Antique & Modern Furniture & Effects

Auction Details

Auction Date/Time: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 10:00
Auction Location: Auction Rooms, Lostwithiel
Auction Type: General & Antique Auctions
Auction Viewing Times:
Tuesday 30th May - 10 am to 1 pm & 2 pm to 5 pm.

Lots in this Auction

Lot No: 1
STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERY, pair of seated spaniel vases, Tom King equestrian figure and 2 others
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 2
PAPERWEIGHTS, collection of modern domed glass paperweights including Wedgwood apple design
Sold For: £16
Lot No: 3
OWL FIGURES, collection of 6 porcelain owls including 2 by Karl Ens and Beswick
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 4
ORIENTAL CERAMICS, antique Chinese stoneware ginger jar also twin handled dragon vase and 2 other pieces
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 5
GLASSWARE, cut glass decanter, 2 vases and other decorative glassware
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 6
PAPERWEIGHTS, collection of modern decorative paperweights including Wedgwood amber glass weight
Sold For: £16
Lot No: 7
DOULTON FIGURES, ''Elaine'' and ''Autumn Ball'' together with comport ''Regina''
Sold For: £32
Lot No: 8
ART GLASS, White Friars style trailed colour glass bottle, splatter glass large vase and 3 other pieces
Sold For: £18
Lot No: 9
PAPERWEIGHTS, collection of modern glass paperweights including signed limited edition
Sold For: £10
Lot No: 10
PEASANT POTTERY, floral painted earthenware casserole and 2 jugs
Sold For: £9
Lot No: 11
GLASSWARE, opalescent posy basket, perfume bottle, uranium glass dish and other decorative glassware
Sold For: £14
Lot No: 12
CUT GLASS, 6 cut glass tumblers and other matching tableware
Sold For: £12
Lot No: 13
CRANBERRY GLASS, 5 pieces of Edwardian cranberry glass, together with miniature crested puzzle jug and arcadian cat
Sold For: £18
Lot No: 14
DOULTON STONEWARE, rose decorated vase and fruit bowl a/f, Rhinish ewer jug and 2 pieces of Poole pottery
Sold For: £18
Lot No: 15
TRANSFER WARE, pair of Asiatic pheasant meat plates, also pair of reproduction ironstone meat plates, 4 Faience decorative plates and tureen base
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 16
CUT GLASS, pair of cut glass large vases and 2 others
Sold For: £8
Lot No: 17
PORTMEIRION, ''Botanic Garden'' pattern coffee service
Sold For: £22
Lot No: 18
ART DECO, Crown Ducal vase, serpent handled jug lidded vase and modern oriental vase
Sold For: £12
Lot No: 19
DOULTON TABLEWARE, ''Hampton Court'' pattern tableware and maples floral part desert service
This lot was unsold at auction.
Lot No: 20
CUT GLASS, a Stourbridge-style domed door stop, together with 4 cut glass vases and water jug
Sold For: £16