Auction Details

Auction Date/Time: Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 10:00
Auction Location: Auction Rooms, Lostwithiel
Auction Type: Antique & Selected Sales

Lots in this Auction

Lot No: 1
0.00 MOORCROFT, ''Pomegranate'' pattern blue ground, 6'' oviform vase, signed to base
Lot No: 2
55.00 ANTIQUE MAJOLICA JAR, spherical shaped 7.5'' height with Arabesque ground and triple legged winged figure reserve
Lot No: 3
95.00 MYATT PIG, a brown slip glazed stoneware figure of seated pig, 8.5'' height, 10'' width
Lot No: 4
100.00 ART NOUVEAU DOULTON STONEWARE, pair of 14.5'' tapering cylindrical vases, decorated with stylised blossom and swag decoration
Lot No: 5
85.00 FAIENCE DEVIL JUG, Rouen-style seated devil water jug, 10'' height
Lot No: 6
180.00 MOORCROFT, ''Pomegranate'' pattern blue ground 8.5'' vase
Lot No: 7
140.00 DOULTON STONEWARE, a large leaf impressed bag design, 10'' vase, stamped ''1901''
Lot No: 8
1200.00 ORIENTAL CERAMICS, a Chinese under-glaze blue club shaped 17'' vase, decorated with grouping of merchants and water buffalo on river bank, blue double ring base mark
Lot No: 9
60.00 MOORCROFT, limited edition ''Millennium - Snowdrops'' compressed 4'' vase
Lot No: 10
35.00 MOORCROFT, signed limited edition ''Tropical Blue Village'' pattern, 5.5'' oviform vase
Lot No: 11
0.00 ORIENTAL CERAMICS, a lidded large porcellaneous 13'' vase, decorated in underglaze blue with fabulous dragon on stylized cloud background (lid repaired)
Lot No: 12
120.00 NANKIN, 2 ''Riverscape'' pattern cylindrical tankards with entwined handles, together with similar sauce boat
Lot No: 13
75.00 MINTON SECESSIONIST, turquoise glaze twin handled 11'' vase and similar brown slip glazed vase, a/f
Lot No: 14
120.00 DOULTON LAMBETH, ''Motto'' stoneware jug decorated with 4 portrait plaques surrounded by verse in praise of ale dated 1883, together with small Doulton stoneware condiment ewer jug
Lot No: 15
0.00 ORIENTAL CERAMICS, famille jeune lidded 9'' vase together with a pair of Canton inverted baluster lidded vases (each with defects) (Collected by Vendor 24.05.17)
Lot No: 16
40.00 ROYAL BONN, portrait vase ''Marie Antoinette'' 11'' vase, signed Heister Kamp
Lot No: 17
95.00 VICTORIAN LOVING TANKARD, a large twin handled pottery tankard ''The Real Cabinet of Justice and Equity'', hand painted transfer print, 7.5'' height
Lot No: 18
65.00 ORIENTAL CERAMICS, early 19th Century famille rose cylindrical tankard with dragon handle, together with Nankin ''Riverscape'' twin entwined handle tankard (some edge chips)
Lot No: 19
0.00 WILKINSON'S ORIFLAMME, a lustre narrow necked 5.5'' vase
Lot No: 20
0.00 ORIENTAL CERAMICS, a Chinese under-glaze blue twin handled moon flask, decorated in the early Ming-style with fruiting lychee branches, 11.5'' height (Collected by Vendor 24.05.17)