Antique & Modern Furniture & Effects

Auction Details

Auction Date/Time: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 10:00
Auction Location: Auction Rooms, Lostwithiel
Auction Type: General & Antique Auctions
Auction Viewing Times:
Tuesday 18th July - 10 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 5 pm.

Lots in this Auction

Lot No: 1
MANTLE CLOCKS, James Walker Limited oak veneered mantle clock with silvered dial with 1 other mantle clock
Sold For: £10
Lot No: 2
COPPER KETTLE, Victorian oval copper kettle
Sold For: £12
Lot No: 3
EDWARDIAN BRACKET CLOCK, architectural cased bracket clock with alarm dial, 13'' height
Sold For: £18
Lot No: 4
STEEPLE CLOCK, American steeple clock with white enamel dial and glass portrait front
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 5
RETRO MANTLE CLOCKS, 2 retro walnut veneered mantle clocks with Arabic numerals
Sold For: £10
Lot No: 6
REGENCY SAMOVAR, 19th Century copper samovar a/f
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 7
MODEL SHIPS, model of 3 masted Santa Maria, 1492, together with a model of a twin masted Barque
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 8
STEEPLE CLOCK, American steeple clock with glass landscape front
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 9
ENAMEL PANS, selection of enamel bowls, pans and a pitcher
Sold For: £9
Lot No: 10
PLATED WARE, 2 plated tea pots, plated 5 branch candelabra, etc
Sold For: £10
Lot No: 11
ROYAL CROWN DERBY, Gilded teaware of 4 cups and 5 saucers, pattern no. 3788
Sold For: £20
Lot No: 12
ALABASTER, alabaster stemmed comport with carved leaf decoration in relief (with defects)
Sold For: £16
Lot No: 13
EDINBURGH CRYSTAL, Edinburgh crystal square form decanter, also a moulded glass dressing table set
Sold For: £12
Lot No: 14
STAFFORDSHIRE, assorted Staffordshire figures, including Huntsman with Lion and 4 other assorted Staffordshire figures
Sold For: £48
Lot No: 15
VICTORIAN GLASS, pair of Victorian opaque glass vases with enamelled floral decoration, together with 2 other vases
Sold For: £7
Lot No: 16
STAFFORDSHIRE SEATED SPANIEL, 19th Century tea pot base with desert scene ''Gordon'' pair of plaster figures, etc
Sold For: £22
Lot No: 17
GLASSWARE, pair of red glass jugs, pair of decanters and cut glass flower vase
Sold For: £8
Lot No: 18
MASONS, 2 Masons Mandalay patterned jugs together with other similar pieces
Sold For: £28
Lot No: 19
VICTORIAN GLASS, pair of pink opaque glass spill vases with enamel decoration, pair floral decorated glass scent bottles and other assorted opaque glass
Sold For: £28
Lot No: 20
STAFFORDSHIRE COMMEMORATIVE, Victoria 1887 Golden Jubilee plate, Staffordshire jug, Copeland twin handled comport, etc
Sold For: £26