets
Lot No: 142Description: VICTORIA 1897 JUBILEE DOULTON TUMBLER, presented by Lewis & Hyland Ashford, also pair of Fieldings Heron decorated vases, a/f and 2 floral encrusted vases
Lot No: 143Description: VICTORIAN DESSERT SERVICE, set of 6 gilt edge botanical decorated dessert plates, also 7 piece fish service by Marlborough and 3 graduated Coalport powder blue ground serving dishes also 2 game bird etched goblets
Lot No: 144Description: CUT GLASS, impressive set of Webbs Brierley cut glass tableware consisting of 10 tumblers, 8 champagne flutes, 15 graduated goblets, 8 small tumblers, 8 sundae dishes, 8 medium sherries and 8 small sherries
Lot No: 145Description: CORNISH CODD BOTTLES, ''Pellow Brothers of Bodmin'' and ''C.M.Harris of Camelford''
Lot No: 146Description: SEVRES GLASS, an art glass tapering writhen base table lamp and shade
Lot No: 147Description: BRISTOL BLUE, 2 ship's decanters and similar finger bowl
Lot No: 148Description: ART GLASS, murano-style gilt fleck coloured art glass crinoline, 14'' vase and 1 similar
Lot No: 149Description: RONZEN, 1950's Italian cockerel figure, pattern 4163, 15.5''
Lot No: 150Description: EARLY WESTERWALD POTTERY, a stoneware bulbous body tankard with applied floral motifs in low relief on blue ground, 6.5'' high
Lot No: 151Description: SOUVENIR CARNIVAL GLASS, an unusual impressed carnival glass dish depicting The Brooklyn Bridge with air ship, 9''
Lot No: 152Description: MIDDLE EASTERN GLASS, enamelled & gilded blue glass inverted baluster vase, 7.5'' high
Lot No: 153Description: CHARLOTTE RHEAD WALL CHARGERS, 2 pairs of floral decorated wall chargers 18" and 16"
Lot No: 160Description: SERPENTINE, a miniature 5 column support table top font, 4.75'' height
Lot No: 161Description: CARRIAGE CLOCK BAROMETER, a miniature brass cased twin section carriage clock with matching barometer and key, 4'' height
Lot No: 162Description: VICTORIAN SAND PICTURE, a miniature sand picture panel of Carisbrooke Castle, 2.5'' x 3''
Lot No: 163Description: SCRIMSHAW, a Whale's eardrum etched with triple masted frigate off cliffs, 5.5'' width
Lot No: 164Description: SCRIMSHAW, an engraved whale's tooth decorated with ''Ship Pacific off the Cape of Good Hope'' on reverse with Sailor and Companion, 6.5'' height
Lot No: 165Description: CORNISH HISTORY, Alfred Robbins ''Launceston, Past and Present'', 1888 in original green cloth
Lot No: 166Description: DAPHNE du MAURIER, ''Classics of the Macabre'', 1987 limited edition of 250 signed by du Maurier and illustrator Michael Foreman in slip case, together with limited edition boxed ''Official Daphne du Maurier Plate''
Lot No: 167Description: HUGH THOMSON, M.H. Spielmann and Walter Gerrold ''Hugh Thomson, his art, his letters, his humour and his charm'', 1931 in half red Morocco binding
Lot No: 168Description: EASTERN BOXES, 2 tortoiseshell and pierced ivory cigarette boxes with engraved beasts and deity decorations and carved claw ivory feet, 6'' and 8'' width
Lot No: 169Description: REGENCY DROP LUSTRE, a gilded brass figure support table top lustre on circular base, 10'' height
Lot No: 170Description: NOVELTY CANDLESTICKS, pair of circular onyx base brass candlesticks decorated with gem stone insect ornaments, (needs some restoration) 7'' height
Lot No: 171Description: EDWARDIAN PLATED INKWELL, with combined bell strike
Lot No: 172Description: MILITARY, WWII model SA90 bayonet on stand
Lot No: 173Description: MILITARY, 19th Century French brass handled bayonet
Lot No: 174Description: HYDROMETER, inlaid mahogany cased Sikes hydrometer by Loftus
Lot No: 175Description: EQUESTRIAN, silver mounted and leather cased rosewood cane
Lot No: 176Description: GEORGIAN NAVAL OFFICER'S SWORD, ivory gripped with sleeping lion pommel, remains of scabbard and ropework, 25.5'' blade length
Lot No: 177Description: 2 LEATHER FLYING HELMETS, military calf protectors, horse bit, etc
Lot No: 178Description: PHOTOGRAPHY, Zeiss Ikon Contina L leather cased camera, together with carrying case and other accessories
Lot No: 179Description: METALWARE, cast iron laundry iron, copper coffee percolator, copper kettle, jug, etc
Lot No: 180Description: MINEROLOGY, agate quartz cut display specimen and 1 other
Lot No: 181Description: ARCHAIC SCULPTURES, 2 cast metal equestrian sculptures
Lot No: 182Description: BOOKS, Alfred Tennyson ''Enoch Arden'' 1864 first edition, in gilt tooled binding, also A.C.Swinburn ''A Midsummer Holiday'' 1884 first edition, together with small collection of similar poetical volumes
Lot No: 183Description: ANGLING, Hardy bakelite fly box, together with three Hardy fly reels, ''The Princess'', Mark II and ''The Featherweight''
Lot No: 184Description: ORIENTAL METALWARE, pair of hexagonal 10'' vases, finely etched with landscapes and bird design panels, also Chinese dragon design 10'' bowl and similar Chinese jardiniere
Lot No: 185Description: TREEN, Edwardian attractive fretwork floral design glove box together with red lacquered glove box with brass mounts
Lot No: 186Description: AMERICA, vintage American flag, together with 2 vintage American car number plates ''MASS61 - F66082''
Lot No: 187Description: WALKING STICKS, alpine horn grip walking stick, also hoof grip and silver mounted walking stick
Lot No: 188Description: ART DECO CLOCK, a French veined marble domed top mantel clock with applied rosebud gilded decoration, 10'' height
Lot No: 189Description: RAILWAYS, British Railway Look-Out arm badge, commemorative stamps and 2 related documents
Lot No: 190Description: AUSTRALIAN INTEREST SCRAP BOOK, containing details of Brisbane Aviation interest, also Lostwithiel Liberal connection - Tom McLoud
Lot No: 191Description: RUSSIAN MILITARY INTEREST, collection of 36 facsimile photographs of WWII events related to the Russain army, together with other text photographs and a folder of Russian folk costumes
Lot No: 192Description: PETRIFIED WOOD, a 10.8 kg sample from Puyango petrified forest in Ecuador
Lot No: 193Description: SILVER PLATE, Victorian patent thermal jug, also Walker & Hall asparagus set & swing handled basket
Lot No: 194Description: STAINED GLASS PANEL, ''Jacob sacrificing Issac'', together with pair of Art Deco candle sticks and ethnic mask
Lot No: 195Description: ART DECO, chrome cigarette box and matching candlesticks, also pair of brass mounted dog feeding bowls
Lot No: 196Description: FOLK ART, a crucifix and harvest sculpture within bottle
Lot No: 197Description: ANTIQUE LANTERN, 19th Century brass cylindrical lantern
Lot No: 198Description: INDIAN METALWARE, 2 primitive bronze figures of deities, 6'' height af
Lot No: 199Description: METALWARE, copper oval based kettle, brass reproduction carriage lamp, Eastern design cigarette box, etc
Lot No: 200Description: HUSBANDRY, a boxed husbandry tattoo set
Lot No: 201Description: VANITY CASE, a gent's fitted red Moroccan leather vanity case and contents
Lot No: 202Description: BRASS WEIGHTS, 2 parts sets of graduated weights, together with collection of printers blocks, etc
Lot No: 203Description: PATENT BALANCE SCALES, by Joshua and Edmund Ratcliff, also 2 Eastern jade inset jewel boxes and brass oil dispenser
Lot No: 204Description: EASTERN ARTIFACTS, carved wooden demon mask and ornate carved sheath kris
Lot No: 205Description: METALWARE, embossed brass Tudor Rose design circular plaque; also Eastern embossed brass,12 '' vase
Lot No: 206Description: FRENCH MANTEL CLOCK, a fine early 19th Century French ormolu figure crested mantel clock by Henry Marc of Paris, coiled bar strike with original stand but damaged glass dome, 21.5'' height
Lot No: 207Description: EASTERN METALWARE, bronze figure of seated buddha, 12'' height
Lot No: 208Description: EARLY METALWARE, 2 Continental wrought iron rush nip holders on circular bases, 15'' high
Lot No: 209Description: EASTERN CARVING, carved cherry root large figure group of Sage and Apprentice, 20'' height
Lot No: 210Description: EASTERN CARVING, a carved hardwood temple dog support table lamp, 16'' height
Lot No: 211Description: METALWARE, bronzed figure ''Prisonniere'', 13'' height, together with bronzed child group
Lot No: 212Description: ARTS & CRAFT METAL, embossed copper square tray with geometric design, 13'' width
Lot No: 213Description: ETHNIC CARVING, a carved figure of pot bellied man with string hair, 25'' height
Lot No: 214Description: CLASSICAL BRONZE, figure group ''Tertun and Tritun'', 19'' height
Lot No: 215Description: ANTIQUE MICROSCOPE, original cased microscope by Central Scientific Company of Canada, with accessories
Lot No: 216Description: CHRISTOPHER DRESSER STYLE METALWARE, plated metal twin bird handled lamp base, decorated with relief bird designs and kite registration mark, 11'' height
Lot No: 217Description: MILITARY TELESCOPE, a single draw white metal and leather cased telescope by W Ottway, 1940 and numbered 1221
Lot No: 218Description: MARITIME, mounted brass ship's bell, inscribed ''S.S.Cairnside, Sunderland 1913'', 15'' height
Lot No: 219Description: MILITARY CONFLICT CARVING, American Eagle and Russain Bear sculptured conflict carving, 17'' height
Lot No: 220Description: BILSTON ENAMEL, pair of floral decorated scalloped base 10'' candlesticks with detachable sconces (some damage)
Lot No: 221Description: BILSTON ENAMEL, a sweetheart verse topped patchbox and turquoise ground enamel square base tea caddy with floral decoration, a/f
Lot No: 222Description: VICTORIAN PIPE, a fine Continental pipe with bowl carved as negroid head wearing medal and silver capped with carved ivory writhen stem, 10'' length
Lot No: 223Description: VICTORIAN PIPE, an original cased Meerschaum and amber gold mounted pipe with bowl carved as woman's head
Lot No: 224Description: FRENCH GILDED SEVRES GARNITURE VASE, twin lion mask handled pedestal vase garniture, decorated with courting couples (some damage), 10'' height
Lot No: 225Description: ORIENTAL MINIATURE EQUESTRIAN CARVINGS, set of 4 carved resin horse sculptures and 1 other a/f
Lot No: 226Description: NOVELTY LIGHTERS, a plated elephant design cigarette lighter, together with 4 others in the form of arched back cat, car, classical column and knight
Lot No: 227Description: ANTIQUE IVORY, a Chinese ivory back gammon set
Lot No: 228Description: NEWLYN COPPER PIN DISH, embossed with a cormorant, 4.5'' dia, marked
Lot No: 229Description: NAPOLEONIC PRISONER OF WAR - STYLE CARVING, a carved bone figure of jointed nude lady, 5.5'' height
Lot No: 230Description: ANTIQUE CHINESE IVORY, carved lidded circular gaming counter, box and contents, also Chinese carved ivory disk, together with 3 pieces of miniature kutani porcelain, inc perfume holder and some hat pins including hunting horn example
Lot No: 231Description: OPERA GLASSES, original cased ivory opera glasses together with 1920s cigarette holder in original case
Lot No: 232Description: ANTIQUE SOLITAIRE SET, circular walnut based solitaire board, with collection of Victorian glass marbles, 9'' dia
Lot No: 233Description: STANHOPE PAPERKNIFE a/f, carved bone back scratcher, antique ivory carved elephant and similar bone carving
Lot No: 234Description: 2 ANTIQUE ENAMELLED SWEETHEART PATCH BOXES, together with 8 modern patch boxes and parquetry cigarette box
Lot No: 235Description: ETHNIC METALWARE, brass wirework small ceremonial horse, and ethnic brass figure group of Mother and Child
Lot No: 236Description: BILSTON ENAMEL, circular based floral decorated taper stick (some defects), 6'' height
Lot No: 237Description: MILITARY BINOCULARS, pair of prismatic binoculars by Taylor-Hobson, 1943, no 2 Mk III x 6
Lot No: 238Description: ANTIQUE BRACKET CLOCK, carved oak bracket clock by Gustav Becker, bar strike with bevelled glass face and satin finish dial
Lot No: 239Description: DOLLS HOUSE, a quality 2 story dolls house & shop premises, the Millinery Shop with fully fitted interior
Lot No: 240Description: ART & CRAFT METALWARE, a copper lattice banded coal box, 21.5'' width
Lot No: 241Description: ART NOUVEAU OIL LAMP, copper circular oil lamp with yellow frosted glass, hexagonal shade
Lot No: 242Description: FREEMASONARY, American enamelled Masonic sword and sheath by McLilley & Co of Columbus, Ohio, together with 1 other Masonic sword and sheath by Thomas Booker & Co of Bradford
Lot No: 243Description: MARITIME, original boxed Bezzanith sextant with certificate
Lot No: 244Description: VANITY CASE, a fine Mappin & Webb red Morocco vanity case with original fitted interior of silver topped bottles and ivory accessories, London 1901, 20'' width
Lot No: 245Description: VANITY CASE, a brown leather fitted vanity case with satin interior and silver capped accessories, together with fabric protective cover, 18'' width
Lot No: 246Description: VANITY CASE, a crocodile skin effect leather vanity case with some silver mounted fittings
Lot No: 247Description: VICTORIAN DECANTER SET, oak cased decanter box holding 4 cut glass square based decanters (1 with rim chip), inset brass carrying handles, 10'' height x 8'' width
Lot No: 248Description: WORLD WAR II PERIOD CLOCK, Schoolroom style circular framed wall clock, dated 1940 with broad arrow mark, 17'' dia
Lot No: 249Description: TREEN, pair of heavy circular base 13'' altar candle sticks
Lot No: 250Description: CANTEEN, mahogany cased fitted canteen by Joseph Rogers with flush base drawer, 16'' width
Lot No: 251Description: VINTAGE TOY LORRIES, 4 assorted Lone Star articulated lorries including 2 tankers, Corgi Bedford tractor unit with Mobilgas tanker (8)
Lot No: 252Description: DINKY & CORGI TOYS, Dinky Daimler ambulance, a Corgi Rover 90, a Corgi FC-150 Jeep and 1 other similar, Corgi Lotus racing car, etc (24)
Lot No: 253Description: PERIOD DINKY & CORGI TRUCKS, including Dinky Bedford refuse wagon, Dinky fire engine no 555, a Dinky fire wagon, Dinky Trojan advertising tea van, etc (27)
Lot No: 254Description: VINTAGE METAL ANIMAL FIGURES, large selection of cast metal farmyard figures, including pigs, cows, sheep and horses, also horse and cart, trees, etc, in 3 crates
Lot No: 255Description: VINTAGE FARMYARD EQUIPMENT, including metal poultry figures, horse and cart figures and hay ricks, also tractors, combines and trailers in 2 crates
Lot No: 256Description: DINKY TOYS, Dinky toys Bristol sports car, no 450, Dinky Austin A105, no 176, Dinky Packard Clipper, no 180, etc (19)
Lot No: 257Description: PERIOD DINKY TOYS, including a Cunningham C-5R (no 133), Dinky Hudson Sedan, a Hunter Hawk, etc (12)
Lot No: 258Description: PERIOD CAST METAL HUNTING FIGURES, collection of hunting figures including 8 horseman, large selection of dogs, deer, fox figure with standing huntsman and trees
Lot No: 259Description: PERIOD DINKY TOYS, Dinky Hindle Smart Helics 30W articulated truck, a Dinky Bedford Tipper, a Commer Breakdown truck, 2 Landrover and trailers, etc (11)
Lot No: 260Description: VINTAGE DINKY CARS, including a Dinky Ford Sedan, 2 Dinky tankers, a Dinky Rolls Royce silver Wraith, etc (16)
Lot No: 261Description: VINTAGE DINKY RACING CAR, Dinky Vanwall, Dinky Ferrari, no 234, a Dinky Maserati, 23N, Coupe Bristol, etc (11)
Lot No: 262Description: DINKY & CORGI SPACE SHIPS, Dinky UFO interceptor no 351, (2), 2 Dinky Eagle space ships, a Corgi lunar bug and a helicopter (6)
Lot No: 263Description: TIN PLATE, selection of tin plate vehicles, including a redline taxi, radio coach, together with a modern land speed record car
Lot No: 264Description: TIN PLATE, tin plate clockwork locomotive and carriages, radio controlled tank, etc
Lot No: 265Description: NOVELTY CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, 2 pistol design table lighters, Art Deco Ronson Touch-Tip (2 variations) and 9 others
Lot No: 266Description: TREEN, 2 butter pats, Norwegian-style lidded box and jug, bottle holder and treen egg
Lot No: 267Description: PARASOL HANDLE ENDS, collection of 13 including enamelled and silver examples
Lot No: 268Description: TREEN, a quality carver bill holder in the form of a bird of preys head, a treen tape measure , snips, book etc
Lot No: 269Description: CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, 2 book design pocket lighters, novelty camera and 2 revolver design lighters and 4 others
Lot No: 270Description: EASTERN METALWARE, gilt metal Hindu seated Deity, 6'' height, together with Ganesh figure and miniature metal elephant
Lot No: 271Description: TREEN, Boxwood whistle & two others, a boxwood bottle, a circular boxwood snuff box, a fine Tunbridgeware rouge pot etc (9 items)
Lot No: 272Description: LONDON MAP, antique facsimile map of 1744 Wren's Plan of London (unframed)
Lot No: 273Description: RAILWAY, a cast iron Midland Railway Engineers Department plaque, ''Fire Buckets'', 9.5'' x 14''
Lot No: 274Description: FINE 19TH CENTURY SEWING CABINET, rosewood mother-of-pearl inlaid tabletop cabinet of twin floral decorated doors, enclosing nest of 4 graduated drawers with writing slope and lift up lid, 13.5'' height and width
Lot No: 275Description: BLACK FOREST JEWEL BOX, a carved bird crested table top jewel casket, twin doors enclosing nest of 3 drawers, 12'' height x 8'' width
Lot No: 276Description: EASTERN GONG, pierced and inlaid carved hardwood framed brass dragon design temple gong, 18'' height
Lot No: 277Description: VICTORIAN PLATED PUNCH DISPENSER, unusual tilt mechanism punch pot on stand with matching tankard by Meridan, 18'' height
Lot No: 278Description: CRANBERRY EPERGNE, an impressive triple branch epergne stand (1 vase damaged), 25.5'' height
Lot No: 279Description: CANADIAN SILVER PLATE, unusual ribbon handled marriage basket with glass liner by William Rogers of Canada
Lot No: 280Description: BREAKFAST DISH, Victorian silver plate domed top breakfast tureen with goat's head and hoof feet
Lot No: 281Description: MARITIME, a cast metal gilded ship's plaque ''Bellerophon'', 18'' height
Lot No: 282Description: ADVERTISING, collection of advertising tins, Cadburys Marzipan Potatoes box, playing cards, etc
Lot No: 283Description: WOODEN JIGSAW, complete and boxed wooden jigsaw by Penelope ''The Procession'', together with boxed building bricks
Lot No: 284Description: CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, 3 shop displays of Polo advertising lighters containing 36 lighters
Lot No: 285Description: VICTORIAN PHOTOGRAPHY, 4 ambrotype portraits, rosewood case draughtsmans instruments, police whistle, ornate brass photo frame, etc
Lot No: 286Description: BLACK FOREST SHELVES, pair of Stags head support bracket shelves
Lot No: 287Description: ANTIQUE COPPERWARE, 3 graduated iron handled cooking pans
Lot No: 288Description: ORIENTAL CABINET, a parquetry table top jewellery cabinet, 14'' height and width
Lot No: 289Description: ART DECO MIRROR, an Art Deco mirror & with red glass frame, 14'' mirror
Lot No: 290Description: EDWARDIAN STATIONARY SLOPE, burr walnut twin door slope front stationary box with fitted interior, 16.5'' width
Lot No: 291Description: VICTORIAN WRITING BOX, walnut box (requires restoration), 14'' width
Lot No: 292Description: VINTAGE PEDAL CAR, a repainted metal framed child's pedal car, 33'' length
Lot No: 293Description: ANTIQUE MILK MAID STOOL, tripod base circular seat with ownership carved initials on reverse
Lot No: 294Description: CORNISH INTEREST, Victorian folder related to ''Cornwall Mineral Railways-Plans and Sections 1872'', and other related documents
Lot No: 295Description: ANTIQUE COPPER, 4 copper based iron handled cooking pans
Lot No: 296Description: ACCORDIAN, Bell red cased piano accordian with original carrying case
Lot No: 297Description: ANTIQUE FOOT WARMER, original brass fretwork grill and carrying handle
Lot No: 298Description: EDWARDIAN POKERWORK PIPE RACK with coloured panel of gentlemen smoking
Lot No: 299Description: VICTORIAN WRITING BOX, brass inset and banded walnut writing box, 11.5'' width
Lot No: 300Description: BIRD SCULPTURE, a stylized carved wooden group of 2 Cormorants on rocky outcrop, signed monogram M T, 14'' height
Lot No: 301Description: ANCIENT EGYPT, 2 gilded decorative appliques of Isis and Nepthys with piercing for attachment to the mummy, framed and glazed
Lot No: 302Description: EASTERN PANELS, Chinese mother-of-pearl inlaid oval tray, decorated with Samurai Warriors, also 2 similar mother-of-pearl inlaid panels, 23'' dia
Lot No: 303Description: ANTIQUE FIREARM, 18th Century Swedish flintlock musket, 1762 model, 43'' barrel length with ram rod and brass furnishings
Lot No: 304Description: ETHNIC, Ashanti Oware gaming board, 22 '' width
Lot No: 305Description: NAVAL INTEREST, naval armaments calibration equipment box with brass mount and name plate, ''R.J.Warren, R.N.A.D, Plymouth'', 28'' width
Lot No: 306Description: TEDDY BEAR, an attractive gold plush jointed teddy bear, possibly Bing or Strutz, 19'' height
Lot No: 307Description: BRACKET CLOCK, oak cased Georgian design bracket clock by Lenzkirch with coiled bar strike and satin finish dial, 12.5'' height
Lot No: 308Description: TAXIDERMY, cabinet cased display of Owl, by W Chalkley of Winchester, 16.5'' height
Lot No: 309Description: VINTAGE LIGHTING, brass support twin branch floor standing light with crinoline milk glass shades
Lot No: 310Description: SHELLS, collection of exotic shells, coral section, 2 cut stones and chipwork jewellery box
Lot No: 311Description: METALWARE, Edwardian brass chamber stick, silver plate muffin dish, brass kettle, etc
Lot No: 312Description: PEWTER BALUSTER TANKARD, also pewter hip flask, 2 swing handled cake baskets and embossed design fruit bowl
Lot No: 313Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, collection of 9 graduated copper based pans, some with lids
Lot No: 314Description: VINTAGE DOLLS HOUSE, dolls house together with a quantity of period furniture, fittings & figures, 27'' height 31'' width
Lot No: 315Description: SCIENTIFIC SCALES, ''Grammes per square meter scales'' by H.E. Messmer in cabinet
Lot No: 316Description: ANTIQUE BAGATELLE, mahogany folding table top bagatelle
Lot No: 317Description: MARITIME, a brass inlaid 35'' dia ship's wheel
Lot No: 318Description: TENNIS, vintage tennis racket in glazed display case
Lot No: 319Description: VINTAGE DOLL, English porcelain head and shouldered doll, 16'' height and embroidered cotton dress
Lot No: 320Description: VICTORIAN WRITING BOX, brass inlaid rosewood writing box with fitted interior, 17.5'' width
Lot No: 321Description: JADE LAMP, a bird carved table lamp with shade a/f
Lot No: 322Description: DIVER'S HELMET, a Russain copper hard hat, 3 bolt diving helmet, 20'' height
Lot No: 323Description: TAXIDERMY, shield mounted Gazelle head
Lot No: 324Description: ANTIQUE WAX DOLL, cabinet cased display of Claude de Ville - French Highwayman, cabinet height 16''
Lot No: 325Description: VINTAGE SKIN RUGS, 2 Tiger skin rugs bearing old marks for Van Ingen + Van Ingen, Mysore
Lot No: 326Description: VINTAGE LIGHTING, circular based adjustable branch standard light, together with 1 other brass based table light
Lot No: 327Description: CUTLERY, canteen cased set of cutlery by Butler
Lot No: 328Description: GOLD PLUSH 14'' TEDDY BEAR, with remains of voice box, also 1 smaller teddy bear and felt monkey
Lot No: 329Description: NAVAL INTEREST, a writhen carved bone walking stick with knot design carved ebony grip, also Alpine horn handled walking stick and 1 other
Lot No: 330Description: SILVER PLATE, pair of Art Nouveau design silver plated vine pin dishes, together with 2 patent ''Haro'' fountain pens
Lot No: 331Description: ANTIQUE METALWARE, Victorian copper large based kettle and set of 3 Victorian polished steel fire irons, together with brass trivet
Lot No: 332Description: EDWARDIAN MANTEL CLOCK, a circular base alabaster brass mantel clock with a drum casing
Lot No: 333Description: BOWLER HAT & EGYPTIAN FEZ
Lot No: 334Description: WASHING DOLLY, patent ''The Vacuum Washers Limited''
Lot No: 335Description: LARGE KUKRIS, also reproduction sabre and sheath
Lot No: 336Description: EASTERN VASE STAND, a dragon decorated square top vase stand
Lot No: 337Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY TEA CADDY, mahogany sarcophagus shaped triple section tea caddy with unusual square section mixing bowl and ring drop handles
Lot No: 338Description: ORIENTAL METALWARE, pair of Chinese brass champleve enamel, 7'' vases, together with bronze archaic design 6'' vase
Lot No: 339Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY WRITING BOX, brass banded edging with twin carrying handles, 20'' width
Lot No: 340Description: ARTS & CRAFTS, polished steel and copper ornate edged fire fender, 44''
Lot No: 341Description: ADVERTISING, Wills' Capstan Cigarette circular advertising plaque, also wooden poll box
Lot No: 342Description: STANHOPE, Victorian bone and ivory Stanhope pen & paper knife, together with antique carved & pierced ivory paper knife & one other brass paper knife
Lot No: 343Description: CLOCKWORK TOYS, Fly eating Frog metal clockwork toy, also Japanese clockwork Elephant, Chicken and 2 other toys
Lot No: 344Description: SCENT BOTTLES, cut glass phial, daisy decorated ceramic perfume flask and 1 other
Lot No: 345Description: METALWARE, pair of cast brass standing bears, 6'' height
Lot No: 346Description: CLOISONNE, pair of Japanese hexagonal 10'' floral design vases (some defects)
Lot No: 347Description: CHINESE GAMING COUNTERS, collection of 24 engraved fish design mother-of-pearl gaming counters
Lot No: 348Description: CAUCASIAN RUG, red multi bordered black field Caucasian rug
Lot No: 350Description: TURCOMAN DESIGN CARPET, salmon ground triple medallion field carpet
Lot No: 351Description: TURKOMAN RUG, red ground large rug
Lot No: 352Description: CARBIDE LAMP, Lucas ''Silver King of the Road'' carbide lamp
Lot No: 353Description: DOLLS, 2 German negroid baby dolls, 2 pressed fabric golly dolls, together with 5 other assorted dolls
Lot No: 354Description: SERPENTINE, 6.5'' carved serpentine elephant figure
Lot No: 355Description: WWI GERMAN BAYONET, 1898 Mauser Long Bayonet, marked & dated 1913 with scabbard 20.5''
Lot No: 356Description: BRITISH INFANTRY OFFICERS DRESS SWORD, George V (British Army in India) infantry officer's sword with a pierced steel hilt
Lot No: 358Description: BRASS BOUND SHIP'S COMPASS, Sestrel ant 11 compass by Henry Brown & Son of Barking, London, no 3147 boxed
Lot No: 359Description: WWI PAIR OF MEDALS, to PTE HJ Warden, SOM. L.I also commemorative medals, military badges & buttons, R.E.M.E stable belt & a set of silver dated livery buttons
Lot No: 360Description: EASTERN INDIA AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION BADGE, a plated car badge decorated with tiger, 4.5''
Lot No: 361Description: TREEN, 3 Treen carved boxwood miniature tape measures, one in the form of a fishing reel, the other in the form of a barrel etc, also a miniature inlaid snuff box & a 19th Century Mother of Pearl inlaid needlework box (5 items)
Lot No: 362Description: TREEN, Treen box of a tape measure in the form of an acorn, an acorn design bobbin holder also 3 section carved vegetable ivory needlework case af
Lot No: 363Description: MASONIC REGALIA, two Masonic Uniforms, one with a plated Masonic badge & Derbyshire embroidered emblem also a porcelain lodge of Repose pin tray 1927, assorted books etc
Lot No: 364Description: MASONIC JEWELS, a collection of Masonic enamel medals & jewels from 1930's Derbyshire Lodge up to & including 1980's Grand Charity Festivals medallions for the Derbyshire Lodge (approx 15)
Lot No: 365Description: BOWLER HAT, a Balkinware vintage bowler hat, size 6 3/4
Lot No: 366Description: FIRE BASKET, cast iron ornate fire basket, 24''
Lot No: 367Description: GARDEN PATIO SET, cast aluminum circular pierced foliate decorated table & 2 matching chairs in original paint, 28''
Lot No: 368Description: CONCORDE, a folder of related items including commissary tickets, flight certificate, two etched glass goblets, model figure etc
Lot No: 369Description: ORIENTAL CHERRYROOT FIGURES, a pair of Cherryroot fishermen figures 14.5''
Lot No: 370Description: TREEN, a treen snuff box in the form of a shoe with stud work decoration also a treen shoe pin cushion
Lot No: 371Description: BRASS MORTAR & PESTLE
Lot No: 372Description: BERGMAN MOUSE, Austrian cold cast bronze figure of a mouse 2.5"
Lot No: 373Description: BRONZE PAINTED COCKATOO; Austrian bronze painted cockatoo, 4" high
Lot No: 374Description: BRONZE TUNA FIGURE; An Austrian cold painted tuna, 4.25"
Lot No: 374Description: BRONZE TUNA FIGURE; An Austrian cold painted tuna, 4.25"
Lot No: 375Description: BRONZE HIPPO FIGURES; 2 cold painted bronze hippo figures, one with a walking stick the other being attcked by a monkey
Lot No: 376Description: AUSTRIAN BRONZE FIGURE;  An Austrian cold painted figure of a kingfisher, 2.3/4"
Lot No: 377Description: AN AUSTRIAN COLD PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE;  A cold painted bronze figure of a seated German shepherd, 3.5"
Lot No: 378Description: TWO AUSTRIAN BRONZE FIGURES; Cold painted bronze figures of a pair of Pug dogs, 3.5" the larger figure
Lot No: 379Description: AUSTRIAN COLD PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE;  A cold painted figure of a cat, 3.5"
Lot No: 380Description: AN AUSTRIAN COLD PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE; A cold painted bronze figure of a budgerigar, 3.5"
Lot No: 381Description: AN AUSTRIAN COLD PAINTED BRONZE FIGURE;  A cold painted figure of a woodcock, 2 3/4" 
Lot No: 382Description: RHUBARB FORCER; earthenware rhubarb forcer and lid, 16" dia
Lot No: 383Description: BANJO; A Tilley of Surbiton Surrey banjo, lacks stings, 35" length together with a vintage wood bound banjo case, 38"  (the case does not fit the banjo)
Lot No: 385Description: BREITLING, Chronomat Vitessse Windrider, 18ct gold & stainless steel "Bi-Metal", boxed with instructions 
Lot No: 386Description: DIAMOND HEART PENDANT, single diamond cut in heart form of superb colour & clarity, approximately 0.55ct set in 18ct white gold on 18ct white gold chain
Lot No: 387Description: 18CT WHITE GOLD DIAMOND JULL ETERNITY RING, set with in excess of 7ct of mixed marquise & baguette cut diamonds, well matched stones of good colour clarity, Size O/P
Lot No: 388Description: ART NOUVEAU SILVER BUTTONS, set of 4 decorated a lady harpist Birmingham 1901
Lot No: 389Description: PANDORA, ladies sterling silver bracelet with 6 beaded charms
Lot No: 390Description: LADIES ROMES GOLD WRIST WATCH, cased stamped 18ct & 750 on a plated bracelet strap
Lot No: 391Description: GOLD CURB LINK NECKLACE, with lobster clasp, stamped 375 to clasp, 33.5 grams
Lot No: 392Description: GENTS SIGNET RINGS, a collection of 8 gents rings mainly silver some stone set & some enameled, various sizes
Lot No: 393Description: GOLD CURB LINK BRACELET, 9ct gold curb link bracelet with lobster clasp, 7.3 grams
Lot No: 394Description: SILVER CURB LINK BRACELET, with lobster clasp also a silver ingot pendent, 68.8 grams overall
Lot No: 395Description: 9CT GOLD BAND RING, 4.1 grams, also 9ct gold V shaped ring, & 9ct gold Cameo ring, eternity ring & earrings, band ring size O
Lot No: 396Description: GOLD CURB NECKLACE, fine 9ct gold curb link necklace with lobster clasp, 9.8 grams
Lot No: 397Description: GOLD CROSS, 9ct gold cross on fine link chain, 2.8 grams, also Art Nouveau amethyst set pendant
Lot No: 398Description: SIGMA FOB WATCH ON CHAIN, an unusual doomed glazed decoration to front & rear also a silver pin box, silver & enamel charm bracelet & silver gatelink bracelet with padlock clasp
Lot No: 399Description: GENTS OMEGA WRIST WATCH, gold case gents Omega automatic wrist watch on a 9ct gold bracelet, 63.3 grams overall
Lot No: 400Description: 1914 GEORGE V FULL SOVEREIGN, higher grade
Lot No: 401Description: 1902 EDWARD VII FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 402Description: 1980 ELIZABETH II FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 403Description: 1980 ELIZABETH II FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 404Description: 1889 QUEEN VICTORIA FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 405Description: 1925 GEORGE V FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 406Description: 1957 ELIZABETH II FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 407Description: 1980 ELIZABETH II FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 408Description: 1980 ELIZABETH II FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 409Description: 1909 EDWARD VII FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 410Description: 1980 ELIZABETH II FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 411Description: 1793 GEORGE III HALF GUINEA
Lot No: 412Description: 1980 ELIZABETH II FULL SOVEREIGN
Lot No: 413Description: 1915 4 DUCAT GOLD COIN RESTRIKE, 14 grams in weight, 23.5 ct, 986/1000 gold
Lot No: 414Description: GOLD, 1915 1 DUCAT RESTRIKE, 986/1000 gold, 23.5 ct, 3.5 grams
Lot No: 415Description: OTTOMAN EMPIRE GOLD COIN 100 PIASTRES, 7.2 grams, 22ct, Turkish origin
Lot No: 416Description: 1975 GOLD 1 & 2 RAND COIN in display boxes, 2 rand coin 8 grams, 1 rand coin 4 grams
Lot No: 417Description: 1307 EDWARD II SILVER 1 penny
Lot No: 418Description: MEDALLIONS, including Coronation Queen Elizabeth II 1953 medallion and Edward VIII Coronation medallion
Lot No: 419Description: 1883 SILVER 1 DOLLAR COIN
Lot No: 420Description: HENRY VIII SILVER GROAT
Lot No: 421Description: GOLD 100 BALBOA GOLD COIN of the Republic of Panama, 21.6 ct gold, 0.9000 fines, 8.1 grams
Lot No: 422Description: 1943 4 COIN MAUNDY SET, unboxed and 1925 part Maundy set silver 4d & 3d
Lot No: 423Description: SILVER 20 BALBOAS COIN, 1972, 4ozs of 0.925 silver
Lot No: 424Description: SILVER QUEEN VICTORIA 1837-97 60TH ANNIVERSARY MEDALLION, 85 grams
Lot No: 425Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD HALF HUNTER POCKET WATCH BY DENT OF LONDON, appears in good working condition, inscription to rear case, 84 grams
Lot No: 426Description: EARRING & PENDANT SET, high carat Eastern yellow gold, set with seed pearls on fine filigree work in the form of a Maltese Cross, insurance value £2250
Lot No: 427Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, impressive old cut stone of exceptional colour and clarity set in square Art Deco setting, with 8 old rose cut diamonds to each shoulder, diamond weight in excess of 3cts, size M/N
Lot No: 428Description: CABOCHON CUT SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND DROP PENDANT, on white gold, oval cut cabochon sapphires set with old cut accent diamonds on white gold chain (Large blue stone is glass)
Lot No: 429Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD HALF HUNTER POCKET WATCH, by Barraud & Lunds of London, appears in good working condition, 108 grams
Lot No: 430Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD MASONIC SIGNET RING, size S/T
Lot No: 431Description: YELLOW GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND RING, central emerald cut aquamarine set with 3 brilliant cut diamonds to each shoulder, aquamarine in excess of 2cts, size M
Lot No: 432Description: SUPERB 18ct WHITE GOLD 3 STONE DIAMOND RING of approx 3.5ct, well matched brilliant cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, claw set in 18ct white gold shank, size P/Q
Lot No: 433Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND NECKLACE, marquise cut blue sapphires with accent brilliant cut diamonds, insurance value £1790
Lot No: 434Description: COQUILLA NUT PERFUME BOTTLE, European Grand Tour piece
Lot No: 435Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE MYSTIC TOPAZ RING, size O
Lot No: 436Description: PAIR OF TANZANITE & DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, central tanzanites surrounded by accent diamonds, set in 9ct yellow gold
Lot No: 437Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 3 STONE RING, boat design, size M/N
Lot No: 438Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD & PLATINUM 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, totalling approx 1ct, central old brilliant cut stone in access of 0.5ct with 0.25ct diamonds to each side, size N/O
Lot No: 439Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD ART DECO DESIGN 3 STONE DIAMOND RING, size M/N.
Lot No: 440Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND RING, central aquamarine surrounded by illusion set accent diamonds, size N
Lot No: 441Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD EMERALD & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, large central emerald(poss synthic)  of good colour surrounded by a spray of baguette cut well matched diamonds of excellent colour and clarity, totalling in excess of 1.5ct, size R
Lot No: 442Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND RING, 0.10ct, size M
Lot No: 443Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND ETERNITY STYLE RING, well matched princess cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, totalling approx 0.50ct, size M
Lot No: 444Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD ILLUSION SET DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 0.25ct, size M
Lot No: 445Description: SILVER INLAID TORTOISESHELL PURSE with blue silk lining, together with faux turtle inlaid box
Lot No: 446Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND PENDANT on 18ct white gold necklace, very unusual design, diamond weight in excess of 1.25ct
Lot No: 447Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND TWIST CLUSTER RING, size T
Lot No: 448Description: 14ct WHITE GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, Art Deco design, central emerald cut sapphire surrounded well matched brilliant cut diamonds, with an outer ring of brilliant cut sapphires, size N
Lot No: 449Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD PEARL RING, 1 white pearl, 1 grey pearl in twist setting, size M1/2
Lot No: 452Description: 1979 FULL SOVEREIGN IN GARNET SET LOSE MOUNT, on 9ct gold necklace
Lot No: 453Description: 9ct GOLD SAPPHIRE RING, size O
Lot No: 454Description: 10ct YELLOW GOLD LADIES FOB WATCH, appears in good working condition, made by the American Waltham Watch Company
Lot No: 455Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SET BAR BROOCH, approx 1 gram
Lot No: 456Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD BLUE & WHITE STONE DRESS RING, size L
Lot No: 457Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND BRACELET, channel set square cut rubies separated by accent brilliant cut diamonds
Lot No: 458Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, old cut diamond totalling approx 1ct, size M
Lot No: 461Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD RUBY & DIAMOND RING, 3 oval cut rubies, separated by 2 pairs of old cut diamonds, size O
Lot No: 462Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, brilliant cut diamond, approx 0.10ct, size R
Lot No: 463Description: PLATINUM SET LARGE SOUTH SEA PEARL SOLITAIRE RING, large South Sea pearl in unusual heavy platinum 4 claw setting, size P
Lot No: 464Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, size S
Lot No: 465Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND & PEARL SET LADIES COCKTAIL WATCH of Art Deco design, appears in good working condition
Lot No: 467Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL SOLITAIRE RING, size O
Lot No: 468Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, central old cut diamond of good colour and clarity, approx 0.70ct, set with channel set princess cut diamonds to each shoulder, total diamond weight in excess of 1ct, size M/N
Lot No: 469Description: 9ct WHITE GOLD LADIES WEDDING SET, illusion set diamond cluster in the form of solitaire and 9ct gold matching wedding band, size R
Lot No: 470Description: OPAL CLUSTER RING, in the form of a flower, 9ct gold, size M/N
Lot No: 471Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central oval cut sapphire surrounded by small brilliant cut diamonds with accent diamonds to either shoulder, size M/N
Lot No: 472Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD ''DUCK IN FLIGHT'' BROOCH, set with diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire, a well cast depiction of a duck rising
Lot No: 473Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER ETERNITY RING, channel set baguette cut diamonds, separated by 3 rows of channel set brilliant cut diamonds, all well matched stones of good colour and clarity, well in excess of 2cts, size M/N
Lot No: 474Description: IMPRESSIVE DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS, totalling approx 3.5ct, each earring consists of 1 large old brilliant cut diamond in excess of 1.25ct, set onto a diamond stud in excess of 0.45ct, beautifully matched stones of good colour and clarity
Lot No: 475Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE OPAL RING, size O/P
Lot No: 476Description: 14ct WHITE GOLD TANZANITE & DIAMOND RING, central tanzanite of good colour set with accent diamonds to each shoulder, size N
Lot No: 477Description: 18ct GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER ETERNITY STYLE RING, channel set baguette cut diamonds with channel and claw set brilliant cut diamonds, well matched stones, good colour and clarity, totalling 1.2ct, size L/M
Lot No: 478Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD PEARL SOLITAIRE RING, size N
Lot No: 479Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DESIGNER TANZANITE & DIAMOND RING, trillion cut tanzanite of good colour in excess of 1ct, set with 7 channel set brilliant cut diamonds of good colour and clarity in an abstract design, size L
Lot No: 480Description: PAIR OF 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS, totalling approx 1.6ct, well matched old cut diamonds of good colour and clarity
Lot No: 482Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GREEN & WHITE STONE DRESS RING, size O
Lot No: 483Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD GRADUATED 5 STONE OPAL RING, 5 oval cut opals graduating down in size from centre stone, size N
Lot No: 484Description: 15ct GOLD BAR BROOCH and diamond set lapel pin
Lot No: 485Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER ETERNITY STYLE RING, unusual design 5 conjoined diamond cluster, each with central brilliant cut diamond, size Q/R
Lot No: 486Description: WWI WAR MEDAL PAIR, to Pte.A.Offer, Hampshire Regiment
Lot No: 487Description: BRIDAL SET, 9ct white gold diamond cluster ring with matching 9ct white gold band ring size Q
Lot No: 488Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL RING in form of a frog, size N
Lot No: 490Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND ETERNITY STYLE RING, in excess of 3cts, well matched old cut stones of good colour and clarity, size U
Lot No: 491Description: PLATINUM 8 STONE DIAMOND ETERNITY TWIST RING, 8 well matched diamonds of good colour and clarity in heavy platinum shank, size N/M
Lot No: 492Description: 15ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET & DIAMOND BROOCH, HM 1896 Chester
Lot No: 493Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD 5 STONE DIAMOND RING, in excess 1.25ct, size M/N
Lot No: 495Description: UNUSUAL 9ct GOLD OPAL SPIDER RING, size N/O
Lot No: 496Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND PENDANT ON 18ct WHITE GOLD CHAIN, unusual design oval drop pendant with 3 diamond set gold strands set entremble
Lot No: 497Description: GENTLEMANS BREITLING AUTOMATIC "SUPER OCEAN 200M" WATER RESISTANT WRIST WATCH, on shark mesh strap with display box, outer box, travel case and papers, the Heritage watch appears in good working condition 
Lot No: 498Description: 9ct GOLD GOLFER STICK PIN and 9ct snake brooch
Lot No: 499Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING of 1.4ct, central diamond 4 claw set with accent illusion set brilliant cut diamonds to either shoulder, size N
Lot No: 500Description: LADIES 9ct GOLD ROTARY WRIST WATCH with quartz movement
Lot No: 501Description: PAIR OF 9ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, with screw clip on backs
Lot No: 502Description: 2 TURQUOISE SET PENCILS, 1 marked 9ct gold
Lot No: 503Description: 3 CROSSES, 2 marked 9ct gold, 1 diamond, 1 cz
Lot No: 504Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL CLUSTER RING, size O
Lot No: 505Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD CROSS, 2.4 grams
Lot No: 506Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DIAMOND SET HEAVY BAND RING, 9.6 grams, central diamond 0.25ct approx, with 1 small channel set diamond to each shoulder, size M/N
Lot No: 507Description: 9ct GOLD LADIES OMEGA WRIST WATCH, HM 1933 15 JEWEL MOVEMENT, in Dennison case, appears in working condition
Lot No: 508Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD NAVAL BROOCH, set with enamel and seed pearl
Lot No: 509Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD TIE PIN
Lot No: 510Description: 14ct YELLOW GOLD & JADE BROOCH
Lot No: 512Description: 18ct 2 STONE DIAMOND CROSS OVER RING, 2 old cut diamonds, totalling approx 1.3ct, well matched stones of good colour and clarity, set with 3 small accent diamonds to each shoulder, size P/Q
Lot No: 514Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL CLUSTER RING, size L/M
Lot No: 516Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD DOUBLE DAISY DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 2, 7 stone brilliant cut diamond clusters set in a twist form on 18ct gold shank, size N
Lot No: 518Description: PLATINUM DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, central princess cut diamond surrounded by illusion brilliant cut diamonds totalling approx 0.79ct, size N/O
Lot No: 519Description: 2, 9ct WHITE GOLD RINGS, to include 1 white gold diamond solitaire, size M1/2 and 1 white gold 3 stone diamond ring, size L
Lot No: 520Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND SET BALL PENDANT, unusual design ball set entremble to a diamond set gold ribbon on 18ct white gold chain
Lot No: 521Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD LADIES TUDOR WRIST WATCH, Art Deco design 9ct cased with Arabic numerals, appears in working condition
Lot No: 523Description: BANDED AGATE TABLE SEAL WITH SARDONICS CARVED INTAGLEO and brass pill box set with heart form turquoise stone
Lot No: 524Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 diamond set flower design, 0.25ct approx, size N, other illusion set diamond solitaire, size R1/2
Lot No: 525Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD PINK SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND BRACELET, superb quality bracelet set with 11 well matched pink sapphires of oval form separating bands of channel set baguette diamonds of good colour and clarity
Lot No: 526Description: 2, 9ct GOLD RINGS, 1 yellow gold, 1 white gold, 1 9ct white gold oval diamond cluster, size O, other yellow gold illusion set diamond set solitaire, size K1/2
Lot No: 527Description: SINGLE STRAND OF CULTURED BLACK PEARLS, 18'' length, 9ct gold pearl shaped clasp, pearls have an unusual iridescent blue hue, weight 28 grams
Lot No: 528Description: PAIR OF 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER EARRINGS, mixed baguette and brilliant cut, well matched in colour and clarity, in excess of 1ct
Lot No: 529Description: 18ct WHITE GOLD DIAMOND BRACELET, set with in excess of 4.5ct of well matched brilliant cut diamonds of good colour and clarity, diamonds are 4 claw set on well articulated bracelet
Lot No: 530Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 9ct gold wishbone diamond set, size N, other 9ct gold diamond cluster, size L
Lot No: 531Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD TRIPLE DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, size L/M
Lot No: 532Description: NO LOT - WITHDRAWN
Lot No: 533Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 9ct 5 stone illusion set diamond, size P, other 9ct yellow gold topaz and diamond, size N1/2
Lot No: 534Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD GARNET SET RINGS, 1 3 stone, 1 emerald cut solitaire
Lot No: 535Description: 18ct 2 TONE GOLD DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 6 trillion cut diamonds claw set in geometric pattern, size L/M
Lot No: 536Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 9ct oval cut sapphire and diamond cluster, size U, other 9ct yellow gold sapphire and diamond half eternity, size I1/2
Lot No: 537Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD 7 STONE OPAL ETERNITY STYLE RING, size L/M
Lot No: 538Description: 2, 9ct YELLOW GOLD RINGS, 1 9ct gold garnet and cz, size O1/2, other 9ct 3 stone sapphire ring, size N1/2
Lot No: 539Description: 18ct YELLOW GOLD AQUAMARINE & DIAMOND CLUSTER RING, 4 aquamarine stones surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds in geometric pattern, size J/K
Lot No: 540Description: 2 SILVER CASED POCKET WATCHES, 1 gentleman's half Hunter by Kendal & Dent of London, top wind pin set, appears in working condition, but missing glass, also ladies fob watch in a/f condition
Lot No: 541Description: PLATINUM SAPPHIRE & DIAMOND RING, Boodles style, set with 5 well matched diamonds of good colour and clarity and 2 accent sapphires, size E/F
Lot No: 542Description: 15ct YELLOW GOLD AMETHYST SOLITAIRE RING, size L/M
Lot No: 543Description: 9ct YELLOW GOLD OPAL SOLITAIRE RING, central oval cut opal in 4 claw setting, size M
Lot No: 545Description: 2 LADIES FOB WATCHES, 1 appears to be working, other a/f
Lot No: 546Description: 2 CAMEO BROOCHES, 1 amethyst brooch in yellow metal
Lot No: 547Description: 2 MASONIC MEDALS and 2 other badges, 1 Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand, other Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Lot No: 548Description: GEORGIAN SILVER VINAIGRETTE, rectangular with floral edge,by William Spencer, Birmingham, possibly 1757
Lot No: 549Description: SILVER VINAIGRETTE, shaped edge, rectangular floral grille, by Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1842
Lot No: 550Description: SILVER GILT VINAIGRETTE, rectangular with floral edge, by Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham 1826
Lot No: 551Description: SILVER VINAIGRETTE, floral edge rectangular design, by William Spencer, Birmingham 1827
Lot No: 552Description: GEORGIAN SILVER VINAIGRETTE plain rectangular body, by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1809
Lot No: 553Description: SILVER GILT VINAIGRETTE, a fine shaped edge vinaigrette by Nathaniel Mills, Birmingham, 1845
Lot No: 554Description: SILVER VINAIGRETTE, small rectangular design with floral edge by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham, 1832
Lot No: 555Description: GEORGIAN SILVER VINAIGRETTE, small rectangular design by Matthew Lindwood, Birmingham, 1799
Lot No: 556Description: VICTORIAN SILVER VINAIGRETTE, ivy engraved design by George Unite, Birmingham, 1883
Lot No: 557Description: VICTORIAN SILVER VINAIGRETTE, rectangular and engraved design, by Fredrick Marson, Birmingham, 1865
Lot No: 558Description: SILVER VINAIGRETTE, engine turned decoration, by Thomas Shore, Birmingham, 1835
Lot No: 559Description: GEORGIAN SILVER VINAIGRETTE, small octagonal design,by John Lawrence, Birmingham, 1813
Lot No: 560Description: SILVER VESTA CASE, Birmingham, 1919
Lot No: 561Description: 3 AMBER SET SILVER NECKLACES
Lot No: 562Description: SILVER HM BRACELET, marked Links of London, 67 grams
Lot No: 564Description: SILVER SNAKE LINK NECKLACE with 4 bead charms
Lot No: 565Description: SILVER WATCH FOBS, 2 silver and 1 silver and gold watch fob
Lot No: 566Description: 2 HM SILVER BRACELETS, marked Links of London, 66 grams
Lot No: 567Description: SILVER CHARM BRACELET, with silver and glass beads and bag containing selection of silver and glass beads
Lot No: 568Description: 3 SILVER ANTIQUE NAME BROOCHES, inc ''Polly, Gertrude and Agnes''
Lot No: 569Description: SILVER & WHITE METAL BANGLES
Lot No: 570Description: 5 GENTLEMANS POCKET WATCHES, inc 1 Smiths and 1 Grovenor, all untested
Lot No: 571Description: COLLECTION OF EARRINGS, mixture of silver, white metal and yellow metal
Lot No: 572Description: SILVER SET AMBER PENDANTS & SILVER FIGARO LINK NECKLACE, 6 pendants in total
Lot No: 573Description: 5 ANTIQUE SILVER NAME BROOCHES, inc ''Gerty, Gertrude, Elsie, Edith and Fanny''
Lot No: 574Description: SILVER HM BRACELET, marked Links of London, 68 grrams
Lot No: 575Description: 3 SILVER CASED LADIES FOB WATCHES, all appear in working condition
Lot No: 576Description: 7 SILVER GILT CYCLING FOBS, inc 100 Mile Standard, 50 Mile Standard Tandem, 30 Mile Standard, 30 Mile Tandem Standard to V Lamb
Lot No: 577Description: WALTHAM USA GOLD PLATED POCKET WATCH, screw fitting back, top wind and adjust, appears in good working condition
Lot No: 578Description: SILVER & GOLD ON SILVER TIE CLIPS, 3 silver and 2, 9ct gold on silver tie clips, 1 set with small turquoise
Lot No: 579Description: MARCASITE SILVER BROOCHES AND OTHERS, 2 silver HM marcasite brooches, 1 red paste brooch and 1 other
Lot No: 580Description: SILVER & MARCASITE BROOCHES and 2 marcasite clips
Lot No: 581Description: 3 YELLOW METAL PICTURE PENDANTS, and 1 yellow metal picture brooch
Lot No: 582Description: SILVER PENDANTS, BROOCHES & CLIPS, inc Taurus the Bull pendant, silver 30 Years the Membership to the National Union of Railway Men buttonhole, enamel clip and agate brooch
Lot No: 583Description: GENTLEMAN'S OPEN FACED POCKET WATCH, London 1827
Lot No: 584Description: 7 SILVER STONE SET DRESS RINGS
Lot No: 585Description: SILVER JEWELLERY COLLECTION, inc silver bangle, pendants, brooches and earrings
Lot No: 586Description: SILVER PENDANTS, inc malachite, mother-of-pearl pictorial and abalone shell
Lot No: 587Description: 2 STONESET PENDANTS, 1 large oval green stone, 1 large oval black stone
Lot No: 588Description: 3 SILVER FOBS
Lot No: 589Description: 2 SILVER GILT NECKLACES, 1 with T bar, combined weight 50 grams
Lot No: 590Description: SILVER BROOCHES, collection of 6 silver brooches, inc celtic knit design and leaf design
Lot No: 591Description: 6 SILVER HM BRACELETS, 58 grams, inc 2 ID bracelets, 1 heart design bracelet, 1 flat curb
Lot No: 592Description: ASSORTED SILVER PENDANTS, inc heart form, tree of life, flower and celtic knot
Lot No: 593Description: SILVER BADGES, inc St Johns Ambulance with 1910 & 1940 bar, white metal Expert Rifleman Badge, Royal British Legion enamelled metal badge and 2 silver military badges
Lot No: 594Description: SILVER NECKLACES, of mixed links, 6 silver necklaces, weighing total of 90 grams inc curb and anchor link
Lot No: 595Description: 7 HM SILVER BANGLES, 71.5 grams
Lot No: 596Description: SILVER & WHITE METAL EARRINGS, bag containing selection of stone set and plain silver and white metal earrings
Lot No: 597Description: 8 STONE SET SILVER RINGS, inc CZ and blue stone
Lot No: 598Description: 3 SILVER NECKLACES, 110 grams
Lot No: 599Description: SILVER CHARMS, 2 bags of silver charms, 1 bag of enamelled and plain travel charms, other mixture of plain silver charms and pendants
Lot No: 600Description: 5 SILVER PENDANTS, all pink stone set, inc star form and celtic knot
Lot No: 601Description: 1 SILVER NECKLACE & 1 SILVER PENDANT, silver necklace set with amethyst
Lot No: 603Description: SILVER & WHITE METAL GLASS CHARM BRACELET BEADS, bag containing good selection of silver and white metal charm bracelet beads
Lot No: 604Description: 4 SILVER BANGLES, 2 white metal bangles and small collection of various chains
Lot No: 605Description: 23 MIXED SILVER DRESS RINGS, inc some stone set
Lot No: 606Description: 9 SILVER HM CHAINS, 63 grams
Lot No: 607Description: SILVER NECKLACES, EARRINGS & PENDANTS, some stone set
Lot No: 608Description: 6 SILVER BRACELETS, inc ID bracelet, charm bracelet, 47 grams
Lot No: 609Description: SILVER BRACELETS, good collection of silver and silver gilt bracelets, some plain, some patterned, inc heart link, flat curb, belcher and rope pattern
Lot No: 610Description: 10 SILVER & SILVER GILT BRACELETS, mixed links inc heart, belcher and cross over
Lot No: 611Description: 6 SILVER BRACELETS, inc flower design, rope, flat curb and mixed belcher link
Lot No: 612Description: 6 SILVER CASED POCKET WATCHES, inc 4 gentlemans and 2 ladies, all a/f
Lot No: 613Description: 3 SILVER NECKLACES, inc 2 pendants
Lot No: 614Description: 6 SILVER & 2 WHITE METAL BRACELETS, 1 silver flat curb necklace, bracelets inc charm bracelet, silver gilt flat curb, ID bracelet, rope design and neilo filagree work bracelet
Lot No: 615Description: SILVER PENDANTS, 10 mixed silver pendants, inc crosses, name tags, flowers, etc
Lot No: 616Description: 3 SILVER HM CUFF BANGLES & EPNS BELT
Lot No: 617Description: 13 SILVER & WHITE METAL RINGS, inc pink stone and enamel
Lot No: 619Description: SILVER EARRINGS, plastic box containing assorted silver earrings, inc celtic knot, carnelian stone and turquoise
Lot No: 620Description: 4 SILVER MARCASITE BROOCHES, 1 set with carnelian stone of ribbon and organic form
Lot No: 621Description: 7 SILVER CYCLING FOBS, inc 100 miles tricycle race, 100 miles standard tandem race, North Road 24 hour race, 382.5 miles, all to V G Lamb
Lot No: 622Description: 2 SILVER TIGERS EYE BROOCHES, 1 in the form of a turtle, other cabochon cut
Lot No: 623Description: SILVER & ENAMEL LADIES WRIST WATCH with pin set movement and silver Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity Jewel
Lot No: 624Description: 7 SILVER RINGS, inc spinner design and adjustable
Lot No: 625Description: 6 SILVER & WHITE METAL SEMI PRECIOUS STONE SET PENDANTS, inc carnelian and onyx
Lot No: 626Description: 2 MALACHITE & SILVER SET BROOCHES, 1 of aztec design, other in the form of a belt
Lot No: 627Description: GENTLEMAN'S LONGINES WRIST WATCH, quartz movement with date aperature, gold plated case and bracelet with stainless steel back in untested condition
Lot No: 628Description: 2 SILVER GATE LINK BRACELETS, 1, 6 bar, 1, 5 bar, both with heart padlock clasps
Lot No: 629Description: 2 LADIES WHITE METAL COIN PURSES, 1 chain mail design, other initialed with silk lining
Lot No: 630Description: 1 BUTTERFLY SILVER BROOCH & 2 WHITE METAL SET PENDANTS, 1 horn and 1 other
Lot No: 631Description: 8 ASSORTED SILVER RINGS, inc tigers eye, carnelian, moonstone, etc
Lot No: 632Description: SILVER CROSSES, various silver crosses and crucifix, inc stone set and mother-of-pearl
Lot No: 633Description: 2 BLADED KNIFE IN THE FORM OF A CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE, engraved ''Moigneaux Pere & fils DIZY'' with ivory grip, long slender blade and curved blade
Lot No: 634Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, bag containing costume jewellery inc, Siamese silver bracelet, jade pendant, stone bead necklace, blue stone set silver brooch, etc
Lot No: 635Description: WRIST WATCHES, collection of ladies and gentlemans wrist watches, inc Sekonda, Festina and Slazenger, etc
Lot No: 636Description: COSTUME JEWELLERY, jewellery box containing large variety of costume jewellery inc, silver and white metal rings, silver brooches, costume jewellery pins and brooches, yellow metal cheroot holder, sivler watch fobs, silver ARP badge, etc
Lot No: 641Description: STEMMED HM SILVER PRESENTATION BOWL, with foliate decoration inscribed ''Tavistock & District Motor Club'' with various other inscriptions, Chester 1905, 6.75'' diameter, 12 ozs, ebonised plinth
Lot No: 642Description: EASTERN SILVER, pair of ornately engraved silver spills, decorated with elephants, deer, foxes, etc, also a similar lobed bowl on 3 cusped feet, 6 ozs, together with an ornate horn handled knife
Lot No: 643Description: SILVER 3 PIECE TEA SET, on 4 bun feet, teapot with ebony finial and handle, makers JG Limited, Birmingham 1922, 17 ozs inclusive of handle
Lot No: 644Description: ART DECO SILVER TEA SET, 3 piece ebony handle tea set, London HM 1932, 28 ozs inclusive
Lot No: 645Description: SILVER TOPPED SCENT BOTTLES, pair of hobnail cut glass silver topped scent bottles with foliate decorations, Birmingham HM, together with 1 other similar scent bottle
Lot No: 646Description: CLARET JUGS, silver topped claret jug of plain design, possible London HM 1905, a hobnail claret jug with plated mounts, together with a plated wine coaster
Lot No: 647Description: SILVER PIN TRAYS, 2 HM silver pin trays, together with an oval silver framed cruet, on ball and claw feet, liner a/f, 6 ozs
Lot No: 648Description: SILVER PRESENTATION BOWL, inscribed ''Evesham Show Challenge Bowl, Established 1916'', with Sheffield HM 1913, 6'' dia, 7 ozs
Lot No: 649Description: SILVER GRAVY BOAT, of classical design on 3 cusped feet, Birmingham 1933, 3 ozs
Lot No: 650Description: GEORGIAN SILVER MEAT SKEWER, makers RF (HM worn), 10''
Lot No: 651Description: PUNCH LADLE, Georgian design punch ladle with silver plated bowl and baleen handle
Lot No: 652Description: ASPARAGUS SNIPS, pair of Georgian design plated asparagus snips, 10''
Lot No: 653Description: SCENT BOTTLES, silver capped emerald glass scent bottle, also 3 others and novelty garden roller tape measure, silver bladed mother-of-pearl folding fruit knife and 2 seal fobs, etc
Lot No: 654Description: SILVER CUTLERY, including 5 Georgian silver fiddle pattern dinner forks, also assorted spoons, dessert forks, etc, Georgian and Victorian HM, 29.5 ozs
Lot No: 655Description: SILVER SUCRIER, silver twin handled sucrier Chester 1936, 5 ozs, together with pair of filled silver candlesticks of plain design
Lot No: 656Description: EASTERN CARD CASES, 2 Eastern design silver card cases, 1 decorated with elephants, tigers and landscape, 4'', the other in foliate style decoration in relief, 6 ozs overall
Lot No: 657Description: SOUVENIR SPOONS, 8 assorted silver and white metal souvenir spoons, some with enamelled decoration, also a silver book mark with cockerel decoration, Chester HM
Lot No: 658Description: ANTIQUE SPECTACLES, in a shagreen case
Lot No: 659Description: SILVER NAPKIN RINGS, 3 pairs of assorted napkin rings, together with 1 other, 4.5 ozs overall
Lot No: 660Description: CASED SET OF 4 NAPKIN RINGS, marked E D & Co, also cased set of 6 silver teaspoons, Birmingham HM
Lot No: 661Description: SILVER CALENDAR, silver framed desk calendar, Birmingham 1929, 3 silver teaspoons and silver spill vase
Lot No: 662Description: SOUVENIR SILVER, 2 silver pin trays with oriental silver coins inset, stamped silver made in Hong Kong, together with circular silver cruet on 3 raised feet, Sheffield HM, tongs and enamel spoon, 7 ozs overall
Lot No: 663Description: MANICURE SET, cased 5 piece manicure set with engine turned silver decoration
Lot No: 664Description: SCENT BOTTLES, pair of silver collared scent bottles, pair of silver rimmed glass salts, a circular silver lidded ring box on 3 raised feet, together with a cranberry glass shaker with plated top
Lot No: 665Description: EASTERN SILVER BOWL, with pierced and foliate decoration to the body
Lot No: 666Description: GEORGIAN SALT, Georgian circular salt on 3 cusped feet, a pierced silver bonbon dish on 3 raised feet, pepperette and pair of opera glasses with shagreen decoration
Lot No: 667Description: SILVER NAPKIN RINGS, selection of 11 assorted silver napkin rings, approx 6.5 ozs overall
Lot No: 668Description: SILVER PEPPERETTES, classical design, Birmingham 1911, also an Art Deco silver bean knop coffee spoon set with sugar nips in case
Lot No: 669Description: RETRO SERVING SILVER SLICE, David Anderson silver slice stamped Norway Sterling, 2 Continental 830 silver spoons with pierced finials, Sheffield HM silver shovel and a hammered white metal spoon
Lot No: 670Description: SILVER TEA SPOON SETS, 2 boxed sets of 6 silver tea spoons, both with Sheffield HM, 1 with plume of feathers decoration
Lot No: 671Description: SILVER 3 PIECE DRESSING TABLE SET, a rectangular form trinket box, with mixed earrings, together with matching mirror and brush, with lined decoration, Birmingham HM
Lot No: 672Description: SILVER PHOTO FRAMES, 3 x 6'' silver photo frames of plain design, together with a 9'' silver photo frame of rectangular design, various dates
Lot No: 673Description: SILVER STAMP CASE, an Art Deco silver stamp case, with engine turned decoration, maker WTT & Co, Birmingham 1936
Lot No: 674Description: CONTINENTAL SILVER TEA STRAINER, Dutch design silver tea strainer with windmill finial and pierced foliate body; also a pair of silver encased pepperettes with blue glass liners, Chester HM
Lot No: 675Description: SILVER POCKET WATCH, Acme lever 935 silver cased key wind pocket watch on plated Albert with South African shilling mount, also a HM silver watch stand with filled base
Lot No: 676Description: SOUVENIR SPOONS, collection of 20 silver and white metal and enamel souvenir spoons,
Lot No: 677Description: SILVER TEASPOON SET, with matching sugar tongs, London 1927, over 3.5 ozs
Lot No: 678Description: CHRISTENING SETS, Victorian knife, fork & spoon set London 1864, another Sheffield 1905
Lot No: 679Description: PERFUME FLASK & VANITY WARE, HM lidded cut glass spherical lidded perfume bottle Birmingham 1907, HM silver brandy label, 2 HM silver lidded vanity jars, also a perfume sprayer & perfume bottle
Lot No: 680Description: GEORGIAN SILVER SPOONS, 4 early Georgian spoons, maker I W, HM indistinct 6.5oz
Lot No: 681Description: ART DECO CIGARETTE CASE, Birmingham 1935 with engine turned decoration & 5 silver tea spoons 6.5oz also 2 silver backed hand mirrors
Lot No: 682Description: ARTS & CRAFTS PAGE TURNER, quality plated page turner, also 2 silver handled button hooks, shoe horn & cake knife
Lot No: 710Description: DEBORAH JONES, signed painting on board, ''Dolls House with teddy bear, bird and friends'', 13.5'' x 29.5''
Lot No: 711Description: LIONEL EDWARDS, signed colour print ''South Devon Hunt'', 13'' x 19''
Lot No: 712Description: GEORGIAN MAP, hand coloured engraved navigation map, ''Newcastle Upon Tyne'' 18'' x 22.5''
Lot No: 713Description: LAURENCE ISHERWOOD, signed oil on board, ''Rainy Day at St Martins in the Field, Trafalgar Square'', signed and inscribed on reverse, 21.25'' x 17.25''
Lot No: 714Description: GEORGIAN NEEDLEWORK PICTURE, coloured silk and hand painted panel, ''The Harvest'', 13'' x 8''
Lot No: 715Description: VINTAGE ADVERTISING, reverse glass painting, ''Thee Brandsma, Amsterdam'', 21.5'' x 15''
Lot No: 716Description: GEORGIAN ENGLISH SCHOOL, oil on canvas, ''A Hunt gathering before a Tavern'', 18'' x 22''
Lot No: 717Description: HEINRACH HONIICH, signed etching and aquatint, ''Soldiers repairing Cannon'', 10'' x 14.5''
Lot No: 718Description: JOSEPH MILNER WATERCOLOUR, extensive landscape with cattle, 12'' x 16.5''
Lot No: 719Description: ED HOSKING, signed painting on canvas, ''Female Nude in Red Room'', 23.5'' x 19.5''
Lot No: 720Description: JOHN HAMILTON GLASS, signed watercolour, ''View of Small Glen with sheep grazing'', 12'' x 18''
Lot No: 721Description: S.J.BEER, signed watercolour, ''St Just Pool'', 10'' x 14''
Lot No: 722Description: SIGNED OIL ON CANVAS, dated 1945 ''A Tavern Interior'', 17'' x 23''
Lot No: 723Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK, a coloured tapestry panel depicting Lion and Wildlife by Village, 35'' x 21''
Lot No: 724Description: DEBORAH JONES, signed oil on board, dated 1967 ''Still Life- Mask, Lemon and Goblet'', 22'' x 19''
Lot No: 725Description: PARIESH NRSHINGA, signed painting on canvas, ''Abstract in Reds and Brown'', 13'' x 14''
Lot No: 726Description: FIONA GLAISTER, signed oil on board ''Abstract Boats'', 23'' x 23''
Lot No: 727Description: WILLIAM CRUICKSHANK, signed watercolour ''Still Life of Grapes, Plums and Apples in a Basket'', 10'' x 14.5''
Lot No: 728Description: JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINT, ''Portrait of Angry Man'', signed Kunichika, 13.5'' x 9''
Lot No: 729Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK, pair of coloured silk floral panels, 16'' x 10''
Lot No: 730Description: VICTORIAN SAMPLER, coloured needlework pictorial sampler by Elizabeth Ellison, 1864, aged 13, 17.5'' x 16''
Lot No: 731Description: M JEFFRIES, signed painting on board ''Parisian Street Scene'', 11'' x 15''
Lot No: 732Description: MARY HAGARTY, signed water colour ''Game Keeper and his Dog on a Woodland Path'', 13.5'' x 9.5''
Lot No: 733Description: STEWART LOWDON, signed oil on board, ''Pentire Head'', 11'' x 27''
Lot No: 734Description: GEORGIAN REVERSE GLASS PRINT, ''Cautionary Tale for Parents of Young Ladies'' after Philippe Mercier, published 1739, 11.5'' x 13''
Lot No: 735Description: JAPANESE WOODBLOCK, signed colour woodblock, ''Figures in Garden Setting'', 8'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 736Description: R. CHIWAYA. signed painting on board, ''Exotic Birds'', 17'' x 10.5''
Lot No: 737Description: ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK, oval panel ''Still Life Vase of Flowers'', 9'' x 5.5''
Lot No: 738Description: GEORGIAN ENGRAVING, colour stipple engraving, after Morland, ''Delia in the Country'', 8.5'' x 6.5''
Lot No: 739Description: FRANK PATON, set of 4 signed etchings, ''Hunting and Coaching Scenes'', 8'' x 10''
Lot No: 740Description: SIDNEY LEE, signed oil on board ''Estuary Moorings'', 10'' x 15''
Lot No: 741Description: STEWART LOWDON, signed oil on board ''Port Issac Harbour'', 13.5'' x 23''
Lot No: 742Description: ALFRED PIZZEY NEWTON, signed watercolour indistinctly dated, ''View of Loch Hourn'', 9.5'' x 17.5''
Lot No: 743Description: E. BENDELL-BAYLY, signed pastel, ''Portrait of Young Lady'', 13'' x 10''
Lot No: 744Description: POSTER, ''National Savings - Your Savings Soon Mount Up'', by Whitlock, dated 1931, depicting flying bi-plane, 29'' x 18.5''
Lot No: 745Description: S. J. BEER, signed watercolour, ''St Mawes'', 10'' x 15''
Lot No: 746Description: POSTERS, Frank Mason lithograph colour poster ''There is Treasure for all in National Savings'', and 1 similar by E.A.Cox, 28.5'' x 18.5''
Lot No: 747Description: REVERSE GLASS PAINTINGS, pair of oval reverse glass paintings, ''Riverside Dwellings in Continental Landscape'', 40'' x 17''
Lot No: 748Description: VICTORIAN ENGLISH SCHOOL, indistinctly monogrammed watercolour dated 1880, ''Village Scene with Cattle'', 15'' x 25''
Lot No: 749Description: S.J.LAMORNA BIRCH, signed oil on canvas, ''Portrait of S J Lamorna Birch'', 24'' x 19.5''
Lot No: 750Description: VICTORIAN PORTRAIT, 19th Century oil on canvas, ''Portrait of Lady in Lace Bonnet reading Bible'', 30'' x 25''
Lot No: 751Description: THOMAS SAWLE, signed watercolour dated 1870, ''Cattle resting in Woodland Clearing'', 18'' x 26.5''
Lot No: 752Description: ANTIQUE COLOUR MEZZOTINT, after William Simson ''Salmon Spearing by Torch Light'', 18'' x 23''
Lot No: 753Description: MONTAGUE DAWSON, signed colour print, ''Sailing Clipper at Sunset'', 17'' x 32''
Lot No: 754Description: GEORGIAN PORTRAIT MINIATURE, oval miniature on ivory, ''Lady with Pearl Necklace''
Lot No: 755Description: ENAMELLED PORTRAIT MINIATURE, signed oval portrait on porcelain ''Gentleman with grey moustache'', in gilt ornate easel frame
Lot No: 756Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY OVAL MINIATURE PAINTING, ''Conversation with the Princess'', 3.5'' x 4''
Lot No: 757Description: MINIATURE PAINTING, indistinctly signed painted panel ''The Wagon Carts'', 2.75'' x 3.5''
Lot No: 758Description: LATE GEORGIAN PORTRAIT MINIATURE IN GILT PENDANT FRAME, ''Portrait of Young Lady with Lace Shawl''
Lot No: 759Description: OVAL PORTRAIT MINIATURE, oval pendant set ''Portrait of Young Lady in white silk blouse'', signed R.Rosa
Lot No: 760Description: PORTRAIT MINIATURES, collection of 6 various portraits including metal frames
Lot No: 761Description: SURREALIST, pair of signed limited edition German surrealist prints, 7'' x 11''
Lot No: 762Description: HENRY ALKEN, set of 4 sepia etchings ''Hunting Scenes'', 5'' x 8''
Lot No: 763Description: SEASCAPES, 2 indistinctly signed oils on canvas, ''Breaking Waves, 9'' x 12''
Lot No: 764Description: SHIP PORTRAIT, indistinctly signed gouache ''Ship Portrait of SS Jersey City of Bideford'', 9.5'' x 15.5''
Lot No: 765Description: SIMON DOBBS, signed limited edition screen print dated 1974, ''Daffodils'', 15'' x 13.5''
Lot No: 766Description: TONY GILES, signed painting on board, ''Minehouse in Valley'', 20'' x 26''
Lot No: 767Description: MINNI AGNES COHEN, signed water colour, ''Figures on the Path to Village Church'', 5.5'' x 9''
Lot No: 768Description: JAPANESE WOODBLOCKS, pair of signed colour woodblocks, pencilled ''Shunsho'', 9'' x 6'', also signed Japanese watercolour, ''Bird Study''
Lot No: 769Description: SCHOOL OF BIRKET FOSTER, watercolour, ''The Farewell'', 7.5'' x 12''
Lot No: 770Description: MILITARY ENGRAVINGS, pair of early 19th Century hand coloured engravings ''Prince of Orange'' and ''Duke of Brunswick'', in birdseye maple octagonal frames, 10'' x 7''
Lot No: 771Description: STEWART LOWDON, signed painting on canvas, ''Rock Pools near Polzeath'', 17.5'' x 23''
Lot No: 772Description: STEWART LOWDEN, signed painting on canvas, ''Overlooking the Camel Estuary'', 19'' x 29''
Lot No: 773Description: HUGH COLLINSON, signed oil on board, ''St Geroge's Church, Ticknall, Derbyshire'', 15'' x 21''
Lot No: 774Description: BOXING, W.Howard Robinson, signed limited edition hand tinted print, ''A Welch Victory at the N.S.C.'', 19.5'' x 24''
Lot No: 775Description: ED HOSKING, signed gouache ''St Mawes Harbour'', 11.5'' x 15.5''
Lot No: 776Description: DOUGLAS PINDER, signed oil on canvas, ''Cornish Cove'', 17.5 x 29.5''
Lot No: 777Description: FRANCIS ARTHUR FRASER, unsigned pencil and watercolour sketch, ''Study of an Arab on a White Horse'', 9'' x 7''
Lot No: 778Description: ED HOSKING. signed painting on canvas, ''Young Lady in Red Room'', 19.5'' x 19''
Lot No: 779Description: ORIENTAL WATERCOLOUR, signed watercolour ''White and Pink Poppy'', 18.5'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 780Description: GRAHAM CLARKE, signed limited edition etching, ''Lyonesse'', 13.5'' x 10.5''
Lot No: 781Description: GRAHAM CLARKE, signed limited edition etching, ''Church Hill'', 5.25'' x 6.5''
Lot No: 782Description: G. HARLOR, inscribed on reverse oil on board, ''Figures on a Horse and Cart at Dusk'', 4'' x 6''
Lot No: 783Description: FREDRICK KNOWLES, set of 4 signed miniature watercolours, ''Views at Alderley Edge, North Wales'' and others, 3'' x 4''
Lot No: 784Description: JAPANESE WATERCOLOURS, pair of signed watercolours ''Bird Studies'', together with 1 smaller study
Lot No: 785Description: SCHOOL OF KATE GREENAWAY, pair of hand painted lace bordered circular mats, ''Mother and Child and Two Girls'', 7'' dia
Lot No: 786Description: D. HARRISON, signed watercolour dated 1893, ''The Farmyard'', 6'' x 9''
Lot No: 787Description: AFTER DORIS ZINKHEISEN, Art Deco style watercolour, ''Portrait of Lady with Holly surround'', 9'' x 6''
Lot No: 788Description: 19th CENTURY ENGLISH SCHOOL WATERCOLOUR, ''The Reading Lesson'', 17.5'' x 30''
Lot No: 789Description: VICTORIAN PORTRAITS, pair of pencil and watercolour portraits of Gentleman with Wife, together with 1 other oval mounted portrait of Young Lady
Lot No: 790Description: M.HOULBERT, signed watercolour, ''Brixham Harbour'', 8'' x 12''
Lot No: 791Description: GEORGIAN NEEDLEWORK, a coloured silk oval panel ''Una and the Lion'', 9'' x 7''
Lot No: 792Description: DOUGLAS PINDER, signed watercolour, ''Moorland Stream'', 8'' x 15''
Lot No: 793Description: DOUGLAS PINDER, signed watercolour, ''Breaking Waves'', 11'' X 17.5''
Lot No: 794Description: ROBERT CLEMINSON, signed oil on canvas, ''Hunting Dogs on Highland Shoot'', 29'' x 49''
Lot No: 795Description: TONY GILES, signed oil on board, ''Sunlit Harbour'', 26'' x 34''
Lot No: 796Description: ROSIE SCOTT, signed watercolour, dated 1996, ''Smoking Tankers'', 21'' x 28''
Lot No: 797Description: JOHN SPEED, hand coloured engraved map ''Somersetshire'', 14.5'' x 20''
Lot No: 798Description: ROBERT MORDEN. early edition hand coloured engraved map, ''Devonshire'', 13.5'' x 16''
Lot No: 799Description: GEORGIOS AKIS, signed painting on canvas, ''Sunlit Harbour''
Lot No: 800Description: DAVID BRIGGS, signed painting, dated 2009, ''Blue Horizons III''. 21'' x 28.5''
Lot No: 801Description: M.P. GREENWOOD, signed painting on canvas, dated 2003, ''Red Poppy Blossoms'', 23.5'' x 23.5''
Lot No: 802Description: GEORGIOS AKIS, signed painting on canvas, ''Blue Landscape and Seascape'', 40'' x 30''
Lot No: 803Description: DAVID BRIGGS, signed abstract painting, dated 2009, ''Study in Red'', 13.5'' x 29''
Lot No: 804Description: RENE MARIE DUJARDAN, signed watercolour ''The Orchard'', 13.5'' x 20.5''
Lot No: 805Description: FIONA GLAISTER, signed abstract painting, ''Study in Blue'', 50'' x 22''
Lot No: 806Description: ED HOSKING, signed painting on canvas ''The White Hat'', 35'' x 23''
Lot No: 807Description: H.H. BINGLEY, signed water colour ''Breaking Waves at base of Cliff'', 8.5'' x 13''
Lot No: 808Description: 18th CENTURY ENGRAVING, after J.W. Weinmain, colour engraving ''Brassica'', 13'' x 9''
Lot No: 809Description: E.BENDELL-BAYLY, signed pastel ''Portrait of Fisherman in Armchair'', 13.5'' x 10''
Lot No: 810Description: HENRY DAWSON BARKERS, signed water colour, ''Lake Scene with Figures and Castle beyond'', 11'' x 17''
Lot No: 811Description: DOUGLAS PINDER, signed watercolour, ''Post Bridge, Dartmoor'', 11'' x 8''
Lot No: 812Description: ABSTRACT PORTRAIT, indistinctly signed oil on board ''Portrait of Lady in Red DRess with gilt Halo'', 15'' x 11''
Lot No: 813Description: TONY GILES, signed oil on board, ''Sunlit Harbour'', 19'' x 24''
Lot No: 814Description: GEORGE LAW BEETHOLME, signed oil on canvas ''Mountain and River Landscape'', 19.5'' x 30''
Lot No: 815Description: ARTHUR WHITE, signed water colour ''Coastal Scene'', 10'' x 14''
Lot No: 816Description: NEAPOLITAN PRIMITIVE, 1872 dated gouache of ''Erupting Volcano'', 8'' x 11''
Lot No: 817Description: ISLAMIC BOOK FRAGMENT, an antique gouache painted book fragment containing 4 separate pictorial panels, 10'' x 6''
Lot No: 818Description: OLD MASTER DRAWING, ''Sanguine'', 4.5'' x 5''
Lot No: 819Description: IAN LYON, signed watercolour, 1973 ''View to Pont Pill, Fowey'', 15'' x 19''
Lot No: 820Description: T.H. VICTOR, 3 signed Cornish watercolours, ''Newlyn and Mousehole'' (various sizes)
Lot No: 821Description: E.W.TRICK, signed watercolour ''Moorland Stream'', 5'' x 7''
Lot No: 822Description: EREST JAMES STONE Water colour, (Falmouth school) Pridmouth, approx 9'' x 12.5''
Lot No: 830Description: EDWARDIAN OAK KNEEHOLE DESK, twin pedestal of 3 drawers, together with triple frieze drawers with brass stamped handles, 48'' width
Lot No: 831Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, straight fronted chest of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers, wooden knop handles and beaded top edge, 36.5'' height, 41'' width
Lot No: 832Description: MID VICTORIAN BOW FRONT CHEST, cross banded mahogany bow front of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers, wooden knop handles and bracket feet, 42'' height and width
Lot No: 833Description: PINE DROP LEAF KITCHEN TABLE, a waxed pine top kitchen table on tapering turned legs, 25'' width x 41'' length
Lot No: 834Description: FLEMISH CARVED OAK DESK, 19th Century twin drawer caved oak desk on barley twist stretcher frame, with carved demon mask handles, 41'' width
Lot No: 835Description: LOUIS SEIZE-DESIGN ARMCHAIRS, pair of ornate carved frame open armchairs on scroll cabriole legs
Lot No: 836Description: ELIZABETHAN DESIGN OAK OPEN ARMCHAIR, a panelled back and dome crested open armchair with simple punched decoration to arm and baluster arm supports
Lot No: 837Description: ANTIQUE WINDSOR ARMCHAIR, comb back elm and ash armchair on H stretcher base
Lot No: 838Description: COUNTRY CHAIRS, set of 6 ladder back ash and elm rush seated country chairs
Lot No: 839Description: LANCASHIRE SPINDLE BACK CHAIRS, set of 6 ash and elm spindle back rush seated chairs with pad feet and turned stretchers
Lot No: 840Description: CONTINENTAL PINE HALL SEAT, a waxed stripped pine bench seat with curved arm support, 76'' width
Lot No: 841Description: VICTORIAN ROSEWOOD CARD TABLE, carved baluster support fold top card table, on quatrefoil platform base, 36'' base
Lot No: 842Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY TEA TABLE, fold top rectangular tea table on tapering square section legs, 36'' width
Lot No: 844Description: VICTORIAN PINE CHEST OF DRAWERS, 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers with ceramic knop handles, 45'' width
Lot No: 845Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY & ELM CHIFFONIER, Provincial design twin cupboard base chiffonier with top shelf, 45'' width
Lot No: 846Description: SHERATON REVIVAL BUREAU, satinwood cross banded mahogany narrow bureau of 2 short, 3 long drawers, brass drop handles and plain fitted interior with conch shell marquetry medallion, 30'' width
Lot No: 847Description: EDWARDIAN LADIES DESK, inlaid mahogany single frieze drawer, bow fronted ladies desk with mirror inset twin cupboard top section and brass studded details, 33'' width
Lot No: 849Description: GEORGIAN BRASS FACED LONG CASE CLOCK, 30 hour movement with attractive Church and Village engraved face, by George Miles of Sodbury, provincial mahogany casing
Lot No: 850Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, straight front of 2 short, 3 long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles and bracket feet, 42'' width
Lot No: 851Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY 30 HOUR LONG CASE CLOCK, painted square face with Sheep and Dog in provincial oak inlaid casing
Lot No: 852Description: MAHOGANY CANTERBURY, early 19th Century design mahogany 5 slot Canterbury with drawer base and brass castors
Lot No: 853Description: ANTIQUE IRISH KNEEHOLE SIDEBOARD, inlaid mahogany bow fronted sideboard, twin side cupboards with triple frieze drawers and central twin cupboard alcove, 84.5'' width
Lot No: 854Description: CHIPPENDALE WALNUT MIRROR, ornate fretwork and carved fruit detail wall mirror, 36'' height 21'' width
Lot No: 855Description: EDWARDIAN MIRRORED FIRE SCREEN, a triptych design fire screen with mirrored section painted with Swans in Riverscape
Lot No: 856Description: PINE STORAGE CABINET, 10 alcove waxed pine storage cabinet, 48'' height 70'' width
Lot No: 857Description: ANTIQUE CARVED OAK BOOKCASE, waterfall front 4 shelved bookcase with fall front cupboard base carved in Flemish style, 62'' height 53'' width
Lot No: 858Description: EARLY VICTORIAN GILT WOOD FIRE SCREEN, fine floral tapestry adjustable pole screen on gilt wood tripod base and vine bordered tapestry frame
Lot No: 859Description: JACOBEAN DESIGN, carved oak corner cabinet, panelled door carved with rose in garden setting, 30'' height 29'' width
Lot No: 860Description: PINE CORNER SIDE TABLE, waxed pine corner table on turned legs
Lot No: 861Description: EDWARDIAN MAHOGANY NARROW ROBE, panelled door hanging robe cabinet, 13'' width
Lot No: 862Description: CHILD'S CHAIR, a bobbin framed rush seated child's chair
Lot No: 863Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY BOW FRONT SIDEBOARD, ebony inlaid mahogany kneehole sideboard of double side cupboards and central frieze drawers, tapering turned legs with brass castors, 50'' width
Lot No: 864Description: COUNTRY FURNITURE, stripped pine circular topped occasional table, with pine hexagonal topped Arts & Crafts design plant stand
Lot No: 865Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY CHEST, straight fronted chest of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers, wooden knop handles with plinth base, 45'' width
Lot No: 866Description: PINE BLANKET BOX, painted pine blanket box, 35'' width
Lot No: 867Description: OAK DRESSER, Georgian design open shelved back dresser, twin frieze drawers with tapering legs with pad feet and shaped brass back plate handles, 52'' width
Lot No: 868Description: VICTORIAN SALON CHAIRS, pair of carved mahogany salon chairs with red upholstery and fluted tapering legs with original castors
Lot No: 869Description: EARLY VICTORIAN BAR BACK DINING CHAIRS, pair of mahogany bar back chairs with drop-in seats and tapering turned legs
Lot No: 870Description: EASTERN TABLE TOP FOOD SERVER, lacquered and carved twin handled, circular table top food server with lid
Lot No: 871Description: 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY DROP LEAF DINING TABLE, swing leg support drop leaf dining table, 41'' width and length extending to 61''
Lot No: 872Description: EASTERN CARVED OCCASIONAL TABLE, glass topped relief carved Palace Scene high legged occasional table
Lot No: 873Description: ANTIQUE PANELLED OAK MULE CHEST, triple drawer base with ownership initials dated 1725, 47.5'' width
Lot No: 874Description: REGENCY DESIGN EXTENDING DINING TABLE, mahogany twin splayed triple leg support dining table with 2 leaves and brass castors, 45'' width
Lot No: 875Description: WAXED PINE SIDE TABLE, twin drawer low side table with stretcher base, shaped brass swan neck handles,  40" width x 14" depth
Lot No: 876Description: GEORGIAN DEMI-LUNE HALL TABLE, mahogany inlaid detail hall table on tapering square section legs, 46'' width
Lot No: 877Description: ANTIQUE MAHOGANY SQUARE PIANO CONVERTED SIDEBOARD, ornate fretwork back panels, 65'' width
Lot No: 878Description: ARTS & CRAFTS BEDROOM ARMCHAIR, rush seated lattice back bedroom armchair
Lot No: 879Description: PINE TOOL BOX, twin metal carrying handles, 23'' width
Lot No: 880Description: VICTORIAN DINING CHAIRS, set of 4 mahogany pierced hoop back dining chairs with serpentine fronted seat and ribbed baluster legs
Lot No: 881Description: 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY DROP LEAF DINING TABLE, swing leg support double drop leaf dining table, 55'' width
Lot No: 882Description: VICTORIAN WALNUT MARQUETRY OCCASIONAL TABLE, 4 column support oval topped occasional table
Lot No: 883Description: VICTORIAN WALNUT DAVENPORT, cabriole legged support kneehole Davenport with 4 side drawers and sycamore fitted interior, 21'' width
Lot No: 884Description: EDWARDIAN ROSEWOOD SUTHERLAND TABLE, ivory inlaid details with twin pillars support, 30'' width
Lot No: 885Description: EDWARDIAN WALNUT SUTHERLAND TABLE, 24'' width
Lot No: 886Description: RETRO, nest of 3 Ercol Pebble shaped occasional tables
Lot No: 887Description: PARQUETRY WINE TABLE, rectangular topped pedestal support wine table
Lot No: 889Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN OAK DRESSER, cross banded oak open shelf and twin cupboard back dresser, triple frieze drawers with brass swan neck handles with tapering legs, terminating with pad feet, 75'' width
Lot No: 890Description: WELLINGTON CHEST, walnut narrow chest of fitted secetaire drawer, together with 5 other graduated drawers with wooden knop handles, 22'' width
Lot No: 891Description: GEORGIAN MAHOGANY NARROW BUREAU, cross banded bureau of 4 long graduated drawers, stamped brass oval handles with fitted interior and bracket feet, 36'' width
Lot No: 892Description: EARLY 19th CENTURY 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, by Stripling of Lichfield, domed top painted face with inset moonphase window, cross banded mahogany casing with swan neck hood
Lot No: 893Description: GEORGIAN 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, brass square faced clock by Charles Packer of Reading, engraved farmhouse design, provincial fruitwood and pine casing
Lot No: 894Description: LATE GEORGIAN 8 DAY LONG CASE CLOCK, painted break arch face by Craven Lyon of Burlington, painted face detailed with Archers in swan neck hood and figured mahogany casing
Lot No: 895Description: GEORGIAN MERCURY WHEEL BAROMETER, by John Looker of Kingston, inset convex mirror with thermometer, 5'' height
Lot No: 896Description: CONTINENTAL PINE WARDROBE, a waxed pine twin door wardrobe with base drawer, 42'' width
Lot No: 897Description: WAXED PINE BREAK FRONT DRESSER, an open triple shelf back dresser with triple cupboard base and 2 frieze drawers, 50'' width
Lot No: 898Description: WAXED PINE CHEST OF DRAWERS, straight front chest of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers, wooden knop handles, 42 '' width
Lot No: 899Description: GEORGIAN SECRETAIRE CHEST, a quality mahogany fall front fitted secrataire chest above 3 graduated long drawers, lion head stamped brass handles with bracket feet, 41.5'' height 46'' width
Lot No: 900Description: PIRANHA PINE CHEST OF DRAWERS, 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers with wooden knop handles and plinth base, 40'' width
Lot No: 901Description: REPRODUCTION MAHOGANY NARROW CHEST OF 5 GRADUATED DRAWERS, brass ringed drop handles, 21'' width
Lot No: 902Description: OAK CHEST OF DRAWERS, straight front chest of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers, brass sawn neck handles, 36'' width
Lot No: 903Description: REPRODUCTION MAHOGANY CHEST ON STAND, a narrow chest of 6 graduated drawers with ring drop handles, 21'' width
Lot No: 904Description: VICTORIAN BOW FRONT PAINTED CHEST, white painted of 2 short, 3 long drawers, wooden knop handles, 40'' width
Lot No: 905Description: PAINTED VICTORIAN DRAWER BASE TWIN DOOR ROBE, wooden knop handles, 58'' height 47'' width
Lot No: 906Description: CONTINENTAL CARVED OAK DRAWER BASE ROBE, foliate carved panel door, 56'' width
Lot No: 907Description: MID GEORGIAN 30 HOUR LONG CASE CLOCK, brass square faced by John Fisher of Preston, with silvered chapter ring, cross banded oak casing and calendar window
Lot No: 908Description: PAINTED PINE GLAZED DRESSER, chest of drawers base twin glazed door domed top kitchen dresser, 46.5'' width
Lot No: 909Description: WAXED PINE BUREAU BOOKCASE, glazed twin door top bureau bookcase with fitted interior above 4 graduated long drawers with brass swan neck handles, 41'' width
Lot No: 910Description: BEVELLED GLASS MIRROR, a carved crested ebonised frame bevel glass wall mirror, 36'' width
Lot No: 911Description: QUEEN ANNE DESIGN WALNUT CHEST ON STAND, straight front chest of 2 short and 3 long graduated drawers on shaped stretcher stand, shaped brass back swan neck handles and heraldic brass escutcheons, canted corners, 62'' height 42'' width
Lot No: 912Description: EARLY VICTORIAN EMBROIDERED POLE SCREEN, floral tapestry ornate scrolled framed adjustable pole screen, on scroll tripod base
Lot No: 913Description: ELIZABETHIAN DESIGN CARVED OAK COURT CUPBOARD, cupboard base court cupboard with multi panels, asymethical top cupboard section, 59'' height, 53'' width
Lot No: 914Description: GEORGIAN MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, attractive mahogany straight front chest of 3 short and 3 long graduated drawers, stamped brass knop handles with inset writhen side columns and fluted bun feet, 50'' width
Lot No: 915Description: ANTIQUE GLAZED MAHOGANY CORNER CABINET, inlaid mahogany hanging corner cabinet with dental cornice, 36'' height 26'' width
Lot No: 916Description: 19th CENTURY MERCURY BAROMETER, by James Dann of Wisbeach, satin finish dial with mother-of-pearl inlaid rosewood casing, 36.5'' height
Lot No: 917Description: ARTS & CRAFTS OAK ANEROID BAROMETER, 33'' height
Lot No: 918Description: HEPPLEWHITE CORNER WASHSTAND, mahogany drawer base corner washstand on splayed legs
Lot No: 919Description: FINE VICTORIAN TRIPOD BASE SUPPER TABLE, ebony and burr circular topped supper table on gilt fluted tripod base with splayed legs, 22.5'' dia
Lot No: 920Description: VICTORIAN D END EXTENDING DINING TABLE, tapering ribbed legs, 2 additional leaves, 46'' width, 90'' length
Lot No: 921Description: THRONE CHAIR, Italian Renaissance design X framed throne chair, demon mask detail
Lot No: 922Description: ANTIQUE FRUITWOOD & OAK BOX SEAT, applied early carved details, 49'' width
Lot No: 923Description: GEORGIAN DESIGN 3 TIER GRADUATED DUMB WAITER, carved ball and claw tripod cabriole base with dish top graduated sections
Lot No: 924Description: VICTORIAN WALNUT NEEDLEWORK TABLE, figures walnut tapering rectangular section work table on 4 carved cabriole legs
Lot No: 925Description: WING ARMCHAIR, gold upholstered shaped wing armchair on tapering square section legs
Lot No: 926Description: VICTORIAN BUTTON BACK NURSING CHAIR, red upholstery with original castors
Lot No: 927Description: ANTIQUE OAK MULE CHEST, twin drawer base with triple panelled Elizabethan design carvings, 51'' width
Lot No: 928Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY LIBRARY DESK, 4 frieze drawers with tooled leather top and inverted baluster legs with original castors, 55'' x 36'' desk top
Lot No: 929Description: PAIR OF GEORGIAN DESIGN TWIN DRAWER BASE BEDSIDE CABINETS, mahogany ribbed pillar support tray top bedside cabinets, brass knop handles, 19'' width
Lot No: 930Description: EARLY 19TH CENTURY MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, straight front chest of 2 short and 3 long drawers, stamped oval brass handles on bracket feet, 40'' width
Lot No: 931Description: PROVINCIAL CRICKET TABLE, oak circular top cricket table on tapering triple legged base, 28.5'' dia
Lot No: 932Description: ROSEWOOD MARQUETRY CARD TABLE, a fine bird and foliate design envelope top card table with single frieze drawer and stretcher base, 21'' width
Lot No: 933Description: 19th CENTURY WINDSOR ARMCHAIR, a high domed back and fretwork ash and elm armchair, crinoline stretcher and baluster arm supports
Lot No: 934Description: EDWARDIAN TUB ARMCHAIR, inlaid mahogany and fretwork splayed armchair
Lot No: 935Description: VICTORIAN WING ARMCHAIR, turned legs with fitted covers
Lot No: 937Description: ART NOUVEAU MAHOGANY HIGH BACK OPEN ARMCHAIR, gold upholstery, tapering turned legs
Lot No: 938Description: RETRO, Ercol oval topped light elm occasional table on 4 splayed legs, 40'' x 30''
Lot No: 939Description: QUEEN ANNE DESIGN LOWBOY, cross banded figured walnut narrow lowboy of triple small drawers on slender cabriole legs and brass axe head handles, 19'' width
Lot No: 940Description: ANTIQUE 6 PLANKED OAK ELM COFFER, simple carved geometric facade and remains of early steel lock plate, 42'' length, 15'' width
Lot No: 941Description: EDWARDIAN TUB FRAMED 2 SEATER SETTEE, Arts & Crafts gold upholstery with baluster ribbed mahogany arm supports
Lot No: 943Description: MAHOGANY OCTAGONAL TOPPED SUPPER TABLE, with frieze storage cupboard underneath table top, 24'' width
Lot No: 944Description: EASTERN BRASS SERVING TABLE, Deity engraved brass circular top tray inset into table stand, 29'' width
Lot No: 945Description: G PLAN DRESSING TABLE, oak alcove shape triple mirrored dressing table incorporating twin light fittings, 29'' width
Lot No: 946Description: SET OF 6 COUNTRY SPINDLE BACK CHAIRS, ash and elm solid seats with pointed pad feet
Lot No: 947Description: ANTIQUE OAK GATELEG TABLE, Georgian design oval gateleg table with swing leg support and baluster framework, 47'' length
Lot No: 948Description: SET OF 6 EARLY 19th CENTURY MAHOGANY BAR BACK DINING CHAIRS, unusual swag design back dining chairs with needlework drop-in seats and octagonal facet baluster legs
Lot No: 949Description: MARQUETRY GYPSY TABLE, a fine inlaid jasmine bordered octagonal table with central swallow inlaid design on 3 simulated bamboo legs, possible Sorrento
Lot No: 951Description: VICTORIAN BURR WALNUT BREAKFAST TABLE, quadrefoil shaped burr walnut top table on 3 carved scroll legs (needs restoration)
Lot No: 952Description: COUNTRY CHAIRS, Harlequin set of 4 pierced splat back kitchen chairs
Lot No: 953Description: REGENCY OPEN ARMCHAIR, mahogany carved ribbed back chair with tapestry inset seat and tapering legs
Lot No: 954Description: COOPERS ARMCHAIR, stripped elm and beech spindle back open armchair
Lot No: 955Description: EDWARDIAN LOUNGE SUITE, carved oak and walnut tub design 2 seater settee and pair of matching armchairs, shell carved, cabriole legs with claw feet
Lot No: 956Description: ANTIQUE OAK COFFER, Elizabethian design triple panel carved archway design facade, 54'' width
Lot No: 957Description: VICTORIAN MAHOGANY D-END DINING TABLE, carved inverted baluster legs, 41'' width, 60'' length
Lot No: 958Description: EASTERN NEST OF 7 OCCASIONAL TABLES, plate glass oval top coffee table with relief carved courtier scene with 6 sectional occasional tables stored underneath, 43'' width
Lot No: 959Description: GWR WAXED PINE KNEEHOLE DESK, twin pedestals of 6 graduated drawers with wooden knop handles, reverse dummy facade, GWR stamped to underside of top 63'' x 45'' desk top
Lot No: 960Description: COOPERS ARMCHAIR, a shaped slat back elm seated Coopers open armchair
Lot No: 961Description: EDWARDIAN INLAID DISPLAY CABINET, mirror crested mahogany breakfront display cabinet with inlaid ribbon details, 45'' width
Lot No: 962Description: PINE NARROW DRESSER, a twin cupboard base open shelf narrow dresser, 42'' width
Lot No: 963Description: EDWARDIAN HALL STAND, carved oak mirror back, high hall stand
Lot No: 964Description: PINE TOPPED KITCHEN TABLE, 2 drawer with turned tapering legs, 29'' width
Lot No: 965Description: EDWARDIAN MAHOGANY COAL HOD, fall front coal hod with ornate brass handle